That Grape Juice A&R: Lady GaGa’s New Album

Published: Friday 29th Jun 2012 by David

This September, Lady GaGa is set to announce the name of her fourth studio album- one year after releasing its #1 predecessor ‘Born This Way‘.

Billed as ‘crazy’ by co-manager Vincent Herbert, the project- as is always the case with GaGa- is highly anticipated, perhaps more so than any of her previous releases.

For, despite ‘Born‘s initial success ( 600,00 units sold at full price in its first week), it has come on the receiving end of intense criticism, labelled ‘pretentious’ and ‘reductive’ for its literal and at times overproduced sound.

Now, it’s time for you to have your say.


Details below…

Listing 12 songs from any genre or period of music from any artist out there, we want you to A&R GaGa’s new project,  picking songs you feel would  win over the buying public and critics alike.

Maybe you feel Christina Aguilera’s “Glam is just the sound she needs to force her into higher chart ground or is Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Circles In The Sand’ the sound she should be going for if it’s critical acclaim she desires.

It’s completely up to you!

More importantly, why not tell us how you’d handle the projects campaign. We’re talking promotional appearances, release dates, television specials…whatever you feel would convince the public to pick it up once it hits stores.

Who knows? Someone from Interscope  may see your ideas and put them to use.

Get creative below!

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  1. Honestly Speaking June 29, 2012

    It would be wise for Gaga to revert back to her Fame era of music for her upcoming project because this whole “I’m different! look at me!” act is becoming old rather quickly. I don’t think that anyone is really checking for a BTW 2.0 outside of her “Monsters” or whatever she calls her supporters now.

    • Saetana June 30, 2012

      Given The Fame is by far the worst of her 2.5 albums so far, that would NOT be a good idea, there was some real crap on that first album along with a few gems. As Gaga has millions of real fans I would say she can make whatever music she likes and it will always sell well, she does not need casual fans to get great sales figures.

      • MonsterDNA June 30, 2012

        THIS !
        I don’t like ‘The Fame’ at all… seriously. It was fun, enjoyable ect. But her music and lyrics are far better on ‘Born This Way’ et ‘The Fame Monster’. As a Monster, i don’t want her to comeback from this huge ‘Born This Way’ era to a crappy ‘The Fame’ one. She’s too talented for that.

  2. KANG !!! June 29, 2012

    LADY GAGA, BEYONCE & ADELE >>>> Other pop b****** out !!!

  3. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

    i swear to god i saw this particular specific one post coming ………

    *waits for @john , @suicide and @gagaloo and others going at it *

    meanwhile , i will keep watching this since i liked it since i heard it in the radio :

    • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

      Love kylie, this video is particulary a mix between Celebration, Hung Up and Ray of Light, i love it.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        Oh and then you say i’m the Messy one, what was that, you waiting for my ASS, John and Gagaloo.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        Yup , i noticed that as well , i Love kylie , not as much as QOP , but that b**** is a force too !!

        i would kill to lick her entire legs , she got the sexiest legs ever.

        way underrated.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        POP ROYALTY.
        She’s awesome.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        i agree 😀

  4. Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

    Don’t repeat yourself Gaga, expand my horizons, it’s time for a change in your career from your image (Look, costume, fashion) to your publicity strategic to cause a commotion in the world, just that and please find your inner Stefani coz at the end of the day this whole copy thing would only affect you, just you, the others have already their names on the Rock m’ Roll hall of Fame.

  5. Mad-On-Her June 29, 2012

    How is this September a year since she released BTW?
    Gaga’s next album won’t sound like any other tracks out there I would imagine. I reckon this Madonna/Express Yourself fiasco will have cut her deep – especially as Madonna is her idol.
    I think Gaga may try so hard to create a unique sound that can’t be compared to anyone on her new record that she might end up making a record no one can relate to. Or maybe she’ll make the greatest album of the century. That’s the thing with her, you never know. Which is why she is one of the only genuinely exciting big pop artists around at the moment.
    In terms of the promotion, I hopes she carries on like she is now in terms of shutting the hell up until the first single drops. Then she will be giving interviews that people will actually want to hear rather than get tired of her how they did last year.
    Also I hope she just drops the one song before the album release. I miss that – nowadays everyone drops about three before anything’s even out. Almost every time it kills buzz rather than generating it. It’s fun having a whole album to completely discover from scratch rather than having heard half the tracks.
    Oh and she needs to keep a dignified silence with Madonna. If she even tries to fight back she’ll get eaten alive. Madonna has seen off bigger than her..

    • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012


  6. DTG June 29, 2012

    Behind the ludicrous and attention-seeking Halloween costumes, the obnoxiously overblown music videos, the swagger jacking of Madonna’s personality, and the conspicuous plot to manipulate the socially awkward and misfits of society into thinking that they have a voice (and are empowered) through her, is a bunch of banal and contrived gibberish heavily propped by media hype that does not live up to it. What began as a bouncy, pixyish, one-woman-show-esque version of what the Spice Girls did in the late 90s has now become an egotistical, overproduced–yet still oddly generic–mess of grating sounds that is irritating to listen to and takes itself too seriously.

    Once upon a time this character that is ‘Lady Gaga’ may have provided a cheeky and quirky contrast to what had been the model of what was popular, and it may have been quasi-endearing, but when pop stars infuse that much camp into their image, at a certain point the irony *will* get old and lose its charm. In the meantime, this woman has literally crammed about a decades worth of gimmicks, put-on’s and media saturation into a three year span. We have seen her show up kite high, in meat dresses, with horns attached to her head, dressed as a man, with discharged gay soldiers as her escorts, etc., etc. The ‘shtick’ is old. There are only so many heavy-handed stunts you can use to dumbfound the public into noticing before they become either hostile or jaded, and a backlash ensues.

    Lady Gaga has always been a ‘character’ for show, but she has become a caricature and a parody of herself. No longer is it “refreshing,” abstract or inventive; it is now tired and dated. Overexposure is killing the cat and quite frankly Gaga is losing her relevance. By making herself into such a sneaky little cartoon who is force-fed to the public in obscene dosages, she has backed herself into a corner. The only thing left for her to do at this point is to throw on a pair of jeans and act normal, but how boring would that be for someone who named herself ‘Lady Gaga’ and made being strange her ticket to fame? She was here; she dominated the world of music and got her press, but the milk is now sour. The writing was on the wall when dowdily dressed and anything-but-flashy Adele c*** blocked what was supposed to be a Gaga-dominating 2011. Kids do not listen to her, it is not “cool” to be a walking freak show…and quite frankly it is not cool to like Lady Gaga now.”

  7. Es June 29, 2012

    I don’t think she should go back to the fame era. When she made that, there was hardly any dance played on the radio. And now u hear it practically hear it everywhere. I think she should keep pushing forward, f the haters and others, cuz frankly people are so fickle nowadays. She should do what feels natural and not fall into that trap of catering to what the current trend is. The reason why I and so many other little monsters love her so much is because she always goes left of whatever’s popular. So I hope she continues that.

  8. jarrettgoer June 29, 2012

    she should leave the crazy costumes , and just strip to the real gaga, real music, similar to christina’s strippped album!

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

      or “back to basics” if she can.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        POP ROYALTY.
        I’m sure she can do an album like “Back to Basics” but she would be drag for copying Madonna one more time, even is that is not the case, remember Madonna’s “I’m Breathless”, i don’t think is a good idea for her to make a Jazz album, trust me, last thing she need is another accusation of ripoff.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        it will sound good tho. i like her that way 🙂 , i even liked her ” a very gaga holiday” , i’m here for the classy stefani. not the meat-dress one.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        POP ROYALTY.
        I like too, but the whole Express This Way thing is still here, we don’t need another “I’m BreathGaga” now haha.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 29, 2012

        @pop @suicide b****** relax! Madonna wish she could sound like Gaga did in the a very Gaga holiday special 🙂 Gaga has emulated a part of Madonna´s career yes, but there are so many things Gaga has on lock that Madonna hasn´t. Have u seen Madonna doing a You and I or an Edge of Glory? Or a Bad Romance? Or Poker Face/ Just dance? NO, nothing Madonna has done sounds like that. She´s original enough to not be bashed constantly about it. No matter what she´ll do from now on some people will consider she is copying Madonna. So if she does a jazz album she is copying Madonna too?? Since when? Tonny bennet is copying Madonna too right? haha
        I exagerated but I think you understand my point
        I´ll continue to enjoy Madonna´s catalogue (not last album cos that was really bad) and defending her when needed like one of the 4 biggest she is, but Gaga is exciting, has mad talent, she can do many things in the future and at least I can enjoy her voice 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        Relax Papi, we are joking, of course the girl is talented, oh yes!, Madonna has done songs like “Just Dance” , i mean is dance-pop, and “The Edge of Glory” sounds almost like a Bruce Springsteen song, by the way is my fav. song from BTW, John The Queen can sing…

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        ha ha ! @john arrived , everyone run for cover , he will drag and s*** on us for gaga oh la la 😀

        i never said gaga is not talented , she is so f*****’ talented to an annoying extent TBH esp being a former rih stan and a madonna fan , BUT ……

        she can’t make a good use of her talent , she’s so busy with all that s*** she put herself into. if she give me something like this one below , @POP will be satisfied :

        i know most of ppl will hate it. but this is the gaga i like. i knew her when she was “stefani” , so it is hard for me to get this s*** she’s doing , BTW was good , but she can do way better.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        the b**** is so “capable of” doing wonders , but she stopped being smart since releasing “alejandro” and started the whole madge madness……

        i want this in her new album still :

        so good IMO. it will continue from where the fame left.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        i’m going to kill somebody, my 15 years old sister came to visit me, she is now in the room with me, she is saying that i look like this guy.

        omg! what have i’ve had done to deserve this? he looks like a gay boy band boy, why accept children at my home?, i can’t with this, by the way pop no, no, no the R&B Stefani is garbage.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        @Suicide :

        I really don’t shade dudes looks , i just don’t ! in my country , gurls will kill to get him in their bed , i will leave it at that.

        he’s good-looking and i have something for blondes ! their eyes always make me go ” ooh baby ooh ooh baby” *usher’s voice in scream* !!!!

        he’s beautiful 🙂 ! so …

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        and i like poppish R&B stefani more …. i don’t care if she’s garbage to U , i still love this side of her and i believe this side is what gonna save her on the long run.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        POP ROYALTY.
        I don’t think i look like him, i’m not that tiny and i’m a natural blonde with blue yes but blondes can be ugly too.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        sorry for my typos, i mean i have Blue Eyes.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        i figured it out 😉 , even Better , Blue eyes are always S*** on men *no-homo*

        and he doesn’t look that bad. c’mon son. i’m sure you look better than him , but he doesn’t look that ugly still.

        i’m yet to see an ugly blonde , either a man or a woman. 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        POP ROYALTY.
        Haha someday i will show you my face, believe i have a friend who is also blonde with blue eyes and the man is ugly as f***, a big nose and…just ugly.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        well , his big nose can be used in something beneficial when it comes to s**. ” i will leave it un-answered still” , i’m sure u will get what i mean 😆 😆

        still , i have something with blondes , i don’t know what u gonna call it , but i just think they are angels or something.

        yup can’t wait till i see u 😀

    • monstarebel June 29, 2012

      y’all dumb! why would u want her to copy christina ugh there’s no hope for gaga or her FUGLY monsters!

  9. TYLER* June 29, 2012



    2. SCHIEbE
    10. YOU & I


    1. SCHIEBE



    • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

      I think you’re right. I like most of those songs u just listed. I think her audience did too. SHe didn’t make the right single choices. Her videos were the best in the fame monster era. They sucked in the BTW era. She rly needs to create new ideas again w/ the bad romance director.

  10. CeeJaye June 29, 2012

    What difference does it make? She’s a freak show and a phony. Nobody is checking for her music except really effeminate gay white teenage boys who’re so vulnerable that they need a “hero”.

    I hope 2013 ushers in a harder, more masculine Rock, Hip Hop and Country sound and that the gay ass music that clowns like Gaga, Katy and Rihanna makes gets flushed like the s*** it is.

  11. Wside5678 June 29, 2012

    Is she gonna sell this one for 99cents too?

  12. monstarebel June 29, 2012

    if its anything like born this way she can just kiss her career goodbye!! She neeeds to come hard enough of this dark retarded music that no one can relate but your depressed gay teen fans smh GET YOUR S*** TOGETHER GAGA!

  13. Vandrea June 29, 2012

    Whatever she does, I’ll pass on it. Not a fan.

  14. JER June 29, 2012

  15. 9 June 29, 2012

    The fame 2.0. No more btw sounds please gaga

  16. Absolved June 29, 2012

    If Gaga was as big as her fans think she is, she would be doing Adele numbers. Neither The Fame or BTW are anywhere near Diamond and her next one will probably sell even less. People are sick of her and her cartoonishness.

    • francescoxoxo June 29, 2012

      Get your facts straight… The Fame is diamond. Take a seat.

      • MonsterDNA June 30, 2012

        ‘The Fame (Monster)’ is diamond worldwide and in France, but not in the U.S. She has sold 6M of ‘The Fame’ + TFM in this country so far.

    • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

      Umm so that means beyonce isn’t as big as adele is and she is more talented and legendary than gaga and adele. Not because of numbers. Get your logic straight, hun.

      Since when was gaga cartoon? I think you mean Nicki Minaj!

  17. the real xoxo June 29, 2012

    i want a more soulful, acoustic sound. no overprocessed BTW esque b******* that we all know she will make. she has a voice and piano skills she should show it off more! she will make more adult fans.

  18. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 29, 2012

    Don´t want her to go back to the Fame. People please!!!
    She needs to do something different from Born This Way too. It was her best but a part 2 it´s not needed. I suppose she´ll do what she feels inside since she is a songwriter so no matter what we all think or say. The only thing they may try is to make a lighter album this time, only for the change and for searching bigger audiences, but she´ll definitely do what she feels
    For people still complaining, you wish your fav could sell 600,000-700,000 first week at full price and one million more around the globe in the state the music industry is in. Even teen sensations of the moment flop nowadays. Only people I can think about without flopping are Alicia Keys… and… I don´t know. And it´s probably coming to her too (and I love her new song). Usher,he always did big numbers in the past. Music industry is f***** up and Gaga´s numbers last year were really good. Adele was a beautiful exception.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 29, 2012

        Mariah looking gorgeous!
        No I´m not that serious but I don´t comment as much as some of you on this blog so when I do it I tend to put biches in their place. People like u are funny and I know how you love art at the same time so it´s good, but there are several retarded kids on here who really thing Gaga is a hateable person cos they satn for Beyonce and rihanna. I just can´t with that 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        Your so sweet John, B**** Please! haha i love Mariah the b****.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

      RElax dahhhhhhling *in MC’s Voice*

      the fame will always be ppl’s gaga’s best album. plain and simple.

      TFM is her best artistry wise tho.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        No Pop, The Fame Monster has some mistake like Telephone, Monster and Alejandro, Born This Way is perfect.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 29, 2012

        Absolutely. Those are the 3 songs that doesn´t allow TFM to be totally great. I think BTW is great. Her best

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012


      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 29, 2012

        HA HA HA !!

        so can we count the mistakes in “BTW” ?!!

        shall we B****** ?!

        anyway :

        The fame > TFM > BTW


  19. Gilberto June 29, 2012

    BTW era was a MESS. The huge hype saved it, if it were her debut album, she wouldn’t be who she is today. I still laugh my a$$ off when I remember her saying that ‘Born This Way’ (song) would be the anthem of this generation! This still gives me major LOLs. It wasn’t even the song of the month let alone of a whole generation. I love Gaga, her debut album is one of my favorite debut ever, but I wish she was more down to earth. Instead of saying that you recoded a master piece, let the public say that you recorded it. No one likes pretentious people.

    • virtuoso intellect June 29, 2012

      you’re so on the money with your comment, esp the part, THE HUGE HYPE SAVED IT. that is just the plain truth. its not even that the album was bad, obvious it hasnt received the mass appeal she was hoping for but if u look at the way the singles performed, BTW obviously was the biggest benefactor of the hype and the grammy performance, judas fed off the btw hype, debuted high and fell off sharply, edge of glory was ushered only a few weeks after the release of judas so its still benefited from the hype of BTW. that’s 3 singles out before the album. You and i was struggling too but the VMA performance propelled it into the top 10. marry the night was performed and promoted so many times, more promo for a 5th single than some do for their 1st singles but there just was no saving that song. in spite of it all, not even BTW was as successful as poker face, just dance, bad romance. In retrospect the promo and commercial success of the born this way era do not balance out at all.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        Born This Way is Gaga best album, you don’t know what good Music is.

      • virtuoso intellect June 29, 2012

        i wasnt talking about the music. U should read before reacting.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 29, 2012

        What? You have the nerve to talk about Born This Way singles impact on the charts? Let´s see
        One #1 for 6 weeks
        Another 3 more top 10 singles. If I remember correctly Edge of Glory was #3 and stayed on the top 10 for long. And “YOU and I” performed way better than I expected knowing what type of song it is. Don´t try the Beyonce´s singles weren´t what is current cos “You and I” is not the typical song one would expect to chart in the top10 nowadays at all
        So Gaga´s 4 top 10s and Beyonce´s none. Try harder next time

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 29, 2012

        I knew u’d make this about Beyonce. I guess i have to stifle my initiative now bcus of how 4 turned out. If u wanna compare BTW to 4 thats all well n good. Make a comment about that but dont respond to my comment if u cant stay on track. Period

    • JER June 29, 2012

      Says the BeYAWNce stan. You just pressed the hype for your fave didn’t pan out. How many singles and videos were released for Un4tnate? Oh i’m sorry, I forgot. They weren’t singles, they were all “promos”

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 29, 2012

        Im a fan of Gaga’s. I dont think i was being malicious in anyway so i dont know whereu are getting “pressed” from. In any case, you need to get over this childish mentality of yours, it makes you look like a cretin. Everything is not about Beyonce.

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        Everything is not about Beyonce.

        Finally! you got it.

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 29, 2012

        Lol i should be saying it alot more cus u Bey haters are more obsessed with her than I am. I was commenting on topic yet Beyonce was all the comeback these clowns could come up with. Yes im a Beyonce fan but im also a music enthusiast besides 4 era does not define Beyonce’s entire career. Its just 1 album. Its gonna be one of those critically-acclaimed works we look back on and appreciate for critical acclaim despite lacklustre sales like Madonna’s American life

      • Suicide Blonde June 29, 2012

        No———Madonna’s “American life” is a masterpiece, “4” is not.

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 29, 2012

        You are entitled to your opinion. I think 4 is a classic.

      • JER June 29, 2012

        Ho you have BeYAWNce in your pic and talk s*** like ALL the BEY-sides and yet oh nobody has any right to say s*** about your 4lop fave? So you BEYSIC harpies can talk s*** about every female in the game but OH OH nobody HEAVEN FORBID say one thing about BIONCI. GURL BYE

    • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

      I enjoyed the fame monster more. I think people liked the fame because it was simple pop music since gwen stefani left the scene and stopped giving us that spunk.

      @Jer it’s not that you can’t say nothing about beyonce but you don’t know how to shade the right way without getting called out on. And besides that you can’t talk when you stan for someone so basic like rihanna. Hypocritical much? Haha.

  20. Benron June 29, 2012

    I dislike both Beyonce and Adele. but even so, I hate to see Gaga compared to them because she should not be. She should be compared to Rihanna or Justin Beiber not Beyonce.

    Behind all the crazyness and costumes Gaga is nothing but a stunt, she has nothing to offer. Notice Beyonce “Sasha fierce” and fake pregancy were STUNTS, BUT she isn’t always like that. When Is Gaga’s stunt ending?

    • virtuoso intellect June 29, 2012

      just shut up rhitard. the last thing we need is a rihanna fan judging other artists

      • Benron June 29, 2012

        At least Rihanna can act, gets played on the radio and is breaking records. The only thing Beyonce broke was her prosthetic!

    • YouDoRealize… June 29, 2012

      Hun bun she didn’t fake her pregnancy. Sasha Fierce was a good album especially in choice of singles and promo. Bey could stand still w/ no mic, no lights and rip Gaga to shreds. Even when she plays piano she has a hat made of hair on and she’s acting a DAMN FOOL. They r friends so I won’t pin them against each other. Gaga stunts always like u said.

    • Gilberto June 29, 2012

      At least, Beyoncé can get #1 albums. At least, Beyoncé doesn’t have her name on Battleshit’s cast which is the biggest failure of the year and one of all time. Oops! Oh! Didn’t Talk That Flop flop? Did you forget? It isn’t even Platinum. She released the most generic dance s*** and nothing saved her album. Pathetic! She’s about to release another generic album because she’s afraid that her 15 minutes of fame is over.

      • Benron June 29, 2012

        It isn’t generic just because it is mainstream, Bey fans think that everyone else is generic when R&B is the most generic thing out there. AT LEAST RIHANNA WASNT NOMINATED FOR WORST ACTRESS OF 2009 (OR ANYOTHER YEAR)

      • Gilberto June 30, 2012

        First of all, Beyoncé’s a singer before being a actress. Don’t 16 Grammys on her shelves say a lot to you? Second of all, even major professional actors and actresses have been nominated for Raspberry Awards, including Oscar’s winners/nominaees like Sandra Bullock (she won Oscar for Best Actress and a Raspberry for Worst Actress), Al Pacino (he won an Oscar for Best Actor and a Raspberry for Worst Actor), John Travolta, Eddie Murphy, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Jim Carrey, Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, Ashton Kutcher, Halle Berry, Bill Cosby, etc. See? Only someone completly retarted as you would take Raspberry seriously. If Oscar winners can be nominated for Raspberry, so why can’t Beyoncé? LOL.
        It just shows how desperate you are. You don’t have no weapons to battle against Beyoncé’s army. You can’t say she can’t sing, dance or perform. You can’t say she isn’t praized by critcs. You can’t say that she have a successful career as a solo artist and as a lead member of a group.
        Sorry, I’m tired of draggin’ your a$$. Life already makes your life unbearable, I won’t be the one who will make it even harder.
        P.S. At least, Beyoncé’s name isn’t written in the books of cinema’s history as a star of one of the most unsuccessful movies of all time (aka Battleshit).
        P.S.2. At least, Obsessed went #1. Ooooooops!

  21. Es June 29, 2012

    Btw I’m so sick of people saying for her to stop with the stunts and stuff. Those so called ‘stunts’ are a part of her act. She’s a theatrical performer. So if u don’t like it. Don’t listen to her anymore and keep it moving.but you wish your fave had the balls to do the stuff that she does.

    • Absolved June 29, 2012

      No, I don’t wish my fave was a clown like her. Gaga looks and acts like weirdo and a crackhead. If any of my faves pulled any of her stunts, I’d be ready to “unfave” them for it.

      • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

        That’s part of who she is as an artist. Art is expressed in many ways. And if you knew anything, she’s inspired from FASHION. So you might as well call their world a freakshow as well.

  22. Just terrible June 29, 2012

    Gaga is not getting my 99¢ for her cheap music. Nope. Send that creature feature back to the zoo.

  23. john June 29, 2012

    I hope you know that lady gaga born this way. Out sold four by bey. Born this way sold 5.5 million. 4 sold 2 million

    • Joya June 29, 2012

      I hope you know that I don’t care. Gaga is still wack.

    • Gilberto June 29, 2012

      At least, Beyoncé wasn’t desperate to sell her album for a few cents like Gaga and her flopped album. Oooooooooooops!
      P.S. 4 sold 2.7 million.
      P.S.2. Beyoncé is on the game for 15 years; Lady Gaga, barely for 4 and she’s already flopping. LOL.
      P.S.3. Gaga is a Chinese version of Madonna.

  24. ADC143 June 29, 2012

    If Lady Gaga was on fire, I wouldn’t even pee on her. Can’t stand her with every fiber of my being. I hate that b**** with a thousand hot suns.

  25. stony June 29, 2012


  26. Remey June 29, 2012

    This is going to be a difficult era for Gaga. She is in a position where she CANNOT repeat her older sounds. She risks being labeled the antithesis of everything she built herself around: creative, original, and fresh.

    This album needs to set a new sound and record standard. Born This Way fared well commercially, but only for a couple of months. It was a case of talent vs management. The album could have struck gold, but singles were not chosen correctly. Not to mention, she tried hard to make every visual a cinematic event. Not every video has to be a Thriller Gaga!

    What this new album should sound like is unknown….it just needs to sounds like nothing we have seen before. She won’t have any heavy hitters to compete with once this project releases (which will only boost her credentials). However, silent threats like Ke$sha might make her work harder for her sales.

    • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

      yes. I agree. It shouldn’t sound like an awkward unknown though. A freshing one tho.

  27. JFREEEEEEEEEEE June 29, 2012

    Im sorry but Gaga is just getting plain BORING! She’s just getting even more predictable as time goes by! It really doesn’t matter how many albums Gaga sold bottom line in todays market sales are not necessarily based on talent but instead your fan base and social media standings! Gaga does a lot of hyping up with her fans and obviously it works… but thats why i like Beyonce… She doesn’t need social media to define her.. her voice does! Music has honestly lost its value it really isn’t that hard to get a number one! Just say a couple words here and there… put a dance break in the middle and THERE YOU HAVE A HIT!!! Thats the problem.. IF ARTIST LIKE GAGA and RIHANNA were introduced into the music industry 10 years ago they would not be nearly as successful! Im not saying they don’t have talent I’m just saying true talents are being overlooked by artist that don’t have a fraction of their talent!

  28. Mariah4Life June 29, 2012

    Don’t like her. Her music is terrible and she’s a circus freak.

  29. Alison June 29, 2012

    I am a lady gaga fan but I have to say BTW was deff not a hit album. If she wants to stay relevant she needs drop the BTW b******* and go back to her original sound like The Fame/fame monster… No one had heard pop music like that and she wasn’t trying too hard to be different like she is now. She needs to make songs similar to poker face dance in the dark starstruck paper gangsta & take a few things from heavy metal lover & bloody Mary. With that being said this new album will either flop or be her greatest album yet if she takes what she’s learned with BTW and stick with he roots like the fame

  30. Benron June 29, 2012

    Why are beystans always calling others flops, Katy RihBEAUTIFULANDTALENTEDanna, even Lady Gaga are doing better Than Bey.

    Bey’s era had no hit singles, a wave of promo, no sucsessful tour (other than that revel thing that was like 5 dates.) and her album is barely breathing. The only reason she is still somewhat relevant is because these “Urban blogger” queens go crazy for her still. She is the definition of a hyped up flop. What good came from the “un4tunate 4 me My album is going to be 4closed.” era. Platinum in 6 months after all that promo. Wow, you give her an inch and she just goes…. and inch…

    • B. Hill June 30, 2012

      Clearly it makes you mad, so I’m gonna keep on doing it.

      It took Katy almost 2 years to go double platinum and she gimmicked all her songs to #1.

      Rihanna is a anything but beautiful, and only exists because of more talented and savvy people behind the scenes pulling her untalented strings. Plus her forehead is enough to stop cars; big enough to be a freeway on ramp. TTT sold a LAUGHABLE 197k during Black Friday week of all weeks! LOL!!!!!!!!

      And Gaga is just a clown and a weirdo who is a total Madonna copycat & wannabe. She’ll never live down the 99cent thing. Never. But then again, this is the same freakshow that wears meat for clothes, so clearly she’s too kookoo to know any better.

      Bey went platinum a MONTH after 4 was released. Nope, she didn’t have any big hits….but STILL debuted at #1 (something the Forehead still hasn’t been able to do after 6 albums), stayed there for 2 weeks, was in the top 10 for 2 months straight and her album still sold over a million copies. Foreheadanna had a huge hit that was featured on an album that was released during the busiest music shopping week of the year and not only debuted with shitty opening week #’s, but couldn’t top the chart and now 7+ months later her album STILL hasn’t sold a million copies. LMAO! That’s a FLOP…and you’re a flop for liking her. Rita is her replacement.

      Oh, are you mad? Well you should be! 😉

      • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

        I agreed with you til you shaded Gaga. *sideye*

  31. @_Learik_ June 30, 2012

    For Gaga’s next album she should tone everything down with a modern mix of r&b and pop. Doing this she can take time to showcase her voice wile expressing emotions that she tries so desperately to depict in her current genres of music. To kick all of this off, the single should have a feature which is something we don’t see Gaga doing often, perhaps with J.cole or Kendrick Lamar, someone who is a true lyricist. The title of the album should be “Stephanie”

    • MRDIVABITCH July 3, 2012

      R&B is just not that popular world wide as you may think. Dance music is way more popular globally.

  32. afolabi June 30, 2012

    Ill start by saying that first of all, I loved BTW and I’m an African heterosexual but nobody who heard that album would not say that it was wonderully crafted (I state my status to dispell the steriotype and roumors that the album alianated the urban audiences) granted, it did not have urban influences but pop trancends all that.
    I will agree that the overexposure killed her stint because by all standards, the world should still be stuck on BTW and that is not the case (even with a grand ass tour)
    My advise for the next album is less is more! The sound will eventually evolve so no advise there cause Gaga is a universal song genus but I will say that in promoting the record, gaga has to tone down the over the top _everything! And do yall notice that she has been doing that already, looking clean cut and classic. The whole demonic thing is tired, she has to show her status and pay more attention to the sound and where she wants to go with it this time around cause all the tacts for BTW grew old fast and affected nagatively, the profound quality of the total record (wich is a ground braking album btw). If Gaga goes “less is more” she will get the acclaim she truely diserves (look at how she was shoned at the last grammys, that should not be) love ya gaga xx

    • PRETTIGURLROCKD June 30, 2012

      Im kinda pissed becuz the album was too european electro even some songs were rly good. But it’s like she said f*** the blacks and urban listeners. This album only gonna be for those snobby europop listeners. Even tho I know she’s not racist…

  33. mr.m June 30, 2012

    Believe me she will FLOPPPP HARD!!!
    BTW sold 1.1 million in 1 week + another ! million in a FULL year
    ALL her success in based on HYPE ..
    once the hype done , we can say BYE to Mr. Rat-Face

  34. Facts July 1, 2012

    It’s very simple.

    People idolize artists that resemble them in some way.

    If you are trashy, messy and weird, you will idolize Britney.

    If you are an ugly, deformed lunatic and a wannabe, you idolize Lady Caca.

    If you are smart or talented and beautiful, you idolize Christina Maria Aguilera.

    Period, point blank, bottom line.

    Christina Aguilera is the best. And you can stay mad because Christina doesn’t need awards, hits on the charts or any of your useless validation and approval. Stay jealous and mad at the best, most talented pop star with the best discography : Christina Aguilera!

  35. Stefani the Germ Gag July 1, 2012

    Of course Lady Caca has so many Twitter followers. Lady Caca herself follows 4536879384673945674567495674596348 people!!!!!!

    LOL Of course the fools and idiots will follow her back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The truth is that More and more people are starting to see what a piece of sh*t Lady Caca really is. The Twitter followers mean absolutely nothing.

  36. Lady Caca is a bootleg fake artist July 1, 2012

    Lady Caca is a bootleg.

    Anyone that buys bootleg products should be ashamed of themselves.

    Lady Caca is fake bullsh*t. She is a newbie and a wannabe. A sh*tty useless overrated clown.

    Lady Caca and her brainless monsters can get the f** out with all their mess.

  37. MRDIVABITCH July 3, 2012

    Christina Aguilera’s “Glam”? Are you f*****’ kidding me? that’s a throw-away song, a B-side at best.

    What Gaga needs is more immediate pop with great hooks, and truly to dumb down the music somewhat, as her music is too epic for most basic b****** to comprehend.

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