Jennifer Lopez Dismisses Rumors Of Feud With Mariah Carey

Published: Thursday 20th Jan 2011 by Trent

Jennifer Lopez called Nick Cannon’s radio show on 92.3 FM to promote the season premiere of ‘American Idol’ yesterday. During their talks, Lopez used the opportunity to dispel the decade-old rumors about her reported feud with Cannon’s wife, Mariah Carey.

Lopez even went as far as to note that she is in fact “a big fan” of the diva. Listen to the interview below:

Of course there is no beef between Carey and Lopez. After all, Carey doesn’t know her.


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  1. j112 January 20, 2011

    WOW so messy..I think in that clip from a long time ago mariah might of was saying “I dont know her PERSONALLY” as in NEVER MET AND CONVERSATED WITH HER. Mariah has met and conversated with beyonce and even partied with her..not to why she said “I DONT KNOW HER”

    • LucyWho May 19, 2015

      Conversated?? That’s not a word idiot

  2. j112 January 20, 2011

    but on the second hand…. she probably was being a little harsh by the way she said it…she also could of meant “i dont like her” LOL

  3. Creative Genius January 20, 2011

    in all fairness…………she said that SHE doesn’t have any beef with Mariah. (and really, would J-Lo admit to that while talking to Mr. Carey??) but Mariah clearly threw major #shade in that youtube video. and i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. lol.

    but honestly…..i think Mariah had issues with the way Sony/Columbia went all gung-ho about J-Lo while she was still bringing in the big bucks for them (despite being recently divorced from Tommy).

  4. Sjamz27 January 20, 2011

    LMAO soo funny. but she probably ment i don’t know her to judge her but i
    definetly laughed ahahah

  5. KELENDRIA ROWLAND January 20, 2011

    Good 4 dem. Itz good Lopez is a fan of Carey. Da former is old and da later fat.
    Ms Kelly ROwland is da FUTURE!

    Support Ms Kelly! The Queen Of DanceRNB

  6. mimi January 20, 2011

    I LOVE J.LO, she’s sound like honest!
    But Mariah says on a radio interview something positive about JLo, LISTEN HERE :

  7. pliss January 20, 2011

    But Mariah dismisses rumors of feud with JLo , do you remember ?

  8. Royalkev January 20, 2011

    Okay, she actually responds to that question about their beef by stating that it never has been “for me”… It’s all love “for me”. So, maybe she’s not too sure where Mariah was coming from or perhaps she feels that she didn’t ever feed into the drama. I think it’s obvious that they weren’t too crazy about each other.

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  9. True Blue January 20, 2011

    I’m still laughing at Mariah not knowing who J.Lo is… best diss ever. 😆

    But why is Trent SOOOOOOO hung up on stanning for Mariah? It’s like he insists on finding an excuse to mention her every chance he gets. It’s annoying, to say the least.

  10. Nichole January 20, 2011

    Classic Mariah!

    Good for J.Lo for dispelling the rumor.

    I still believe she’s shady lol.

  11. gabs January 20, 2011

    “I dont know her”. That is so epic. omg. Go mariah! I love her more now. I am not buying that they didnt feud. They so threw down for that AI spot which mariahs too good for anyway so I dont know why she wanted it.

  12. Dissing cow January 20, 2011

    she could have said as well i dont know HIM instead of HER. she was clearly dissing n i remember the time jlo had like all the spotlight, mariah was sayin in magazines she thinks that jlo copies her. jlo never cared about it cuz she knew that carey could sang n jlo was just doin her thing. she’s a mom now n about to release a #1 album why would she care even now?

  13. Be patient, love January 20, 2011

    Mariah is the SHADE QUEEN! “I don’t know her”……….. “Eminem? No…I don’t eat candy” Loves it!

  14. JohnVidal January 20, 2011

    Mariah dissing is always epic!! I love her so much
    But she probably meant she didn´t know her personally.
    Anyway it shouldn´t be that big deal that an artist with huge talent doesn´t know about an untalented model one…lol

  15. TheMan4u January 20, 2011

    thats because Jlo has class and during that time mariah still had mental issues

  16. Jeffrey January 20, 2011

    “shes a great writer, great singer” – Mariah Carey.
    Trent remember that the next time Beyonce is a “alleged song writer”
    oh and “Beyonce is fabulous” (with a finger snap) – Mariah Carey

  17. Be patient, love January 20, 2011


    Right?! Lol…Trent forgot all about that.

  18. JEREMYDANTE January 20, 2011

    i remember this whole thing.
    it’s some underlying s*** that has mariah shading. word on the street was tommy signed jennifer to go against mariah. which is dumb. MC ain’t a dancer & J.Lo ain’t a singer.

    both are two different artists- i respect what jennifer responded with immensely & cannot wait for her album.

  19. Stoney-Brie January 20, 2011

    lmao Mariah is a mess omg!

    J.lo is a sweetheart!

  20. LOL January 20, 2011

    Well, mariah is hard with everybody JLo, Eminem, Madonna…

  21. Nichole January 20, 2011

    @ Jeffrey. Not to start anything here, but was that comment made before or after Beyonce’s fake songwriting became exposed? My guess is before.

  22. BREE January 20, 2011


  23. JER January 20, 2011

    we ALL KNOW… that Mariah is still pissed about the whole Loverboy fiasco and pissed J.Lo (i was about to call her J.Ho but i don’t feel that way bout her anymore) stole her entire career. You know she’s still pissed AT HER even though she was so young she had no idea what was going on. Tommy Motolla literally forced her to do the remixes to make her more urban like Mariah and basically said THIS IS WHAT MARIAH CAREY DID so what is she supposed to say “oh no i don’t want to have huge hits like Mariah Carey” who was AT THAT TIME the biggest female artist excluding of course Madonna. And J.Lo know it. that why she said SHE DIDN’T HAVE any problems cuz she knows through the grapevine that Mariah prob still resents her even though Mimi needs to get offof it and chill with J.Lo and them talk about raising twins

  24. dboy January 20, 2011

    i read that mariah wanted to use the singer/rapper going back and forth for her glitter soundtrack but Tommy jacked that idea and it ended up being j.lo ft ja-rule’s two no1 singles. the source also stated that it was a case of “what goes around” because mariah was unfairly favoured over other artistes at the label during her 90s prime.

    my 2 cents is that mariah had the talent to back up the aggresive shady label strategy, j.lo, not so much, i bumped to her records back i the day but we have enough of not-so-good singers out already for this decade

  25. Ariana January 20, 2011

    LMAO! Thanks, I had forgotten the whole “I don’t eat candies” hahaha that was hilarious!! Mariah’s a doll, she talked nicely about Beyoncé because they’re friends — I agree w/ some of you saying that MC probably said “I don’t know her” because well… they obviously didn’t know personally.
    I’m not fan of JLO, but she seems nice, so it’s nice to see they have no problems at all.

  26. TIMMI January 20, 2011

    I seen this video years ago, and as a hardcore lamb, the video clearly shows that Mariah had an issue with J.Lo.

    For the people making excuses for what Mariah said, NO, she did not mean she doesn’t know her personally. I don’t know what video you people were watching, but the interviewer was asking about Beyonce as an artist first, at which point Mariah spoke about Beyonce’s “songwriting” (bwahahaha, little did she know…) and singing skills, ADDING ON to the END that she’s a great person. Then when asked about J.Lo, she responded she doesn’t know her. Which may technically be true. But I’m 100% she knew of her WORK and could have made a comment about it to be more polite.

    The reason Mariah acted like this was because of what seemed like J.Lo ambushing against Mariah with her ex-husband Tommy Mottola, after she split with him and he started making things difficult for her at her record label. But this was all the workings of Tommy and I don’t think J.Lo really knew what was going on. Mariah has sinced realised that and now addresses the topic of the feud with much more respect, so it was all just ONE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING.

  27. Gary January 20, 2011

    Why would J-Ho have a problem with Mariah. J-Ho, Irv Gotti & Tommy Mattolla are the one’s who teamed up and stole several songs from Mariah. Mariah should be the one to have a problem with her ! J-Ho can’t sing, she don’t write her own music and she can’t act ! Triple threat my ass !

  28. Gary January 20, 2011 Check out this video !
    Wendy Williams was mentioning the story about how Irv Gotti admitted to the “Glitter” sabotage. She said that the story is getting a lot of press and then stated that she too was asked by Tommy Mottola about a year ago to sabotage Mariah. She didn’t give much details (she is saving those for her book that she is writing) but did say that there was a “large sum of money at the end of that phone conversation–in the 5-digit area”

    Basically what she alluded to was that Tommy tried to offer Wendy money to say false rumors on-air to damage Mariah’s reputation. She said he went as far as saying that she wouldn’t have to do anything but talk, that he would supply all the fuel and false stories. She declined the money and hung up the phone.

  29. Gary January 20, 2011

    Anyone else see the interview the other day, Randy Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel? Jimmy really asked Randy what he thought about J-Ho’s singing and he said she was a 7( that’s way too good of a score IMO, I’d give her a 2). Then Jimmy looked surprised and said “really” then procedes to say “if Jennifer Lopez told me I can’t sing I’d tell here neither can you !” LMFAO EVERYBODY KNOWS J-HO IS A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. KaVion January 20, 2011

    LMFAO I Love how Mariah shakes her head then does that little nod like:
    “Yea thats what i said, i dont know the b****”
    Then the damn interperter says “Oops!”
    Haaaaaaa..i just CANT.

  31. The REAL Truth January 20, 2011

    @ Gary Jho, really, it takes one to know one! take a seat fool!

    Also who the f*** is Jimmy, a nobody, if you knew anything about him you would know he stans hard for Ben Affleck

    Another thing Mimi stans know damn well jlo had nothing to do with any sample switch, thats why she never talked about the situation, why would someone talk abou something they don’t know, which is being done behind their back, IT WAS ALL TOMMY, Jlo just got caught in the spit fire between Tommy and Mariah

    I don’t care how vocally limited Jlo is she has always said nice thing about Mariah

  32. ThatMigrator January 20, 2011

    Mariah’s responses are always hilarious. The truth is that she only throws shade at those who attack her (Madonna, Eminem and Xpiredtina), in exception for J.Lo but we all know that this particular ‘feud’ was a Sony production.
    She had nothing but good things to say about Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Beyoncé.

  33. beystanbish January 21, 2011

    “I don’t know her” . #burymewithmylacefrontandsashafierceleotard

  34. Jessica January 21, 2011

    I love Mariah’s music. Jennifer is ok.

    As people i would go for Jennifer. Mariah is always having digs at people.
    Also i am big fan of Alicia Keys and Beyonce and they have commented on Jennifer being a real sweetheart. American Idol has confirmed that view to me.

  35. lolsmileyface January 21, 2011

    Did anyone every think at the time she actually forgot that “J.Lo”, maybe if they said Jennifer Lopez she would have known atm. She could have and they cut that part of the interview out.

    Just thoughts…..

  36. TIMMI January 21, 2011

    Mariah NEVER has digs at people.

    She has a very classy manner when responding to those who START ish with her, and never directly insults them but uses clever sentencing to address the situation.

    i.e. She took abuse off Eminem for ages and wrote “Obsessed”. Everyone knew it was about him because it was TRUE (guilty conscience…) yet she has still to this day never directly stated it was about him.


  37. sane beyhanna stan January 21, 2011

    I’m glad j.lo was honest. I don’t think j.lo ever had an issue with Mimi but rather vice-versa. Mariahs shade always did slay me and it wasn’t personal but more so because of her label for screwing her over.I like J.lo because of her dedication. She always was a hard worker and that’s what makes up for ANY talent she may lack. TRENT I love mimi as much as anyone but honestly why keep bringing her up!? She’s a legend and she’s gone down in the books for her talent so is it necessary to mention her like she’s very popular right now. Career wise I think her best days are behind her and that she should just be happy but hey I will always love her as long as she makes good music 🙂

  38. Dave January 21, 2011

    It’s funny how Mariah through shade @ J.Lo for no clear reason. But, if Christina Aguilera does it, “she’s a b****”, “has an attitude problem” or whatever. Hypocrite… J.Lo is so humble

  39. CHECKMATE January 21, 2011

    Notice J Ho says “me” several times. Meaning the beef never started from her but FAT-riah’s end. Sounds about correct.

  40. Gary January 21, 2011

    J-Ho has dedication, ya, that’s about it. Sometimes peoples ambition is way bigger than their talent. People should know their strenths and weeknesses. Singing aint one of hers. J-Lo should beg Janet Jackson for her job back as her back up dancer. Dancing is about the only thing she does well Mariah’s best days are behind her??? Ok, that’s what people said about her after Glitter, then came The Emancipation of Mimi, E=MC2, and Memoirs woulda done ok, if not for her working so much with The Dream aka The Nighmare. His style is wack ! Her new Christmas CD had a #1 hit off of it too. MC KEEPS ON BREAKING RECORDS ! Wait and watch, Mariah WILL HAVE SEVERAL MORE NUMBER 1 HITS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Her career is FAR from done.

  41. KIO January 21, 2011

    We all know she stole a simple Mariah was going to use on 2001 album glitter, no my cousin ass had that s*** on instant repeat! Jenni tell the truth!!

  42. KIO January 21, 2011


  43. sane beyhanna stan January 21, 2011

    My comment wasn’t a diss to mimi at all, and what u said about j.lo is somewhat true. She may not be the best singer but she has a little bit of a voice which is listenable. Talent is subjective so I won’t debate you on it.I respect mariah for her acheivements and I love her music more then j.lo but idk if she will do herself any justice by trying to keep up with stars of today. Unless she goes completely left field her albums will continue to see mediocre sales and acclaim.

  44. B. Hill January 21, 2011

    [email protected] clowns acting like Mariah “slayed” Eminem with that wack ass ‘candy’ remark. Eminem ROASTED Mariah with “The Warning.” She STILL hasn’t picked up her face from that.

  45. Gary January 21, 2011

    @ B Hill Ever heard “less is more” ?? MC didn’t have to say much on her song “Obs essed” or “Clown” to get her point across. Suckinem is white trash trying to act like black trash. Classy people( black or white) don’t act / talk like he does or about the subjects he does. He has no respect for his mother or the mother of his child, (which is fine, but don’t try to make money off of it) he can’t get along with anybody. That says somoething about his character as a person. You don’t sing/rap about killing/abusing/raping your gf, mother if you have class. He talks about “gay” so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if 50 Cent don’t pound his ass after he’s done with Chelsea.

  46. F****** January 21, 2011

    Mariah is a class-less has-been, with no diva quality about her whatsoever. She ‘s fraudulent, fake, and phony to the fullest, and she lipsings because she can no longer deliver. At least JLo is pretty and still in good shape after 40.

    Mariah looks like a fat, pale, walrus

  47. dionita January 21, 2011


  48. J-HO January 21, 2011

    J-Ho is talentless k***, not even that pretty. I’ve seen prettier drag queens ! J-Ho will have yet another flop on her hands when she releases her newsest album !

  49. sugarwalls January 21, 2011

    i believe all is well between them two and J Lo admitting that she is a fan is so honest

  50. dionita January 21, 2011

    January 21, 2011 at 4:56 am
    J-Ho is talentless k***, not even that pretty. I’ve seen prettier drag queens ! J-Ho will have yet another flop on her hands when she releases her newsest album !

  51. KIO January 21, 2011

    You kids are late an a dollar short, this s*** been a the press for years!

  52. J January 21, 2011

    It’s funny because all you gals claim that Mariah is this f****** class act and that this really OLD clip about Jen was cute & funny, but we all know she was always bitter and jealous of Miss Lopez. Like come one “I don’t know who she is” that was your comeback Mariah? S*** was dry as hell! Yu still mad cuz J.Lo stole your “samples” for better use ma? Lol! You damn well know who the f*** she is since when she was racking up the #1’s on the Billboard charts and box office charts you’re career was on life support and you was somewhere having a mental breakdown. Lmfao! That s*** makes me laugh like b**** sit down! I’m tired of this fake ass flip flopper! When she came out she was this cute little white girl with a big voice now she’s this big boobed wannabe hood uneducated airbrushed bimbo with straining vocals. How does that happen? Her vocals must’ve done f***** up her brain cells too? On to the next one.. Mariah who? Oh wait idk who she is.. LMFAO!

  53. TC ;D January 21, 2011





  54. TC ;D January 21, 2011



  55. TC ;D January 21, 2011

    January 20, 2011 at 10:19 pm
    @ Jeffrey. Not to start anything here, but was that comment made before or after Beyonce’s fake songwriting became exposed? My guess is before.


  56. cash January 21, 2011


    Mariah and her “Mediocre sales and acclaim” I have to address that. YES “MOAIA” Didn’t hit platinum sales, however it was held in high regard by critics, Many comparing it to the masterpiece that was “Butterfly” Obsessed was a top 10 hit and was a platinum selling single. When you sell consistently like Mariah does, Going gold is cannot happen. If J.Lo goes gold, Its a job well done. Her Christmas album “MCIIY” has also went gold, It’s a Christmas album 10 years from now it will still sell at Christmas. Again, another album critics received very well. Don’t talk about acclaim and sells when she clearly has it.

  57. mandy January 21, 2011

    i find it rather hilarious! MC never loses her sense of humor hahahahah. for those who think MC is a b**** for saying what she said, clearly dont know the story behind it heh.

  58. Steve January 21, 2011

    U know artists rarely say “I’m a big fan” just to dismiss rumors. So J.lo could just say “we don’t hate each other” or something. U know, she took the high road and good for her. Clearly J.lo isn’t bothered about her but itseems Mariah is thinkin’ alot about this issue

  59. zzzzzzzzzzz January 21, 2011

    But if i’m honest, 10 years later I can still listen to Mariah’s classics but I can’t be bothered to listen to “love don’t cost a thing”, “waiting for tonight” or even “jenny from the block”.

    I don’t know why Mariah let it affect her because her music stands the test of time and that voice is wonderful.

    I loved them both at the time and didn’t really see the comparisons, two different genres. I saw MC as sophisticated and classy (well before honey) lol and JLO as cool chic with body and can dance, both hot in different ways!

  60. LOL January 21, 2011

    STOP S***.

  61. lola January 21, 2011

    You guys have it all wrong! A few years ago I actually read an article that was talking about this feud and Mariah had said that she had a problem with Jennifer because she was so quick about taking a beat that she and her team were trying to buy. She said, and I quote, “If I couldn’t sing, I would have done the same thing.” That’s why she had a problem with JHO! That is messed up because when you’re negotiating a deal, but then someone hurries up and bribes someone to take it, you would be pissed and feel betrayed! Of course JHO is going to clear up the rumors! She had to promote this album that’s about to f****** flop and she probably thought that Nick was going to bring up the situation. She needs to sit her old ass down!

  62. modjo January 21, 2011

    Good Job JLO , she is always honest and franc . Luv JLO

  63. scouse January 21, 2011


  64. FORREAL! January 21, 2011


    Eminem already dragged that B**** OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Ariana January 21, 2011

    I can’t believe how disrespectful are some of these comments. You may not like Mariah but I really don’t get why calling her with all these “names” you made up when you clearly had nothing else to do. I don’t like A LOT of singers out there but I don’t trash them simply because I focus on their music, I couldn’t care less about a celebrity’s personal life. That’s private matters and you don’t know any of these people so why bringing up your fav as a saint or as a perfect person when we have no idea how they’re behind doors.

    I find really sad also, that you praise Eminem for dissing Mariah so nasty. I guess you find cool that men act like jerks towards women… smh *sad*

  66. FORREAL! January 21, 2011

    @ Arianna you are not making any sense, more than half of these comments are dissingJlo , calling her jho, why not defend her

    Mariahs a b**** simple as that , always throwing shade at other people!

  67. J-HO January 21, 2011

    @ TC ;D
    You’re real dumb, huh? Check WIKI J-Ho is a year older than MC. So if MC is “old” J-Ho is too ! J-Ho has class??? LMAO That’s why she’s been engaged so many times, that’s SO classy. Also, wasn’t she and Puff involved in a shooting, then she bailed on Puff to not be implicated ?? Real classy !

    • fatal November 30, 2012

      really??? I think MeMe’s birth year is open for debate-it comes up 1969 but seems to be changed to 1970 at some point-whatever JLO is wearing her years SOOOOO much better than MeMe-all of MeMe’s current promo photos are basically complete photoshop repaints to make her look like some kind of awkward out of proportion JLo cartoon-and without her hair extensions and make up MeMe looks more like Schwartzenegger’s maid/mistress-yikes!! or as many have said a giant slezchak from Land of the Lost

  68. HAssan January 21, 2011

    This made me loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool awww blesss them both

  69. JohnVidal January 21, 2011

    Yours is the best comment on this post.
    People really need to understand men can´t talk that way about women. Ladies step your game up cos that is unaceptable. Maybe it is that I´m from Spain where these attitudes are really reviled but… really do you like Eminem talking trash about women and then that women can´t say a f****** thing to defend herselfs cos in that case they are s****???? Are you retarded women or asshole men???? I just don´t understand why so many talented artists have seen their careers fall cos of bad behaviour and Eminem has always gotten a pass.
    And as I said on a previous comment Mariah is classy when dissing and it has always been that she was attacked first. She is a really sweet person.

    @TC ;D
    You already know you are one of the most retarded persons on here but let me tell you that this feud is from a decade ago when Mariah was 30. So she is not ‘old’ to be doing things like that cos she made it long ago and she really did nothing wrong anyway. And now she is 40, not 50 and is one of the ultimate talented megastars, one thing your favorite could never. The fact that you respect more untalented JLo says it all

  70. STFU! January 21, 2011

    Lmao at all this stanning you do know your ”faves won’t be kissing your arses”!

    Jennifer ain’t f****** stupid she has always kept her class! mariah has adressed this a few times and has never publicy dissed jennifer!

    They are both to toally differnt artist’s mariah has the Voice and Jennifer has the enterainment!

    they are both famed for been to of the biggest moden day diva’s wich is mainly due to storys! Why do the fans act like this its so f****** childish its laughable!

    if mariah and Jennifer can be civil about the rumors why can’t the fans? and this is what nick is saying!

    Also to the mariah fans is you really do belive jennifer stole the sample then your dumb as s*** and laughable for one if new artist on the scene (JLo at the time )stole the sample and made them give her it, what does it make mariah? Not a very powerful artist at all so is that why your saying? a music icon like mariah couldnt even hold onto a sample?
    yet jlo came on the scene and got it right away!

    see the mariah fans don’t see it like this!

    So drop the f****** beef ya hate JLo thats fine but hating on her cos you think mariah does is f****** childish non of you have a clue what went on about that record so you all need to sit down and stop talking s*** like your a personal freind of jennifer and mariah

  71. MCsavedmylife January 21, 2011

    Last time I checked, Mariah didn’t intentionally throw anything at J.Lo, whether it be words or one of her many platinum awards. All the interviewer asked was (I think): “what about Jeniifer Lopez?” Since Mariah can’t answer that, why bother lying? And since then, she disputed that rumour way before J.Lo did, like a year or so ago.

    Anyway, the story of the fued goes back to 2001. Mariah had left Sony behind and gone to Virgin to continue on with the filming and recording of ‘Glitter’, a project which had begun before ‘Rainbow’ was even thought of (‘Rainbow’ was actually made up of songs which originally were intended for ‘Glitter’, so with filming behind, Mariah decided to release those songs plus a few new others and call the effort ‘Rainbow’). The lead single from ‘Glitter’ was to be Loverboy, a song which had originally been sung over the ‘Firecracker’ sample, a sample which had not been used for a very long time. Meanwhile, Tommy had singed up J.Lo to Sony, and since he had rights to some of the songs Mariah was working on for ‘Glitter’, he could listen to them, one of them being Glitter. So, as the story goes, he hired the same person Mariah had worked with on Loverboy to work with J.Lo and her lead song off her (J.Lo’s) album (no idea what it was called) used the same sample as Loverboy and released it before Mariah could release hers, meaning that Mariah had to go back into the studio, find a new track (‘Candy’) and re-record Loverboy and we ended up with the track which is now on ‘Glitter’. This little episode has also been credited for leading Mariah to her breakdown.

    And that was the alleged cause for the feud.

    As for Eminem, that happens around the same time as all this is going on, but that’s another story for another time.

  72. MCsavedmylife January 21, 2011

    “….he could listen to them, one of them being Glitter”

    Change that to: “….he could listen to them, one of them being Loverboy”

  73. Juicy Drip ! January 21, 2011 Check out this video !
    Wendy Williams was mentioning the story about how Irv Gotti (who worked with J-Lo & Ja rule on their coloborations) admitted to the “Glitter” sabotage. She said that the story is getting a lot of press and then stated that she too was asked by Tommy Mottola about a year ago to sabotage Mariah. She didn’t give much details (she is saving those for her book that she is writing) but did say that there was a “large sum of money at the end of that phone conversation–in the 5-digit area”

    Basically what she alluded to was that Tommy tried to offer Wendy money to say false rumors on-air to damage Mariah’s reputation. She said he went as far as saying that she wouldn’t have to do anything but talk, that he would supply all the fuel and false stories. She declined the money and hung up the phone.

  74. mena d January 22, 2011

    Pahahahahahaha LOVE Mariah!

    Absolutely right about the Sony/Columbia statement

  75. Slick January 22, 2011

    yall still talkin bout this old ass clip…. must be a slow day

  76. DGRATEN8 January 22, 2011


  77. Juicy Drip ! January 22, 2011

    How many number 1 or top 10 hits does J-Ho have???!!!! Yeah, thought so ! Mariah has quite a few ! 18 number 1’s and lots more top ten hits ! Has J-Ho’s acting ever had Oscar buzz, nope ! Mariah’s performance in Precious received film festival awards and had Oscar buzz ! Nuff said.

    • fatal November 30, 2012

      actually YES -in Out of Sight with Clooney absolutely awesome and lots of Oscar buzz-also Selena-and when has MeMe even come close to getting an acting gig with someone like Clooney-NEVER-as far as hit “hits” go-when you marry the 40 something head of Sony Records at 19 your awards and so called chart toppers are completely “bought”-airplay is bought-chart placement is gaged by purchased airplay and so on and so forth-without Sony and Tommy MeMe can’t sell a Xmas song at Xmas-except to Macy’s since MeMe is a materialistic greedy shopaholic bee-yotch and that is Macy’s bread and butter-so they use meme to try and make that kind of out of control consumer hoarding seem cool-this makes Santa cry-MeMe needs to stop ruining Christmas

  78. ilovextina January 22, 2011

    Mariah knew damn well who J. Lo was, J. Lo was snatching Mimi’s wig when she was doing it big.

  79. J January 23, 2011

    @ JuicyDrip, Jennifer Lopez has 4 #1 Billboard Hot 100 hits and Mariah has 18 so what’s your point? Jen also has countless Top 10’s, Top 20’s and Top 40’s. She has also has countless Billboard Hot Dance Club hits and also #1’s on the Billboard Latin Track chart. What exactly is your point? Oh just to brighten up your day Jen’s career also had more than a few Oscar buzz in her career from “Selena” (1997) to “El Cantante” (2007) and mind you she has also been nominated for a Golden Globe. She has recieved positive reception from film festivals for films like the ones I posted, but also “Bordertown” (2007) and “An Unfinished Life” (2004). So what were saying again? If you want to count acting awards, I’m sorry but Jennifer Lopez will have this BIMBO beat down in a heartbeat. Just saying.

  80. Dave January 23, 2011

    January 22, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Mariah knew damn well who J. Lo was, J. Lo was snatching Mimi’s wig when she was doing it big.

    THANK U! How the hell did she not know who Jenny was, when she was slaying everybody out @ that time. But, she knew Beyonce? (She said she was a big fan of Beyonce). Shade…

  81. Jenny Lover January 7, 2012

    I think Mariah is sooooooo annoying and weird. She loves attention and she is the MOST fake diva ever, she is just demanding and it’s stupid how she keeps having ‘breakdowns’
    Jennifer Lopez is so sweet and kind, she has an amazing voice, great acting skills, amazing dance moves and the coolest personality. She is such a lady and is a role model of every girl/woman everywhere. Just because JLo can shake her booty doesn’t mean u have to hate her.
    It’s ok to be a little divaish when you have worked as hard as Jennifer Lopez. It’s not her fault that her marriages have failed, she is a great mum to Max and Emme.
    Just remember Mariah, certain shades of limelight can ruin a girls completion!
    JLo I love you, keep doing your thing 🙂
    Mariah, go away and stop hurting people’s ears with your annoying stupid voice!

    • fatal November 30, 2012

      well said jenny Lover-there is no feud-JLo is a galaxy ahead of cow MeMe-there is only MeMe desperately trying to keep comparing herself to JLo and jump in her spotlight-right down to using a pack of Frankensteins to bio engineer boy and girl twins-just like Max and Emme-in true illiterate MeMe fashion she then named them after a bad Scobby Dooo joke- Roc ‘an’ Roe-such a total joke

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