Pete Davidson Urges Gay Men To Beware Of Pop Stars

Published: Sunday 24th Nov 2019 by David

Pete Davidson would like the LGBT community to think twice about its affinity with the Pop music machine as he feels they are being exploited by the stars it churns out.

His estimation below…

Davidson was engaged to Ariana Grande and this to say about the ways he feels women in Pop music exploit gay men for financial gain.

I really feel like I have to be careful when I’m saying this, but I do feel like a lot of women in entertainment use gay men as props. If you really listen to any of the songs that they’re doing, or any of the things that they’re doing, it’s to promote them[selves]. It’s rarely for the LGBT community. It’s to make them look good. Like, how cool they are that they’re hanging out with gay people.


His words appeared as part of his recent conversation with ‘PAPER’ magazine.



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STATEN! ISLAND! KEN! thank you #PeteDavidson for trusting me to photograph you in my first shoot as a photographer and for being so open, collaborative, and vulnerable for this story for @papermagazine – Depressed Ken needs representation too! and thank you @papermagazine for giving me the creative freedom to tell this story and maybe even #BreakTheInternet thank you @drewpsie @jilldemling Photography, interview, art direction: me Styling @chrishoran20 Set Design @lizzielang Hair @luke_chamberlain Makeup @isamayaffrench Nails @elinaogawa Photo Assistant @thegirlonthebike_ @faguerreotype_ Lighting tech @megan.g.leonard Digitech @isanstudio Styling assistant @laurenjeworski Styling assistant @sierrasimonexo

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Do you agree?

If so, can you think of any examples?

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  1. Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

    Speak on it

    Damn how did this guy become a thing.
    He became a star over night. Arianna Grande effect

    What do ladies see in him, he keeps dating one hot actress or one hot model. I heard he has a 9 inch meat.

    • Tori November 24, 2019

      If you think he’s an “overnight success” because of Ariana, you’re a no life ass bum. If she thinks that’s ridiculous.

      • Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

        Bìtch Arianna put him on the map.
        Who was he before he got engaged to Arianna?

        A cast member on SNL.

        Fool. U thought u did something. U should have sat there and eat ur food

    • Lanafan1 November 24, 2019

      People knew who he was before Ariana. Because of SNL and the celebrity roast.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 24, 2019

      More BOTTOM OF THE BARREL opinions from tranny bottom Clarkson! Pete’s comment is senseless, irrelevant, and idiotic. The gay men that work with female singers are PAID FOR THEIR SERVICES!

      What are gay men HIRED to do for these singers:

      – Listen to them whine on reality shows (Tamar Braxton) or behind closed doors (Taylor, Ariana, etc).
      – Pose as their ‘friends’ on reality shows (Tamar, LHH, etc) or behind closed doors (Taylor, Ariana, etc).
      – Makeup Artists
      – Stylists
      – Hair Dressers
      – Songwriters
      – Producers
      – Personal Assistants
      – Dancers (Janet Jackson, Ariana, Britney, etc)
      – Choreographers (Mariah, Janet, Britney, etc)
      – Personal Trainers
      – Errand Boys (Assistant to the Personal Assistant)
      – Managers (Jennifer HO-pez)

      These are PAID jobs so Pete is DEAD wrong here! He is acting like gay men are naive or stupid enough to work for free for singers when it is the opposite case.

  2. Lana Bey Fan November 24, 2019

    Oooh the tea runneth over. This is for you

    Taylor Swift. Also, Ariana, though I love her music, definitely acts “hood” with the “yuhs “ and “yahs” in her music. I doubt she cares about “hood” issues, but it’s the same energy as TSwift pandering to the gheys for her music to sell. .
    At least Beyonce doesn’t exploit her huge gay fan base. Same with Rihanna they just make their music and go home.

    Now, gaga also caters to the gays, but I kind of believe she actually gives. A damn.

    Halsey is another one I feel like “panders” for a self fulfilling purpose. Especially when she says she’s “tri-bi” (bisexual, biracial, bipolar”.

    • Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

      “At least Beyonce doesn’t exploit her huge gay fan base. ”

      Its cause she doesnt give a f**** about gay people.
      Beyonce was homophobic in the past. Remember her statement when madonna and britney kissed at the vma.
      Gay people literally forced Beyonce to acknowledge her gay fans.

      She has done nothing for the lgbt community.

      I don’t know why gay people worship her

      Atleast Taylor swift raises awareness, donations etc.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 24, 2019

        SHUT IT Clarkson Tranny. NOBODY likes your UNCLE TOM opinions! You are always putting white people on a pedestal and attacking black women! You are uneducated, illiterate, self-hating TRASH!

      • Lee Thomas November 24, 2019

        It’s not an attack if it’s true tho. Beyonce has done nothing for the gay community. I remember when she was in DC it was Jesus this and Jesus that. She was so christian back in those days and the black church teaches gays are evil. Beyonce has never cared about the gay community, Janet is another one. That homophobic scene in that Tyler Perry Movie when the stereo type jumped out the cake and she called her ex a weak b****? I peeped her then.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 24, 2019

        @Lee Thomas you are a clear example of a gaytard aka a slow gay person. You lack the ability to think logically and intellectually. I will spell it out for you so you can comprehend.

        1. Beyonce is a strong supporter of the LGBQ. She has hired hundreds of LGBQ people to work for her. That means your comment ‘she never helped gays’ is a LIE!

        2. The ‘black church community’ is NOT anti-gay! There are many gays who are members of black baptist churches and have found church homes in the ‘black church community’ so again your comment is a LIE!

        3. Janet Jackson has a very long history of hiring gays to work for her and out of all the divas she has been around and worked with gays all of her life since the age of 7.

  3. Only facts November 24, 2019

    I’m a gay man and I kind of agree with him to an extent. Some singers exploit the gay community (I’m looking at you GaGa).

    • TRUTH November 24, 2019

      Gaga is one of the only artists who has given everything to gay community. Don’t ask don’t tell was repealed because of her advocacy & personal humanitarian work with the US Senate. Clearly you’re uneducated. Beyoncé hasn’t lifted a finger for gays, in fact, she will support Hoteps & Homophobes before working with gays. Wake up girl, you way off.

      • Danny Bey November 24, 2019

        Beyoncé has gays in her family and her damn stylist/one of her best friends Ty Hunter is gay. She’s had gays in her videos, on tour. She’s dedicated many of her songs to the gays mainly Run The World. Her damn mother in law is gay. You sound stupid. Just bc she’s not falling the gay flag and explicitly wearying gay culture like a bonnet the way chicks like Gaga does doesn’t mean she’s not a supporter

      • Only facts November 24, 2019

        You think don’t ask don’t tell was repealed just because GaGa advocated for it? Girl bye. GaGa has used the gay community for her advantage. She exploited us. Yes she’s been an advocate, but after awhile, it became clear that she was using us for her benefit. Don’t try to school me for my opinion. GaGa is out for one thing – herself. She’s the most disingenuous pop singer out. Every time we see her she’s someone else. Being an ally doesn’t mean everything you do revolves around pandering to the gay community. She USED us. You’re respectfully ill-equipped for this debate

  4. Lee Thomas November 24, 2019

    I have felt that way for years. I feel like Madonna was the only one to hang out with and help the gay community back when A*** was a huge deal. She became the gay queen then out of nowhere you saw other female artist doing the same. Janet, Mariah, Britney, Taylor, and Beyonce all started doing the same because they saw Madonna career was surviving and her album sales were so huge. I think they followed that formula. Beyonce is one I always felt was using the gay community.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 24, 2019

      Lee Thomas is Clarkson Shemale Troll

      • Lee Thomas November 25, 2019

        You mad or naw?

  5. Lol November 24, 2019

    He’s right

  6. Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

    She says, “I couldn’t do what Britney and Madonna did at the MTV Awards.

    “I knew it was going to happen from rehearsal but it was still a shock when they did it. I kept thinking maybe it’s just a rumour and they’re not really going to do it.

    “Then they did and it was a real eye-opener.”

    Beyonce talking about the madonna britney spears vma kiss.

    The homophobic church lady jumped out.
    Can u see the disgust in her statement.

    here comes nonsense talk, beyonce stylist is gay, her mother in law is gay and she accepted her blah blah blah.
    It’s like a white racist father accepting his daughter’s black boyfriend, should the NAACP we give him a medal? NO

    she doesnt have any songs celebrating gay people. Run the world is a girl power anthem not a gay anthem.

    lady gaga atleast makes political statements, raises awareness, fighting for legislature etc.she may be using gay people but she’s also giving back to gays.

    Beyonce is from Texas a very homophobic state, has she ever come out to speak against the homophobia in that state.

  7. Kim Burrell November 24, 2019

    The gays have nothing going on for themselves other than H**, coke, and stanning pop divas

  8. Ghetto Housewife Has Spoken November 25, 2019

    lookin at you Miss Grande….

  9. Nabil November 28, 2019

    He’s not lying tho. As a gay, I’ve been seeing this for years.

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