Rihanna & Kelly Rowland Celebrate Mother’s Day With Their Moms

Published: Sunday 13th May 2012 by Sam

Adhering to the age old adage that family comes first, Pop stars Rihanna and Kelly Rowland celebrated Mother’s Day with their stunning moms today.

Both took to Twitter to share snaps with their respective fans; Rihanna was first, writing:

#Mama….u my ride or die bitch for life!!! And yes I know a bitch slap is on the way for my language! But u get it!!!!! I love you

Peep Rowland and her mother after the jump…

Rowland added with the shot above: “HappyMothersDay Me & My Mom”

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  1. poshhh May 13, 2012

    aaw.. so cute..

  2. JJFan1814 May 13, 2012

    I know Rih’s mom so glad to give birth to one of the world’s biggest pop stars! I’d be an ole uppity boastful b****. Lol!

  3. Benron May 13, 2012

    Eww, this isn’t cute, This site is full wrong information about Rihanna and crzy bey stans, so let me break it down.
    1.) Stop calling it Talk that flop, Beyhive, how much has 4 sold, in TWICE the time? Oh yah…..
    2.) You da “flop” peaked higher than all of 4’s singles…
    3>) Beyonce and her fake ass pregnancy can STFU.
    4.) Rihanna can sing and you all know it, Oslo Unfaithful, We found love live grammys? Sure continue to hate and listen to the monstosity that is irreplaceable,
    Beystans are vicous and never work off of facts, because maybe if their leader Beyonce put out albums CONSISTENTLY, she could be the RULER of pop, which is Rihanna.
    Adele, LadyGaga, Katyperry and other lesser played Radio artists (Beyonce.) never ave consistency, Rihanan has always consistently had hits and been played on the radio, No one else can do that, Continue calling her a goat, because I guess she is a Cash (cow.) goat while Beyonce’s music/sucsess is the old ugly duckling story, In reverse of course

  4. ty May 13, 2012

    @ benron r u crazy lol were the f*** did all that s*** come from

  5. Benron May 13, 2012

    Oh and I know this site didn’t praise Usher’s saturday night live performance and everythign Nicki Minaj does only to shade Rihanna. Really, u compliment Nicki and shade Rihanna, thats ridiculous. You like to call Rihanna “lethargic” and “lazy” which is definitly what you probably are sitting here blogging about her all DAY, AND Nikki #IwillHaveAMINAJatwaWithAnyPossibleAlbumPurchasers. Uh, thats why she is working 13 hour days while you obsess over Rita ora and throw unneccesary vicous shade at her like you own the world. Um, Newsflash, maybe your just so jealous of her because she has sucsess and praise in life something you clearly never got, being so concerned with other people. Or maybe its because she is so pretty, and can actually get D*** which we know you are definitely looking for, but can’t get due to lack of intresting, or compatiable (to any1.) Personality. Keep blogging incorrect facts, the Beyhive only reads them, and they think Beyonce is “legend”… I mean that pregnancy WAS as real as an urban legend but still… Imma leave her crooked lacefront alone before we see her bald head and its as ugly as Sam’s personality!

  6. mobwife May 13, 2012

    I love the dress Kelly is wearing. She is just adorable these days!

    Ummm….. Rih-PASS-AROUND-THE-INDUSTRY looks cheap as usual! 🙁

  7. Benron May 13, 2012

    It must be hard to be so jealous of her millions and sucsess, If you wanna say she can’t sing then fine, I know ur lying. But say she has no stage presence and u forced it, Her presence is definitely on the stage. You probably can’t relate due to the fact 18,000+ people would never watch you live, even if it was free, if you forced them to come, some might just killthemselves,fall asleep, hide in the bahroom and just plan Boo/ignore you. This site should be called That semen juice cuz that must be all you intrested in, sitting here blogging wishing you could met someone like she does in her music/videos, must be so uncomfortable knowing that will never happen to you, you will never “find love.” and with your attitude, your more likely to find yourself getting Sucker punched in the crotch then f***** in the ass like you want.

  8. mobwife May 13, 2012

    Hummm, I wonder how ppl that stan for a GIMMICK can try and call true artists flops? Certain acts run from one GIMMICK, PLOT, SCHEME, LIE to the next be it constant changing of hair color or whining/lying about the past or disrobing with hands in stankin’ panties at every turn! Really, the gall of some ppl!

  9. muni May 13, 2012

    So cute!!

  10. Benron May 13, 2012

    @Mobwife, Um, That doesen’t actually happpen, might be hard for you to graspe that she is a single selling, arena filling force, that makes loads of money, with tons of money. Maybe you think she is a s*** cuz she is the 2011 sexiest woman alive, maybe people agree with you because they all love beyonce, who couldn’t even look as good with a bright, EXTREMELY photoshopped akward cover, and cannot understand how someone could be just good-looking, as their Queen is not. At least Rihanna knows her is black, and doesen’t bleach her skin and retouch to try and look prettier, which makes her look like more of a MESS. Be-Yawn-say needs to learn how to correctly fake a pregnancy, she probably doesen’t know due to never have s** because her husband is a camel… #NaviShit and #NavyShade

  11. Benron May 13, 2012

    Oh but I do agree @Mobwife If Adorable and hillarious are synonyms and By kelly you mean Kelly’s album sales, I comPLETELY AGREE!

  12. Alex Thomas May 13, 2012

    Kelly <3

  13. Steph May 13, 2012

    Kelly and her mom look great! Happy Mother’s Day!

  14. DareToDeal May 13, 2012

    Rihanna clearly has no home training. Nobody in their rightful mind would address their mother manner.Just tacky,contrived and disrespectful. Now Kelly Rowland has got the right idea, classy and meaningful

  15. Lola May 13, 2012

    Kellllly <3 Her And Her Mama Look Soo Cute!!!!!!

  16. O_O May 13, 2012

    Kellys Mother favours Michelle Williams more than Kelly…..Matthew Knowles looks more like Kellys Daddy than Beys…..and Michelle parents probably look like Solange. I swear…..

    Rihanna outfit! I would where that to go to the store…looking all fly and shhhhht. Rihannas mom look like new money.

  17. Virtuoso Intellect May 13, 2012

    Ugh this rihanna bad girl act is so contrived, forced and fake to the T. Its like everything she does has to be evaluated to ensure that it reinforces her bad girl persona. Even rappers can wish their mums happy mother’s day and keep it civil. If u r so thugged out u dont have to work overtime to prove it but then again thats what keeps her interesting to these braindead deliquent rhitards. For someone with an idgaf, she sure acts out like she does. Wonder if she’s gonna unfollow Drake too cus he sure called it like it is in his latest remix

    Oh and too that random rhitard, chile, u are too weak for what u tryna trigger. Besides TGJ already has a resident delirious rhitard by the alias of @LAX , we dont need another

  18. poshhh May 13, 2012

    kelly and her mum so classy, dressed well, respectable… rihanna hehe the tweet n the dressing says it all..

  19. whyohwhy May 13, 2012

    This should have just been a good mom day and nothing more. Rihanna is just what she is now! so, leave it alone. Kelly is what she is, just leave it alone. I dont see Beyonce in here anywhere and she should have been left alone. For that Beyonce happy First ever Mom Day and many more. Remeber the sabbath and rest, that goes for negativity an all..
    Everyone’s mom I hope y’all had a nice Day!!!

  20. Noel May 13, 2012


    Are you sick…? Wth does anything you said have to do with this post! Stop w/ your damn foolishness. Learn to like more than one artist, and stop being some crazy obsessed stan. Weirdo.

  21. Lax May 13, 2012

    Since the navy or always accused of lying we have to show the proof often
    @MOB WIFE And Loosers to many like mobwife says RIH-PASS around
    industry looks cheap , mob-wife what rihanna has on cost more than the
    clothes you will possess for the rest of yo entire life. and even though you
    and others always have tons of negative vibes going on for her it matters
    a dam because through all of yo crap she still manges to make the artist
    of the century list…..

  22. Lax May 13, 2012


    @Mobwife, Um, That doesen’t actually happpen, might be hard for you to graspe that she is a single selling, arena filling force, that makes loads of money, with tons of money. Maybe you think she is a s*** cuz she is the 2011 sexiest woman alive, maybe people agree with you because they all love beyonce, who couldn’t even look as good with a bright, EXTREMELY photoshopped akward cover, and cannot understand how someone could be just good-looking, as their Queen is not. At least Rihanna knows her is black, and doesen’t bleach her skin and retouch to try and look prettier, which makes her look like more of a MESS. Be-Yawn-say needs to learn how to correctly fake a pregnancy, she probably doesen’t know due to never have s** because her husband is a camel… #NaviShit and #NavyShade

    This is a clear picture of how rihanna persents a “Clear And Persent Danger”
    to people who can call her a industry h**, untalented and nasety names just to try
    and cheapen her. She covers the ground she walks on and no matter what shes still living her life through all of their crap and they can say what ever and chris them can talk s*** till the cows come home because they will see the silent hurt that can come to those who treat those who tries to help their broke monkey asses hide and watch all of rihanna’s shyt talkers,,,real talk yapping and rapping shyt will be a case of cutting off yo nose to spite yo faces, bytch boys.

  23. Lax May 14, 2012


  24. Lax May 14, 2012

    The shyt talkers talk shyt, now check out some fun facts
    called looking for rihanna’s name on the list, see if you
    can find the six (6) times Rihanna Queen of Hearts name
    appears on the list and many still will not give her a break
    and call her untalented, and she is calle H** more than
    all of the strippers, pole climbers, choochie poppers and
    p*** stars in the entire world, by Lames & Loosers……..

  25. Deji May 14, 2012

    Listen to Afrodisiac by Teni! She’s the new Sade! Hot!!

  26. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) May 14, 2012

    Kelly and her mom looks amazing …

    Luv me some Kelly …

  27. commanderofthedancefloor May 14, 2012

    ugh people rihanna is using b**** the same way most black females use it!!! for example every female rapper says she is the baddest b****!! the same thing is being done its not to be disrespectful or anything it is more of a term of enderment (excuse my spelling) to her mom!! so get over it!!

    and @virtuoso this tweet really has nothing to do with being bad!! she is expressing own much of a bad b**** (in a good way) her mom is!!!

  28. Lax May 14, 2012

    Rihanna and her moms relationship is theirs not yours, and if she address
    her mom wrong and not right to you then that is yo problem not her’s, perhaps
    her working so hard and making it to the top ten of the best tours of 2011 has something to do with it. Everybody want to be proper and many who or not addressing
    their moms at all or s**** who live in these many gettos with a house full of children
    be several different men and they or always the ones to complain the most. Because successful women who has it going on do not nit pick and keep sterring in shyt to make it stink, so bad……you small minded folks, who hate rihanna so hard.
    This is another search for her name and see where yo fave ranks on the list Lames and loosers……this is what a high class RIH PASS AROUND can do when she put her mind, body and soul into great work ethics….

  29. 2/11 Songscribe May 14, 2012

    All having been Said, I surrender, @Rihanna. LMAO at the tweet. Classic one tho.
    *throws hands up and head down with middle fingers up, and dashes off*

  30. Lax May 14, 2012

    @MOBWIFE,,,,Since you and others or so envious and jealous of rihanna and her
    many accomplishments that or often over looked and talked down by all of you and you put adele and beyonce ahead of rihanna and not any one else in the industry all of the time then explain to us why you or so bitter, mad and envious of this untalented s*** and pass around w**** so bad and she keep getting those beautiful music headlines that many of you say the NAVY LIES ABOUT THEN HATERS EXPLAIN THIS…..

  31. Lax May 14, 2012

    Since it is impossible to even try and prove that this
    young woman is a human being perhaps if we stop
    trying to fight this with word and more with facts then
    it will be a much easier fight to fight. Because as long
    as she keep working as hard as she know how to work
    the negative comments can keep coming and perhaps
    will keep trying to defend her the best way we know how to….

  32. Lax May 14, 2012

    Therefore for as many haters of hers that roam this
    site and there or not many of the navy who cares
    enough to comments the few of us who do comment
    will always have to do the heavy lifting aganist RIH
    haters anf the Notorious Bee Hive, whos alwayd ready
    to wage a war aganist Rih, Hmmmmm bring it on
    Bee Hive and RIH’S many envious and jealous Haters.

  33. NX127 – B**** OUT OF ORDER May 14, 2012



    Who run the Post? (Lax, LAX)

    Who run ‘is mutha (LaaAAx)

    I’m just SCARED. When they fire you from school you’ll be f*****’ damn’d. just sayin’

  34. NX127 – B**** OUT OF ORDER May 14, 2012

    but seriously WHAT does Kelly FlopLand have to do with Rihanna??

  35. NX127 – B**** OUT OF ORDER May 14, 2012

    That’s why a lot of people have their heads turn when they see the word LAX and that icon, and then read his hot ghetto ass mess comments. Because it feels like chewing on wood.

  36. NIK NAK May 14, 2012


  37. James227 May 14, 2012

    B****? WOW! Rihanna is very disrespectful calling her mother a b****. How does one make a statement for the world to see calling their mother a b****. Rihanna could never be a thug. @Lax calm down because nobody reading you comments. They see your name and skip over it.

    Also what is this with Drake diss song to Rihanna? Did Rihanna unfollow Drake as well. Everyone knows that Drake was at Chris birthday party. I bet they had alot to talk about

  38. Uhh Okaii May 14, 2012

    @BenRon shut the hell up..people were actually being decent without that bushiit u wrote..ur n the wrong post moron

  39. Uhh Okaii May 14, 2012


  40. Bey Fan May 14, 2012

    SMH….i dont care how she meant it… why use the word b**** with your mother…smh

    Aint no excuse for that..

  41. WILD DEBUTANTE May 14, 2012


    People are seriously coming at Rihanna as if she called her mom a b**** in a disrespectful manner? they way she used it was obviously totally meant as a term of endearment….for Rihanna anyway lol

    Im pretty sure she wont pull a Kardashian and call her mom a b**** out of anger, Forealz Forealz lol

    but I do understand were some of you are coming from because how you were probably raised, your upbringing was more strict. Mines wasn’t and I curse in front of my parents, though they check me, its still not a BIG deal.

  42. dat nig May 14, 2012

    @ O_O, you took the words RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH! i was sittin lookin @ kels mom like “damn she looks a lot like Michelle” lol more like Michelle den Kelz

  43. Onyx May 14, 2012

    I call my mother a B**** too, what’s the problem, she just laugh, that happen when you have a great relationship with your open-minded mother, i’m glad my mother is a b**** with a mind almost as free as mine.



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