Hot Shot: Jennifer Lopez Strikes A Pose For ‘Vogue’

Published: Monday 12th Mar 2012 by Sam

Diva Jennifer Lopez lives up to that billing in her stunning cover for Vogue magazine’s April issue.

The mother of two sports a regal red in the shot, which accompanies a candid interview. Indeed, the feature sees the 42 year old discuss divorcing Marc Anthony,  juggling her parental responsibilities with her job, and much more.

In other Ms. Lopez news, we hear she has a major announcement due this week; one perhaps pertaining to her her first ever tour? Keep it all the way locked on That Grape Juice for details!

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  1. kingphoenix9 March 12, 2012

    Did I read this right? First ever tour though? I guess…A few tips Jenny girl, please don’t bring anymore Fiats on stage while your performing and please (see: Live at Wembly, The Ultimate Performer, The Beyonce Live Experience, I am…Your: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas, I am…World Tour, and Live at Roseland: Elemnts and study as much as you can) on what to do and (see: Good Girl Gone Bad “Live”) on what not!

  2. Lax March 12, 2012

    Jennifer you keep doing you and looking great
    i am happy that one of my Fave’s are a friend
    of yours and you too are one of the people she
    look up to, go jennifer. You are representing
    very good for your people and so is my Fave,

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    Not this flop old latina
    She took all her Xfactor money to get this cover? poor JNO vocal

    go back to the bronx

  4. DC3 March 12, 2012

    @Katdelinafan …you are a prime example of those pathetic little children who roam the internet with nothing else to do but hate on people..JLO is PAID boo..and flop will never be in her vocabulary..i think you need to do your research b4 you open your mouth..

    go back to school little one

  5. MISHKA March 12, 2012

    She still got it!

  6. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    she is a flop careerist thief old latina with only talented being her ‘ass injections’

    Now what?

  7. Onyx March 12, 2012

    Looking great as always, @KAT DELUNA FAN girl her ass is natural go to see in living color SHE’S LATINA, you are in every J.Lo post hating on her without no reason or is because Kat Deluna is a flop since she debuted in the music scene.

  8. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    B**** talking about flop when Givin all your gimmicks is at #89 on the charts after a superbowl performance ?!

    Touchdown oldonna fan

  9. pan86 March 12, 2012

    She is STUNNING! I love her on Idol and her new song sounds sooooo HOT!

  10. Onyx March 12, 2012

    We talk when Kat became the best selling female musician of all times, she can flop over and over again and your girl would never be neither in Madge’s or J.lo’s Level, don’t you feel embarrassed trying to put Madonna and J.Lo down when Kat doesn’t have a career if i was in your place i will shut my mouth and walk away without make noise.

  11. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    ^Dumb f*** you’re known for supporting gimmicks and non talented singers.All the h*** you stan for arent on Kat deluna’s vocal level neither boo boo

    Now go download “Gimme all your youth” cause oldonna is not even on big sean leverl

  12. Onyx March 12, 2012

    You ignorance make me feel like a i’m God, guetto b****.

  13. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    Calling someone Ghetto b**** shows your true colors and roots …dumb hoodrat

    Let not talk about God when we know your tendencies for controversial,no values faves

  14. Onyx March 12, 2012

    I’m from New York so l know when someone is from guetto even when i read something from he/her, yes i love controversial but even Jesus has a gay kiss (Judas) once againg controversy, girl i try to like you coz i think the poor Kat deserve a better representation from her fans but you give her a bad image hating on other that are Kat favorites, she loves J.Lo and she has support Kat in the beggining of her career, see the movie “Feel the noise”.

  15. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    smh Let’s not,go back to the goat post …with the other deranged goats,you will truly feel like Einstein at a comics commitee

  16. Pop Royalty (Rude Boy) March 12, 2012

    now that’s a Perfect Cover.

    i see them basic Flops hating o the biggest latina ever.

    stay do what u do , it doesn’t change anything.

    @ONYX :

    hi. 🙂

    @KDF :

    don’t talk charts when your name contains ” kat deluna” in it.
    the nerve of YOU 😡 !!!!

  17. Onyx March 12, 2012

    whatever b**** can deal with your ignorance.

  18. Onyx March 12, 2012

    @Pop Royalty (Rude Boy)

  19. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    Wait,the Bipolar goat back

    Idiot wants some attention,do you want a rice cake?

  20. Onyx March 12, 2012

    Bite that cake, you can suck my d*** b****, do you mind if i take you from behind, don’t want to see your ugly face but since i will f*** everything with a hole, i f**** you.

  21. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    ^See who shows his ignorance sooner than later.l am not surprised to see you stan for the girls who f*** their way to the top …Dont talk about God anymore infront of me.

  22. Onyx March 12, 2012

    I believe in God not in people, Humans.

  23. Christobal March 12, 2012

    She looks STUNNING!!! WOW!!!!

    And KAT DELUNA FAN, J.Lo is the highest paid Latina actress, the first Latina to be on the cover of Vogue, she is the only person to have a number one film and number one album in the same week. She is a grammy nominated singer, dancer, Golden Globe nominated actress, producer, and designer. Her fragrance line alone is worth billions. On the Floor has the most views by a female artist ever on youtube and was one of the highest selling singles of 2011, a decade after when she first started out to name a few things….. What has Kat Deluna accomplished besides being born with an amazing voice like everyone else on The Voice, Xfactor, and American Idol (which JLo gets paid 20 million for)…. Nothing!

    PS her ass was always big since her “In Living Color” days and has actually gotten smaller throughout the years!

  24. DC3 March 12, 2012

    @Christobal ..hahaha u just shut @katdelunafan down UNDERGROUND..JLo would own her life and her fav’s life all at the same time

  25. KAT DELUNA FAN March 12, 2012

    B**** the JNO vocal money is short…that’s why she doing this tour and trying those new ventures.Her tour will flop but unless the goat,she wont be alone in the arena.Her 2 FAKE ASS will be in the building 😆

    JNO fans are hilarious,Red0 should save money to buy the concert tickets already

  26. Angel d March 12, 2012

    First off hey @onyx @ jesse lopez and all the jlo stans 🙂 how yall doing! The cover looks amazing red looks fab on her skin! @ kat deluna fan, ur sooo sad! I mean really? Kat cool, but ur fav likes jlo honey” so deal! Its kats own falt, her career is in the dumps! True fact! Follow the lead is comming soon, @kat deluna fan ur really gonna hate then boo boo bye, kissess 🙂

  27. jesselopez March 13, 2012

    @ANGEL D

    hey JLOVER!

    MAMI is working this cover on out! and kat delusional will deal…42 is not this s*** b****** age, she is ageless! and can’t wait for her big projects this year, she ain’t going no wheres!!

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