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Published: Friday 22nd Jul 2011 by TGJ

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After a tumultuous two years, R&B star Chris Brown has staged what many billing as a comeback of biblical proportions.

Indeed, the year following the ‘incident’ saw the promising talent cast as the new Bobby Brown of music. Fast forward to today, and the 22 year old appears to have picked up right where he left off – at the top of the charts. This year’s ‘F.A.M.E’ has spurned numerous hits including ‘Look At Me Now’ and ‘Yeah 3x’, and the LP itself is riding on to Platinum status.

Despite this, a sect of folk remain pessimistic about Brown and the legitimacy of his ‘comeback’. A stance not helped by his headline-grabbing antics.

So, to hear what the masses really think, we hit the streets of Hollywood to get The Word on Chris Brown!

Your thoughts?

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  1. REALTALK 101 July 22, 2011

    Miss 08 is so right. CB needs to stay off twitter and he needs a stronger team around him because his stardom lacks intrigue and mystery. It’s almost predictable in a negative way. People are full of sh!t with the RiRi thing because she played a major role in what happened that night. Oprah, Tyra, etc. need to be promoting that nobody should hit nobody because too many women think they can do and dare and thats not a good look. So ladies please dont hit that man then we can truly say a man should never hit a woman. 🙂 CB can never be the next MJ but he is the most talented male on the scene today no doubt.

    • Hold my hat July 22, 2011

      Interesting, I can see what you are saying but let me interject:

      1st, CB doesn’t need to be the next MJ! He’s Chris Brown that’s enough! I have loved MJ from the start and was one of the real ppl who stuck by him when the world/all media turned against him as they are now doing CB. I find it sad that the same game played on MJ is now being played on this kid!

      2nd, Twitter & the other social networks are the only mediums he has had for the last 2 years to self-promote. But not for those outlets there would be no Chris Brown which is what those that control the media (Disney, News Corp (Rupert Murdoch), TimeWarner, NBC/GE, Viacom etc) intended! Just look at this most recent ATTACK on CB by Fox News Corp (star mag, o’reily factor, TMZ, E!). Star Mag lied about CB using homophobic slurs during a basketball game that WAS NEVER PLAYED! On the O’Riely Factor Laura Ingram viciously ATTACKED CB because she saw his fans camping out for 2 days to watch him perform on the Today Show. TMZ posted lies about CB parking in handicapped parking space at his condo. In reality he painted those signs that resemble HANDICAPPED SIGNS if you look at them you can see they are not the real thing. E! couldn’t just congratulate CB on bringing 20,000 plus ppl out to watch him perform, they had to bring up Rihanna as*! I appreciate what you are saying but we hav to consider the whole picture. Its sad he just can’t be an artists like thay allow Eminem, Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen to be regardless of the many women they have beaten!

  2. KingBreezy July 22, 2011

    @REALTALK 101 truth

  3. I like July 22, 2011

    I agree with what miss 08 said aswell…..chris is talented but in ten years if he carries on the way he is going I don’t see him doing anything…..he deffo needs to stay off twitter and grow up I guess….

    Lmaoo at when the person said in ten years chris will be on tmz and trying to make a comeback again.

    I love his music but some things need to change maybe with his team or people around him. Oh just him,

  4. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 22, 2011

    @TGJ It’s great that you got so many opinions and asked a lot of different people.Keep it up!

  5. Dani July 22, 2011

    Chris will still be here in ten years! He is the BEST MALE ARTIST in the game! IDC

  6. King Makers July 22, 2011

    Its good that Grape Juice did a survey with real people out of this constant media paintings that we usually get.

    Athough the white lady is illiterate about the use of “woman beater” => meaning someone that beats women which chris clearly doesn’t.

    All in all, it was a good survey except for that gay ignorant asian dude who refused to talk about Chris for dumb reasons

    Chris Brown can’t stay off twitter cos were it not for twitter, his career would be over cos JIVE did nothing to protect him or promote him

    a lot of the success he has had since last year has been self promoted. so he can’t lay off twitter cos thats how he connects with his devoted fans.

    He also use Twitter to tackle the media conspiracy, blackmail (FAUX NEWS) and bogus accusation like this latest one by TMZ and the rest of the cult.

    He is a baby in a battle field surrounded by enemies and i’d say he is doing damn well. They tried to snub him but he forced their hands to recognize him and his talents thats why they haven’t been able to omit him from this award nods.

    The Rihanna story has been played out by ever ignorant hypocrite in the world and now, people are fed up & waiting for the media to catch up.

    i sincerely wish him continue return to the thrown that MJ left behind as the best entertainer alive.

  7. Joseph McCoy July 22, 2011

    The video was way too dragged out!
    We get it. Some people are for him, some against.
    This was really predictable. You should’ve asked different questions…

  8. kody3x July 22, 2011

    chris brown in 10 years a f****** legend

  9. Robire July 22, 2011

    Wow amazing how many people support him and recognize his talent and agree about what he needs to do. CHRIS ARE U LOOKING AND LISTENING??????

    Yeah lady with 09 t-shirt was on it…. ON IT !!!


  10. Robire July 22, 2011

    08 t shirt I meant

  11. Me July 22, 2011

    He can’t lay off twitter. If there was no twitter, he probably wouldnt have been able to get his career back. When the world was blocking him and lying on him, he was able to connect directly with his fans..who brought him back single-handedly. They worked their asses of supporting him to get him back on top. So why would he disappear on them now? As it is, if he doesnt tweet for a day or 2, they start complaining that he is not tweeting. Unlike most other people on Twitter, he has the MOST IMPORTANT REASON of all to be on there…his livelihood and 1st love (music) you know?

  12. Hold my hat July 22, 2011

    HOLD ON @SAM & @TGJ,


    FOX NEWS CORP, a product of NEWS CORP you know the news org owned by RUPERT MURDOCH! YOU KNOW, the guy at the center of the UK offical & police bribing scandale, phone hacking scam etc. The fact that they and I mean they… THE ENTIRE FOX NEWS ORG (TMZ, Star Mag, Fox News, E!, NY Post) is out to get him is more a subject you so called “urban blogs” should be covering. Where is the ARTICLE ON THAT?

    F*ck the RACIST WHITE B*TCH THAT CALLED HIM A “woman beater”. Flat lip pale ugly ghost face wh*re, a beater is a person who repeates a behavior. Chris and that s*** Rihanna had 1 fight! I HATE STUPID PPL!

    And then the black b*tch in the aka tee shirt….kill yourself! He responds to critics on twitter. Why is it okay for other to attack him but a problem when he repsonds? B**** BYE!…..BRITNEY SPEARS….OH HELL NO SOMEBODY HOLD MY HAT!

    And then there is “TINKER BELL”…….B*TCH…LMAO…SEAT YOUR $%^&* AS* ALL THE WAY DOWN…lol 🙂

  13. Hold my hat July 22, 2011

    Also, 20, 000 plus people, some campinng out for two days, braved the NY City heat to gather together to watch Chris Brown perform 4 songs! This is on record as being the largest single morning show performance crowd in the history of not only the Today Show but GMA & CBS’s morning show concert series! Why the F*CK wasn’t that the topic of discussion?

    I don’t give a damn what FOX NEWS CORP or any idiots that believe the racist lies they constantly spew about Chris Brown! He does not own the mediA/Fox News Corp and has NO CONTROL OVER THE LIES, SCHEMES & PLOTS AGAINST HIM! tHEN THAT BLACK B*TCH has the nerve to say he should stay off of twitter. What other recorse has he to tell the truth when they lie about him? BLACK PPL STOP BEING SO STUPID!

  14. GiftedSince92 July 23, 2011

    Chris has come a long way and he will continue to do well. However, the main thing is he has to remain humble and bite his tongue at times. Not saying he doesn’t deserve to speak up for himself but the media twists and turns s*** around. He just gotta fight back with ignoring them. They are still belittling him about the indicent there are other things to talk about that is way important than what he and rihanna had involved. The people were sincere and sympathectic. Well the ones who were and the haters…. well what can you say about haters. *shrugs* The black girl was over dramatic and she was doing too much. He has to use Twitter as a resource to connect with his fans. So saying he needs to get off it is unethical because that’s how he can communicate with his fans. It’s how he says things on it in a peaceful and humble way. He can express how he feels but do it in a sincere and humble manner. Because people and the media are going to continue to talk negative. And he has no control over it obviously so he must remain humble so he can defeat the purpose. Personally, people are moving on and the ones who continue to sit and talk about what happened 2 years ago can kiss his ass because he doesn’t owe anyone any apology. He made his time and he has perservered through all triumph and success. I strongly disagree that F.A.M.E. marked a comeback in his career. He just made a huge terrible mistake. He is a good person he just needs to continue staying true to himself and let his music do the talking. In life that’s what it takes to overcome b******* and negativity. Peopl can say whatever but it’s you who can change and make things better. I love Chris and I wish him to continue shutting haters and naysayers up. There’s too nuch hatred in society.

  15. CP July 23, 2011

    i agree with 08 aka all the way…she said exactly how i was feeling about cb

  16. shell517nj July 23, 2011

    okay chris thinks he is just like everyone else who makes mistakes when they are young and learns from them. its a part of life. He is being targeted because he’s newsworthy. he just needs to keep his eye on the prize

    I truly wish him the best and blessings.

  17. KingBreezy July 23, 2011

    king breezy

  18. nice_gurl July 24, 2011

    He is very talented, but he just needs to ignore all the people that are against him. He was only 19 when he hit Rihanna and young people do make mistakes. We should be able to forgive him and hopefully he’s learnt his lesson.

  19. SDW July 24, 2011

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing at the very beginning of the video?

  20. VLB July 24, 2011

    The lady with the white and green 08 shirt on was sooooo spot on!

  21. avicutez July 26, 2011

    “Chris Brown has staged what many billing as a comeback of biblical proportions.”

    Y’all are dumb overdramatic f****. Biblical? F*** off.

  22. BEN July 26, 2011

    What Chris simply needs is a publicist and not a social network, that is what rich people spend 1/5 of their money on to stay safe.

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