Kelly Rowland Performs ‘Forever And A Day’ On Alan Titchmarsh

Published: Thursday 7th Oct 2010 by Sam

Dance diva Kelly Rowland hit the stage here in the UK today to perform her new European single ‘Forever And A Day’ on The Alan Titchmarsh Show. She also confirmed the British release date of her as yet untitled third album..

The goodies after the jump…


While Kelly’s incorporation of choreography (finally) is appreciated, the lip-syncing, however, is not. Granted, it’s been reported that the singer was ill this week, surely even a pre-recorded/re-recorded ‘live’ version of the track would suffice – as opposed to the regular CD version? Not impressed.

On a more positive note, Kelly confirmed (herself) that the UK release of her third studio album is November 29th. It appears as though this side of the pond may be getting some form of exclusive release of the LP (i.e. iTunes only?) , with the US getting another record entirely next year. Yes, this has been widely speculated, however the latest developments appear to verify such claims.

With some clarity of the album situation, and ‘Forever And A Day, as well as Rowland’s collaboration with Tinie Tempah ‘Invincible’, flying up the iTunes chart, it certainly looks like interesting times are ahead for Kelly Rowland fans…

Your thoughts?

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  1. AuntieJackie October 7, 2010

    I’m convinced Kelly has given up on the U.S. market…

  2. DANBOFFICIAL October 7, 2010


  3. Dave October 7, 2010

    No sound…

  4. DANBOFFICIAL October 7, 2010


  5. Miss Chick Boom October 7, 2010

    Sam and his excuses for Kelly.

    Anyways is it just me or does the video not have any sound. And the choreo isn’t even lip syncing worthy.

    And Kelly mightest well never release that album in the US.

    She looked gorgeous as always though.

  6. spring October 7, 2010

    great performance but wish she sang live!! all the same we all know she can SANNNNG!!!!!!!!!!!!..
    and november 29th for release date?? hmmm.. she shud completely forget bout the US market plzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

  7. True Diva October 7, 2010

    Her management disabled the sound of the video! She must sounded horrible! She really needs vocal training lessons. Bcuz if she can’t sing live then she can’t be successful period! Especially in the U.S!

  8. ~Team Weezy~ October 7, 2010

    She will be a FLOP for forever and a day.

  9. DANBOFFICIAL October 7, 2010



  10. Muni October 7, 2010

    She didn’t sing live because she has throat infection and because she is promoting is better if she doesn’t risk because you guys are always complaining.

    About the album I think it will be for UK/Europe only US next year, cos she needs to changes the sound a bit.

    HATERS fall back KELLY is gonna be just FINE!!


  11. Trina October 7, 2010

    Smelly Flopland is nothing but a HOT ASS FLOP !! B**** why are you promoting that flop ass single ?? I mean, the album won’t be out until 2015 !! KELLY H**-LAND IS A HOT BOILING MESS !!

  12. Muni October 7, 2010

    I don’t understand why people HATE this woman so much, or maybe these people are being paid to try tear KELLY DOWN anyways she will shake anyone OFF that tries to be on her way.

  13. Muni October 7, 2010

    Thank you Ash Jones!!!!!

  14. tgj readers October 7, 2010

    to all u genious’ that said there is no sound just uncheck the mute button!!! sometimes when u embed videos it does that.

    but the performance… it happend so im happy about that. lol

    Bring on November 29th!!!!!!!!!

  15. luv music October 7, 2010

    shes got fluu..if ya’ll seen the interview u can hear that shes shes nt cancelling her ish..she keeps killing it..will be buying her album ten times..she works hard

  16. SohhJavier October 7, 2010

    I swear some people dont comprehend Her DANCE album is coming out in UK,Aus etc NOVEMBER 29,2010 her state album is coming out 2011 GET IT THROUGH F***!#% SKULLS!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. J October 7, 2010

    Hmmz.. too bad for Kelly.. I wish her all the best, but things are not looking positive. Th album is gonna flop hard.

  18. Dave October 7, 2010

    DUMB ASS @TGJ READERS, Quote on Quote, “NOTICE This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by all copyright holders. The audio has been disabled. More about copyright.” TRY AGAIN SMART ASS! The audio was actually permanently DISABLED. People swear they know everything *smh*, & it’s “genius.” What a complete fail…

  19. MaZ October 7, 2010

    Some say that she will release “Haters” as new single in the UK

  20. dboy October 7, 2010

    ….haters never take a break do they?

    sad fellows

  21. Moi October 7, 2010

    My God even B4 the fans come on haters are talking….thats a good thing….Like they saying goes when people dont know what to do about what they like they talk abou it negatively…just saying….Like she said…’she is everything thing you wish you were,so go ahead and hate on her ,ur motivation is what she needs,please go ahead and hate on her!!!,

  22. Taylor October 8, 2010

    If you love ‘Forever And A Day’ by Kelly Rowland, you must listen to ‘Unity’ … still her best song over the past couple of years and one that radio should support 100% ~ already a Top 10 hit in Canada =)

  23. steve October 8, 2010

    Australia are getting a release date for November aswell!!

  24. incognegro October 8, 2010

    It’s a bit discouraging for Kelly Rowland fans, because it appears as though her creative team is experiencing a bit of a tailspin. A Statement was released saying that her U.S album will be released next year; however,3 videos have been released, 2 of which were released after her current image change and redirection of musical endeavors. Speculative information is being released saying that she is releasing her album in U.K, but she is making appearances in the U.S. At this given juncture, her label and creative team need to focus, focus on a particular sound, a particular image, and particular region (U.S or U.K), and make sure that all steps are taken towards success in that particular area. Kelly has more capital as an artist than ever before, but I rest assured if things are handled in a haphazard way, she is going to miss out of the success and fame that she deserves.

    All in all, I am in full support of Kelly Rowland, and I hope that her project gets the support (from the label and from fans) that it rightfully deserves.

  25. lil fire starter October 8, 2010

    Yass! For that hair! I was a little scared the first time I saw it pictured but now I’m loving it. Especially when it’s laid down in the back. Face beat. Clothes hot as well. I too wished she would have at least pre-record a live track just un case, she know she should follow her half SIS bee… but a E for effort nonetheless. The more Kelly Rowland the better.

  26. crank October 8, 2010

    It “will” sell internationally. She can’t do it domestically.

  27. Diane October 8, 2010

    Ms. Bipolar is back at it again. My mother told me that if you live long enough, you will see practically anything. And I have seen a beautiful, talented artist take a wonderfully crafted album with songs such as Shake Them Haters Off, Commander, Commander Remix, Grown Woman, and Rose Colored Glasses straight to the toilet and flush it.

    I should have known she was cooky, when she appeared on the cover of Modern Bride magazine in a wedding dress days after she and Roy Williams cancelled the wedding. She knew she did the photo shoot and the date of the magazine cover, so why didn’t she avoid the embarrassment and wait maybe a month after the cover to announce the cancellation. Cooky and bipolar. Her decisions stun me.

    In the beginning of this project, Kelly had the buzz, the songs, and full press promotion. Now, it just seems like she threw it all away for songs that are not charting.

  28. antertain October 8, 2010

    Kelly is a UK girl now.

    We adopted this child of Destiny a loooooong time ago..
    Many years ago Beyonce even recognised the UK grabbed onto Destiny’s Child before the USA did.

    The material Kelly has produced recently won’t work in U.S, so its best she give her euro fans that and make her some money to fund the U.S project.

  29. theman1 October 8, 2010

    Kelly is doing her damn thang. This album is gonna be a success. Get your shine on Ms.Kelly. You tired moufuckaz keep saying the same damn thang. Forever And A Day Urban Remix will be huge on Urban Radio. !

  30. Bugsy October 8, 2010

    Some of you need Jesus in your lives. Kelly is not my fav but I wish her success as I would anyone who works hard to reach their goals.

    Hating is unnecessary. smh

  31. spring October 8, 2010

    keep hating haters!!! cant wait 4 da album to drop!.. TEAMKELLY.

  32. SohhJavier October 8, 2010

    #ICANT with some of u… her team know exactly what there doing and i see their vision smart bish right here and trust she will sell in the states…DONE

  33. Spunkypoop October 8, 2010

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Ima have to call some of my UK friends to get a copy on November 29th!!!

  34. Catepillar-man October 8, 2010

    Ii like her but this song is flopping . . . . HARD. It makes me laugh

  35. TEAM KELLY (ROWLAND) October 8, 2010

    How about we just wait for the album… Thats a good idea.

  36. Timago October 8, 2010


  37. luv music October 11, 2010

    Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Kelly Rowland’s latest single “Commander” featuring david Guetta has just hit number one on the Billboard Dance/Club Play songs chart…is that a flop????“Commander,” which is a Top 10 hit on the UK Singles chart…miss kelly is killing it big her!! mama

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