Foxy Brown Shades Lil Kim For Saying Her ‘Queen Bee’ Memoir’s Pre-Sales Are Bigger Than the Holy Bible’s?

Published: Sunday 12th Nov 2023 by Rashad

Rap enthusiasts and critics have long ranked Lil Kim and Foxy Brown on top of their “best female emcees of all-time” lists, but when it comes to one another history has shown the ladies may not hold each other in as high esteem.


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Taking to Instagram Live on Thursday (November 9), the GRAMMY winner updated her beloved fans (affectionately called #KillerBees) with an update on her long-awaited memoir, ‘The Queen Bee.’

Originally announced in 2021, the book has been serially delayed due a number of undisclosed reasons (which Kim alluded to in the video seen above).

“My book has been done,” she said in the livestream about the release setbacks. “I’m going to write y’all a letter to tell y’all what’s going on, but it’s not really cool. But I don’t want to use this to talk about it. I really don’t. But just know it’s like that. It’s crazy.”

Later in the chat, Kim made a comment that went viral when she compared the forthcoming autobiography’s pre-sale figures to the Holy Bible’s.

“When we post our presales, we be surpassing the Bible, and that’s crazy,” she relayed. “The Bible, I don’t take that lightly, I already know that… It’s some crazy s – – t going on behind the scenes. You have to be really careful when you deal with these book companies because they try to take advantage of you. You know, I’m a little Black woman.”

For the record, the Holy Bible is the best-selling book of all-time with reported figures surpassing the 5 billion mark. Although not directly stated, it is assumed Kim meant a recently released variation or updated version of the religious text.

Regardless, commenters ran with the bold statement on social media with criticisms ranging from calling the iconic rapstress “delusional” to “overzealous,” “sacrilegious,” or a downright “liar.”

Among those making headlines for weighing in is Kim’s one-time nemesis/fellow rapstress Foxy.

Granted, the ‘Hot Spot’ hitmaker didn’t give a lengthy reaction to the viral video but fans surmised she was in agreement with the critics because of her cryptic Instagram post (seen below).

At writing, Kim has not responded to Brown’s subliminal shot.

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  1. Me November 12, 2023

    So Foxy chooses to come out of hiding and use her voice to shade Kim. Instead of taking advantage of current times and her wide audience to rebrand herself, and release a project. She’s missing another opportunity to salvage some of the pieces of the career that her bad attitude put on ice. Smdh… just no growth at all.

    • Floppy November 13, 2023

      I do agree with you. From what I recall, Foxy has been trying to release a memoir as well. Everytime Kim’s book release date changes, Foxy’s book release date changes. Clearly there is a strategy of some sort.
      This book that Kim is talking about was suppose to be about her stint in prison, and the women she me there. Then the publishing company filed a lawsuit, because there was no book. I guess the lawsuit was dropped once she agreed to a memoir.
      I bet you anything 90% of the book is about Biggie Smalls. No mention of Foxy feud or her plastic surgery or anything else people actually really want to know about. Probably a bunch of Fluff she made up. Like lying about some ex boyfriend breaking her nose, instead of living in reality of wanting Caucasian features.

  2. What would 50 do November 12, 2023

    Fox can say what she wants to her fans I just don’t like that stuff she said about Jay-z

  3. Anne November 12, 2023

    I don’t think it’s that far fetched considering a lot of adults who want a Bible already have one and others are now reading it online which is a much faster way to get to the book, chapter, and verse that you’re looking for, and then of course there’s the decrease in religious people to factor in, especially if she’s only talking about preorders, it may not be true but again doesn’t sound that far fetched.

    • What would 50 do November 13, 2023

      Then she should explain herself differently

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