Hot Shot: Ciara Says ‘Sorry’ With New Rehearsal Pic

Published: Wednesday 22nd Aug 2012 by Sam

With much ado made about the debut (or lack-thereof) of Ciara‘s new single ‘Sorry’, the singer is maintaining a suspicious silence. Verbally, that is.

For, moments ago, she shared the shot above on Twitter, writing…



Given the multiple flavours of epic ‘Living It Up’ served up, we’re uber amped for ‘Sorry’ and glad to see that plans are underway for its accompanying video. Here’s hoping it surfaces sooner rather than later.

Your thoughts?

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  1. LOURDES August 22, 2012

    I’m actually impressed by her new tracks that have leaked thus far. Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Mb92 August 22, 2012

    I wish she would’ve made it clear that she was releasing the song’s cover on 8/20 and not the song….. But Im so excited for the project the “Overdose” snippet, and “Livin’ It Up” are hits

    • ciara’s fan August 23, 2012

      i was thinking the same!(for the sorry cover)

  3. MC August 22, 2012

    It can never beat this. Lol

    • MC August 22, 2012

      This is a spoof lol of Ciara ft. Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, and Christina Aguilera singing Birthday Cake. I love it!

  4. YESIDIDBITCH….THE KING IS DEAD,AND BITCHYONCE IS Alive and a flop!! August 22, 2012

    I”m sorry but i want to slap this b**** for acting like she was actually going to release the damn song “SORRY”…..UGh b**** it better be good

    • Realshit August 28, 2012

      Wow… Really though..? The extent that haters go to just to down someone..just like beyonce..since you wana bring her up, yall can keep slippin on ciara’s paper train, and crack them necks that yall crack when ya hatin’ asses click the damn link that directs you to cHELLO…? CIARA……..!*

  5. Boss August 22, 2012


  6. An0thrDream August 22, 2012

    Epic!!!! Ciara is a snake- Shes got us mesmerized!! I’m hoping for some hot contemporary hip hip dance routine, she’s amazing

  7. coco August 22, 2012

    CiCi can do no wrong in my eyes, not while we have artists that can’t even sing nor dance!

  8. rh August 22, 2012


  9. trizzy trainwreck August 23, 2012

    So Wynter Gordon wrote livin’ it up.. So proud of her n cici’s vocals dope!

  10. Speaks Truth August 23, 2012

    Omg I cannot wait for these videos

  11. klence August 23, 2012

    regardin all the hype she’s causin herself, all the waitin n more..that song better be good n slays or she will end up like someone named brandy

  12. Crow LeNz August 23, 2012

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmn cici is looking right…… i was salty as hell when she didn’t release Sorry but the cover art I’m here for her epic slaying. cici PLEASE don’t drop the mic.

  13. MONSTAREBEL August 23, 2012

    Sorry better SLAY!! I DONT even like Ciara but I’m some what ROUTING for her!!

  14. HauteHottie August 23, 2012

    She can’t sing to save her life. So she better hit me with a 1, 2, step shuffle. . . >.>

    • ciara’s fan August 23, 2012

      b****, she can sing stfu!!!!

  15. ULLY August 23, 2012

    We Must Support Ciara’s OWA ! I want to see her on top again

  16. aishaaguilerakeys August 23, 2012

    Get it, Cici, I’m rooting for you !

  17. Lisa August 23, 2012

    So glad Ciara back so we can get some real entertainment and she give you your money worth and great videos the best dancer ever and her body is the truth!

  18. Ismyhalostraight August 23, 2012

    Bot a huge fan of hers but i am excited for this project.. Im sooo pissed that she mesled us doe. I was checkin tgj like crazy on the 20

  19. Back2Business August 23, 2012

    I feel a promise 2.0!!! Ciara needs to slay the VMAs and get her single in the top 20 then send it to radios and BOOM! She can have a top 10 hit! And also X-factor is about to come up so there go another promo scheme.

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