Teaser: Oprah Interviews Paris Jackson…Again

Published: Wednesday 6th Jun 2012 by TGJ

Continuing her bizarre fascination with the Jackson family, Oprah Winfrey has landed a sit-down interview with the King of Pop’s daughter Paris Jackson. The 14 year old reportedly opens up about coping with the loss of her dad and her career ambitions.

Set to air this Sunday, there’s a certain irony that it’ll feature on Oprah’s Next Chapter. For, it seems the former talk show host can’t move on from the one she’s been stuck on for 3 years – Michael Jackson. A man she wasn’t the most endorsing of in life. Yet, in death, is adamant on hyper-embracing everyone around him – some three years after his passing.

Needless to say, it’s doubtful this is anything more than a cheap stunt to spike ratings for Winfrey’s struggling TV channel, OWN. A channel she admits hasn’t had to the best start.


Granted we’re admitted hypocrites (in that, much like everyone else, we will be watching this), this further highlights a side to Ms. Winfrey that isn’t as warm. Why not leave the girl to enjoy her childhood – regardless of whether or not it was Oprah or Team Jackson who pitched the feature? Surely, O’s “enlightened” state would know that to be the best cause of action for girl who ultimately needs to develop out of the spotlight before stepping into it – given her lineage. Sigh…

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  1. Ugh June 6, 2012

    What a pathetic excuse for a human being. I can’t believe the Jacksons allowed this knowing very well that Oprah did not like MJ. Hopefully Paris would come to find out that Oprah did not like her father and accused him of child molestation an accusation that up until this day has never been proven. I swear the Jackson act as retards something. I’m so sorry MJ didn’t leave Rebbie or Janet in charge of those kids. He is rolling in his mohterfucking grave. Oprah is a opportunist, a hypocrite and a user. Why don’t she go interview her damn dogs.

  2. Ugh June 6, 2012

    Omg she’s f****** fake. why is she touching Paris. OMG i’m so upset.

  3. BEEyonced June 6, 2012

    Co-Signing first reply by Ugh.

    Why she ain’t tellin’ her OWN damn business like her lesbian problem with Gayle’ instead of opportunizing on others.
    This is a little teen girl in a glamour world. And she ain’t immune to it like any other teenie else. Same age friends do the rest. Stanning on Chris Brown LIKE WTSERIOUSF?!?!??
    Family should protect her stronger, but then again how bad you wanna forbid her smth and be all strict and hard on her, if she lost her major influence and only parent at such young age?
    Besides Katherine and Joe are to worn out by it all. They haven’t been strict at all to any grandkid for some 20 yrs plus by now. EVERYTHING SUCKS since 25.06.2009. Everything. 8….(

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