Will You Be Buying: Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’?

Published: Tuesday 3rd Jul 2012 by Sam

Today marks the global release of Chris Brown‘s fifth studio album ‘Fortune’.

Preceded by a slew of singles and, of course, drama (see: Drake, Twitter, and the like), all eyes are on the ‘Strip’ led set to see how it fares.

And while its lead-in buzz seems strong, we – as ever – are keen to plough through the smoke and see what folk really think. As such, we want to know…

Will you be buying Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’?

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  1. Zsolt July 3, 2012

    I got my copy from the UK.I have the double disc version and I like it more than I did FAME.

  2. robyn July 3, 2012

    Def will purchase a copy, both from ITUNES and a hard copy.

    • Viciousss July 3, 2012

      Out of curiosity why both?

      • robyn July 3, 2012

        Itunes, for my Ipod and computer, the hard copy because I like owning the hard copy of CD’s of artist that I support. Usually there is some intereting info on the inside cover and I actually just like owning them. Thats it really.

      • Viciousss July 3, 2012

        That’s cool, I can get enjoying the album artwork.

    • Mob July 3, 2012

      Yes, I too have ordered one for my iPHONE and one or my rRIDE! They are both applauding loudly!! 🙂


      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) July 4, 2012

        you all know that sometimes you can have a Digital Booklet “contain the credits , pics , etc … ” when you purchase an album from iTunes ?!!

        this time , he made it in the form of LP , don’t know if you know about it , but the LP is always something interactive , you will have the pics , lyrics , credits and sometimes LP contain videos and BTS type of stuffs.

      • robin July 4, 2012

        @pop royalty
        Thanks, but also will give the hard copy to my grandmother. She is old school and has to have th store bought copy. I know……

  3. NATURALBEAUTY July 3, 2012

    I was gonna buy but the ratings were horrible. I have never seen such horrible ratings for an album. They gave him a C- & 2 out of 5 stars, & that’s almost every reputable music source. From the snippets I heard the album wasn’t too bad to be honest.

    • I AM NOXEEMA JACKSON July 3, 2012

      No shade..but am I the only one who’s wondering why Fortune isn’t at least trending on Twitter? That fuckass “beef record” was trending all day within minutes of being released, but I haven’t heard not one peep about this album release besides CB’s twitter and here..ijs

      • Viciousss July 3, 2012

        People ain’t checking for Chris outside of his drama, that’s always a problem with letting yourself get wrapped up in stupid s***.

        People stop giving f**** about you as a entertainer and only care when you’re doing crazy crap.

        He needs to get himself in check.

      • CBE July 3, 2012

        Thats because you are a blind b****, which twitter did you go on? IT WAS TRENDING LIKE A MOTHERFUCKA lol!

        Damn teambreezy even made it trend a month ago with a release date.

    • darren July 3, 2012


      I seen one review on here Now can you show me the one you said was horrible and the rating was a C – 2 out of 5 stars. Please post the link. Looking at your avatar I know you are one of Chris haters.

    • Mob July 3, 2012

      And what does that have to do with you? I could care less what someonE else has to say. We all know he media is against Chris Brown, so WHAT’S NEW? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Queen BritBrit July 3, 2012


  5. Kane July 3, 2012

    No, Definately not.

    • darren July 3, 2012


  6. the real xoxo July 3, 2012

    i downloaded the leak and deleted it a couple days later. its not as good as FAME was, too much autotune, laughable lyrics and nothing i havent heard before. im saving my money for frank oceans cd in less than 2 weeks

    • Jessica July 3, 2012

      I downloaded the leak and was not impressed, its the same s*** he does all the time. Frank Ocean’s album is gonna be good

      • Chile Please!! July 3, 2012

        Link please for the free download???? Thanks in advance.

      • darren July 3, 2012

        @Jessica You are not a fan and you don’t like Chris. So why would you use your engery to download someone you hate even if it was for free. But it’s nice to see that you will give Frank Ocean a play and don’t be like the others who said that they would not buy his music because he’s singing it to a dude.

    • darren July 3, 2012

      Lies you did no such thing. Now that’s funny s***. you download it for free then deleted it. So all that proves to me is that you like Chris on the downlow because if I did not like someone I would not have download their album for free. I don’t care for certain artists but I will not download s*** even if it was for free. So @Real XOXO you don’t like Chris so why would you even bothered to download even for free.

      • the real xoxo July 3, 2012

        i liked FAME and i wanted to know what the hype was about. its not MY fault misfortune is terrible.

      • Uhh Okaii July 3, 2012

        even if people dont like the artist..they can still like the music..damn fall back idk why you’re so pressed

  7. @_Blacula July 3, 2012

    Of course! Chris Brown is the best.

  8. Tbozfan10 July 3, 2012

    Nah. I’ve never bought an album of his before and doubt I will start now. None of the singles I’ve heard were anything special.

    • GTFOH July 3, 2012

      I just finished re-watching the sad story about how broke TBoz is! Damn she needs to make another CD or oin another group ASAP!

  9. BCinKS July 3, 2012

    Yea, Chris Brown uses a LOT of autotune, BUT…it’s pretty tame on his slow cuts. The biggest problem I have is the same I have with Usher’s album is that most of the R&B-ish songs are about s**. Some of the songs are quite explicit, too. That said, it’s a decent album. I’d say if you can find it on sale, cop it.

    • DA REAL BOSS B**** July 3, 2012

      Shut the F*** up, tell ya momma to cop it, wit her wet greasy p****…

      • I AM NOXEEMA JACKSON July 3, 2012


      • HeavyHeavy July 3, 2012

        ^^^ Same expression

    • josh July 3, 2012

      Lil Wayne, Drake,Trey,R. Kelly, Nicki, Chris, Rihanna my homie Frankie Kanye and the list goes on sing about s**. Cut the bull because we all know that s** sells.

      I bought all the above so now the homie Frankie

      • mob July 3, 2012


  10. Auntie_Jackie July 3, 2012

    Not as good as Fame, unfortunately, but still a solid album. I’ll be buying.

  11. ZANIA July 3, 2012

    I already bought 4 copies. the album is good, I will not go by critics, all of them mention his personal life, which has nothing to do with the album. The critics ripped apart FAME, which I personally think is his best album, and it won a Grammy, so I can care less what the critics are saying. I will judge for myself.

    • Speechless July 3, 2012

      Why would you buy 4 copies of the same thing??

      • ZANIA July 3, 2012

        Because I buy it for family members who can’t afford to buy his CD but love CB. I have a job, I can afford it.

      • ZANIA July 3, 2012

        I made sure I bought each CD separately to get credit for his sales.

      • I AM NOXEEMA JACKSON July 3, 2012

        Lol I guess she wanted to help with the sales..

    • Plain & Simple July 3, 2012

      I also bought copies for my family members down south who don’t have a job or lost their job. I’m doing very well for myself so buying a few copies for my family member is how my family roll.

    • mob July 3, 2012

      Thank you! What’s new about the critics not liking Chris Brown and trying to justify not supporting his work by using the past? We all know the scheme, THEY WANT HIM TO FAIL AT ALL COST! He is a threat! He doesn’t wait on them to tell him when he can make music, he simply does what he wants and his FANS love it!

      F*CK A CRITIC! 🙁

  12. robyn July 3, 2012

    Just wondering if those of you that are awaiting Frank Oceans album plan on downloading it if leaks as well? How exactly do we expect record labels to continue to support artist and for artist to provide music and perfect their craft if we co-sign downloading music illegally?

    • Speechless July 3, 2012

      im BUYING frank’s album no question about it.

      • josh July 3, 2012

        I’m gay so I will be buying Frank Oceans. Got to look out the the homie. Sometimes when I listen to what Franks sings or whom he writes for it seem like he writing it for me and all the gay boys/men like me.

        These b****** will download anything that leaks. Rihanna, Bey, Jay, Kanye, Meek, Trey, Usher and my homie Frank. so that bull about downloading Chris album is full of s***. You download one leak album you do them all

    • the real xoxo July 3, 2012

      im definitely downloading the leak, and if its decent ill buy it on itunes.

      • josh July 3, 2012

        continue – You see these broke b****** will download Frankie album also. So all you Chris fans don’t fall for that s***. LMAO they hate him but they can download his leak album. Gawl pleaseeeeee

    • mob July 3, 2012

      THANK YOU!

      People get caught up in media generated bullsh** while this same entity places WHOEVER THEY WANT AT THE TOP OF EVERYTHING & EVERYONE!

      I like Adele but she’s doing no more than singing SOUL MUSIC! When Soul Artists (Jill Scott, Ledis, Monica & even Beyonce) sing Soul Music the same entity (PTB) seem unwilling to provide the same level or effort and support! Purchase an artists CD or there will only be the MEDIA/INDUSTRY/POWERs THAT BE hand selected few left in the industry to listen to like them or not!

  13. Christian July 3, 2012

    I usually like Chris music but this album is just NOT it. I only like “Bassline” and “Tell Somebody”. Hell I like his non-album songs better then the ones on his album. smdh

  14. JER July 3, 2012

    HAIL NO. Not getting my coins. I’m holding out for Mariah’s new album and I know Rihannas ass gon have a new one and she needs all the first week coins i can give.

    • robyn July 3, 2012

      Same here,

      • robyn July 3, 2012

        ***correction*** same here regarding Mariah and Rih work but I am def copping CB work as well

      • JER July 3, 2012

        i know that’s right

  15. Yagz July 3, 2012

    i was gonna buy it but seeing the rating makes me not wanna get it

    • josh July 3, 2012

      Honey you was not buying it anyway lol. Since when did rating turn you away from buying someone album. Rihanna got bad reviews on TTT but I still purchased it. You hate Chris bottom line.

      • robyn July 3, 2012

        I also purchased TTT, while I didn’t particularly care for it at first, it grew on me and now its on daily rotation. I think its the long run that counts. Ratings are BS and Personal Bias, make up your own mind. If you like it buy it if you don’t then keep it moving. Never let anyone else make that judgment for you.

      • Benron July 3, 2012

        Untrue Josh, Rihanan got an average of 64/100 which is generaaly postive, I think chris got a 38!

  16. ENOUGH ONIKA July 3, 2012

    This is so TYPICAL! The pattern of these TGJ readers is to hype up an album every time it’s on the promo trail then as soon as the sh*t comes out, 95% of ya’ll off the band wagon you created. Wf is that sh*t?? I swear, fans don’t exist anymore, at least the important ones (i.e. ones that BUY the music).. Kelly I’m sorry but I have a feeling they’re gonna do the same to you so don’t fall for these false hypes on TGJ (if you read this sh*t that is).

    • josh July 3, 2012

      Oh this site hates Rihanna my fave also. Notice TGJ always post s*** like this on Rihanna & Chris post so the haters can bring in the hits. But you notice little Miss Kelly R. gets all the hype so her album can sell.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA July 3, 2012

        Absolutely! Samantha is one shady a*s queen who uses Rihanna’s name in every Rita post and Beyonce’s in Rihanna’s, just for dumb*ss stan wars OVER THE SAME SH*T!! If I had a penny for every time I read “Beyonce snatches your favs wig” I could buy this country in change…

  17. TERRY July 3, 2012


      • mob July 3, 2012

        LOL huffington post is a WHITE RACIST FEMINAZI RAG! They NEVER SAY ANYHING POSITIVE ABOUT CHRIS BROWN! Why would today be any different?

        The ppl that read that site are OLD WHITE RACISTS. Since when does the KKK purchase or support music by BLACK PEOPLE?

    • mob July 3, 2012

      Thank you!

      It’s funny how easily WEAK MINDS ARE PERSUADED! The same ppl in the media say the same thing all the time. These sies LOVED JUSTIN BIEBER’S CD though…LOL! Go figure these same ppl claimed his music was no BUBBLE GUM but mature and worth enjoying!!


  18. CBE July 3, 2012


    is it like 5+ people on here? your 5 copies wont do s***, we dont care now get off Chris browns post you have no business here and by the way I got a Deluxe and it is number 1 in US,Canada, UK itunes…waiting for Australians to buy July 6.

    • darren July 3, 2012

      I believe FORTUNE is #1 in the Neverlands & Japan if I’m not mistaken. Also people are buying F.A.M.E & FORTUNE together. @CBE don’t worry about these bunch of loosers because it’s not about Chris album but their hate for him.

      • Uhh Okaii July 3, 2012

        u mean netherlands

      • mob July 3, 2012

        They are a bunch of hating ass losers…LOL 🙂

        I can’ tbelieve someone said it’s not trending when this damn CD has trended so many times over the past several weeks! TeamBreezy is out purchasin and enjoying FORTUNE……I KNOW I AM!

        Great job Chris….I LOVE IT!!

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 3, 2012


    Not a member of TeamBreezy, but his album is great. I don’t care if you’re a fan, a hater or something in between. Give credit where it’s due 😉

    • mob July 3, 2012

      WELL SAID!!

  20. truth July 3, 2012

    the album is disappointing. not as good as FAME

    • darren July 3, 2012

      Sorry this album is much better that FAME. With FORTUNE it shows how much Chris has grown. So if you really listened to it you would have said the same that others are saying. Also FORTUNE is doing very well overseas & in the US. So you people can be disappointed or hate Chris which is the main reason your are disappointed because of your hate for Chris.

      • truth July 3, 2012

        oh my god, am i not allowed to express an opinion? I am not “hating” on anyone im just stating my opinion i didnt like it as much as fame. get off his d*** boy.

      • josh July 3, 2012


        How big is your d*** honey? winnie LMAO

  21. Viciousss July 3, 2012

    Nah, all his music has been sounding recycled lately. I heard a block of his songs on the radio and was surprised off so many different albums so many songs sounded the same.

    I’ll wait and see but I have a feeling he’s not gonna come out with anything that sounds like a real evolution.

  22. Elijiah Hiroshi July 3, 2012

    I’m sorry I usually LOVE chris’s Albums but this one is not sticking out for me. I got my copy and it seems very forced and the music is just horrible not like FAME, EXCLUSIVE etc… Simply this s*** dont sound like him.

    • josh July 3, 2012


  23. Brandon Likewhoa Gilliam July 3, 2012

    This album is pretty good. I’d be disappointed if it sounded just like F.A.M.E. or any other album he has. He has a good balance or R&B, Pop, and some kiddy stuff for you adults stuck on the 3rd grade level. I got two copies.

  24. Yagz July 3, 2012

    to be honest FAME was his best album up to date, after reading the review for fortune i was kinda worried not wasting my money so i decided to download the leak for this album before actually getting it but this one i dnt know i only love Don’t stop the music, Dont wake me up and Bassline thats it really nothing special and for the record i think music industry is falling apart these days

    • josh July 3, 2012

      LMFAO at another leak downloader. I bet you download everyone’s album for free. Broke b****** to have the nerve and say you download it for free lol. Well Rihanna, Beyonce, Chris & the homie Frank will always get my dollars even if some of the songs I don’t like. Because we all know we are not going to like all the songs on an album anyway. Well got to go my man is hungry.

      • Yagz July 3, 2012

        The country i come from dnt have itunes so stfu

      • Uhh Okaii July 3, 2012

        a lot of these “broke b******” have jobs…why waste hard earned money on b*******…if the album is good..then they’ll go buy their copy…pressed ass people like u..r lame no wonder people dont regret downloading s***

    • truth July 4, 2012

      why should people spend their money on rubbish music? only albums im buying this year are nas, frank ocean and lady gaga if she releases one.nothing wrong with downloading leaks, especially for artists who dont put much effort into their music

      • Yagz July 4, 2012

        i agree with ya truth 🙂

  25. IOTA July 3, 2012

    It just sounds like the leftovers from FAME plus a few new pop records…

  26. Behive July 3, 2012

    I’ve got ur ur late same

  27. mob July 3, 2012

    Wow, there are too many haters on this site for me! FORUNE IS A GREAT CD! I love that it’s complete and shows growth in Chris while still showing him having fun and being young and playful!


  28. the real xoxo July 4, 2012

    why are these 14 year old team sleazy b****** getting at people who download leaks?
    I always download leaks, and i buy albums from certain artists.
    I felt NO regret downloading #autotunejuly3rd because he pushed it back 2 f****** months!

    • robyn July 4, 2012

      Because its a form of stealing whether you realize it or not. Not just speaking on CB music I am talking about artist in general. If you feel no regret dowloading music illagally thats on you however don’t call us b****** because we don’t co-sign theft.

      • Big Red July 6, 2012

        I would feel no sympathy for @The RealXOXO if he/she/it got robbed since stealing is okay! Lets see how much this fool would enjoy that!

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