Nicki Minaj Sets New Female Rap Record On The Billboard 200 / Condemns Journalist Who Criticised Her

Published: Friday 25th Oct 2019 by David

The introduction of streams to the album sales calculation mix in 2014 made Nicki Minaj one of the last contemporary musicians to see the majority of her records and achievements generated by pure sales.

This, shielding her hard-earned chart records from threats launched at her  by those of her stream-dependant rivals.

Now find out how these numbers have helped Minaj extend her lead as the highest-selling female rapper of all time, and one of the fastest-selling artists to debut within the last decade.


The rapper’s third studio album ‘The Pinkprint’ spent a total of 123 weeks on the Billboard 200 making it the only album by a female rapper to make Billboard’s Longest Charting Albums by Female Artists on the Billboard 200 list.

Its success, like the majority of Minaj’s singles, can be attributed to the rapper’s “habit” of selling sizeable units over a lengthy period of time which sees her outpace and outsell high-profile releases which score high chart positions in their opening weeks but lose their footing (and the general public’s interest) shortly after.

See the list in full below…

#1 ’21’ 435

#2 Born to Die 330

#3 1989 253

#4 Teenage Dream 236

#5 ANTI 194

#6 BEYONCÉ 185

#7 ’25’ 173

#8 Badlands 158

#9 Red 154

#10 Dangerous Woman 154

#11 Speak Now 137

#12 The Pinkprint & CTRL 123

Here’s a breakdown on some of Minaj’s biggest “sleeper hits.”

Her Pop single ‘The Night is Still Young‘ was released a single on April 28th 15 and peaked at #93 on the Billboard Hot 100. Months later, it surpassed sales of 1 million units and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

‘Truffle Butter‘, which appears on the same album, failed to impact the United Kingdom’s Top Ten once it was handed the singles treatment even with help from Drake and Lil Wayne. It was certified Silver for sales of over 200,000 units before its first full year on the Official Singles Chart.

On April 7th 2011, the rapper launched ‘Did It On ‘Em‘ as the sixth single from her debut album ‘Pink Friday.’ When it arrived on the Billboard Hot 100 it was to do so modestly thanks to a peak position of #49. It was certified Gold six months later and has moved over 1.5 million copies worldwide since then.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good in Minaj’s hood this week.

Hit this link for more positivity…or keep reading to find out why the entertainer slammed an entertainment journalist who discouraged a group of up and coming rappers from naming her as a musical influence.



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Look @ the hate & bitterness on this BLACK woman’s face when someone says their influence is the most dominating female rapper of the last decade chile ?? ALL OF YOU GIRLS DO THIS. SO SAD. Even male artists gotta pretend in interviews now chile. LMFAO. If you’re this weak minded you won’t last in this game anyway. This is what’s going on behind the scenes @ award shows, radio shows, etc. They gotta say they was influenced by ppl who was rappin b4 they was born chile. Anything but those 10 little letters on a big sign. N I C K I M I N A J

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  1. Truth, a REAL sissy October 25, 2019

    No one aares about this has been flop! While u tryna drag Kim lil Kim has washed Nicki again!

    • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? October 25, 2019

      No one cares about Nicki Minaj but yet you’re on another post discussing the Queen and leaving negative hate , for simply no reason you’ve been hating on her for many years and yet she’s still relevant and a trending topic you might want to try a new hobby Sis, hating isn’t working she’s still around like the roaches at your house

  2. Truth, a REAL sissy October 25, 2019

    She wll NEVER sell as many album s as kim

    • King of Kingz October 25, 2019

      ?Nicki has sold wayyyyyyyyyy more albums then Kim will ever sell in her lifetime

      • MessyBoots October 25, 2019


        Lil Kim’s first 3 albums ALL have higher sales than Minaj’s first three. #Facts

      • chartmania October 30, 2019

        stoopid. quuen’s pure sales are 150.000

  3. Truth, a REAL sissy October 25, 2019

    U trying to diminish Kim outselling her in pure sell. Nicki can’t sell albums, she can only sell singles. Kim sold 25 million CDs, Nicki 9! The irony lol! Go buy lil Kim 9 CD! Every song lit and it’s not the kiddie crap Nicki does. No nursery rhymes. It’s adult music! Nicki retired when Kim came back out. Go figure!

    • King of Kingz October 25, 2019

      9 is trash & Kim will never touch a toe on billboard ever again, you a fool if you Nicki is retired tho

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 25, 2019

        @Kim… – hahaha. Your comment is funny because it’s true.

      • chartmania October 30, 2019

        garbaj’s queen is flop with 150.000 pure sales

  4. Dc October 25, 2019

    Nice try that’s with a re release cardi bout to smash that record already at 80 weeks on billboard 200 without a re release

    • King of Kingz October 25, 2019

      There was no re release of The PinkPrint you hating ass h**, do ya f****** research c***

      • Dc October 25, 2019

        Cardi will surpass her bet that a Grammy winning artist

  5. King of Kingz October 25, 2019

    Queen of Rap things but ppl love to hate on her & Bey smh her come the hating ass black women & gays & uncover fans who click on every Nicki post just to throw shade smh disgusting and sad af

  6. ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? October 25, 2019

    They hate Nicki Minaj but run ? to every post about her to leave their essays of Hate and it’s usually miserable blacks & gays angry ? because she’s a winning black woman

    • Dc October 25, 2019

      Not winning no more ??

  7. only facts October 25, 2019

    “Every time you in the news, it’s ’cause you gettin’ at somebody! Where’s your music? Put your music out, and when I see your name on Billboard, that’s when I’ll respond to you. Other than that, goodbye.”

    – Nicki Minaj to Lil Kim

    Karma is still here, Nicholas Minaj.

    • Glass house October 25, 2019

      As you can see Kim isn’t on Billboard good day ma’am!

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 25, 2019

        @Glass.. – LMFAO!

  8. Linda October 25, 2019

    Maybe you guys didn’t read the article . Cardi can’t beat her because the decade is over in two months and because Cardi would have to sell (not stream) as many copies for any of her records to count. ? Where did you guys go to school?

  9. MessyBoots October 25, 2019

    According to Billboard and the RIAA Missy Elliot is the highest selling female rapper (in total album units NOT including singles.)

    • Linda October 25, 2019

      Missy and Kim were not big sellers so you kids have to stop pretending that they were. They were very impactful but didn’t sell a lot of records . It’s not shade. Nicki has outsold them with just albums.

    • Linda October 25, 2019

      Send me proof from Billboard which says Missy has sold more than Nicki. Fast. Like now.

      • MessyBoots October 25, 2019

        Here is a look at the U.S. SALES of Elliott’s albums, according to Nielsen Music:

        2,142,000, Under Construction (2002)
        1,767,000, Miss E …So Addictive (2001)
        1,221,000, Supa Dupa Fly (1997)
        1,068,000, Da Real World (1999)
        705,000, This Is Not a Test! (2003)
        657,000, The Cookbook (2005)

        With 7.6 million albums sold in the U.S., Elliott is not only a trailblazer, but a record-holder, reigning as the best-selling female rap album artist in Nielsen Music history.

      • MessyBoots October 25, 2019

        Lil Kim Pure Sales (U.S. only)

        Hardcore 1.4m
        Notorious KIM 1.4m
        La Bella Mafia 1.1m
        The Naked Truth 300k

        Nicki Minaj Pure Sales (U.S. only)

        Pink Friday 2.1m
        Pink Fridsy: Roman Reloaded 900k
        The Pinkprint 600k
        Queen 78k

      • Linda October 25, 2019

        I have to laugh. No shade darling but I was talking about global sales and you came to present me these phoney inflates facts . Nicki has sold more records as a matter of fact . I am
        Old enough to remember Kim and Missy at their peaks and they were not big sellers. You should also know that pure singles also count towards sales so discounting records Nicki actually sold just because they were singles shows that even you know she ranks higher. In business all of the products sold by a company (or artist) count. You wouldn’t ignore Thriller’s sales if you were comparing him to Prince so how does it make sense to do that Nicki? Makes no sense. Cardi’s career would literally combust like the h***** on her lip of Spotify’s servers went down so it is in the interests of Kim, Missy and Nicki fans to make sure their records are preserved. It would be a crying shame if their hardwork was erased by an illiterate playlist ho with a yeast infection.

      • MessyBoots October 25, 2019

        You said “Send me proof from Billboard which says Missy has sold more than Nicki. Fast. Like now.”

        Billboard stated in the link I provided from 2017 that “With 7.6 million albums sold in the U.S., Elliott is not only a trailblazer, but a record-holder, reigning as the best-selling female rap album artist in Nielsen Music history.” Period.

        My initial comment you REPLIED to stated “According to Billboard and the RIAA Missy Elliot is the highest selling female rapper (in total album units NOT including singles.)

        Do you not understand the difference? I said according to Billboard MISSY ELLIOT is the highest selling female rap ALBUM artist in chart history. NOT singles bish!!! ALBUMS. In the U.S. alone… her worldwide ALBUM sales are also bigger than Minaj.

        You asked me to provide receipts and I did. Case closed.

      • Tori October 25, 2019

        @MessyBoots ??????????!
        And THAT, Ladies, Gentlemen and all those in between is how you effectively provide receipts!

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate October 25, 2019

        DRAG HA!!!!! No reading comprehension Wendy’s carpark hanging BISH!

  10. Dc October 25, 2019

    Funny how Nicki ain’t been selling or nominated for any award since cardi almost beat her ass she got blacklisted and cardi won Grammy and is still thriving ???

  11. YAS BIH October 25, 2019

    She wants respect and sympathy so bad but refused to give that to others she’s getting a taste of her own medicine now and can’t handle it might as well get use to karma being around with all the dirt that was done.

  12. jay Z October 25, 2019

    irrelevant news

    shes still acting bitter and mean for no reason!

    bye niki we dont need you !

  13. OnikaBootz October 25, 2019

    Listen here mama…

  14. Justafan October 25, 2019

    Nicki Floparge

  15. chartmania October 30, 2019

    nicki minaj featuring radiohead – fake plastic asses

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