New Song: Azealia Banks- ‘Hood B*tch’

Published: Saturday 21st Apr 2012 by David

Get intimate with ‘Hood B*tch‘, the latest cut by Azealia Banks.

A cool mesh of 80s Pop and Maury Povich ‘ratchetness’, ‘B*tch’ is believed to feature on her ‘1991’ EP but may also find itself on’Broke With Expensive Taste’, her first studio album.

Listen below…

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  1. Katy+GaGa=Queens April 21, 2012

    Never heard of her, but I kinda like this

  2. Some B**** April 21, 2012

    This song is a hot mess

  3. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here…) April 21, 2012

    Her punch lines always go hard.

  4. James227 April 21, 2012

    She goes HARD!!!!!!!!!! Now this is what you call hardcore rap

  5. wayne April 21, 2012

    Hate saying this but our black sisters got the gift with words

  6. GG April 21, 2012

    Just love her! She is dope beyond belief and so ahead of her time but most black ppl cant ride with her cos she’s unconventional and a dark skinned chick. Now if she was light skinned or white they would be hailing her as the second coming!…SHAME

  7. therealest April 21, 2012

    WHEN is starships video coming out? no1 is gna give a sh*t when the video actually drops – just like Draks take care. no1 currr.

    I dont know why they delay the videos like this…is it supposed to up the ante? cos it dont.

    Sidebar; Heard Cheryls new song today. UHMAXING. Hope the vid is HOTTTT.

  8. KreayshawnStan April 21, 2012

    Why do all of her post become race related? I like the lyrics, just not the beat.

    No one cares

  9. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 21, 2012

    a rap icon in the making.

  10. jarel April 21, 2012

    Interesting cut. Im not in love with it like her other songs. Her wordplay is always on point though.

  11. kingphoenix April 21, 2012

    Come on rude rude boi, can u get up, come on rude rude boi can u get it up…take it , take it love me love me!

  12. Diva April 21, 2012

    Yeeeeeeesssss….. Azealia Banks!

  13. NIVEA April 21, 2012


  14. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012

    omg i love this girl!

  15. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012

    dead at someone with an Iggy avi calling it a hot mess. yeah that’s very objective, u dont need anybody else. this may sound random but i’d like for her to work with Ciara

  16. BEYRIHSTAN April 21, 2012

  17. PEANUTS April 21, 2012

    Is she good? Yes. But let’s be real, if this song get’s released on iTunes it will FLOP. Trust, me if she sticks to songs like these she will never have a top 10 single. She doesn’t have the look but she can rhyme. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

  18. Rory April 21, 2012

    Guys do some research

    She just rapped over Limes – gonna make love tonight

    Wasn’t mixed at all, not even rapping in time with the beat. I’m glad this song is being used cause the beat is infectious!! Too bad she f***** it

    This is the song used in the opening scene of glitter.

  19. GagaSlaysYaFav April 21, 2012

    Her voice is so bland & forgettable. It’s not all about the lyrics. The way she delivered the rhymes was just so boring & not interesting at all. Lil Kim has her low hood tone & Nicki has her multiple voices that she uses on songs. They catch your attention. This girl is good but she doesn’t have that “wow” factor.

  20. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012

    wow factor = promo machine

    STFU, you’re the type that lets the media decide for u who’s hot, what’s hot

  21. Gagaslaysyafav April 21, 2012

    @VIRTUOSO INTELLECT Did I hurt your feelings?

  22. Kyle April 21, 2012

    I like this! Her style reminds me more and more of Kid Sister each time I listen to her.

  23. virtuoso intellect April 21, 2012


    It is never that serious boo

  24. Hot… April 21, 2012

    You are deceived if you don’t think this track would sell. WHITE people adore this chick and since they buy most of the albums, that’s all that matters. She has bars. This song is catchy. She has different sounds and types of songs that she does – she really has something for everybody. All of her songs don’t sound like this. Either way, this is hot.

  25. Tiffany April 21, 2012

    I cannot get with it. It’s not about someone not having musical taste or being a hater but I just don’t see the hype with her or her lyrics. =/

  26. AMAZINJALEN April 21, 2012

    Rap icon in the making? *waits 10 years* Umm NOT! What’s “Hood” about this song but her ghetto ass voice? DISMISSED.

  27. umm April 21, 2012

    number 1 rule: never have a song called “hood b#*ch” and have a beat this too pop to even communicate your point. other than that it wouldve went hard but can’t get over this beat. she never could get her flow together. I agree with somebody else she reminds me of kid sister, hopefully she doesn’t end up like her.

  28. umm April 21, 2012

    man dude with these vids getting on my last nerve!! pls stop this madness!

  29. LTM (Tonight Im Dressin Up For You) April 21, 2012

    *yawns* *blasts My World by Iggy Azalea*

  30. LTM (Tonight Im Dressin Up For You) April 21, 2012

    DEAD @ someone saying shes a hip-hop icon in the making. didnt you say that about Lana Del Rey? where is she at again? lol

  31. Bad Bytch April 21, 2012


  32. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Whitney Houston) April 21, 2012

    “DEAD @ someone saying shes a hip-hop icon in the making. didnt you say that about Lana Del Rey? where is she at again? lol”


    Since when is a debut LP selling over 1M WW and 5x as many singles, in this market, something to sneer at? BTD is top 20 on mediatraffic. Lana is doing the damn thing.
    “She doesn’t have the look but she can rhyme.”


    What look is that? Banks is very pretty and naturally cute. The only thing fake about Azealia is her weave, and these days, that’s saying something. Plus 212 proves that she can make a hit when necessary. Her people know that she needs radio tracks every now and again.

    Iggy’s doing her thing, and I wish them both well, but Iggy doesn’t have a 212, and the whole world got to see Azealia’s set at Cochella via youtube. Banks’ had pics and articles written about her in NYT mag and GQ. Meanwhile, what’s T.I. doing with Iggy? Oh, that’s right XXL (LOL).

  33. nickiminaj April 21, 2012

    yall haters waitin on nicki video h*** stay in ur lame anyways dis is trash like her ugly ass face

  34. Diane April 21, 2012

    Azealia busted Sam out on Twitter. She said this song is from when she was 16 years old and called it a #TeenFail. Sam is just digging for something to post. I guess Nicki aint taken enough shyts.

  35. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Whitney Houston) April 21, 2012



  36. Tbozfan10 April 22, 2012

    I can’t believe this kreyshean b**ch has the nerve to say all of azealia bank’s posts become “race-related” when she stans for a girl whose pisdy is called the “white girl mob.”

  37. KreayshawnStan April 22, 2012

    Calm your tits c***. I just noticed that most of the comments on her posts have been race related. Why that offends you, Im not sure. What does the WGM have anything to do anything? GTFOH

  38. $$$$$$ (Dollar$ign$kills) April 22, 2012

    I dont care what anyone says, Im here for Azeila. Iggy is good, but Azeila is better.

  39. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 22, 2012

    @LTM :

    at least when a lana del rey song play on the radio ppl actually recognize her voice. not like your fav who is usually mistaken with jessie J. 😡

  40. LTM (Tonight Im Dressin Up For You) April 22, 2012

    @Pop Royalty
    Lmao Katy cant help that other b****** want to be her. Can you blame them ;)?

    1million world wide is a flop for anyone, especially since she was shoved down everyone’s throat as the next Adele success story.

  41. LTM (Tonight Im Dressin Up For You) April 22, 2012

    At least my fav is getting played on the radio #oop

  42. Gees April 22, 2012

    Awww she’s so cute, I really hope she reach the highest of all heights in her career , I wish her the best. it’s time we recondition the minds of young girls who have been brainwashed by the media to believe there is only one face of beauty . Do your thang girl!

  43. QueenSize April 22, 2012

    Lyrics cool. Beat sucks. With chorus the song sounds very 1989 – 1991. I need her to slow it down a bit. Let me feel her flow and lyrics.

  44. RIH4LIFE April 22, 2012

    this s*** goes hard

  45. The Real B(randy) April 22, 2012

    RIGHT!!!! @ GEES

  46. LOL April 22, 2012

    She’s different but she is a terrible lyricist.

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