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Published: Saturday 14th Jan 2012 by TGJ

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The arrival of Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s bundle of joy, Blue Ivy, has dominated headlines since the singer gave birth exactly a week ago.

However, along with the hoopla that comes with celebrity baby births, has been much debate about just what the ‘Single Ladies’ singer should do next.

Naturally, the assumption is that a career hiatus is imminent. Yet, the 30 year old boasts a work-ethic like no other – making an “elongated break” unlikely. What’s more, her last album ‘4’ has – for all its Platinum selling success – not performed as well as previous efforts. Ultimately leaving the star with something to prove – commercially.

Hit ‘PLAY’ to watch us probe ‘What Should Beyonce Do Next’ and be sure to let us know what YOU think!

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  1. truediva January 14, 2012

    Beyonce work hard throughout her pregnancy and now that her daughter is here she should take a break to bond with her child. Being a celebrity it may be hard because of all the demands that are placed in front of her, but she should take a very needed break because carrying/having a child isn’t easy and now it’s time to bond with daughter Blue Ivy. Personally I think she will go back to work when it’s time to film her movie “ASIB” and then she will promote that movie/soundtrack. Yes Beyonce was in the studio doing music but it was for the soundtrack of the movie. As far as her doing a tour we won’t see that to soon and rightfully so I wouldn’t blame her, her child is still very young and her body is still healing from giving birth.

  2. the one and only miss perrylicious January 14, 2012

    Beyonce should retire.

  3. truediva January 14, 2012

    You know Patrick I don’t think Beyonce should just get back to work so soon to make a point that she’s #1 female in the industry, that’s already a fact. And just to pass her child onto a nanny for it to be raise I don’t think neither her or Jay will be those kind of parents. I know her child will havae a nanny but not just for her to get right back in full force to working.

  4. truediva January 14, 2012

    I believe her nanny will be her grandma Tina so in her getting back to work it won’t be hard for the parents.

  5. aROB January 14, 2012

    Bey did say, that they make them babies and then get back to business. haha But as one of her fans, I’d like another year off, just take it easy do a couple interviews, promo the new movie and make some appearances.

  6. Arielle January 14, 2012

    Beyonce should do what bey wants. point blank. Im not in her shoes, and considering the sacrifices made to reach the status she has now, and the fact that as a celebrity she has the means to do as she wishes, i just say woman, do U! Whatever it is, we lov U.

  7. Matthew Charlery-Smith January 14, 2012

    She should release End of Time with a cameo from Blue Ivy in it, the lyrics can be applied to her daughter esp the chorus. Release I Care and maybe start over as a promotional single. These songs are anthems. Let those 3 songs ride out until the end of the Year as it’s enough (Adele only released 3 singles last year, 1 for radio) and then start promoting A Star is Born so she can round up the year. If she releases a new album I’ll be convinced she’s more about being on top rather than artistic credibility.

  8. Janice January 14, 2012


  9. mickey January 14, 2012

    bey i agree take a couple of months off and than go back out there and do your thing thats right show these singer that you are the no.1 diva out there and i know when you make another cd its gonna pop the charts it ant noone out there better than you bey and blue ivy and are gonna raise the roof in the future i strongly believe that bey they aint got nothin on you i just cant wait until you come back out and show these people you still got you aint lost nothin love you

  10. T January 14, 2012

    I think she will do her new movie in the spring, she can take her baby with her on set like any other mom. if she wants to. i dont see a tour happening this year. maybe some performances on award shows, if she chooses to promote 4 any further. but for the most part beyonce been chillin since October. 95 percent of what she did videos,interviews, TV specials were prerecorded. I think thats why people didnt believe she was pregnant cause while she is on break she is still every where. and if she wants to hit the Grammys in 4 weeks to sing a 4 min ballad (i was here) (I care) (start over) and go back home a chill, i don’t see a problem with that. other celebs have had to do alot more after giving birth. Such as Tia who went right to the set of the game weeks after giving birth. or Jennifer Hudson who shot a movie and started a new album, and signed a contract with weight watchers. Mariah took two and half months off and she was back to work. so im sure bey will be back at it soon.

  11. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! January 14, 2012

    This Patrick guy makes me sick! PLEASE STOP! I’m sick to my stomach!

  12. MusicBoykameron January 14, 2012

    I’m Sure Beyonce’s Break won’t be long. Just as Patrick stated. She’ll take a few months off, then past that baby to a nanny (Hopefully Tina Knowles) and get back to work.

    Why all the negativity towards Patrick..He’s doing his job…leave that man alone.

  13. JohnVidal January 14, 2012

    Again this post????? Beyonce will do whatever the hell she wants and you all don´t know better. It´s funny how everybody thinks what a star should do, specially when it all already happened and went wrong.
    Also Beyonce stans need to relax about the baby. They seem stalkers. She had a baby, it´s nothing you should be so excited about. I mean come on now, you are supposed to be trying to get bigger and bigger, a respectable site, stanning like a little kid is not cutting it

  14. Another Star ( Get Gone Basic Shits) January 14, 2012

    Beyonce is probably so happy and trust me shes going to bond with Baby Blue Ivy.Clint Eastwood really wanted her to play in this movie because he waited a whole year or so for her.Shes going to ither do a new cd for the movie or a lot of songs on the soundtrack to it.I think shes going to do more acting from now on.I wish her and her family the best.I put Glory on my ringtone.”Love It”. Anyway Beyonce if youre reading this your Heat Pulse and Pulse Smells Phenomenal.I bought me,my mom,grandmom and bestfriend some .Love It! Make some for Blue Ivy and A Baby Jewelry Line and kids bedroom decorations.Get Well,Get Your Rest and Hug her for the Beyhive.Chow

  15. SMH! January 14, 2012

    OMG. This Patrick guy is a f****** EMBARASSMENT. How can he watch this back? All his videos are horrendous, cheesy, mockable and pathetic. So sad.

  16. Anne January 15, 2012

    Her last album is not as commercial as the others but that was her choice. She recorded what she wanted this time because SHE HAS NOTHING LEFT TO PROVE. 4 still went double platinum worldwide with ease and is still selling. It’s all gravy for Bey regardless of the next move.

  17. Robyn January 15, 2012

    Love you Patrick!!!!

    I am so happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z. They both work so hard, give so much from the heart to their fans. They are smart, talented and constantly making history. I celebrate them and Blue Ivy!

  18. gaygaygay January 15, 2012

    She needs to sit her black a*** down…go away and never come back!

  19. aisha aguilera keys January 15, 2012

    Retirement is still an option. She HAS been there, done it all, right? And didn’t she say that album sales no longer mattered?

  20. 2enofner January 15, 2012


  21. Theman January 16, 2012

    This dude is a lown. Beyonce is one of the one that does er thing in this business. not the only however. Why would she get back in the studio just to show who she is. Thats basically like the dude Patrick admitting that she didn’t perform to her standards with her last effort. Get over it. Beyonce should relax and enjoy this. No point in rushing. Crazy stans like you are here lol.

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