‘Idol’ Report: Nicki Minaj Faces Pepsi V Coke Bidding War

Published: Friday 17th Aug 2012 by David

While Nicki Minaj‘s rise may have been spawned by Hip Hop, it’s become increasingly apparent that the bread and butter of her success come from feats scored on a ‘Pop’ front.

Indeed, by way of an ever growing audience and an undeniable commercial pull, the Rapper has successfully convinced a number of brands to both partner and invest in her own cause- Pepsi and MAC being two of them.

However, if a report by the Hollywood Reporter is anything to go by, her deal with Pepsi has caused a conflict of interest between the company and ‘American Idol’ sponsors Coke.


Details below…

According to HR:

The rapper and singer, whose colorful, cartoon-like style has made her among the most successful new acts of the past three years, is at the top of the list for the open seat on season 12 of Idol.

But as the new face of Pepsi, an endorsement deal that includes commercials along with touring and album promo, Idol sponsor Coke is none too thrilled at the prospect.

The leading soda company has been an Idolpartner since season one, at a cost of $26 million per year, according to reports. The show ran into a similar problem when longtime sponsor Ford got wind of judge Jennifer Lopez’s commercial deal with Fiat.   

Basically, if the report of Minaj joining ‘Idol’ is to be believed, Coke find themselves in a dilemma if ‘Idol’ casts the new face of their biggest competitor.

Problematic, because Coke would then be fueling the star power Pepsi would depend on to make bank from the deal with the MC- and that’s the last thing they’d want.

However, following confirmation from Minaj that she was invited to join FOX’s X Factor USA, we’re not too sure why she’d decline that offer to accept another from a smaller outlet.

Especially, when it could hinder her chances of landing a  performance spot on X Factor UK, which many fans are hoping would help boost her British profile and sales of her latest LP ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded‘.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Trini_Minaj August 17, 2012

    And yet you’re here everyday, commenting. Reading the blogs, and commenting some more. I think u need to log off for a sec.

  2. hot Flash August 17, 2012

    Good for her! Get that Money girl!

    • Let It Da Fuq Go! August 17, 2012

      yeees! Nicki is dominating every avenue and thats what sets her apart from every other femcee except Queen Latifa. Business Women… Werq Nicki!

  3. MC August 17, 2012


    • MinajBoomBoom August 17, 2012

      Pressed because of Triumphlop?

      • MC August 18, 2012

        No defensive b****. You are the only one bringing Mimi here so you are the only pressed B**** here. _______/ Have a seat.

  4. miranda August 17, 2012

    Which b*tch you know has SODA COMPANIES fighting over her? Nicki Minaj! Oop! #TeamMinaj

  5. AMAZIN JALEN August 18, 2012

    Nicki stay winning!

  6. Jake August 18, 2012

    but wasn’t Jlo part of Pepsi too? or did her contract end??? :/

  7. MISHKA August 18, 2012

    No way Idol will choose yet another “urban” person . I still think Adam Lambert will make the cut.

  8. Rihanna Navy August 18, 2012

    lol i’m not gonna trip. i recognize a bad b**** when i see one and nicki is regardless of the fact that i’m not a fan of her music as of late. BUT DAMM Nicki get that money. ching ching!

  9. FAF August 18, 2012


    • FANTASEA August 19, 2012

      Umm the “f***” are her biggest fan c***

  10. Viciousss August 18, 2012

    Say what you want, this chick is making moves and money like crazy. Guess she’s aiming higher highEr on that Forbes list.

  11. Os August 18, 2012

    keep putting in that work nicki,i am proud of you sista.

  12. QueenSize August 18, 2012

    She’s gotta get that money if she’s gonna support SB.

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