Omarion Admits To Being Bisexual?

Published: Saturday 8th Jan 2011 by Trent

Omarion has reportedly admitted to being a bisexual. The R&B singer supposedly released an official press statement in response to his former B2K bandmate Raz B’s allegations that he is a gay man – a rumour that has existed since the start of Omarion’s career. See the statement below:

“I pride myself in being an honest, God Fearing, respectful man. I have kept my personal life private and wanted to keep it that way. Unfortunately, other’s are interested in profiting from my anguish; so before they can do that, i will clarify things. I am not at all what certain ex-band members are trying to paint me as, I am however a respectable, mature, proud, bisexual man.” {Source}

Something about this seems quite odd. I wouldn’t be surprised if that press release was written by Raz B himself.


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  1. AKisdabest January 8, 2011


    • arel May 28, 2012

      that n**** deserve to die

      • monique June 4, 2012

        no he don’t and why just because you don’t like him you rude people are haters these days.

      • peggy August 21, 2012

        I love his music still what ever his life is straight bisexal I will still listen to him cuz u got 2 admit he is da bomb his music is s*** n so is he

    • peggy August 21, 2012

      stop haten on da man let him b what ever he wants to b it is his life not yours if it is true about him bein bisexal 2 let it b known he have more guts then those that r still pretending ur confuse n don’t know what they r iet us still support him becuz n the end he is still Omarion that won’t never change much luv O

  2. Ethan January 8, 2011

    wtf omarion, get out!

  3. Hmmm January 8, 2011

    i dnt believe this… !

  4. Robjr559 loves Ciara January 8, 2011

    DEAD I do not believe he said this even if it is true

  5. Sasha January 8, 2011

    That’s probably fake but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was bisexual.

  6. Heaven January 8, 2011

    Lawd man you’re gay, a homosexual. When you play with the other team, you’re on that team. All those other labels are bs to make you feel better.

    • CECE July 5, 2012


    • Noxcastle14811 August 30, 2012

      Actually no they’re are such a thing as bisexual people, thats why its called LGBT. Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender however it is unfortunate because a lot of gays come out as bisexual as like a half step out the closet. This predicament also discredits people who actually are bisexual

  7. Jordan January 8, 2011

    And where’s the source?

    • CECE July 5, 2012


  8. Tiye January 8, 2011

    No, n****. You’re gay.

  9. Camy Joe January 8, 2011

    I need a source. BUT NOOOO O!!!!

  10. iiStan4RiRi January 8, 2011

    im gonna try to act suprised -__-

  11. movementlove January 8, 2011

    this is amazing…..honesty is the key!

  12. Kaleyia January 8, 2011

    i knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • monique June 4, 2012

      you knew what he not gay

  13. Hmmm January 8, 2011

    PLUS… it he was a mature..proud..Bisexual man..
    why are we just now hearing about it..If he was proud about
    it we would have heard about this when the allegations first started! Sooo
    i dnt believe this.

  14. Bryan January 8, 2011

    lmaooooooooooooooooooo #oops

  15. UGh January 8, 2011

    *jaw drops to floor*

    • CECE July 5, 2012

      omg mine toooo

  16. I AM BEYSHA January 8, 2011

    What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imma need Trent to send me Omarion’s phone number…I think O needs a hug ;P

    PS: The source is right there people! Just click on the word ‘released’

    • CECE July 5, 2012


  17. ICON January 8, 2011

    Honestly is anyone really surprised? Anthony The Great must be rejoicing lmao.

  18. Jay January 8, 2011

    Yeah Immma Need a source!!…even though it aint surprising..Wow

  19. camcam January 8, 2011

    smh….i knew it

  20. Kyus93 January 8, 2011

    Like no-one knew all along….. Joe McElderry & him both deluding themselves

  21. SKULLiGURLPOW January 8, 2011

    ..bull…….s***! *dies* c’mon bro… nawww u kaint be son.. shiiiiit.. godd’ dayum!!!

  22. Javier January 8, 2011

    This story looks so fake. No source crossreferenced or otherwise confirmation. Moreover, you should never say a person “admits” they are gay or bisexual because that has a bad connotation. People “admit” things that are negative or harmful. being gay or bisexual is nothing to be ashamed of or view as negative. It is a good part of who many people are. The proper term is “acknowledges he is gay/bisexual.” Also, many media use the phrase “announces he is gay/bisexual.”

  23. veebz January 8, 2011

    I dnt believe it, I need more evidence

  24. ~BeySoBreezy~ January 8, 2011

    OMG! Shocked! :wtf:

  25. MDR January 8, 2011

    Ooohh gurl!

  26. Kryswithak January 8, 2011

    I don’t necessarily believe the statement is real…but I surely wouldn’t put it passed his ass. I believe that every member of IMX and B2K were sexually abused by Chris Stokes…and there is NOTHING that will convince me otherwise. I feel like each of them has handled it in their own ways and that they are entitled to their privacy on such a private issue. I also think it’s unfair of RazB to be “outing” people. Misery truly loves company and you aren’t likely to find a soul more miserable than he is. They all need therapy. Not even trying to be funny…they need some help.

  27. Mike January 8, 2011

    will wait for official statement

  28. RihannaForever January 8, 2011

    I personally don’t care but if he’s happy all the more power to him. I support him through anything he experiences since I feel humans should support one another (except for ludicrous beliefs).

    However, since TGJ lies about so much, I won’t believe this until I have a source.

  29. BRANDYSTAN January 8, 2011


  30. harvey January 8, 2011

    WTFFFFF…..omarion please tell me dis aint true and just a PUBLITY SUNT.Cause THIS CANT BE TRUE.

  31. john January 8, 2011

    Why the hell are you guys shocked. i cant believe cuz grapejuice is notorious for lying… but so what. i cant believe people even care what people do in THEIRRRRRR (wish i could underline and make large) its not ya bedroom who cares

  32. harvey January 8, 2011


  33. I KNEW IT!! January 8, 2011

    The source is right there! Click the word RELEASED!

    I KNEW IT!

  34. ~BeySoBreezy~ January 8, 2011

    Im taking this with a grain of salt. If O didnt say it, I wont believe it…but shocking nonetheless…

  35. Prince January 8, 2011

    OMG!!! I knew it!! I aint mad though. Lol Who’s next?! My guess is Bow Wow

  36. TIMMI January 8, 2011

    I don’t think I believe it.. but it’s true..



  37. GangsterA January 8, 2011

    *put the mean face with a side eye* think about B2K *side eye him again*

  38. TIMMI January 8, 2011

    *if it’s

  39. RosaRubbel January 8, 2011

    There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual. Everyone is different.

  40. GangsterA January 8, 2011

    yall know bow wow has been hittin that ass since 07 so cut the crap

  41. champ-ion January 8, 2011

    I think he must of HAD to do this because something BIG is/was about to DROP, LOL either way; support our brother… hope not a publicity stunt though… aaauck

  42. Brittany January 8, 2011

    i’m not surprised. anyone who worked with chris stokes got buttplugged

  43. GleekManiac January 8, 2011

    Where is the source of this statement from?

  44. Embeezie January 8, 2011

    Too many misspellings and grammatical errors to be a real press release. I don’t believe it.

  45. McLean January 8, 2011

    Why are folks actin surprised? This aint news! God bless him for being honest. Next up is Kanye, Marques Houston, Bobby Valentino, Lloyd…OMG they are too many. Gals is there anythin left for u these days. Finding a truly heterosexual man is increasingly becoming a tall order. *sippinggreentea*

  46. Guest January 8, 2011

    You are so fake this is undeniably fake. where is your sources? why would Omarion just tell u and not TMZ a bigger media source/outlet? Stop spreading lies that all u are known for doing ur like M** stop stirring up more rumors and hatred on someone as humble and nice as he is. Stop ruining peoples reputation and careers by posting fictitious things about people. He should sue u Trent for slender and defamation of character.

    You have nothing better to do in ur life than make lies and spread rumors on innocent people.


  47. Kev January 8, 2011

    If he want to be bisexual more power to him.. Unlike some artist he did the manly thing and was honest before somebody profitted off a statement that is probably not even true. He is respected by many and probably will be respected by many more by others for his honesty…..

  48. harvey January 8, 2011

    Wait TGJ are you sure this info is true cause he didnt say s*** about this on his twitter page.

  49. MsFreda January 8, 2011

    Well i think its right for him to come out instead of playing a role hes not. People respect other people more when they are truthful. Who wants to live they life as a liar. But at the same time upset because did B2k really think this wouldnt ever come out. “What goes on in the dark will come to the light”. If you living wrong thats something you have to face with God. We cant judge them just state our opinions and hope they last will be whats right. It would be nice if everyone in the world came out to there favorable preference of sexual activity or stayed in that circle of favorable preference of sexual activity (Gays,Bi`s,Swingers,Drags and so on). Wrong or Right it will save people a lot from being harmed and caught up in something they had no intentions about. (MsFreda 1/2011)

  50. dapope9 January 8, 2011

    IM A FAN NOW!!

  51. harvey January 8, 2011

    yall call that an offical press release…

  52. jojo January 8, 2011

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lmfaoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also i personally dont belive men can be bisexual , they can only be gay because no women wants to date a man who is kissing on a man or bending over for a man(if ya knw what i mean) and when girls kiss girls nd freak round with girls its like a joke or just for fun or because they are drunk……… dont really care unless its an obsession or the woman is actually gay but no women wants to date a guy who is making out with men………….sorry omarion………..sir ur gay!

    and im not homophobic i live in midtown atlanta and im surrounding by gay people all the time,

  53. Jeremai January 8, 2011

    well omarion i’m omarius u can come on over here

  54. Oscar January 8, 2011

    “OMG!!! I knew it!! I aint mad though. Lol Who’s next?! My guess is Bow Wow”


  55. Oscar January 8, 2011

    So….if hes gay…did you guys have s** with him during your interview…???

  56. Tru Voice January 8, 2011

    Well, I would act shocked but I would be lying. Good for him for coming out as Bi-sexual. Now I’m sure there are many ithers who are not as proud and brave as him to do so. I won’t name the names but I’m sure there are some popular entertainers out right now that are bi-sexual. Kudos to him for being brave enough to do so. I mean at the end of the day that is HIS ife and HIS business.

  57. the kiddz January 8, 2011

    If this is real then YASSS! Omarion has cakes for days!

  58. KWON CAMPBELL January 8, 2011



  59. Nanci January 8, 2011

    Like we needed a press statement to know he’s slightly TRADE and ZESTY as hell! I don’t care if he said this or not I have been had alll the proof I need to know he aint straight

  60. Shouw January 8, 2011

    You don’t need an official statement for this !
    It’s his private life he say it anytime he want ! And I believe it’s truue lol

  61. Laurynce January 8, 2011

    Ma guy omarion am shocked. Please don’t bring God in this. God doesn’t encourage bisexualism.

  62. Bubbles January 8, 2011

    Oh please everyone and their mother knows Omarion is a b*** pirate. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! I knew that big juicy booty was being put to good use! Lol

  63. NICK January 8, 2011

    yes honey, HIS FINE SELF !!!!! I already knew it tho, can i back-up dance Omarion? 🙂 congrats dude, I am happy 2 hear people being happy with who they are & YES BISEXUALITY EXISTS!!!!! u can truly like both, I DO!

  64. LaShaundria January 8, 2011

    I believe Raz wrote this… I care nothing for what anybody has to say… Raz is an angry soul &Nd needs help… I wouldn’t be surprised if he did this… just to take spotlight off of him… newsflash Raz… I don’t believe you

  65. malik January 8, 2011

    god dammit.i aint see this coming.for a second there i thought he was gon say that he a str8 nikka

  66. KOA January 8, 2011


  67. lil_doy January 8, 2011

    Now u can finally be free and happy O! I’m proud of u

  68. CURLY SUE January 8, 2011


  69. funny people January 8, 2011

    Chris brown is next just watch and see..

  70. BREEZYTHEBEST January 8, 2011

    Somewhere Raz B is laughing his ass off.

  71. Mr. T January 8, 2011

    Yall ppl cant be this dumb…. Im not sayin he’s not bi or whatever, but as popular as twitter is, he would have def made a statement like this via his twitter account. Or went to TMZ.

    And this s*** isn’t even grammatical….yall dont be so quick to believe what u read on the net. I’ll wait for the official statement.

    @JAVIER ….exactly

  72. Straight January 8, 2011

    Omarion, dude WTF man WTF WTF WTF

  73. PuppysMusic January 8, 2011

    its fake. true story here ttp://

  74. Zin-Zeta January 8, 2011

    Gotta come out SOMEtime. F*ck it. It’s not the end of the world.

  75. Obi Texas January 8, 2011

    Until Omarion says this himself, I don’t believe this.

    Even if he is, he don’t gotta tell the world if he don’t want to…

    He is talented. Who the F cares?!…..

  76. Viki January 8, 2011

    Trent what are you talking about, your ass should be in B2Booty heaven

  77. Viki January 8, 2011

    Pass the Vaseline

  78. pluRhype January 8, 2011

    Uhm he definitely JUST released the statement on 99.1 JAMZ in South Florida, so the source is directly from his mouth.

  79. Check Em’ January 8, 2011

    @ Laurynce

    There are a lot of ways of the world or people of this world that God would not encourage and every single person including you are GUILTY of this. You sound like one of those hypocrites who swear by the book some are going to hell because their sin is GREATER than yours…get a clue really quick because you’re no better than a lesbian, gay, or bisexual.

  80. G January 8, 2011

    ____________________________________________ time of death 5:32pm

  81. Kevin January 8, 2011

    you idiots there is afuckig hyperlink that states the source. fuckingmorons

  82. pusha January 8, 2011


  83. kevin January 8, 2011

    LOL. Now…let’s see if Chris Brown will continue to hang with his boy, or dump him for the sake of his image.

  84. Sheesh_Beystan_btw January 8, 2011

    Im not shcoked at all…..but i won’t believe it until i hear him say it himself.

  85. RONALDMATTERS.COM January 8, 2011

    I’m so speechless right now!!

    *shares on facebook*

  86. Jade January 8, 2011

    THIS IS FAKE!!! Omarion was dropped from sony a year ago. So, Sony couldnt of released this press release. That Grape Juice, please check your souces more carefully. Im not an Omarion fan, but factual information would be nice. Your almost turning into the british version of Mediatakeout. Please dont!!

  87. Alexandria January 8, 2011

    Omg. I feel betrayed.

  88. Songbird09 January 8, 2011

    Not saying that him being bisexual is unbelievable, but this just dnt seem right…hhhhmmmm

  89. RockymountNCBOI January 9, 2011

    damn he need 2 c** c me.. ill show his ass sum lol

  90. Katie January 9, 2011

    JoJo, u obviously havent met a lot of girls. u are right usually insecure girls are afraid of bisexual guys. but hot girls like me love bi guys. they are hot. smell better and are freaky in bed. but girl its ok. dont u touch a s*** man like him leave him for us hot girls.;)

  91. mike January 9, 2011

    are u a gay man in the closet? u sound bitter and jealous ! u live once n****. live it up. I have mad respect for Omarion now.

  92. KaVion January 9, 2011

    My biggest problem with Raz B is that he only thinks of his self when it comes the s*** hes pulled lately.
    If what he says IS true then that means that Marques,Omarion & other members of b2k/immature were abused to, so WHY would he be as selfish as to put them all out there like that? Go so in DETAIL w/ what happened to the WORLD, they could be sensitive about the situation and hes puttin them all out there
    Then hes malicious to chris but when he bites back plays victim like he was the only one hurt.

    Now Omarion feels like he gotta tell the world he bi just so that people will stop stop spreading rumors..and Chris will probably have to do something like go to a gay pride just to get people to stop calling him a homophobe..
    Shits stupid, and Raz needs to stop pullin other people down just cus hes hurting doesnt mean the WORLD has to to..

    P.S did rihanna ever respond to him?? hahahaha

  93. Truthfully January 9, 2011

    Omarion himself just tweeted that this is not real….check his twitter if you dnt believe it….i bet razb had something to do wit this….

  94. Jennifer January 9, 2011

    he is so hot. I have such a crush on him.

  95. teamalja January 9, 2011

    even if it wasn’t true you amess for posting this o miss grapjuice girl

  96. shishi January 9, 2011

    he is ugly anyways.

  97. disha January 9, 2011

    lol, This is funny!!! Idk what’s going on.

  98. Rusty January 9, 2011

    This is already outdated. He just denied the post on his Twitter account.

  99. WHITEJESUS January 9, 2011

    he gives a shitty blog an interview and this is how it turns out.

  100. S*** January 9, 2011

    LOL, RAZ B…

    OBVIOUSLY did it & It was HIM that started that Chris Brown Twitter Beef.

    “I am not at all what certain ex-band members are trying to paint me as, I am however a respectable, mature, proud, bisexual man.”


    I think O or Marques (IDK which one) was right when they said Raz B has a Mental Problem.

  101. CPD January 9, 2011

    Ok. Now that we apparently got that mess out the way, when you going to get back to business and drop some CD’s?

  102. Truthfully January 9, 2011

    I think this blog should remove this post….he gave them an interview and all they do is post nasty false info….its not a question anymore he has said he aint bi….so why keep this lie on the site. A shame as the owners are gay they shud understand….

  103. Omarion! January 9, 2011

    hi guys it’s me OMARION! It’s not true… But go buy one of my previous Lp’s PLEASE!

  104. KWON CAMPBELL January 9, 2011


  105. Keith Williams January 9, 2011

    I really don’t get all the fuss tbh. If he’s bi or it doesn’t matter. He’s a gifted artist! And all this bs about there not being such a thing like being bisexual. I’m sorry to say it like this but STFU! Don’t talk about stuff you don’t know anything about. Nobody decides to be gay/bi or straight. People are born with a sexual preference. And when you fall in love you don’t fall in love with a vag or a d***. You fall in love with a person. So it doesn’t matter. This being so shocking just shows how stupid some people are. Being gay is just as “normal” as being straight so there isn’t anything shocking. So cut out the homophobic s*** you’re just making yourself look like an idiot. What is the whole gay issue in America and the black community about anyway? People Are people!

  106. S*** January 9, 2011

    But speaking on HOMOSEXUALITY in GENERAL @ Any ignorant Homophobes out there (like the Game).

    I’m gonna need for Str8 PPL to STOP thinking they even have an opinion, You Dont!!

    In Beyonces’s words: “Yall Dont do enough to even have an opinion”.

    & You DONT have to like. Nobody is looking for your acceptance nor do we care about your opinion or what the Bible says (well atleast I dont).

    The point is, We DONT NEED PPL’s Validation or Approval & I REFUSE to give ANYONE that much power over my life, I don’t even feel the need to tell anyone, Why do I need to tell you for?. PPL can take their DELUSIONAL opinions & mail that s*** to SAN FRANSISCO. LMAO

    Homosexuality has been going on since the RENAISSANCE PERIOD in B.C & Its NOT gonna stop so you can either get over it or fall off a cliff, doesnt make me any difference. 🙂

  107. stanhz January 9, 2011

    So….? Everyone knows most people are bisexual. Its the new straight.

  108. PLAIN & SIMPLE January 9, 2011

    Trent, Sam could you please remove that post or should someone contact the GMHC because what happened to that young man that jump in the river the Public/Gay Alliance/GHMC are not having GAY cyber bulling.

  109. dj January 9, 2011

    i mean omg like this is a shock its not everyone thought he was gay and the rest of the band mates too so its not a shocker leave him alone and let him live his life and do him damnits not like he has a deaease or somethin

  110. We living in the last days January 9, 2011

    Yall need to start trusting in Jesus PPl…… and stop idolizing these Celbs like it’s nothing. Don’t get mad at the press nor this Raz b dude… It’s Jesus himself who exposing these ppl Omarion, Bow Wow, Trey, Soulja Boy and others…… It’s time to put down that ipod for a second and start pick up yall bibles

  111. MsBreezy January 9, 2011

    i dont believe it..those booty ass niggs Razb and his lame ass brother been beggin for attention and Omarion dont put his business out there like that so i strongly believe this was made up by those homothugs razb and his bro…follow me @msbreezy55

  112. Snakjak McJojo January 9, 2011

    i remember seeing him on SNL a few years back. He seemed very gay even back then.

  113. alanaxxxooo comngetme January 9, 2011

    omg i caint believe dat i luved his songz wwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww

  114. bianca January 9, 2011

    I honestly couldn’t care less
    Omarion is a very cute guy and if that’s what he perfers to be then let him be that I’m in shock but that’s “Life” I still respect him for his work and being honest to his fans!!

  115. Star January 9, 2011

    Sh.. Omarion is bisexual

  116. Star January 9, 2011

    S*** Omarion is Bisexual

  117. MzPumkiin January 10, 2011

    There is something very wrong with being gay and/or bi-sexual simply because it is very wrong in the eyes of God many homosexual or lesbian people say they praise God or worship him but how could you when you know that the lifestyle that you are living is wrong to him. How can Omarion say he is a God fearing man but he is bi-sexual… That just doesn’t look right or sound right you can’t live a lifestyle that way and expect to be pure in the eyes of the Lord… I know some of you might not agree with me cause you think that it doesn’t matter and people should live they life how they want. you may even be mad at me and want to curse me out but I am a Christian I go to church and read the bible and that lifestyle is not pure to God. I don’t discriminate against anybody we are all Gods children but what’s wrong is wrong whether you believe it or not. I’m not judging, I’m just sayin

  118. InTheBusiness January 10, 2011


    GIRL SHUT THE HELL UP! You should go to HELL for making that comment. I am so tired of you CONFORMING ass CONTRADICTING Christians talking ABOUT everyone is going to HELL. Church AND Religion shouldn’t discriminate. Girl, if you feel so strongly about it THEN do me a favor AND rewind time AND live back in the Early 1900s or something. It’s 2011 sweety, GET OVER IT! Tnx. 🙂

  119. ginaparet January 11, 2011

    Omarion gay. Hell No! don’t see it and I don’t want to see it. My baby is all man. Ther’s no h** in him

  120. Daisy Duke January 11, 2011

    Omg..Wat female did him wrong?

  121. Justine January 15, 2011

    am not surprised though, am thinking Bow Wow is too. if he is, I’ll certainly DO HIM
    about John Legend and Kanye West? please help a brother

  122. cherrylisszz January 18, 2011

    nooooooooooooooooooo….i was gonna marry his ass now his ass _—____——

  123. rosette February 7, 2011

    dont believe this not one bit, someone else wrote this crap, people surely do not have lives of their own and live to mess up others ugh

  124. tatiana February 8, 2011

    if this is true, i think it’s absolutely great that he is being open about who he really is.
    for all those people with the negative comments about bisexuality: you suck as human beings. period.
    there’s nothing wrong with a man or a woman being gay or bisexual. and bisexuality (and pansexuality) does f****** exist!
    and being a bisexual man doesn’t make someone “less of a man” either. one can be just as masculine, or more, as a heterosexual male. not that being a “man” matters much anyways as it’s just a bunch of societal actions and characteristics biological males are told to fit into.

    all you heterosexual females that commented about him being your soulmate or whatever: nothing changed, he likes women because he’s BIsexual!

  125. Mzokoloko February 10, 2011

    Now whu gng 2 f*** me in ma dreams if he’s bi?

  126. amanda February 12, 2011

    i just want to say did any one see hes twitter page i mean come tryin to hard we all no your gay

  127. s*** shawty March 1, 2011

    now yall knw it aint no way in hell dat dat s*** ass man is bisexual!!

  128. pooh234 March 4, 2011

    omg! I didn’t know all of this when did this happen

  129. wifeyfresh2 March 9, 2011

    datr’s just straight up nasty!! and i used 2 love u by da way!!! {omarion}!! he betta not be gay cuz if he is … wat is our world comeing too ? ):

  130. Miss Nani March 11, 2011

    WOOOOOO, if dat is true maybe i’ll say dammmm Cuz, it’s very heart breaking to know that the one and only Omarion is Bisexually. Lets just hope that the Man ane’t gay….. I think that is a problem If you got words let be know but Jada has a felling that You’s ane’t Gay.

  131. Justsomefan March 22, 2011

    Even if he bisexual….I STILL LOVE HIM And RESPECT HIM
    I am bisexual and i love to see man to man love or girl to girl love……
    Peace…….just in case i am a girl

  132. TRISHA March 26, 2011

    Be U…..people love. 2 blast others! I still love u

  133. Versean Fonseca March 28, 2011

    r u 4real wow lol this is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  134. marco allegrini March 28, 2011

    you know what….whatever… I am not the one that going to judge the sexual orientation….i just fell disgusted by you because YOU LIE TO YOUR-SELF, TO YOUR FAN AND also TO be fake and ACCUSE your EX FRIEND RAZ B….This is N O T a soulful artist…
    Sorry O shame of you…

  135. Franceska April 4, 2011

    i dont carebecauseim bi too

  136. dylethat April 6, 2011


  137. sophia April 8, 2011

    who is the source and where is the footage of him stating this???

  138. HOLD ME PLS April 11, 2011

    Omari…noooooooo…not you too~ why the good looking and talented ones has to be gay? why hollywood is playing with us that way? why?why?why? This should become a Law issue, The Government should make us all print out weither your Gay or Straight on our I.Ds because i’m sick and tired of having to get rid of my feelings about someone just because of their sexual preferences. P.S Omari? If i were you, i would pick a side. cause Bi sexual is the worst of all sexual preferences.its the most scary one. Stop putting our lives in danger! My I.D says am ” Staight ” whats yours????? o_0

  139. Poockie April 15, 2011

    lol okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

  140. Poockie April 15, 2011

    lol okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

  141. chris April 22, 2011

    man u screwd me buh nomata wat,im still a huge fan!…..
    NOTE-i ain’t gay..

  142. Lakita Wofford-Bates April 24, 2011

    is this article a joke omarion can not be bisexual i mean im bisexual buts different for women to be bisexual than a man to be bisexual

  143. Vinslee April 26, 2011

    Omario is honest.its not bisexual is homosexual ism. The world has changed completely,it is happening all over the world,”How could a guy says he loves u”.its disgusting.Omario Please free urself from this act,its sinful it will bring you to distruction.U are Handsome and Fabulous for this rubbish and hav a bright future.HAVE A PURPOSE THAT DRIVES UR LIFE.Ask God for forgiveness he will heal u from this sins.
    Its not easy at all,but u have to try.I believe in u.Dont give up dude.

  144. chad smith April 28, 2011

    Omgggg i cant belive this im a gay 13 year old boy…yaaaaaaaaayyyyy…i wouldnt even belive thiss s***

  145. samantha April 29, 2011

    i dnt belive this i think a hatter wrote this yall need t2 get off that men d***

  146. kiesha rodriguez May 2, 2011

    hell yea..yall needa gtf off his d*** like real t. i thnk its a lie but if he gay thn so tf what..

  147. Mark May 10, 2011

    Wow!!! What a scandal? One thing, if you all was white then it will be the biggest story in news history! The worst scandal and all in measurement in the black aptitude! Also that you are black it seems that the genocide effect has been succeeded, for, the white man has injected crime, drugs, and sexual exploitation into out society whereas it would be then that suffer the effects instead. Blacks have been fooled to take life for granted and has not even based themselves on a meaning of why we exist and certainly not for the money. Wealth is a sign of greed for we derive wealth from the natural resources of this earth and one mans advantage to hoard these resources in order to live at the opportunity and exploitation of our fellow man. Afterall look at history always something bad before something good happens. Omarion tell Deena I said hi. I remember you at the house those days.

  148. Yeah! May 22, 2011

    If this is true, I wanna work with Chris Stokes! MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

  149. 123haha June 12, 2011

    excuse da name but this ish aint funny sumbody lieing y people gota lie all tha tyme i dont believe dis bull!!!!!!!!! wtf?

  150. alley June 20, 2011

    I still love you baby even if you is biesexuall _biggest fan HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  151. Kellesy bridgytte July 4, 2011

    ..oooohh my GOD…pliz cam n hv mercy.I simply cnt blv that 1 of my fvrt male musicians is gay…/i smply dspntd,vry dspntd…ughhh:

  152. Denise July 16, 2011

    Wow your like the sexiest man on earth why would you want to do that if this is true

  153. Denise July 16, 2011

    No one needs to believe this crap….you should’nt fall any deeper in that…it yall come to judgement one day…if this is true don’t expect anyone to listen to your music but gays… All i got to say is god bless you and will always love you thats what. I have to do to make it to heaven. Not just because i love your music

  154. Tangie July 16, 2011

    Wow Is all i can say…who wuda thought. that down low thang is so dangerous. It soes not surprise me in the time we live in. Raz B may not be crazy at all!

  155. lynnbaby July 25, 2011

    what the f***???!!

  156. jasmine July 28, 2011

    Okay… I don’t kno what to believe!!! But damn omarion really??!!??

  157. Scherri Renee August 4, 2011

    What this is can not be true…. OMG… It always the fine one’s

  158. toshae August 9, 2011


  159. [email protected] August 12, 2011

    i dont believe this s*** my man is not gay this s*** fake is hell f*** that s*** i love iomarion thats my hubby he married 22 this wife so he not gay or bisexuall quite it who ever

  160. Dorothy Rawls August 22, 2011

    what tha f*** man all u had to do wuz c** 2 houston i would of gave u some p****

  161. Shanice September 8, 2011

    B******* :”( he cant do dis 2 me man !!!!!!! but ill styll love him an is music bisexual or not

  162. Black September 12, 2011

    Damn O u gay

  163. Edwin September 29, 2011

    Omari, u shld’nt be

  164. Jasmine October 9, 2011

    Dud3 hes not bi Haha If he is ima cry D:

  165. Re Re baby October 17, 2011

    this cant be true omarion baby boy this is not you and who ever told you to say those words tell them to go shuv their head where the sun dont shine …this is all a big lie and i refuse to believe it … the media is currupted first trey songz now omarion kmt they need to stop this crap because people are actually getting hust because of this ….. this type of publicity stunt aint getting you no where because you lose alot of fans and money ….

    i think you should pray and ask God to fogive you for that sin
    and ask him to help you out of the situation asap this is not you and its not who you shud look to become and the fact that the source said “that you was gay” it doesnt mean dat you still are….

  166. william October 28, 2011

    am omarion fan but i hate to hear that,f*** his sayn,willis from kenya

  167. jordan November 4, 2011

    no i dont belive this even for a second people need to quit hat’n on him and just admitt their jelious

  168. leslie November 6, 2011

    i hope your not gay your too cute for that. good bless ; ( ill cry if you are

  169. jerri lee November 12, 2011

    Omarion is not gay nor bi. He even said this isnt true on his twitter and numerous radio stations. His twitter is @1Omarion go check it out. Just because some1 sings or dances means they’re gay? Why do mainly all black ppl call black celebs gay? Is it out of jealousy or hate. Raz b brother wrote this fake ass press release. Raaz b was rapped because his mama sold him for drugs and chris stokes took him in as a child and raised him. After b2k was over chris stokes still financially supported raz. After chris cut him off raz got mad and he and his brother made these allegations in hopes of getting publicity and money. I feel so sorry for chris who is also raz blood cousin. God knows chris is innocent. It must be hard to live when the world sees you as a child m*******.

  170. KIM JONES November 19, 2011


  171. marsha lorine January 4, 2012

    wow i never knew that but im not going to be the judge of that if hes happy the way he is then i guess thats wats important to him but wow i never thought of him being bisxual

  172. elizabeth February 13, 2012

    hell no my man is not gay or bi he is a s*** as man my man and if u all ready knew then dont say s*** shut the hell up and let me tell you dis if he is that is not your biusness
    so shut the hell up and let the s*** go and he is marryed to me he the one and only omarion is so f****** good he f***** me one time and i was pregnet and we had 2 kid at the same time twins boo and hons just so u no u dont no s*** and get off that man d*** it is me and him forever and dont get back on cuz u only wish u was half as his s*** ass is if i was gay he is so f****** good i bet he would have me not gay any more 1 million dollars and thats all i got to so so get off my s*** fine not gay or bi but fine and sweet as candy mans d*** and suck one while u at it and stay off his d*** if u think he is gay or bi he my man so back the hell off

  173. ChrisSwag March 7, 2012

    I think he fully gay and data y I ain’t his FAN no more!!!! ’cause he a FAGOT!!!

  174. Jesse Rules April 15, 2012

    You’re either GAY or STRAIGHT. Bi-Sexual is a word that disgusting freaks made up to sleep with anyone. Genes are either Homosexual or Heterosexual. Omarion is GAY!

  175. Jesse Rules April 15, 2012


  176. Z May 25, 2012

    that’s Raz B that said that not Omarion. Thats hear say.

  177. juan June 12, 2012

    Well, if it’s true all I can say is at least he had enough courage to let everyone know about his sexuality. Personally, I think if you’re if messing aroung with other men you should stay gay and stop messing with women period. What people need to understand that most of these celebrities have been with so many women but feel that they want to try something different and turn to men. s*** nasty!

  178. BB September 3, 2012

    As the song says:
    “I’m so fresh you can suck my nuts n****!”

  179. jane November 21, 2012

    he’s not gay i won’t believe it even for a second

  180. Kendra January 5, 2013

    Even if he is…so what?! Y’all act like he’s your man or something. If you ain’t f*ckin’ him then why do you care so much. And the sheer ignorance of some of these comments makes me wanna scream. What’s scary is that the ignorance is most likely coming from young people. The point of the up & coming generation is to EVOLVE, not stay closed minded & stupid. Learn your history and you’ll see that you’re treating gay people the same way white people treated black people years ago. People STILL look down on black people, and you have the audacity to treat someone like that. People don’t choose to be gay or bi….and if you educate yourselves, you’ll find that homosexuality exists in 1500 species. Fact. Yes, nature rules. Oh, and please stop using the Bible as an excuse for your hatred & stupidity and start using your head to think for yourself for once.

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