Hot Shots: Lil Kim Hits LA For NAACP Awards / Dines With Lil Mama

Published: Saturday 2nd Feb 2013 by David

Get into these snaps of Rap icon Lil Kim out and about in LA, reportedly in town for the NAACP Awards.

Sporting an interesting fit, the ‘Can’t Hold Us Down‘ belle also took the time to hit ‘BOA‘ with ‘Lipgloss’ Princess Lil Mama and  former pin-up  Lisa-Raye. 

Her sighting came one week after she confirmed the release of a new studio album- marking the first time she has delivered an LP in almost a decade.

More snaps below…


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  1. King beyonce February 2, 2013

    Time for a new album kim real hip hop

    • A PIECE OF WEAVE February 2, 2013

      whose the old man in the stripe gown???

      • lucky7 February 2, 2013

        I luv Lil Kim.!!!! Some pictures are not her best photos but as a fan of her music, I’m more interested in her upcoming album than what she looks like. I think she is one of the best female lyricist. I like Nicki too, but my HONEST opinion Kim has proven to lyrcially dominate.

      • PSA (FAF) February 2, 2013

        Y’all keep saying Real hip hop but u got that on the Re-Up

        i dont understand how p**** lyrics is hip hop

      • PSA (FAF) February 2, 2013


    • op February 2, 2013

      what is real about Kim w-tf is that,and what real hip-hop you talking about,you can’t be f-cking serious.

      • King beyonce February 2, 2013

        Go listen to lil Kim ‘s albums not that gimmick you Stan for nicki,and then you will know what am talking about.

    • Jasmine February 3, 2013

      In that interview it is very obvious she is on that stuff. Hence why she goes out in public looking a straight fool. Also it looks crazy to wear such light face makeup when your hands and arms are so much darker than your face.

  2. Rob February 2, 2013

    She looks like Snooki in that pictures. Lmao!

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 2, 2013

      So did christina @ the billboard awards but a fat snooki

    • Shaytan February 2, 2013

      What people fail to realize is that she is the same height if not shorter than Snooki. Kim is only 5’4. But the make up I cant defend that

      • CHILL February 2, 2013

        Kim is 4’11 not 5’4…..BYE

      • PSA (FAF) February 2, 2013

        EXACTLY like snooki! Even the outfit! So now kim dressing crazy? Wonder who gave her that idea… Ki

      • CHILL February 2, 2013

        Now Kim dressing Crazy??? Who gave her that idea?

        You obviously are a young Nicki stan. Kim has ALWAYS and I MEAN ALWAYS dressed out of the NORM! Just google pics and you’ll see pics of her w/ cages on her face and Motorcycle helmets amongst other wild fashions.

        Stop Reaching.

    • LIKE WHOA February 3, 2013

      Exactly PSA, you sound like a nutty barb. Have you ever SEEN lil kim, kim and cher are the women who pioneered these wild attention getting outfits in the first place. There is nothing that nicki is doing. ( Aside from the voices) that kim hasn’t already done. Not a damned thing.

  3. RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 2, 2013

    I cant wait for a new lil kim album. THE ORIGINAL QUEEN BEE!! I wonder how lil kim jr feels (icki)

  4. Viciousss February 2, 2013


    I seriously scrolled up and down several times trying to figure out why my computer was shrinking her image.

    So no one could tell her that top plus those shoes made her look like a midget??

    • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) February 2, 2013

      She is a midget.

  5. Viciousss February 2, 2013

    DAMN! Peep Lil Mama in the last pic, wow someone cleaned up nice.

    As for Kim she looks great in that photo too, but the first pic…those shades are not the business.

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 2, 2013


    • QUEEN MINAJ February 2, 2013

      AMEN SISTA!!!!!!

  6. A PIECE OF WEAVE February 2, 2013

    whose the old woman in the stripe gown?? her face hard as rock.

    • SlayDeleAdkins February 2, 2013

      Lil Mama

  7. F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) February 2, 2013

    Gurrrrrl, what is she wearing?

  8. BAD BAD February 2, 2013

    Bye Lil Kim your time is up and Queen Nicki Minaj ain’t letting up her dominant reign to no old or new b****. Nicki Minaj is the best I swear, she’s the only reason why old wack ass females like: Kim, Missy, Eve, and others want to come back because Queen Nicki brought the female rap game back! “All these rap b****** are only HOT! for one summer”

    • Notorious Soldier February 2, 2013

      Have a seat b****!! Nicki Minaj time is up, and the Queen Bee is here to save female hip hop. Nickis second album only went gold, her re release bombed, she was snubbed by the Grammys, and everyone hates her on Idol.

      • DeezNuts February 2, 2013

        1) Her album is Certified platinum. Best selling hip hop album of 2012.

        2) Rereleases dont sell well and it did pretty well considering it wasnt sold at all major retailers.

        3) Several reports have praised Nicki Minaj on idol.

      • CHILL February 2, 2013

        The album is NOT certified platinum. It shipped a million copies. Not SOLD…Stop reaching

      • PSA (FAF) February 2, 2013


        Wheres your seat ? _/

      • CHILL February 2, 2013

        Stop it….So you’re telling me that it was Certified Gold and Platinum on the same day?


        THE REACH IS REAL…….You have to Chill….

      • Deeznuts February 2, 2013

        Yawn…f****** yawn! Her album has sold 1.3+ WW and is certified Platinum. End of story. Best selling hip hop album of 2012. Period. 🙂 SIT!

  9. Mischief February 2, 2013

    Seriously she is releasing a album NOW only now that nicki is doing idol? OH and btw she looks ugly

    • CHILL February 2, 2013

      and you look like? FOH

  10. VANNY February 2, 2013

    who let the dog’s out??? baybeeeeee!!! …. i love me some kim BUT her being 4 feet 11 and wearing high boots and long shirts is not cute!!! it makes her look like a midget!! AND WHERE THE F*** IS THE ALBUM??? smh… get it together kim!!

  11. VANNY February 2, 2013

    Theres nothing worse than bad drag smh….

  12. _eriicc February 2, 2013

    Lil’ Kim looks AMAAAAAAAAZING! Now THAT’S a real star!

    Long Live The Queen!

    • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) February 2, 2013

      Stop lyn b****

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 2, 2013


      • CHILL February 2, 2013

        Kim does look good in that Dress! Yahll never give her f****** credit especially given all the work ! Haters

  13. cake like lady gaga February 2, 2013

    I can just see it, in two years time FRAUDyonce will be just like lil kim now.

    Basic has-been irrelevant trick

    • Tasha February 2, 2013

      Never! She has way more than lil kim! Never! She might do music but she’s got other stuff! So keep hating!

  14. HOWYOULIKEIT February 2, 2013

    Still hasn’t fixed that nose? Girl, with all the money you have cmon

  15. IDONTCARE February 2, 2013

    EWWW this b**** is disgusting

    • CHILL February 2, 2013

      and you’re Trash!

  16. Pop Royalty February 2, 2013

    Her Sense of style is really so f*****’ OFFFF! like just look at her face in the 4th pic , Really Girl , you left your house lookin’ like that ?! 🙄

    • CHILL February 2, 2013

      Her Sense of Style is off? When she sets the tone that the others emulate…..RIGHHHHHTTTTTTTT…..BYE

  17. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 2, 2013

    Lil Kim really needs to stop wearing foundation lighter than her actual skin color.VERY clown like and unattractive. Her neck down she’s dark brown. Kim, your BROWN skin not high yellow, stop!

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! February 2, 2013

      Aactually sweetie kim has bleached her skin and she is no longer her pretty brown round anymore she let white folks get to her head

      • PSA (FAF) February 2, 2013

        @Respect the Voice

        sweetie, you can’t stop melanin production unless you take pills like MJ

        your skin will continue to produce melanin, bleaching is a continual process kim used to bleach but now she stopped, so her skin has turned back dark brown….

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 2, 2013

        Hey hun, being a student of medical science, I can tell you right now no “bleaching cream” exists that’ll lighten you to the degree Kim has, and definitely not long term without serious health repercussions. You can clearly see at the top of her forehead near her hairline her real skin color. Kim has been imitating Boso the clown for a decade. She needs to seek counseling for her undiagnosed BDD…

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 2, 2013

        @PSA Michael was prescribed a variety of topical prescriptions that would lessen the pigment to even his skin tone due to vitiligo. Monobenzone being one which is only prescribe only to vitiligo patients, as this completely depigments the skin and even in places it wasn’t applied.

  18. CHUDDS February 2, 2013

    She looks soooo f****** terrible. Self-hatred at its finest!!!

  19. : : . W A T E R S P O R T S February 2, 2013

    This’s so f****** bad.

    • cake like lady gaga February 2, 2013

      Better than FRAUDyonce lip syncing at the inauguration

      _/ _/ sit

  20. Monstarebel February 2, 2013

    Wow she’s looks bad lil man man looks better than Kim…

    • op February 2, 2013

      Lil Mama looks like she is starving,looking like a 60 year old starving granny both of them is a hot @ss mess.

  21. Tasha February 2, 2013

    What the f*** is that lil plastic! Plus lil man! UGLY !

  22. Drayner317 February 2, 2013

    Lil Kim is that B$&ch… I f*** with kim all day!! Looking good!!

    • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) February 2, 2013

      No she isnt she looks a.mess

  23. HOTSTUFF February 2, 2013


  24. truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) February 2, 2013

    Runs, off post cryn after lookn at those gross ass pics sam shady ass put

  25. CHILL February 2, 2013

    Yahll need to get over her old looks. She looks good in that Dress given that she’s had some work done.

    Yahll never give credit. Some of yahll just hate because you have nothing to do and so you can get likes. Thats a little narcissistic. The only way you get validation is by hating on someone on a site where NO ONE knows you!

    Anyway Go Kim! I know the new music will be good because its taken so long for you to release.

    BTW there is room for her and Nicki and any other artist that want it. They just have to be them and work for it and not fall victim to what people say they should be and have their own vision for themselves.

    • CHUDDS February 2, 2013

      Girl stfu.

      • CHILL February 2, 2013

        P R E S S E D……FOH DOG FACE

  26. MusicLoveChild February 2, 2013

    She really needs to get it together, I’m still jamin to Big Momma Thang

  27. PSA (FAF) February 2, 2013

    DEAD @ this ugly ho……….

  28. PSA (FAF) February 2, 2013

    • JDE February 2, 2013

      LOL somebody is pressed trying to prove something. No matter Nicki’s 2nd album still flopped hard. In the prime of her career and cant sell a million copies. SMH. She better hope Idol keep her ass for as long as possible cause her music ain’t producing no kind of returns. I dont care how many bogus certifications she gets to cover up her weak sales.

      • op February 2, 2013

        Kill your self,she still have millions,and what you doing running on blogs hatting on people who is better than you you are so sad.

      • Deeznuts February 2, 2013

        1.3 million WW. Best selling hip hop album of 2012. Best Selling!

        Yes…over rick ross, over tyga, over kendrick lamar, over Waka, over Nas, over Meek Mill, over GOOD music, over some of the biggest names in hip hop. Lil ole Nicki Minaj outsold them all.

        Starships 4x plat. PTA platinum. Beez in the trap Gold. Vavavoom nearly Platinum. VMAs, AMAs, BET awards….like what else do I have to say? She’s winning.! lmfao

      • JDE February 3, 2013

        [email protected]”1.3 million WW”.

        Are you SERIOUSLY trying to brag on those horribad #’s? That s*** bellyflopped. Sit down.

        1.3 million WW. 😆

        Yall funny! That’s like bragging about a D- on your report card.

  29. Mik Bailey February 2, 2013

    Most defiinitely is not aging well!

  30. TeamEveandMissy February 2, 2013

    Lol…..lil kim does look a like snooki in the first pics,but snooki is not an ugly girl she just had a f***** up shape. Lil kim is a nice looking woman….she’s not as pretty as b4 all the surgery but she’s still pretty. I’ve seen much worse. I wasn’t a big fan of lil kim but I was a fan of the hot music like she had on notorious k.i.m and la bella mafia albums. I hope everybody that is rushing her to put out music actually buys it. She looks nice in the dress.

  31. TeamEveandMissy February 2, 2013

    Lil kim got it wrong with the thigh high boots to be short as she is and that blouse make her look prego. I never gotten the reason why they gave her the title of queen of hip hop and we all knw nicki didn’t get that title honestly she got it easily bcuz of her being the only one out mainstream. My girls eve and missy has had more commercial success with their albums then lil kim has. She did change the game and paved they way for them tho and nicki stank ass as well. Eve and missy flipped it on’em tho. I wish y’all quit sayin nicki put female emcees back on the map bcuz eve had problems with her label,missy had graves diease,but she was behind the scene making hits for monica,fantasia,j cole,demi,katy perry and etc….. lil kim was had label problems and was blackballed. Trina never left she just wasn’t given credit. She still had was being featured and was suppose to be the only female rapper on the 5 star chick song and the only reason nicki got on it is bcuz lil boosie got locked up. Ready for real hip hop.

    • Deeznuts February 2, 2013

      You basically explained why Nicki Minaj put female rappers back on the map. lmfao

      Lil Kim’s last album flopped, so did Eve’s. Missy was the last success back in 2002..over 10 years ago. Nicki is the only one to find major success in over 10 years.

  32. HoneychildPlease February 2, 2013

    OH GAWWWWD hot mess child!….*makes u turn and runs out the room*

  33. QUEEN MINAJ February 2, 2013


  34. Drew February 2, 2013

    Lil Kim looks really pretty. I’m so glad Lil Kim has her dark hair back. It looks the best on her than the blonde.

    • MusicLoveChild February 2, 2013

      I suppose…

  35. MusicLoveChild February 2, 2013

    I hope she can get back in the game again

  36. Music Soul Harmony February 2, 2013

    Hot ass mess.

  37. Truth (#1 Nicki Stan) February 2, 2013

    They didn’t have to f*** her face up like that tho…

  38. Dee February 2, 2013

    thats my chick… can’t wait for her return, i’m ready for some real hip hop

  39. Deeznuts February 2, 2013

    BWAHAH. That can’t be Krim! I know Snookie when I see Snookie. Somebody take that h** to the Jersey Shore and leave her ass there! lmao

  40. PRINCE MACHIAVEL February 2, 2013

    Ooooh My Freakin GOOOD What’s Up With Those Flooop Glasseeeees!!!!!!

  41. tre February 3, 2013

    lil mama look like she got a***…YUCK!!!!!!!

  42. OnyxTheKid February 3, 2013

    I love Kim dearly….. but those pictures looks a shitty FEWL!

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