Report: Jay Z To Sign Multi Million Dollar Deal With Sony Music

Published: Friday 13th Mar 2020 by David

Jay Z is said to be on his way to joining Beyonce and Rihanna at Sony ATV.

Full story below…

ATV is the publishing arm of the Sony Music Entertainment body and is now controlled by the revered African-American power player Jon Platt who recently welcomed Rihanna and Beyonce to the company with publishing deals designed to house and maximise their song writing opportunities.

Word on the street is that Jay is next in line.


The Sun reports that the company has had its eye on the rapper’s discography for a while and is close to finalising a deal which will see him place his hits (see ‘N***** in Paris’, ‘Song Cry’, ‘Umbrella’ and ‘Crazy in Love’) in its hand in exchange for a reported 10 million dollar advance.

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  1. Susan March 13, 2020

    We don’t want new music from you Jigga

  2. Susan March 13, 2020

    Stupid love by Gaga to drop to #26 on hot 100. My oh my by Camila to drop out of top 30, and possibly even top 40.

  3. what would whitney houston say March 13, 2020

    to sign a deal….so he hasnt sign it . the party can read . sony hasnt sign with jay yet… and really we dont take advise from jay on who is hott or next cuz he knew his b**** cant sing like whitney houston…we dont give afuck

  4. Beyonce Knows March 13, 2020

    He’s been doing a lot for the hip hop/athlete community. I’m sure he’s up to something smart

  5. Diabeetus Unbothered March 13, 2020

    i still can’t get over how awful the on the run part 2 Tour was compared to part 1. Felt like a ghetto family reunion, more like a Rehearsal than an actual show. And the Carter’s and the dancers and background singers just barely looked like they wanted to be there. Everything from the choreography to fashion to staging to transitions was an atrocity. I can’t believe they actually approved it themselves.

    That show was waisted potential. Would’ve probably been better if they performed 4:44 lemonade and Everything is Love exclusively.

    • Pat March 13, 2020

      That show was trash low key

  6. what would whitney houston say March 13, 2020

    shout out to travis scott

  7. Okay? March 13, 2020

    Congratulations Mr Carter.
    Continue to build your legacy!✊?

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