Chris Brown On Frank Ocean / Court Scandal: “I Deserve Respect”

Published: Wednesday 6th Feb 2013 by David

At just 23 years old, it’s safe to say Chris Brown‘s life has given him no shortage of game changing experiences.

However, following allegations that he and his friends threatened to shoot ‘Voodoo’ singer Frank Ocean  in LA last week, he has come under fresh fire this week.

This, after it emerged that investigators could not find credible proof that he completed the community labor sentence he was obliged to undertake after assaulting ‘No Love Allowed’ singer Rihanna back in 2009.

In short, he is accused of intentionally providing false information to the court, and may be forced to ‘repeat’ his assigned labor hours in LA if he is indeed found to be lying.

Now, after being dealt this shocking blow, he has taken to Instagram to share his feelings with his fans, ‘Team Breezy’.

His moving words below…

For his sake, here’s hoping he finds a way to prove that he did not lie to the court system about his hours. For, in what would only intensify the contempt many already feel for him, it would be pretty ghastly if it emerged that he did not complete what some might call menial tasks, even after avoiding jail time for his run in with Rihanna.

Of course, while none of this takes away from the quality of his music, they do paint a picture of a confused young man in need of a serious reality check. A check, that we hope comes sooner rather than later- before he ends up in jail…or worse.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. xxx February 6, 2013

    simply his own fault…

    • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) February 6, 2013

      Im soooo sick of this b**** n**a i dont know what to do. He is his OWN worse enemy. And if his mammy fakef his cs then she just as responsible. Mayb jail would b good for his ass.

    • Secret Voice February 6, 2013

      I’m so glad Chris got that out of his system because I can’t begin to imagine how much bullshyt he deals with when it comes to these people with hateful spirits that judge him for a single incident that occurred almost 4 years ago…

      Stay strong Chris because these hateful evil spirits want to see you broken…..

      • James227 February 6, 2013


        Amen I dare anyone of us or a family member to walk in Chris shoes. But yea you walk in his shoes alright like @XXX here talking s***.

    • whocares February 6, 2013

      Then he needs to stay out of trouble. Reports say he hit frank first. How do u get positive feedback on something like that?



  2. MRB February 6, 2013

    He needs to keep working on his music! People just want chris to fall so bad even when he isnt in the wrong!

  3. Nay nay February 6, 2013

    BUT that’s not his IG page is it? I thought it was @f–ckyopictures…

  4. Viciousss February 6, 2013

    I’d love to have sympathy for Chris, but he hasn’t given me a reason to.

    I get all around him are the reminders of his past but guess what…HE DID THAT.

    I don’t believe Chris is stupid. I’m sure he knows 2+2=4 and folks will talk when you give them a reason to. He says everyone’s been talking since 2009, he’s right…and he went back with the chick who talked the most.

    Does Chris stop and think how many songs Rihanna sang about him eluding to that incident? Does he count how many times his likeness appeared in one of her videos? Does he ever put all the magazine interviews in a pile where she discussed him? How can we forgot 2009 Chris when your gf reminds us of it every chance she gets?

    Then there’s Chris himself, every time he feels ‘disrespected’ he’s got to get violent. He’s not stupid. Don’t talk about changing for the better when you find yourself in the SAME situations because of your actions. You know what you COULD have done that night? Frank could have refused to shake your hand and then you say “Yo, you’re not worth it” and then you IGNORE HIM AND TAKE YOUR ASS HOME.

    Sorry Chris it’s the real world, the average people on the street who mess up don’t get a clean sweep. They deal with that s*** for years and either overcome it or become the criminal others call them. You seem to want to choose the latter and that’s a shame for you because there’s ALWAYS an open jail cell for a black man in America. Keep f****** up.

    Signed, someone who actually cares not a demented fan

    • BAD BAD February 6, 2013

      Your talking about how RIhanna talks about him in her songs and s***. But than again, isn’t her that keeps running back to him? People need to leave him alone, Rihanna is a grown woman im pretty sure she knows what she’s doing.

    • James227 February 6, 2013


      All those key strokes was a waste of time. Walk in Chris shoes first before you speak about his situation. Now for the part about Rihanna I can relate with that,

    • YsoSERIOUS February 6, 2013

      I agree. He needs to stop thinking so negatively and he needs to own up for his own decisions that are leading to his OWN MISTAKES! I’ve always been a huge fan, before & after the Rihanna incident but damnit; i’m not going to sit here and continue supporting someone so negative & naive who’s interested in adding gay bashing to his list of accomplishments that already include woman-beater. He needs to publicly apologize. Man the f*** up Chris; thats what being “wise” is all about…..

      signed- a fan looking through the window of opportunity thats staring Chris in the face!

  5. PEACE OF WEAVE February 6, 2013




    • James227 February 6, 2013

      Rihanna has the trump card. She needs to come out with the truth. Getting 20/20/media and the haters to listen to your plan statement needs to be changed with the truth. That picture/windshield & being in the hospital lie has to now come out if you really want to save Chris from the haters. Anyone can make a picture look worst that what it appears, we all know that.

      • SASHAY February 6, 2013

        @James227 …In your opinion what happened in that car that justifys’ what Chris did to Rihanna? You said she needs to come clean. so what is it that you seem to know that I don’t that makes what he did palatable.

  6. BeyNaj February 6, 2013

    Ok so if you want respec, keep your mouth to the mic and your fists out of peoples faces. Chris Brown is a joke. I will never have respect for him at all. RIhanna may choose to forgive him because we will NEVER know or feel the feelings between the two of them and that’s fine but for me… No…..

    This guy clearly has some anger issues, he made a major apology statement after the Rihanna ordeal, then proceeded to have the incident with Drake and now moves on to Frank Ocean….

    Please, tell me, other than a few good songs, what has he EVER really done to deserve respect?

    • BeyNaj February 6, 2013

      Some of you may hate on me for my words above but just take a moment to think about it – This behavior is a perfect example of why so so many young black/african american kids have to live their lives day by day suffering because this is how some ignorant people choose to look at these kids and think that this is how they all behave. If you are blessed enough to be in the spotlight for being a talented young black male, then surely you take the opportunity to represent and inspire people…..

      If he can’t deal with the pressure and feels like his life is hell, then it’s simple. Get out of the studio, go get help and don’t come back until you are done…..

    • James227 February 6, 2013

      Anger issues? hummm You know I would be angry also walking in Chris shoes. Any and everything he does is not good enough, oh yea only the bad things are good enough to paste all over the media. You heartless m************ make me sick. I hope none of you should ever have to walk in the shoes or be given the cards that Chris has. Life is funny you don’t have to go looking for trouble, trouble looks for you.

  7. JUELZ February 6, 2013


    The media is ABSOLUTELY RELENTLESS and it will continue to exploit Chris’ frustrations because it will generate controversy and ratings. The best he can do is talk about it, show that he understands why he was wrong, show that he understands why people are upset about it, and play a part in remedying the issue. That’s the only way his career will EVER repair.

    Yes, we all know that his perpetual ‘brawls’, ‘online rants’, etc… have played a huge part in deciding whether or not his intentions are actually as ‘honest’ as he says they are and whether or not he has actually ‘learned his lesson’, but how can we expect him to act accordingly and consistently when he continues to be vilified and persecuted?

    Anybody with a clear depiction of ‘ill mental health’ and what it looks like and what it can do to a person can take one look at this man and see that he is psychologically lost, and it is affecting him/has affected him both physically and emotionally – without either spiritual or therapeutic help, FAST, the man will soon lose his life and join the likes of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Amy WInehouse & co. – Artists who had SO much to give but were eventually murdered by the media.

    • LAX February 6, 2013

      YOU ARE ALWAYS CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I ABSOLUTELY F****** AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      100,000,000,000 %

    • Stans Make Me LOL February 6, 2013

      I feel sorry for Chris because of the people he keeps around him NOT because of the media. Even if we ignore the run in between him and Rihanna, he has shown on countless occasions that he is a angry, selfish and immature young man and it seems that no one from his team, to momma breezy wanna pull him up on his behavior. And as from the women in his life, neither of them seem any good for him, they both appear to be weak, and focused on dragging him down a path of booze and weed. Remember Chris has done about 2 interview in the past year, yet both Kae and Rih keep this boys name in the public eye.
      Bottom line is that Chris needs a reality check, rehab and media training!

    • CiConne February 6, 2013


      You right so amazingly and I always agree with what you say!!!

      I AGREE 100% dude!!!

    • Teacher February 6, 2013


    • Secret Voice February 6, 2013

      You made such good points and I agree because I really and truly feel they are trying to push Chris to the point of suicide…..

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 6, 2013

      I agree 100%

  8. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    Suicide blonde is a b**** ass gay ass fool I can’t stand his b**** ass.

    Pop royal is a flip flopping fake b****

  9. Jay Jay February 6, 2013

    Chris I am rooting for you but you need to take accountability of your actions and stop blaming your erratic behavior. Many celeberities get ridicule just like you but they don’t twitter rant, they don’t throw chairs out the window, etc. just ignore it and focus on your music. At the end of the day you choose the way you live your life and the decisions you make not the public

  10. J February 6, 2013

    s*** music, s*** artist, bye.

  11. Eye Candy February 6, 2013

    Ms. Brown, BYE!
    You deserve a seat. That’s what you deserve.
    You say you’re not trying to play the victim but that whole post screams the opposite.
    There are people that are going through more s*** than you. People outside are dying of diseases and starving in 3rd world countries while you’re sitting on millions.
    Your attitude is very reminiscent of a wild boar. Have a mothafuckin seat you self righteous idiot. Everything that’s happening to you is only the result of your actions.

  12. BAD BAD February 6, 2013

    I really feel sad for this guy. I know I for one was really pissed to hear about what he did to Rihanna but ever since he went on Global National Television on Larry King to tell the world that he is sorry for his actions (In which he didn’t have to) and also like 6 months after that, I started to embrace this guy again because you know what, the media is trying to really tear this guy down, their trying to make it seem like he’s boasting about that incident or whatever. And now, we obviously have Frank that doesn’t like Chris for sending his homies on him and putting him on Camera and s***, so obviously, he doesn’t like Chris, so he’s going to use his Gayness to get emotional support instantly so that people feel that Chris was in the wrong, and than after as you know it Chris’ Career will be completely over when H** Positive Gay Community protests against him.

    • cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

      “H** positive gay community”??

      Sam, why is this comment still here, why hasn’t it been deleted?

  13. i&i(bare badniss) February 6, 2013

    Yes, CB has been through a lot and nobody would want to be in his shoes right now but respect is earned and not an entitlement. Yes, life is rough but he should not sit there and think his true fans are ragging on him for nothing. Its because we want to see him reach his full potential and be great. A lot of the situations he is in is because of himself. He keeps filling the trough for the pigs to feed.

    Music should be his 100% focus right now, even that is falling off and his performances have become so predictable. The stan in me has been dormant since Feb2012. Here is to hoping that he will be positive for change and focus on his music and stay strong because he IS STRONG!

    • i&i(bare badniss) February 6, 2013

      I dont think that message was from him personally but it might has well being from him because that sums upe everything to a T. However, my comment remain the same.

    • Secret Voice February 6, 2013

      Charlie Sheen makes a million an episode and he beat every woman he was with so I would say “respect” is not a factor when Whites do things….

      This is about a very sick society that want to see a Black man broken down and grobbling for forgiveness from people when infact there is but ONE that he need to repent to as with any one of us…..

  14. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    Chris, kreayshawn been going through this s*** to since 2010 people on the Internet calling her racist names telling her she to skinny. Kreayshawn been through a lot more s*** then you people on blogs stay hating on her cause of her skin color. Chris you ain’t the only one going through s*** you feel me??? Just yesterday I found out suicide blonde & pop royal & honeychildplease got my account suspended.. They snitch on me cause they saw my fave as a threat to there fave (smh) that’s why I wanna put them hands on them

  15. cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

    Sam is on Frank Ocean’s payroll

  16. the real xoxo February 6, 2013

    Who cares he and Francine both rely on controversy to get attention.

  17. KING RIHANNA>BEYONCE February 6, 2013


  18. Tha_truth February 6, 2013

    Suspect Brown needs to truly take responsibility for HIS own actions…stop blaming other people and get ur s*** together. #Realtalk

  19. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    Chris, I feel you’re pain but sometimes you can’t let these haters get to you homie.. If you feel the need to take you’re anger out on someone, just go punch a wall or throw a chair out the window again. I will never have respect for suicide blonde & pop royal & honeychildplease they are a bunch of snitches.. They saw my fave as a threat to them if I ever see them on the streets it’s gonna be a problem. They better be ready to fight cause I ain’t no soft ass white girl I will put you on you’re back FAST! I wish suicide blonde would step to me watch me beat her ass til she runs home to mommy

  20. I.D. February 6, 2013

    Chris, I can understand why you’re tired. After all, it’s nearly 4 years to the day you beat up your then-girlfriend and left her battered and bruised. Yes, you deserve respect like everyone else. But when you do despicable things like what you plead guilty to, you’ve got to be aware of the consequences. You’ve also got to learn to turn the other cheek. I have no doubt that some people may try to test your patience and if you’d be able to keep your cool. But prove them wrong: you’d be surprised at how good you’ll feel and how much madder they’ll be because they weren’t able to successfully provoke you. Sometimes a bit more humility goes a very long way.

    You might need to also delete your social media accounts cos most of the time, you come across as being very angry, which is the last thing people need to see from you, given your history and reputation. If you ever wanna vent, talk to a friend cos going public about your feelings seems to do more bad than good. Maybe you should get more help with controlling your anger too, and then teach people through visits and speeches how wrong it is to assault others. That might help to restore people’s faith in you.

    Which leads me to my last point. No, you’re not selling as much as you were before the incident. But when you take into consideration what you did, along with the fact that you core demographic/fan base is FEMALE, you should show more gratitude with EVERY CD of yours that a record store orders, with EVERY download or CD of yours that is bought by a fan, with EVERY concert ticket sold. Count your blessings.


  21. gold dagger February 6, 2013

    the worst line is that once again and always begging for respect and acknowledgement. idiot. who makes friends begging for it. what about just living life without that demand and really just do whatever and get it naturally.

  22. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    Suicide blonde & pop royal & honeychildplease ain’t bout this life:/ they live in the suburbs where the teenage kids walk there dogs instread of going to the mall on Friday nights. All three of them are some cowards who sit behind that library old PC that they dust off everyday and come on here a snitch on me & hate at the same damn time.

    Honeychildplease needs to lose some belly fat to I can see it in you’re twitter pic girl, you can do it!

    Suicide blonde need to hop off that PC and find a decent paying job. So he can finally get out his mommy & daddy house cause the stupid fool is in his 30’s

  23. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    Ya love to thumbs me down do ya? I don’t give a f***!!! I’m still that white b**** from Oakland who don’t give a f***!!! Ya think just cause I got a thumbs down that I’m gonna get voted off this site (laughing) f****** stupid ass fools I’m still gonna be running this site ain’t nothing ya can do about it b****. I wish a b**** would put there hands on me I would mike Tyson there ass f*** a b**** made ass fool

  24. An0thrDream February 6, 2013

    He’s played the victim role more than Rihanna has- love his dancing and music- but just like Rihanna I cant stand his personality!

    He’s a self absorbed immature unstable hoodlum

    He plays like he’s wise- a wise person doesn’t need to declare that they are wise

  25. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) February 6, 2013

    No Fistopher, you do not deserve respect, you deserve a jail sentence. You’re like a cat with 9 lives, you keep putting off your much deserved jail sentence. Well I hope you get what’s coming to you soon.

    No sympathy for Fistopher, he deserves everything he’s getting and more. He has no one to blame but himself. I applaud the court or public opinion for not giving Fistopher a break. He’s a criminal and trash and should be treated like a criminal and trash.

    • White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

      I see you got no life you on here everyday with a dumb ass beyonce pic smh b**** get over you’re self. I’m the star of this site I’m hated so bad I got snitch on by suicide blonde & pop royal & honeychildplease cause of my attitude they could not handle me I got my account suspended on here.



        Girl, GOODBYE.

        I CAN’T with you…

  26. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    @julez please stop wrighting long ass books ok nobody cares bout you ok you’re like Ciara nobody gives a s***. You’re probably a fake 2 face b**** just like suicide blonde is so you can go suck a d*** with vanilla ice cream on the tip cause b**** you irrelevant to me. (Laughing) I love putting these b****** in there place that is just what I do F*** JULEZ! Ugly ass b****

    • JUELZ February 6, 2013

      I LOVE you too Honey. XoXoXoXo

      • White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

        B**** I put you in you’re place! You had nothing to say cause you know it’s true so go comb that nappy ass hair out so you can finally step out the house ok.

      • JUELZ February 6, 2013


  27. Me February 6, 2013

    I could have sworn he deleted his Instagram ??? O.o and why would his page be private if he’s a celebrity, approving fans? I don’t believe this

  28. Kenny February 6, 2013

    2009 will FOREVER haunt Chris. I suggest that he takes a year or two away from EVERYTHING, find himself, and come back with a vengeance. By then, the media would’ve found a new target.


      Like @White Girl Mob 2.0.


    • Paul February 6, 2013

      I like that.

  29. BeyFRAUD Armstrong (Beyonce’s Weave) February 6, 2013

    I wish someone could just do us all a favor, next time you see Fistopher on the street, beat the s*** out of him until he’s half dead. And then if you see him again, heat the s*** out of him again until he’s half dead. It’s not fiat that he keeps on dodging jail like this.

    He’ll give Rihanna cute light skinned babies though, with curly 2b hair.

  30. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    Beyonce weave is mad cause she can’t come out the house her mom told her she has to clean her dirty ass basement out she lives in since she still lives with her mom at age 40. Clean you’re rat cave out then maybe you can go out side in play in traffic with juelz maybe you can help her comb her nappy ass hair while you’re at it

  31. cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

    “I could have sworn he deleted his instagram ??? O.o and why would his page be private if he’s a celebrity, approving fans? I don’t believe this”

    So glad I’m not the only one who can see what’s going on here, Sam is getting huge amounts of money Queen Frank to write BS and make up things about Chris.


    • Eye Candy February 6, 2013

      Ummm E!Online made the same post hours ago.

  32. Paul February 6, 2013

    A shame people can’t let go of what happened in the past. I mean, even Rihanna has forgiven him.

  33. cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

    Sam??? Why is White Girl Mob 2.0 still allowed to comment here? Can’t you block her I.P. Address or something?

    • White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

      Don’t worry about me b**** I make this site what it is today b****. I got my account suspended on this site I’m the most hated/ popular hahaha like I said I run this site. Juelz nappy headed ass can’t do s*** to stop me.. Beyonce weave can’t do anything to stop me she still lives with mommy & daddy at age 40 she a low life. Nobody can f*** with me on here I’m the most popular on here I got people snitching on me suspending my account.

      • cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

        You NEED jesus

  34. cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

    There is a troll going around Disliking everyone’s comments.

    White Girl Mob 2.0 is it you?

  35. ladylady February 6, 2013

    Here is the thing… you start acting like a decent person and people will treat you decently. You do positive things and people will have a positive reaction. If you want people to treat you a certain way you have to act a certain way. Chris has created his own road to ruin and continues to walk it blindly. Grow up and be a real man. Real men are humble, productive, hard working and take responsibility for what they do. They are not arrogant d***** bags who whine whenever they have to pay the price for their actions and who constantly get themselves in trouble. This is just a really sad cycle.

    • KING RIHANNA>BEYONCE February 6, 2013


  36. White girl mob 2.0 February 6, 2013

    IM THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! Laughs…….. Laughs….. Laughs….. Ain’t nobody gonna stop me I run this s*** laughs….. Laughs…. Ya are a bunch of haters ya hate that I am popular then any other commenter on here laughs… Nobody gonna run me off this site b****

  37. BEYSUS OVER JESUS February 6, 2013


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    • Bryan Dossome February 6, 2013

      This post has nothing to do with bey

  38. Bryan Dossome February 6, 2013

    When everything seems to go wrong with you,perhaps you could be the problem…

    • KING RIHANNA>BEYONCE February 6, 2013

      No its the media and fa* mafia

  39. BEYSUS OVER JESUS February 6, 2013



    BEYONCE’S ASIA SHOWS ARE SOLD OUT TOO crashed because it was over capacitated.

    • KING RIHANNA>BEYONCE February 6, 2013


  40. BEYSUS OVER JESUS February 6, 2013


  41. LilKimIsDone February 6, 2013

    I used to like him and his music but now there’s nothing,NEXT.

  42. Mischief February 6, 2013

    Chris aways stirring up trouble and when s*** gets real he wanna play the victim and sympathy card smh I’m over it …. I won’t be supporting the new album #sorry

    • KING RIHANNA>BEYONCE February 6, 2013


  43. MISHKA February 6, 2013

    “A day in my shoes is a day in hell”

    Well, Chris go tell that to the Carters who had people calling their child The Devil’s Daughter on her very first day on Earth…Or to the Sandy Hook children who will be traumatized for life after the massacre.

    I told you all Chris Brown only misses the days he had the world in his hands. The days when he was the most anticipated act at any show, when everybody was in awe with him.

    Am i still a fan of Chris Brown? Well, I still like some of his new material, nothing to be hyped about. But I care less and less each day, like most of people. His albums flop, his performances flop, people are over him already. That doesn’t mean they don’t like him, they just don’t care anymore. You can’t be mad at people who are simply NOT interested in you. Let’s get real.

    You have this beautiful girl who is worth $100 million of weak vocals, and who jeopardized her career for you although you beat the h*ll out of her. Still the world has to feel sorry for you. How SELFISH is that, Christopher?

    I actually have to give props to Rihanna for dancing to her own drum because she has figured out that not everybody is gonna be here for her and forever. I have yet to find somebody who didn’t buy Rihanna’s album because she went back to Chris, they don’t buy because they are not that interested anyway. What’s the big deal?

    Time to develop a backbone, Chris. People want good entertainment and less unnecessary drama, that’s it. Most of us are not here for your love & hip-hop threesome.

    Good music, Good ethic (no gimmicks), STFU-at-all-costs policy and the rest will follow. And time to get rid of your d*mn entourage and get new apostles.

    Matthew Knowles would do wonders on a case like this one, he would fix you in three months, Chris. Beg him and show him the money. The intervention is much needed.

    • KING RIHANNA>BEYONCE February 6, 2013


      • MISHKA February 6, 2013

        Go home, Roger.

  44. ERIC February 6, 2013

    He says he’s wise and able to handle the hate, but if that were true he wouldn’t be acting out in anger. His own choices lead him to every point in his life and it’s no different for any other human being. He’s crying about the effects of being in the industry while many people in America are out of work and single parents are struggling to raise their children. The world does not bend and cater to anyone, and no one, including Chris, should expect it to.

  45. JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2013

    He´s right in a way
    But he is telling this to his fans right? They are the ones who need to relax too. And stop bashing people when we are having common sense about these incidents…

  46. Aishaaguilerakeystesfaye February 6, 2013

    Chris, respect is a two way thing. I didn’t even bother to read yr letter, but I find it funny that u demand respect when u don’t show any. For example, when u went to the Ivory Coast for two shows and refused to perform at one because the stadium wasn’t full and showed up late at the second one although yr ass had been paid ! And now u want to talk about respect ?!

  47. NEW KID IN HERE February 6, 2013

    Lol what’s funny is that rihanna has been on her best behavior lately… That s*** keisha cone pulled, I was anticipating a tweet like that from riri!!

    Even now am crossing my fingers that she doesn’t tweet anything concerning this chris debacle because Sam (and some queens) will drag her ass to the nearest welfare if she comes for Mrs Ocean!! Lol

  48. NEW KID IN HERE February 6, 2013

    sam can be very cute with his post when he likes an artist!!! “..for his run in with Rihanna.” Lol wtf is that!!! No, For assaulting rihanna!!

  49. NEW KID IN HERE February 6, 2013

    sam can be very cute with his post when he likes an artist!!! “..for his run in with Rihanna.” Lol wtf is that!!!

  50. SASHAY February 6, 2013

    I will say this I agree with him that it’s been difficult to walk in his shoes since 2009 (for a young man at 19 to know that the entire world hates you, yes that’s hard ) but what he fails to understand and what no one in his camp can get through to him is that he brings a lot of the continued ‘disrespect ‘upon himself. Respect is not earned just because your name is ‘ Chris Brown’ . He is never going to enjoy the admiration he had before 2009, and I think that what he wants, but it is never going to happened. That train left the station in 2009.

  51. Shanice February 6, 2013

    *Reads statement, reads a few comments…*
    Team Breezy, ya’ll are sick and blind.
    I thought the Beyhive was bad or the Navy, but ya’ll are the worst.
    I honestly never hear anything about Chris Brown until he does something studpid, like that chair to the window, the Drake brawl, the Frank Ocean thing, taking some girl’s phone.
    See the pattern?
    You used Rihanna as a punching bag, and at the beginning I tried to stay on his side, because I didn’t like Rihanna, but that was just stupid of me.
    You haven’t changed, and if they are throwing a fishing pole at you, you taking the bait bruh.
    Charlie Sheen is NOT respected, Ozzy is a ROCK LEGEND, all these other ppl you guys are naming, they SOLIDIFIED their careers and continued to do so after all the BS.
    Chris is still falling off and was never THAT big of a deal to begin with.

  52. HOL UP February 6, 2013

    To be honest I’m not stickin up for him but its true there is no excuse for what he did to rihanna or his episode on gmorning america but seriously ppl lets begin to realize that we all make mistakes half of us wouldn’t be able to handle half the things hes had to can you imagine someone putting your mistakes on the news and everyday you have to relive it and no matter how hard you try to prove everyone wrong they still hate you the man is trapped and I feel sorry for him because he only trusts a few ppl in his circle which is why rih is in there ya can say oh this s her fault or w.e but at the end of the day any interview about him she has been asked she doesn’t go n say ohh ask me about chris they as her and she has a choice answer or do no interviews and unfortunately that aint good for business so they both did what they had to do but I wanna say this n im sure imma get hate for it to the gay black men on here no shade i love my gays but idc how much of a female some of you act and talk like or think you are not all but some at the end of the day you are a black man and this society will s*** on you 10 times as much as they do chris as a black man you should be trying to help your brother do better but instead ya let white journalists tell you (not just gay men but we as the black community) that our ppl are crazy or monsters or just wrong chris brown is not the only one but hes the one im referring to for now we need to wake up no one knows what happened with frank ocean because chris hasn’t spoken on it frank is not dumb yes hes gonna use the they called me f***** cardd so everyone is on his side after they said he started the whole thng lets be real but im done with my rant i just want ppl to wake up and stop this crabs in a bucket mentality

  53. DeezNuts February 6, 2013

    I understand its hard for him, but the scrutiny he recieves is a DIRECT RESULT of HIS own actions. lol Like, you cant go beating up on people (rihanna, drake, now Frank Ocean) behaving violently and s*** and expect people to not throw shots at you. ???????

    Clean up your act Chris lmao. This letter is just confusing by the way. Screaming “Leave Me Alone” just makes you seem even more emotionally unstable….smfh.

  54. DeezNuts February 6, 2013

    Letter Translated:

    “Fans! Yes I whipped Rihanna’s ass, yes I threw chairs and glass bottles, yes myself and my friends kicked Frank Ocean’s ass after he told me to move my car out of his parking spot, but..Don’t make inferences about my character because of my violent streak. I shouldnt have to keep hearing about it, and seeing it on the news. I deserve respect. Leave Me alone. -Chris.”

    smfh Chris. Its not looking good. un-Fortune Flopped. And I dont think it is possible for you to return to your former prominence. This is kindof sad….

  55. SlayDeleAdkins February 6, 2013


  56. Pop Royalty February 6, 2013

    I won’t even comment ……. it became a mess as of now , it became all about letters Now , no one wants to be mature and have a civil conversation with whoever he/she has a problem with !!!!

  57. danny b February 6, 2013

    Ive never been a fan of Chris since he debuted. NEVER. But I will say that I feel sorry for him to the extent that he is always in some trouble, but when you think about it, it all boils down to his OWN actions. No one told him to beat Rihanna. No one told him to fight Drake. And no one told to punch Frank or lie about his hours (if he did lie)… I understand provocation can make one do crazy s***. But youre not as strong as you think you are if you consistently give in to that provocation, regardless of how much the media hounds you. Chris is violent and has anger issues, and maybe that stems from his upbringing, idk. He needs help, but that is not an excuse. He must be accountable for his actions and stop using the media card as a reason for his outbursts. The only reason the media keeps going in on Chris is because he keeps giving in to their b*******. MJ went through it, Whitney went through it. Chris needs to realize this business is NOT made for the weak. Blaming everybody else for his problems is not going to get him to where he needs/wants to be. In other words. MAN THE F*** UP CHRISTOPHER.

  58. Jay February 6, 2013

    If this guy had shown any remorse for any of the harsh s*** he’s said and done – not just whatever went on with Rihanna, but with the constant picking fights with people on twitter [standardly around about an album campaign] and using homophobic and mildly racist stuff to insult – maybe people would begin to feel he deserved recognition.

    He misses the boat entirely. His wrongs are massive, and the job he does means he knows he is automatically in the public eye. And yet, he couldn’t have tried a little bit harder to act correct in public and keep a clean image since?… Wouldn’t that have been smart? MAN – to me he really does look like a lost cause. He just doesn’t get it.

  59. FREEDOM February 6, 2013

    The media doesn’t really care about Chris Brown at all. Even if he were to turn his life around for the better, they will constantly be on his a***, bringing up his flaws and the mistakes that he his made in the past, thus leading the public to form such hateful comments towards him. Media + Negativity of a celebrity = Intensified hurtful (and sometimes even heartless) comments. All this bulls**** needs to stop right now, okay? I just can’t help but feel annoyed with both the media and Chris. I mean, the media only care about headlines but at the same time Chris isn’t really doing himself any favours whatsoever right now either. I mean getting involved in these predicaments just gives ammunition for the media to fire shots at you….constantly! I’m not asking for you to ignore it because I understand that you can’t, being in the position you’re at right now, but you need to show control and contemplation for your actions as well as self-awareness. Break out of the cycle, focus on your music and show the public and the media what you’re really capable of.

    You are a talented guy, and I’m pretty sure you’re fans, especially Team Breezy would hate to see you’re talent go to pure waste and end up in a situation far worse than what you’ve already been through in the past 4 years. I know you will man up eventually, if you haven’t right now. Also, to those who says things about Chris Brown like calling him “woman beater”, “disgusting man”, “dumb s*** “etc. Just take a moment to think about all the WHITE male celebrities that have done worse things than he has, okay? E.g. Roman Polanski and the sexual assault of a THIRTEEN year old girl! Not to mention he was 43 then.

    I’m not forcing you to change you’re opinions on him cuz everyone’s entitled to what they think and I’m certainly not looking for any trouble, but just remember that you cannot always believe in everything the media says, or fall victim into their world of exaggeration, cuz that’s all they do most of the time. Nuff said.

    • danny b February 6, 2013

      Chris cant change the media. The media has and always will be relentless, harsh and unforgiving to all people in the spotlight. The issue that fans and people have with Chris is not the media, but Chris himself.

  60. NYC February 6, 2013


  61. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 6, 2013

    This is so sad, I feel like I’m reading someone’s suicide note. All I can say, Chris, is that I understand what you mean and wish you the best. Hang in there.

    Respect goes both ways Chris remember that. I get it though, he receives so much unnecessary hate, no one deserves that much hate.

  62. whenindoubtthetruthwillout February 6, 2013

    ” I deserve respect “.

    No you don’t.The minute one human being inflicts violence on another human being they lose any right to be respected.

  63. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 6, 2013

    I guess a fan made it on his behalf?

  64. PRINCE MACHIAVEL February 6, 2013

    Ooooh Breezy! I Still Love You, But Honey Respect, It’s Eaned Not Given! You Can’t Require Compliance With All Your Disrespectful Behavior!!

  65. mc the place to be! February 7, 2013

    Chris they are people who’s going through worst s*** than you and that goes for everyone there’s always someone who has it worst so what you think is a hassle or problem to you is nothing to another person I don’t know what goes on in your life past or present but I know your set for life and pretty stable not many people can say that theyre stable if you want to go away from the media go to an island or something and try to stay away from the internet

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