Brandy Talks ‘Put It Down’ Video : “It’s Going To Be Epic”

Published: Thursday 21st Jun 2012 by David

For fans of R&B maestra Brandy, the wait for her new video ‘Put It Down’ has been intense to say the least.

The first clip in aid of her new LP ‘2/11′, the Chris Brown assisted piece got somewhat of an additional promo boost today- by way of  exclusive info the ‘Drop Dead Diva’ star gave That Grape Juice.Net.

Her comments below…

On the clip she told us:

I wish I could tell you who’s directing it. It’s coming out in July and it’s going to epic, which is great because I haven’t had one of those while and it’ll be my first video in four years.

Can’t wait till it’s out!!!

When quizzed on rumors she was to perform at this year’s BET Awards, she answered with:

I would love to! 

Everything’s up in the air right now but I would love to, I’ve never performed there but I’ve been twice and it’s great. I’ve got a good feeling about it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jay June 21, 2012

    um the song has been out almost over 4 months…the video better be more then hot.

    • aznazeep June 21, 2012

      The song came out at the end of April didn’t it? It’s been barely 2 months!

      • Jay June 21, 2012

        thought it was end of march…it’s about to be July boo. Even if April thats 3 months.

    • mob June 22, 2012

      Unfortunately the way the ‘POWERS THAT BE’ have things structured only those acts they deem “worthy” can put out a song one day and have a full fledged video with 4 teasers out by the next week. This is a new day folks things are simply different for certain artists especially non-Pop & non-Country artists!

  2. -Hoars June 21, 2012

    Well I hope since Frank Gatson is involved that he can make her naturally s*** NOT awkardly s*** like she comes off at times lol! anyway I love brandy and wish her the best!

    • aznazeep June 21, 2012

      Agreed! I think she’ll do it right this time though, mainly because she acknowledged her awkward / forced s** appeal (during the Afrodisiac era) in her behind the music episode. Go Brandy! It’s her time!

  3. xxx June 21, 2012

    sorry, but it’s a bad comeback and i smell a flop in the making, even though i’m sure that it’s gonna be a hot album

    she should have released the video and song simultaneously and top should have performed that damn song already

    outside the blogosphere no one even knows she got a new song out…

    • The Real B! June 22, 2012

      Funny because itunes has her @ #24 and her spins are through the roof. Someone knows.

  4. Sleazy 5 June 21, 2012

    That s*** better be epic cus at the right the song is going lawd Help brandy I’m rooting for her

  5. Sleazy 5 June 21, 2012

    That s*** better be epic cus at this point right Now I don’t know where the song is the song is going lawd Help brandy I’m rooting for her

  6. Boss June 21, 2012

    I Believe In What She Does So This Vid Will Be Epic

  7. Ernest June 21, 2012

    Love Brandy to death but her team and label needs to come harder than ever. This whole gap inbetween times is so annoying and everything is a secret. I’m rooting my for girl and this is her time but they are moving too slow. And she better perform at the BET AWARDS. There is no excuse on why she shouldn’t.

  8. truth teller June 21, 2012

    yall ain’t s***.

  9. sammi June 21, 2012

    I hate when ppl hype their own material up calling it “epic”. Let us be the judge of that. After listening to the song just now Im not loving it. Maybe it has to grow on me, kinda like “We found love” had to grow on me. I highly doubt Brandy can make a successful comeback at this stage in the game. Not being shady but how did that song with her and Monica do? Does it get air play?

  10. Spunkypoop June 21, 2012

    Those typossss LORD A MERCY! Yall got miss Brandy sounding like Miss Celie from the Color Purple. Smdh! I wonder is this a real interview or did yall take it from somewhere…. I know how yall ‘PUT IT DOWN” lolol.

    • Adrian June 22, 2012

      Lol I thought I was the only one that noticed!!

      (@ Miss Celie :DEAD!!!!) LOL

      • BranOnTOP June 22, 2012

        I doubt those are her speaking f***** up english but this IGGNANT blogg ! smh I need for all yall debbie downers to STFU and let my girl get her coins and be her. Get a fukn life. #thatsall

  11. NICK June 21, 2012


  12. ENOUGH ONIKA June 21, 2012

    Brandy, why release a video for this?! Just pretend it was a buzz single and we’ll forgive you and look past this. A video will not save this single no matter how you hype it up (like you did the song itself :/). Just release a new single thats actually……good and promote it it right this time!

  13. RockBoiZo June 21, 2012

    Ha ha ha Monica flopped, so Brandy said, “damn b**** can u do anything right”. “Ill show u how to make a comeback”! ” Ur the reason why our song flopped”! “Non singing ass”. “Now leave QUEEN BROCKA Presence”!

    • Jay June 22, 2012

      Wowww. Really…YOu could’ve came better with that comment. Yes Monica album didn’t perform well however between the both of them Monica has been able to have a #1 song & #1 R&B album in the 2000s (2010 to be exact). Brandy last two albums didn’t perform well, she got dropped from her label and this new song that she has out hasn’t made any noise. Once she gets a hit or even an notable place on billboard, only then will we believe Brandy. She’s done basically. Monica “Non Singing”…WOW!! We don’t believe you…You need more people…

  14. DeL_Cappella June 21, 2012


  15. n***** in atl June 21, 2012

    It’s gonna be 2 month since they LEAKED it. But only 2 weeks since they sent it to radios.

    CUT THAT 4 MONTH B*******. The haters cant even count.

    • Jay June 21, 2012

      I’m actually a big fan. They should have put out the video with the song. My opinion…deal with it weirdo.

      • n***** in atl June 21, 2012

        nobody gives a f*** about ur 2cents f**.
        U cant count. Open some books cause sucking d**** aint no job.

  16. DIGGER BEY June 21, 2012

    This video is going to b Epic! Like Brandy said! I cant wait! I hope shes performing @ The BET Awards and snatch some wigs! This is going to b one Unforgetable Summer! While KING B chills, i have my other two favs Kelly & B Rocka READY TO SHOCK & AWE! # READY

  17. brandystan June 21, 2012

    Team brandy f*** who ever ain’t riding my B**** is back and better then ever she gone dust you b****** snatching wigs and everything

  18. HeavyHeavy June 21, 2012

    Aint no one checking for that dry ass song. PLEASE RELEASE SOMETHING BETTER!! If this is the best she’s got the album will flop.

    • DeL_Cappella June 21, 2012


      • HeavyHeavy June 21, 2012

        If it has good quality music then i will spend my money…the last album was a let down for me so am cautious this time around.

  19. Geeeees June 21, 2012

    I loveeeeeeee this song. People so quick to throw it on the shelf ,but I like it. And I haven’t liked a B song since full moon , so yes I’m excited!

  20. christinastherealtalent June 21, 2012

    I love brandy but she released put it down too damn early. If you’re not going to have a video to release simultaneously with your new song, don’t even think about releasing the song till you have a video for it ready. The song, even though its hot, has lost a lot of its steam. It fell out of itunes just as fast as it entered it. Nobody really plays it. I know she was too excited but come on Brandy. You can’t release the lead single from your new album, release the video for it nearly 2 months later then release your new album over a month later. The industry has changed a lot and unless you get yo s*** together real fast, then this era won’t be any better than your last 2.

    • TEAMIPHONE4 June 21, 2012

      so so so true

  21. Teyah June 21, 2012

    That’s what they all say, “its going to be epic”, but then it turns out to be another cheap looking video. I think the video’s director is Colin Tilley because he’s worked a lot with Chris Brown. And Colin’s videos are cheap!

  22. monstarebel June 21, 2012

    Seriously brandy the video shoulda been out like yesturday smh she’s most def guna flop y’all thought usher cd flopped lol I bet she’ll flop 2timez worst!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 21, 2012

      I hate that my instincts agree….

    • HeavyHeavy June 21, 2012

      and Usher had mad promo. Its got me worried about all these other artists. If Usher can’t sell then boy who can.

  23. 2BAD2BME June 21, 2012


  24. JER June 21, 2012

    oh please. Brandy again talking out her ass. After this album flops it’s gonna be “oh that album was too R&B” just like Human “was too pop” and Afrodisiac “was too s***” always some excuse if a project flops.

    • DeL_Cappella June 21, 2012

      erm? what planet do you reside? because to the best of my knowledge Afrodisiac did exceptionally well ranking in #3, while Human Charted 5 on U.S. Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums…which was bad for HER..never will she “FLOP”

    • Ugh June 21, 2012


  25. Randy June 21, 2012

    So she doesn’t consider it all belongs to me her first vid.? I can’t wait for the vid. though..

  26. MoBranFan June 21, 2012

    Bran.. U know I am here for u. But are u shading Mo? 1st video in 4 years? Sis the song flopped and it’s both of u too blame.. Let’s not get too delisusional now.. And last but not least the iron from “Put it down” cooled down months ago.. Nice try

    • HeavyHeavy June 21, 2012

      Am sure there was meant to be two versions, one on monicas album and one on Brandys. Would be crazy shade if she left it off loool i know she will as well.

      • RoyalKev June 21, 2012

        IABTM didn’t chart well. Who would still bother to place it on an upcoming album when that slot can be filled with something more promising. Monica needs to be taken out this equation. She has nothing to do with Brandy’s project and if that single made it on Mo’s album it’s because Monica was much further along. Monica also chose to use that song as the “new lead” single to promote her album. I hope Bran selects another song over IABTM for her album(I know she recorded way more than the standard amount needed).

    • The Real B! June 22, 2012

      It will be HER first video. IABTM was Monica’s song and will NOT be on her album. No NEED to shade Monica. The [non] purchasers did that, already.

  27. kidluvmusic June 21, 2012

    O der go the haters!>>>>She see all of that hate! She is on this time around! I LIKE THE whole idea of making ppl wanna know! Her tease with Monica it was great! Her pictures and looks are awesome! She has grown into who she is, she almost lost herself, but Look @ her! She doing BiG! I like how she switch up all the acting to! BRANDY is back!

  28. Tyrus June 21, 2012

    Ppl the song debuted May 8th followed by its debut on the radio June 5th. Most of yall following her too closely! As much as I love Brandy, I’m not trippin about the how It’s being promoted. When i see the vid, all i know is I hope she have fun like she once did Never say Never days. Besides Chris is featured so they won’t disappoint! Show up and show out on August 28th!!!

  29. PrettigurlrockD June 21, 2012

    Ummm this song IS good @enough onika and she should do a video for this cuz that’s what the fans want so f*** u mean???

  30. Papa Preached June 21, 2012

    The song was JUST released to radio a mere days ago people.

  31. Kingphoenix June 21, 2012

    Brandy always talking like she has no control over the info in her album, like its slavery time and she can’t release any info for the fear that master will whip her. Smh, at this point if brandy was going to release the video threw months late she could have at least leaked a song…smh, Its very rare for an artist to be able to release only one video and one single and have a succeful album, and with Brandy not being active in the game i really don’t see how you guys can honestly believe that this wont be a flop…i won’t be suprised if she sales less than Basic Instinct at this point. I feel like all her s*** is going to be rushed by the nearing of the albums release that, or it will get leaked. Can’t wait to see her excuses afterwards, as we learned from her Vh1 special Brandy can spin quit the tale…

  32. Ugh June 21, 2012

    Again, I don’t see it for “Put It Down” but we’ll see. She’s probably waiting until July to capitalize on her performance at the Bet Awards as well as CB’s album release.

  33. Bran Star June 21, 2012

    People are so caught up in where her single is sitting on the charts, or how much she’ll sell…Why aren’t you all thinking about the music?? At the end of the day, that’s all I want from Brandy…I mean, we could sit here and complain about how bad and uncertain things look for her and whatnot…and believe me, I’m not a big fan of how RCA is handling her project but what good is that gonna do for us?

    I’m almost at the point where…I wouldn’t care if her new album flops…I just want great music from Bran…And for her to enjoy herself while she does it…

  34. Ajm265 June 21, 2012

    Brandy fans/Stan’s are so full of it. Shading so many artist to big up brandy. How many units do yall think your good sis is gonna push. Hell the hype is over for her. She’ll end up in the same boat as Monica,usher, Ashanti, and the rest. Hang it up

    • Bran Star June 21, 2012

      Who’s shading other artists? Please tell me where…and who really cares about how much Brandy sells at this point? She doesn’t have to sell another record for the rest of her LIFE. She’s set. She doesn’t have anything left to prove, bottom line.

  35. imusicjunkie June 21, 2012

    I hate it when artist take forever and a day
    to release a video. Hope its worth the wait

  36. ENOUGH ONIKA June 22, 2012

    The problem with STANS is their so busy trying to “play” (key word there) ride or die, that they’ll praise these artists for any sh*t song they release knowing damn well that sh*t is whack or won’t get past the Billboard bubbling under. “Yeah Brandy thats hot! “You go Brandy!!” “My girl about to snatch wigs!!” Then the album sales come out and single ain’t no where to be found… anywhere!! and THEN you got the excuses: “It was too early” “It leaked.” “The label didn’t promote her!” NO bi*tch, the sh*t was bad! STOP SETTING YOUR “FAVS” UP FOR FAILURE AND BE HONEST! Put it Down is AWFUL for a single OR an album cut for the level Brandy wants to be at and even USED to be at. And if you haven’t noticed, Chris Brown is NOT at a level were he can save anybody, including himself. Brandy I hope you read this cause I’m not one of those fans that’ll pat you on the ass for some b*******, NEW SINGLE AND SCRAP THIS MESS. #SpeakTruth

    • RoyalKev June 22, 2012

      You seem to take alot of this very personal. I think MOST Brandy fans are content with Brandy’s new sound. Her stans were delighted when it leaked on twitter because the single was something refreshing. No one is settling for anything. PID leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You may think it’s awful,but that’s your truth.

      As far as I’m concerned the only “excuse” I have when it comes to Brandy’s previous eras is that the “Human” album didn’t feature enough urban tracks. I still think it’s a decent album, but the timing for that kind of music was off. That’s been my critique with Usher as well. I’m not pointing fingers because she recorded those songs, but that project wasn’t getting promotion either. That’s just the honest truth. Every album before that was incredible. I serious don’t doubt Brandy when it comes to her making great album. Her track record has more hits than misses.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA June 22, 2012

        That’s fine if some are feeling the single but that’s not the only factor that matters in this era of music. Brandy needs a single that’ll SELL and make it on the charts and get people who aren’t already fans interested. I was excited to see her back like everyone else, but again Brandy needs to release a single that’ll appeal to both radio and her audience (new and old) and PID ain’t it. No one is spinning this record and a video sure won’t save it. Brandy has to think both musically AND wisely when it comes to the business. Her next single needs to immediately be available for purchase and released to radio i.e. the new business model for singles.

  37. mob June 22, 2012

    YEAH 3X! I can’t wait to see what the video is like I think Chris Brown and Riviting ENT are going to produce it. CB has been on a pretty good roll with is Video Directing so if he is the on behind the visuals I know its going to be HOT!

    **fingers cross that she will perform at this yrs BET Awards. The show needs new blood as all these damn awards shows do!! 🙂

    • james June 22, 2012

      I have been thinking the same thing..ever since they wanted it to be a secret..

  38. STERLING INFINITY June 22, 2012

    She should use that as a teaser track and move onto the next single. Her team needs to strike while hot, learn from Kelly Rowland, but I think there working on a few things right now.

  39. Ohreally June 22, 2012

    She is still trying to use this song as a lead for the album??? Sorry but this song is horrid, it is not hot, it is not even luke warm, it is a flop. That duet with Monica was a flop, if you don’t get it together this album will flop harder than Human. Can we please get a Full Moon 2.

  40. The Real B! June 22, 2012

    AAAAALL these music “A&R’s”….lolsmh I guess.

  41. MusiKPro June 22, 2012

    I have a gut feeling Brandy will make a great comeback, she’s an incredible talent. With the right moves business wise, she can reclaim her status as a recording artist. Quality over quantity always wins in the end, it might not seem like it but she’s got her money already she’s good…now she needs to just make her spot in music history and continue her legacy. She is also a great actress I’d love to see her in a real drama again or musical not another horror movie though lol

  42. Jay July 4, 2012

    I love brandy with all my heart…. but i have to say im getting REAL impatient with her and her team as far as it goes with the promotion for Put It Down… we need something to fuel it, or else its gonna die off and its a hott song

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