Report: Britney Spears To Ink ‘Vegas Residency’ Deal

Published: Sunday 13th Jan 2013 by David

She’s the Pop icon holding records not even Adele can boast of, with a catalogue of sons just as impressive now as they were upon release.

Now, in what will undoubtedly mark another milestone in her career, Britney Spears is reportedly on the verge of inking a Celine Dion esque Vegas residency deal, worth over a reported $100 million.

Details below…

Set to cut general production costs and offer the stability that her time on the ‘X Factor USA’ offered, TMZ reports that Spears is in talks with one of the Caeser group properties to launch a Las Vegas based show- or a deal which sees her an appearance based arrangement which would see her host nightclub and party events held at the group’s hotels.

TMZ explain:

“Sources connected to the negotiations tell us … from Brit’s standpoint, “The deal is a go. There are several stipulations that could throw a monkey wrench in the deal, but it’s basically done.”

“Our sources say the money being negotiated is “astronomical” — more than Celine’s $100 mil a year.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lax January 13, 2013

    Good for Britney and this is just the Beginning of huge deals coming
    down for many of the working artist, hide and watch, and pay close
    ATTENTION to the amounts of these latest Artist and their Huge Deals.,
    will be signing.

    • YES January 13, 2013

      i dont think the show will b HUGE after reviews come in because she wont put in 100% every show…why would she? Its a job…

      You’ll be lucky if you get performances like this;

      1:40 onwards is LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. JuanR January 13, 2013

    Right now this is the best for her!
    We all miss the old Britney! But I’m tired of her new image, shows and struggles on stage… don’t know if she gonna sing live? if she gonna dance? She’s over for me…

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      Of course she’s not going to sing live…was that even a real question? She didn’t sing live in 1999, she didn’t sing live in 2011, and she didn’t sing live in any year in between.

  3. Cream January 13, 2013

    I don’t care

  4. JJFan1814 January 13, 2013

    This is phenomenal. What can the haters say? I can’t even hate. $100 f****** million……….Chiiiiile this woman was wealthy before but now, gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • irene46 January 13, 2013

      if you believe that she’s gettin’ a $100 million dollar deal then you probably believe in santa and the easter bunny!

  5. JJFan1814 January 13, 2013

    People are just interested in Britney, that’s why she’s still commercially successful unlike Xtina. Whether people say Britney is done, well…..SHE GOT 100 MILLI MUtHAFUCKAS

    • Queen Brit Brit January 13, 2013

      The Xtina shade was not needed

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        the media is definitely fulfilling a mission to keep britney’s career afloat with hype while they destroy christina’s.

        if britney (or any artist) got trashed and bullied the way christina does, their career would be in the toilet too.

      • Mark111 January 13, 2013

        @irene46, R U 4 REAL?!!!!! Let’s rewind to 2005 to 2009, they TRASHED Brit like she was nothing. The screaming pig is getting a kiss in the face compared to what the media done to Brit, but she bounced back, something a LOT OF artist couldn’t do, MJ, HW and others. I think the only one beside Britney that made it thru was Mariah.

      • irene46 January 14, 2013

        @ mark111…

        wow! this is going to take a minute. i’ll start with the mj didn’t bounce back nonsense.

        mj’s last album ‘invincible’ started out with slow sales but by 2009 had sold 13 million ww. these were measly numbers for mj but this is after two claims (imo false) of child molestation.

        750 thousand tickets for what would have been his final concert sold out in 4 hrs in london. standard seating went as high as $105 and prime seats went for over $1,000.

        if britney announced retirement could she bust ticket sales like this? don’t think so and she hasn’t even been accused of child molestation.

      • irene46 January 14, 2013

        @ mark111 contd’…

        now for the poor britney got savaged bs.

        it you call honestly reporting the crazy sh!t britney was doing which started with her padding into filthy gas station restrooms barefoot, getting married for 55 hrs, social services coming to the house to check out child endangerment, then escalating to her head shaving, pounding on a car with an umbella, backing into cars then leaving the scene, running over a paps foot, got a divorce, lost custody of her kids, was placed under a conservator and finally reporting that atrocious 2007 vma performance as being “trashed” then don’t know the meaning of “trashed”. the media reported the truth (for a change) without having to exaggerate.

        they did the same to mariah.

      • irene46 January 14, 2013

        @ mark111 part 3…

        you claimed britney was dogged from 2005-2009. wrong!!!

        after reporting that disastrous vma act which would have ended most artist’s career by the media, britney’s 2007 album ‘blackout’ sells suffered badly.

        the media and music industry cranked up the pr machine throwing britney a truckload of pity awards for things even the ‘talented britney’ hadn’t received. they started labeling her queen, a musical phenom etc. they never once shaded her for working supper clubs and praised all to hell the pathetic performances she put on.

        when her ‘circus’ album was released and she started the tour the praise was over the moon although her performances were sh!t. they patted her on the back and told the public how much she had improved from the vmas. that said a lot…right?

        now you never hear a bad word about this woman. as most expected when buzz of her being released from x factor started many knew to duck to avoid being hit by flying excuses. most media sources are playing into it (including tjg). if the constant pr campaign ever comes to a halt, it’s all over.

        christina’s a$$ was whipped and ridden from the time she released ‘keeps gettin’ better’ (that’s when they pulled the gaga card out of their butts). they went totally savage on her after ‘bionic’ and on everything she did after that including lying that her movie was a flop (it’s no avatar but it wasn’t a flop). they completely ignored anything positive the woman did. if she didn’t get negative publicity she got none at all and it’s still the case.

        when britney gets called the wicked witch of the music industry as christina has, then i’ll hear you.


  6. MissImpartial January 13, 2013

    100 Mil PER YEAR. People call her washed up but somehow she always gets the biggest deals.

    • Ugh January 13, 2013

      She’s indeed washed up. Just very wealthy.

      • Queen Brit Brit January 13, 2013

        Washed up artist dont debut at #1. Explain to me why Scream & Shout is scalping the more current girls

      • Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 13, 2013

        Washed up artist with a number one single where she just says like two lines….i think not.

    • Dale January 13, 2013

      @Queen Brit Brit, she’s as featured artist on a very generic track. Anyone could’ve sang her autotuned part

      • Queen Brit Brit January 13, 2013

        HIAM debuted at #1

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        @ queen brit brit and other uninformed…

        have you all ever heard of manipulating record sells and planting false information for the sake of hype?

        no one should swallow for a minute that britney was paid $15 millions for x factor nor buy for a split second that this woman will be paid $100 million to lip synch.

        getting paid more than celin dion?! for what??!! get a brain!!!

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        correction: celine

        btw hiam was the most tired and weak song every to hit the air waves. there just had to be some hellish maneuvering to get it to #1.

  7. dermot January 13, 2013

    she should be doing this crap in 10 years not now make an amazing album tour the world show them what you still have gurl i don’t get why she keeps selling herself so short

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

      The thing is she doesn´t have it anymore hun 🙂

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        her fans continue to believe the h-y-p-e.

  8. Cream January 13, 2013

    Beyonce will make more then 100mill this year tho.

    • Queen Brit Brit January 13, 2013

      What’s a Beyonce?

      • ERIN January 13, 2013

        What’s a Britney?

      • Common Sense January 13, 2013

        A Beyonce is an artist that can SING and DANCE simultaneously. I know Britney fans have no clue what singing is since Britney has never had that ability. Also dancing is what Britney used to be able to do when she gave a f*** about her career and not just the money she was getting.

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        a beyonce=someone who can sing and dance.

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        even at her best britney wasn’t even close to beyonce, janet or even jlo when it comes to dancing.

  9. Geezy January 13, 2013

    She suck d*** for that 100mill

    • Lax January 13, 2013

      What did Beyonce do to get her 50 Million???????????????
      Yeah just what I thought., There will be three or four more Huge deals come down the pipe and we shall see who the Lucky guy’s are gals are going to be, now that we got Britney Beyonce out of the way.. or squared away so to say.

      • ERIN January 13, 2013

        What did Rihanna do to get her shitty songs played on radio? what did Rihanna do to get her no talent having h***** ass a record deal? Yeah STFU

      • Common Sense January 13, 2013

        What did Beyonce have to do? Nothing because unlike Britney (and Rihanna), her talent speaks for itself.

  10. Girl007Bond January 13, 2013

    I dont believe that she will get 100 mil, because she cant sing and she cant even dance anymore. I don´t want to hate, but it´s the truth

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      This. And once the scathing reviews for her zombie-like stage presence come in she’ll probably get axed.

    • irene46 January 13, 2013

      aah, someone on this post with a brain.

  11. Christian January 13, 2013

    Congrats to Brit Brit!!!! But if she wants people to come to her shows/tours, etc she need to get that confidence and drive back that she use to have while on the stage. Hopefully this upcoming era, she will prove that she’s still a force to be reckoned with.

  12. TeamBreezy January 13, 2013

    Yes b****, Queen status! Vegas here I cummmmm

  13. JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

    But unlike Megadiva Celine Dion… what is Britney going to do in her shows? Is she even going to be present? lol We know for sure she´s not going to sing, dance or play instruments… I don´t know. I really can´t believe how there are people who still buy the hype around her or can attend her shows. It´s not like she is at least going to mime memorable songs or something…

    • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) January 13, 2013


      Did you just say “unlike Megadiva Celine Dion” and then point out that she is not going to sing or dance? Celine Dion sings live and dances? Since when? You may have her confused with some other aveage lookign vegas prostitue because all celine does on stage is stand and pretend to sing.

      • maka January 13, 2013

        @Benron please gurl go get real….

      • ERIN January 13, 2013

        You obviously have no clue about real talent since you stan for a goat. Celine’s shows are epic. She does it all, sing, dance you know, things your fave is not capable of doing.

      • Common Sense January 13, 2013

        Your tendency to defend talentless hacks is consistent I see. You ask if Celine sings and dances as if Britney had ever done such a thing LOL! Britney’s concerts consist of her clicking play on her newest record and then proceeding to walk around on stage looking like a deer in the headlights. Seriously kid get a clue. I grew up with Britney and I wouldn’t dream of praising her touring ability. She’s been nothing but a shell since 2004.

      • Benron (King Of The Phucking Navi)) January 13, 2013

        @Commen Sense

        I have not defended Flopney at all.. I don’t even like her!

    • Queen Brit Brit January 13, 2013

      Pressed cause Queen Brit is snatching Celine’s dusty weave?

      • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

        How? I´m not pressed cos of models getting money. I´m glad for them. Celine is way more successful than Britney and it will remain that way anyway. Remember the big 4 are too much for everybody, including Britney Spears. We´ll see if Britney sells out her shows for 10 consecutive years like Celine! LOL

    • Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 13, 2013

      Oh someone is mad Britney is inking a bigger deal than Celine Dion. Stay pressed.

    • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

      she´s not going to sing, dance or play instruments.

      She’s gonna lip-sync (just like Celine, i love Celine but she lip-sync more than Mariah and Madonna, Madge has sung live in her concerts 95%), she’s gonna dance, still she can do more moves than Celine, no shades to her tho, she’s gonna play instruments, she plays the Piano, just like that Reductive chick.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

        Celine Dion moves more on stage than Britney Spears nowadays. Now that´s sad. And please Madonna doesn´t sing 95% of her concerts live. I still have in my childhood memory that huge tour in which she dressed like in the film D*** Tracy (don´t remember what tour it was) and all of it was lipped, like everything, and she was not even dancing that much or something (the tour was great don´t get me wrong, I´m just stating facts now that you want them)

      • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

        Madonna doesn´t sing 95% of her concerts live.

        Go to watch her concerts in youtube, i been in all of her shows since the the Drowned World tour, she does lip-sync but not as much as they say, just ask someone who has been in her MDNA tour, she migh no have the best voice in the world but she does sing live more than the so called great singers.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

        It must be that she sings live nowadays but not when she was at her peak when she was young??? How strange 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

        It must be that she sings live nowadays but not when she was at her peak when she was young?

        I’m with you in this one but it was the trend for almost everybody to lip-sync in tv, all of them even MJ, the only ones singing live at that time were the 3 major voices, you know, W, C and M and that has damaged their voices.

      • Common Sense January 13, 2013

        LOL I know you didn’t just try to insinuate that Britney can play the piano just because she plays that basic ass song Everytime! B**** please.

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      Exactly!! With so many exciting shows in Vegas with GENUINE entertainers giving it their all, who the hell would pay money to see the shell of an entertainer that Britney has become? Apart from delusional Britney stans not many people come to mind.

  14. Scars January 13, 2013

    All i need this year is a new album of britney

    • Tracey January 14, 2013

      oh yes!!

  15. Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) January 13, 2013

    It looks like she will become a vegas showgirl like Celine Deflop. If only either had the talent to sing live.

    • Ugh January 13, 2013

      I love your sarcasm.

      • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) January 13, 2013


    • That B*tch January 13, 2013

      B**** sit all the way down. I cant believe your dumb ass has the nerve to call Celine Dion a flop.
      Celine Dion has 6 diamond albums, with one of them that was released very recently in 2012. Does Riherpes even have 1? OOPS!
      And I know you’re not talking about someone not being able to sing. Look who you stan for. A b**** that sounds like she’s making goat mating calls on the stage when she “sings”.

      • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) January 13, 2013

        Celine Dion is a flop.
        Celine Dion is a flop.
        Celine Dion is a flop.
        Celine Dion is a flop.
        Celine Dion is a flop.
        Celine Dion is a flop.
        Celine Dion is a flop.

        Are you seething yet? If Skeleton Dion capable of singing live? Nope, she lip-syncs like all the other untalented h***. And 6 diamonds albums where? Not in the U.s? Or U.K? Or Japan? Some of the worlds biggest markets. Rihanna is kiling it live and haters will seethe, go watch Celine deflop lip-sync for 2 hours instead of typing up angry responses.

      • That B*tch January 13, 2013

        2 diamond albums in the U.S., 6 total.
        When will Rihyawnna?

      • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) January 13, 2013


        When will Skeleton de flop?

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

      What??? Are you trying to say Ritry has now sold almost 200 million records?????? LOLOLOLOLOLOL
      Rihanna: around 25 million albums sold worldwide, I don´t even know if she has sold 10 million in the USA at least, and with 7 albums LOL
      Celine Dion: some sources say almost 200 million albums worldwide (although ww sales are always an stimation). But the official numbers in the USA are 55 million albums. YES one Celine Dion album has sold more than Rihanna entire career
      Stop the foolishness. And yes Celine lips a lot, if she didn´t she wouldn´t have any voice left. Everynight for years and years of hardsinging songs would be impossible. Same happens with Mariah
      They don´t sing “O nana Goats my name” and all that kind of stuff you know LOL
      Remember Whitney was already suffering some problems cos of singing her entire career LIVE, even before drugs did her thing. These vocalist need to save her voice at times
      Now that you´ve been lectured you can thank us sane people for explaining to you. Thank u for reading 🙂

      • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) January 13, 2013

        Rihanna has sold almost 191 million records according to Def Jam. See, I think you are confused as to what selling records means. To Def Jam, once they sell copies to retailers so they can resale them and then they ship them to the retilers they count that as selling records.

        Rihanna has shipped 191 million records, including 41 million albums. Rihanna’s album is smashing in france just like Flopline but she is also slaying in the U.s just like Vegas stripper dion.

        Rihanna has sold 60 million million single and 9 million albums in the U.s and 15 million singles + 6 million albums in the U.k Thats almost 90 million sold (NOT SHIPPED, SOLD) in just her two biggest markets. Add up other countries and she is above 100 million, a legendary number!

      • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

        Are you seriously that RETARDED? Don´t you see my official numbers destroy that joke of an average seller that is Ritry??? All you sadi were numbers her label claims. And even those are pathetic. 41 million albums is nothing compared with a true great. And that´s a lie cos she has sold around 25 million albums, 9 of them in the USA
        Any sane person can see your foolishness

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      Difference is Celine actually could sing with the best unlike Britney who never could.

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      191 million records. LMAO! Rihanna has sold 25 million albums. The rest of her sales consist of nothing but singles. If anything you should be embarrassed, 7 albums and only 25 million sales? Tragic. She does not write her hit singles so their sales are irrelevant. She will never be in the same league as Celine. Hell she won’t even be in the league as Adele so get a clue.

      • Benron (King Of The Phucking Navi)) January 13, 2013

        Rihanna has sold 27.5 million of of 6 albums alone, lets not even add Unapologetic to the mix tbh.

      • Benron (King Of The Phucking Navi)) January 13, 2013

        Rihanna co-writes on her albums, and Whitney Houstoun didn’t? Are Whitney Houstoun’s sales Irrelevant. “I’m talented because I’m fat” Adele is a very mediocre singer with mediocre lyrics.

  16. Nichole January 13, 2013

    I love Brit, and all but this is a terrible idea.

    The general public is NOT going to support

    She’s not even ready to perform, doesn’t dance anymore and never attempts to sing live. Plus, she doesn’t havs the audience nor the drive to carry out such a contract. Her performance skills are no more, and there is no way she would be able to handle such a grueling schedule in her current state.

    I hope this mess is just a rumor. In other news, Scream & Shout is #1 on the UK official chart. That places Brit fourth with the most #1 singles by a female artist. B**** is STILL dominating 14 years later.

  17. aynon January 13, 2013

    Would Madonna, Whitney or even Celine, Mariah or Shania have done this when they were 30?

    Would Beyonce or P!nk do this?

    Will Katy, Rihanna, Adele or Ke$ha do this when they’re 30?


    why britney, why are you are you going into has-been territory.

    • maka January 13, 2013

      maybe because she is a has been already

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      Well technically Celine started over a decade ago, so you should move her out of that list. But I agree with your point. But Katy, Rihanna, Ke$ha will probably be in this same territory sooner rather than later.

  18. King B>Rihanna January 13, 2013

    I like the idea for Britney this show she as lost her spark as an entertainer and this would be good for her.And Celine is such a flop but making 200M a year and Britney is so current but only make 100M only a dumb b**** would produce that s*** out of their mouth.

    • That B*tch January 13, 2013

      Flop? Celine’s albums are still going diamond. That’s a flop to you?

      • King B>Rihanna January 13, 2013

        can’t you read…i was pointing the fact that she makes more money than Britney but people still calling her a flop.

      • That B*tch January 13, 2013

        My bad. I stopped reading after “Celine is such a flop..”

  19. Ugh January 13, 2013

    She wont make it through the tour.

  20. Music Soul Harmony January 13, 2013

    Benron is such an idiot coming for Celine. More talent than briney could ever dream of. No, Celine Dion isn’t a dancer. But that’s not the point. She can just stand there and wow a crowd with her outstanding voice for 20 years. What the f*** can Britney do? She can’t dance nor sing anymore. Her personality is completely obsolete and vapid. Charisma is what use to make her an amazing entertainer since she never had a good voice to begin with. 100 mil to Britney just because of her name alone not because she can bring something amazing to the table. SMH. What fuckery.

    • Benron (King of The Phucking Navi) January 13, 2013

      “She can just stand there and bore a drunken group of bored people with her mediocre lip-syncing for 20 years”


      And I do not liek Britney spears so Idk why you are preaching about her to me?

      • Music Soul Harmony January 13, 2013

        Read ur comments over, idiot. Thats y.

  21. That B*tch January 13, 2013

    Who wants to see Britney though? She’s no Celine Dion who happens to STILL be going diamond in this very day & age.
    Britney has gotten so boring.
    Nobody under 18 really goes to Vegas. The age demographics of the people that go to Vegas wont really appeal to Britney anymore especially since she’s not at the top of the game anymore.
    Bye with this!

    • That B*tch January 13, 2013

      Wont really appeal to anyone*

    • Dale January 13, 2013

      You’ll be surprised! Young people go to vegas all the time but just not to the shows, the clubbing is big and Calvin Harris has residency there.

      • That B*tch January 13, 2013

        But what young person has the money to go see her though?

  22. HOTSTUFF January 13, 2013

    wow i didn’t see this coming, are people really gonna pay like a 100$ every night to see Britney…hmmm this will be interesting…..

  23. mc the place to be! January 13, 2013

    Vegas is just that place she can do whatever on stage and people pay big bucks! I still want an album atleast get to 9 or ten then you can do Vegas and the people downing Celine like she don’t have multiple diamond records in frickin French and English really need to have 200 million seats!

    • irene46 January 13, 2013

      vegas acts can’t get away with doing whatever. plenty far more talented artists than britney have fallen hard on the a$$ there.

  24. BEYHIVE MEMBER. January 13, 2013

    Congrats Britney…

    I am not a fan of her at all but she’s the most hardworking singer I know since BEYONCE, she really deserves that.

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      You’re joking right? Britney’s work ethic makes Rihanna look like a 1700’s African slave laborer by comparison. Britney literally does NOTHING on stage. She doesn’t write her songs, she doesn’t sing live, she doesn’t dance, she doesn’t play instruments (don’t bring that Everytime b******* here).

      • Music Soul Harmony January 13, 2013

        Um hardworking? Giving halfassed performances is what u call that?

  25. christinastherealtalent January 13, 2013

    Vegas is where you go when your success has hit a brick wall.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

      NO in Celine Dion´s case. She went there cos of her family. She started in 2002 just after her A new Day has Come album, which was the second best seller that year in the world and debuted at #1 in the USA with more than 600,000 copies, among other things

  26. Queen Brit Brit January 13, 2013

    I think this is great for Britney. She’ll be forced to step up her game in order to sell tickets. She can focus on cleaning up her live sets so that when she’s ready to step back into the music she’ll be on top of their game. I just hope this isn’t permanent

    • irene46 January 13, 2013

      some fans want to believe that britney’s poor dancing is due to not trying. anyone who knows dancing can see she, sadly, has no dancing skills left whatsoever.

  27. Truth (Number 1 Nicki Stan) January 13, 2013

    Make that money Britney, I can’t wait for her new album.

  28. Dale January 13, 2013

    I cant see this doing well. Britney’s last tour (regardless of sales) was criticised for pre recorded mimed vocals and limited bad dancing with people walking out.
    Not to be negative but i don’t think she can mentally handle it.

    • Dale January 13, 2013

      But i wish her luck

  29. Queen Brit Brit January 13, 2013

    Lol! No shade but Rihanna, Katy, Ke$ha, Adele, and P!nk could NOT pull off a Vegas show. Beyonce probably could because she’s known for performing like Britney. Celine can pull it off because her voice is legendary. Those girls aren’t known for iconic voices or performances. Brit is doing this because she’s smart.

    • Queen Brit Brit January 13, 2013

      This is a reply to @Aynon. Posted it in the wrong place

    • Ugh January 13, 2013

      But Britney can’t perform?…..

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      No shade but neither can Britney. She doesn’t have the work ethic. Adele, however, could easily pull it off.

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        @ brit brit…

        move into 2013. britney’s no longer known for performances anywhere near beyonce. any of the females you named would do as good a job (or even better) than britney.

  30. Dev January 13, 2013

    I saw the videos and does the worlds live not mean anything anymore? I’d rather they offer the money to Janet Jackson

  31. King B>Rihanna January 13, 2013

    This dumb Navy b**** needs to read RIAA website. Rihanna will never achieve that.Hell one Celine Vegas Show is worth more than Rihanna entire net worth.I would rather hear Celine lip-sync than Rihanna got vomiting nasal inducing c** filled voice.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013


  32. Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 13, 2013

    ““Our sources say the money being negotiated is “astronomical” — more than Celine’s $100 mil a year.””

    And that my friends is why Britney is the motherfucking QUEEN. Tell your favs to kiss her motherfucking ring.

    • Ugh January 13, 2013

      Only because the media says so.

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        @ together again…

        not everyone believes that queen sh!t the media and her fans spread. they believe their eyes and ears.

  33. SLAYRIAH CAREY January 13, 2013

    You guys need to back up off queen Brit. And what the actual f*** does this have to with Celine?

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      Why would someone with talent copy someone without it?

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        we’ll wait…

  34. Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 13, 2013

    Beyonce seems to be a lawsuit magnet as of late.

    First her House of Dereon gets sued, and now this!

    Underwear manufacturer Triumph has filed a lawsuit against Sony for copyright infringement, claiming she wore an unauthorized copy of Bulgarian designer Iskren Lozanov’s lingerie in her Video Phone music video.

    Sony argued that the design was inspired by Picasso and any other similarities are just coincidence.

    Unfortunately for Sony, the judge wasn’t buying their crappy retort and says they did in fact copy Lozanov’s original concept.

    Sony has since consulted Beysus and will most likely appeal the decision.

  35. JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

    Anyway, I also have to say those Forbes lists are s***. Celine makes that amount of money every year… and yet she was not included in the lists we saw a couple of months ago? I told you that was b******* full of hype

    • Ugh January 13, 2013

      Forbes is just PR b*******. There’s no way somebody can know exactly how much somebody is worth unless you provide them with your financial records, and what smart person would do that?

  36. scorpio January 13, 2013

    I don’t see this working out well. They better have an escape clause.

  37. Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

    This is another terrible choice in her career, just like that show, X-factor, she’s too big for this kind of things, she needs new management, someone who can make her still shine without making these stupid moves that just are embarrassing for her future career, love or hate her she’s a Legend, one of a kind, we all need to love her while she’s still here, let’s not do to her what we did to Whitney and Michael.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

      Nobody is doing anything to her. She gets lots of love and for no reason. Michael and Whitney had that talent and didn´t deserve some downplaying they suffered


        I don’t know why people claim that MJ was so talented. Ok, he danced well, but his voice is so tiny and not that great tbh. He can’t hit high notes. He is very overrated. And John stop with Celine please, her only hit is My Heart will go on and most people don’t even know other songs from her. Whitney built her career thanks to song that’s not ever hers. Even though Britney can’t sing, she’s more original 😛

      • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

        Nobody is doing anything to her. She gets lots of love and for no reason. Michael and Whitney had that talent and didn´t deserve some downplaying they suffered.

        For no reason, first of all, she’s a human being, Whitney and Michael had talent so according to you just because of that they didn’t deserve some downplaying, both of them were not saints, Whitney was a drug addict, Michael was a p******** and drug addict as well, so Britney deserve all the hate just because she has no talent, the things that i have to read.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

        I´m not even going to bother with you. You´re retarded:
        Michael was not that great?
        Celine only has one hit? How is she one of the 4 most successful ever then?
        Britney original?
        Kelly Clarkson the biggest thing ever?
        B**** you´re a joke LMAO

    • JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2013

      No b****. I´m going to New York only to f*** your ass so you can have fun and shup up 🙂
      I´m talking about love for their work. It´s a wonder how Britney gets any lol And while Michael and Whintey got way bigger love than her for obvious reasons, they got lot of hate later on for not being that INCREDIBLE anymore. Just that. I´m not talking about their personas. Although Britney gets more than them when it comes to that. But no, she doesn´t deserve to be hated personally, obviously. For what the f*** do you take me for???

      • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

        For what the f*** do you take me for???

        For an egomaniac b****, lol. i’m gonna wait for you here in Manhattan.


        At least Britney made impact on music by her own songs unlike Whitney Houston whose biggest hit is I Will Always Love You and that’s not even her song originally. Yes honey, no one listens to Celine but you so ofc you know her other songs, but MHWGO is her biggest hit to date and people know her because of that song, her other songs weren’t that huge. Did I say Kelly Clarkson is the biggest thing ever? H**, learn to read. She can outsing all basic b****** you stan for and that are from our generation – Lady GaGa/Alicia Keys/Lana del Ray, even Rihanna (even though you don’t like her but always comment on her posts). I remember that you said Bad Romance was a good song and called Kelly and her music boring. Well, coming from you it cannot surprise me. You are a joke trying to revive careers of people that are almost forgotten and no one cares about them right now.

    • Common Sense January 13, 2013

      Whitney and Michael were legends. They EARNED the respect and adoration they had. Britney has never been a singer and her dancing ability died in 2004. Why exactly should be people be throwing adoration to her? I’m a human being too, but I don’t expect adoration from random people. Britney is a has been. Accept that truth and move on.

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        @ together…

        if whitney hadn’t sang ‘iwaly’ no one would know it even existed. dolly parton thanked and praised whitney for making it a smash. unlike some, dolly has good sense.

        britney’s songs did not really make an impact. it was her cloning janet’s singing and dancing act that made the impact.

  38. mobwife January 13, 2013

    You better “werk beech”! 🙂

    Go brit-Brit ,f**k the haters!!

  39. Music Soul Harmony January 13, 2013

    Suicide blond plz dive off a nearest cliff as well as likica saying KC is the voice of the generation. Lol…ummm. Anyway, MJ had an entire package that included singing and dancing live. His voice was not small and he COULD hit notes just not like a big voiced Opera singer could. I suggest you go hear him sing live and as a child on youtube with ur misinformed ass. He had one of the most unique and talented r&b male vocals in the industry and had influenced many male artists.As for being a p********, thats a wives tale and not proven esp in court. And yes Whitney had her drug problems but her voice was still amazing and there is nothing u can say to discredit that. So stfu…

    • Suicide Blonde January 13, 2013

      Excume i have never mention KC, i don’t like her, as for Whitney he voice was not the same, we all know it and MJ was a p********, i’m a fan but that’s the truth.


        Britney Spears could sing when she was young even better when she started recording music too. I’ve never said that MJ is not a legend, but he is so overrated. He is not that great vocalist, but his influence is big.
        And Whitney lost her voice, she couldn’t sing in 2008 +, deal with it. She was great in her prime, but Madonna will always be the biggest female artist ever.
        And Kelly Clarkson is one of the best singers of our generation, she can outsing your fav for sure. People compare her to Celine Dion so stfu you h**.

      • irene46 January 13, 2013

        whitney’s voice took on a husky tone but it was still outstanding.

        the court said he was not a p******** so unless you were his shadow, you don’t know any different.

        even before the false accusations and mj was selling mad album numbers, the media came for him ruthlessly.

  40. OUEENBRITNEY January 13, 2013

    Beyonce fans mad because britney about to make 100 mill for 3 years totaling 300mill haha STAY PRESSED!!! Beyonce don’t want it

    • CHRIAHANNA January 13, 2013


    • irene46 January 13, 2013

      what’s the name of that classic aerosmith song? oh, yeah! ‘dream on’.

  41. Music Soul Harmony January 13, 2013

    Likica, like I said b**** YouTube MJ’s voice cuz u r misinformed. Britney voice never got better infact it got worse. She was pressured by music exec’s to sing in a whiney nasally voice losing the strength she could have potentially had. What the f*** does Madonna have to do with anything? We’re talking about Whitney and her losing her voice has nothing to do with the fact that she was still one of the best vocalists of all time. And no one calls kelly clarkson the voice of this generation. Gtfo. Suicide Blond, your claim is null and void without legitimate proof and even MJ’s haters can talk s*** but never back it up with evidence. Try harder. Bye.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 14, 2013

      I tell you this likica b**** is retarded 🙂

  42. Lolax January 13, 2013

    Britney you are amazing the 2013 is yours

  43. Nichole January 13, 2013

    Thiefyonce signed a $50 million Pepsi deal because handlers fear another flop.

    Song stealing along with performance stealing is not appealing.

    And why the f*** are people in here comparing Britney, and Celine? Johndivual (or whatever) shut the f*** up, you r*****.

    • Music Soul Harmony January 13, 2013

      Cuz TGJ Staff mentioned Celine first and he is a stan.

    • irene46 January 13, 2013

      maybe because britney’s ‘alleged’ deal is compared to celine in the post.

  44. Mark111 January 13, 2013

    This can’t be good. She can’t even perform for 5 mins. I seen a comment on the last post saying her people are making up stuff and saying she making $100 M, well looks like it was the truth. But do y’all really think Britney is gonna do a show every day or week? Didn’t Toni Braxton go broke over not being able to perform?

    • irene46 January 14, 2013

      toni got sued for not being able to fulfill her contract because of her health. what bs.

      i don’t believe any huge inflated amounts of money they claim britney’s making.

  45. Tracey January 14, 2013

    it’s Britney b****! So happy for her and wish her only the best for 2013 and always. So excited for new music to be released!! whoop whoop xx

  46. Hoppluple April 9, 2013

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