Hot Shots: Rihanna And Chris Brown Hit The ‘Supperclub’

Published: Wednesday 27th Feb 2013 by David

Rihanna and Chris Brown stepped out in style last night, arriving at the ‘Supperclub’ to get their party on days after the former arrived back in the States after her London Fashion Week showing.

Swarmed by paparazzi as they made their way into the spot, the oft polarising couple were also snapped making their way out of the club and leaving the party, weeks before Ri’s launches her hotly anticipated ‘Diamonds World Tour’.

More pics over at ‘She Is Diva‘!

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  1. Mimi Carey February 27, 2013

    Her legs look amazing.. beyonce wishes…..

    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 27, 2013

      I’m sure Beyonce doesn’t give a f***…..

    • Ti$ February 27, 2013

      Hahaha no boo your fave wishes lol. So please refrain yourself from dissing Beyonce hypocrite. She has nothing to do with this. Anyways, big ups to CB and Rih. They are doing their thing. I really hope they last.

  2. NΛVI February 27, 2013

    same s*** different week. i’m honestly sick of these two, they need to take a chill pill and keep their joke of a relationship on the DL

    • RICHANDBLACK11 February 27, 2013

      Chile a mess , say it ain’t so

  3. SHA February 27, 2013

    It seems as if the paps follow her every where except a rehearsal spot hmmmm interesting weeks before you go on tour you rather hit up clubs than rest and prepare I see where her prioritize are!!!

    • zania February 27, 2013

      She been rehearsing during the day because Cb told the reporters at Elton Party that Rihanna couldn’t come to the party because she is rehearsing for her tour.

      • mobwife February 27, 2013

        THANK YOU!

        I hate how stupid some people are. I’m not a big Beyonce fan but I loved when she said in the “Life Is But A Dream” doc. that the media takes a picture of a person and adds whatever caption they want in an attempt to hurt that person. And unfortunately people believe the lies the media reports! What in the world would make anyone believe that Rih isn’t handling her business? What makes ppl thinks CB is working on his agend?. He said he wanted to take some time to stabalize his foundation and I’m so proud of him for doing so. These ppl have no clue what these 2 orr any other celeb is actually doing. They just know the lies told in the media!

    • lexi March 2, 2013

      what the f*** are you talking about, she has been rehearsing since janauary. who rehearses at night.

  4. zania February 27, 2013

    Rihanna legs are beautiful but I can tell she it tired because she left the club looking exhausted.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 February 27, 2013

      Those were the drugs boo.

      • Tash February 27, 2013

        Right! This b**** needs a reality check like for real. Exhausted my back foot, more like STONED!

      • mobwife February 27, 2013


        Chris & Rihanna are just out enjoying themselves not hurting anyone…….not bothering anyone……just trying to enjoy an evening out! I am tired of you weak minds following the bullsh*t RACIST MEDIA and it’s constant attempt to humiliate these two young blacks because they love each other and want to be together. It’s odd how the WHITE OWNED MEDIA show fabulous pictures of the WHITE PPL they like and go out of their way to post horrible pics with a HORRIBLE CAPTION of BLACKS THEY HATE in an attempt to hurt them. It’s sad that blacks foolishly go along with the scheme.

        Also, they are coming for BEYONCE’S WEAVE…….you better be prepared…..for the times they are a changin’……and Adele is their NEW QUEEN not Beyeonce as tou will soon learn!!

      • RICHANDBLACK11 February 27, 2013

        @mob, girl what are you talking about. I know you love Chris Brown and all , but girl he is on DRUGS and bad at that. I pray that he gets the help that he needs. Btw WHAT DOES BEYONCE HAVE TO DO WITH THIS?

      • mobwife February 27, 2013


        CB is looking strong and healthy! Ppl want to say he was on drugs but I don’t buy it. He has just been stressed and obviously not taking care of himself until now. NBA’s Kobe Bryant looked the same way when the media was doggin’ him about that r*** allegation a few ys back but he regained his weight and kept it moving foward. I love that I saw CB out at Elton Johns gathering looking good and enjoying life. …..

        I just warned about the hammer these fools are trying to drop on the head of Beyonce. For some reason the media is shifting it’s usual favorable stance about Bey……the inagural mess, followed by the harsh critcism of her Superbowl peformance, followed by the hate and shade being thrown about her documentray…… something is going on with her and the lowlife media!

  5. Red February 27, 2013

    She looks a mess.

  6. DIGGER BEY February 27, 2013

    ^^^^^^^^^ Delusional. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I smell billygoat s***. Nasty ass w****.

  7. morenavee February 27, 2013

    I hope they work out.

  8. i might be reaching but… February 27, 2013

    They are forcing this ‘Relationship’. Rihanna is currently a bigger star than CB and soon he will just be come to be known as Rihannas bf. He is trying to get back on top but I dnt see it for him. The collabos did not work for him. Meanwhile she has become bigger. He will get tired and jealous soon or later and the s*** will hit the fan

    But of course I might be reaching lol

    • NYC February 27, 2013

      “They” arent forcing anything. tha damn press is forcing it down everyone’s throat.

      • mobwife February 27, 2013

        THANK YOU!

        How are they forcing something on the public when they are just tying to enjoy a night out? Are the Obama’s “FORCING” their relationship down ppl’s throats when they have date night? How about Beyonce and her pet camel? People need to stop being so easily lead by a biased media with an agenda against CB & Rih!

  9. DIGGER BEY February 27, 2013

    U sure are reaching. Cause Hoeianna is on her way out.

  10. Tash February 27, 2013

    Her feet look ashy! Like girl, moisturise your feet aswell as your legs! Not cute when they are different complexion to your legs. And shes lookin really DRUGGY recently, like she probably stinks of weed and s*** and needs a good bath.

  11. mike February 27, 2013

    just had a couple of deja vus what to post here right now. but let’s change that, saying…

    nothing special about them together anymore. they look casually good. not the happiest look tho, but reasonable having paps in the face when they maybe just wanna have alil party over the week. they enjoying their good life. mmh.

  12. RICHANDBLACK11 February 27, 2013

    kris is looking bad , can’t really see Rihanna face tho

  13. mobwife February 27, 2013

    “…often polarising couple…” <— REALLY?

    Oh you mean by the RACIST WHITE MEDIA & RACIST WHITE FEMINAZIs & the dumb BLACK SLAVES who follow whatever WHITE folks say like the Oprah, Gayle King, Robin Roberts etc. of the world? Whatever…..

    I'm glad to see the 2 young blacks out living their lives and not allowing the RACIST AMERICAN MEDIA & FEMINIST WHORES to dictate their young existence. When WHITE FOLKS stalk & talk sh*t about SERIAL WIFE BEATERS: Eminem, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Ozzy Obourne, Richie Sambora, Robbie Williams, John Lennon, Frank Sanatra, Yanni, Alan Jackson, Tracy Lawrence, Rodney Atkins, Alec Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin, Steven Seagal, Christian Slater, Christian Bale, Sean Connery, Paul McCartney, David Haasolholf,James Taylor, Axl Rose, John Furlong etc, then I'll listen to WTF they have to say about these 2 young blacks!

    Go Chris & Rihanna enjoy life & f*ck anyone who is against you…..

  14. eric February 27, 2013

    The industry he feels hurt by is the same one that he celebrates by going out clubbing. The fact that he looks miserable doing it and Rihanna always appears refreshed is very telling. Rihanna is disguising a very pleasurable revenge as love. TRUE love would would not make her look and feel as good as she does while her partner is suffering. Chris is entranced by whatever Rihanna is putting on him and he better wake up before Rihanna achieves her goal of completely stomping out his soul. Where are all of the “friends” who supported Chris after the physical assault? When he really needs them, they’re obviously nowhere around.

    • i&i(still deh yah) February 27, 2013


      • pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 27, 2013

        So you Believe she will make herself the Biggest Fool on Earth , Lose a Lot of her Biggest fans, etc… just for a “Revenge” ?

        She did DONE Collapsed his career Already and got her Sweet revenge , Do you Remember the Whole Rated R era ? The LOUD era ?

        just when his career started to come Alive again and got his grammy the whole s*** about him being “Violent” Started Again and she Got Him Back to Save Him !!!
        To summarize : Chris Will Never Win in anybody’s Eyes But RIHANNA’s, She loves Him For Real and She’s Mastered the art of “Not Giving a Single F***” !!!

    • mobwife February 27, 2013

      Damn, I 100% agree! WTF are all the ppl who have used him for hooks, and songs and things? Now hat the fake ass raacist media is tearing him down on a daily basis they are no where to be founfd! Scary ass negros make me sick!

      I will add however, I think things are being manipulated in the media. The paparizzi (sp?) takes tons of photographs but the media they sell the pics to, ELECTS TO SHOW those that make each person -be it CB & Rih or Kanye & Kim or Bey & her pet camel – look a particular way. They elect to print those images that FIT THE NARRATIVE they want to advance about that person or couple! For example, CB attened Elton Johns A*** Oscar Charity Event on Sunday. He took some eally good pics. He was smiling with various celebrities and appeared to be having fun yet he media ELECTED NOT TO PRINT THEM including TGJ!

      • pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 27, 2013

        you KNOW Cb is not so loved by the media , right ?

        Even before The incident , no one gave him the Time of the day as he deserve.

      • mobwife February 27, 2013

        @Pop Royality

        WTF are you talking about? What does your comment have to do with miine? Sure at the moment they don’t like him because he went back to Rihanna. They are only mad because neither are willing to continue playing the BLACK VICTIM – BLACK VILLIAN game the RACIST AMERICAN MEDIA, THE RACIST FEMINIST WHORES & STUPID BLACK PPL who follow whatever the white media says, want them to play! They have moved on so f*ck the media and all who follow them.

        For the record, Chris Brown was doing just fine prior to Rihanna retuning to his life. He has taken the brunt of the critcism but he apparently truely loves her and is once again willing to suffer for her. I applaud Rihanna for finally stepping up and being willing to suffer as well for him.

  15. mc the place to be! February 27, 2013

    Why is it a problem that she wants to go out to clubs? She’s 25 and young let her be young it ain’t nothing wrong with taking a break and anyway its really none of your business what she do on her time anyway

  16. Jana February 27, 2013

    So instead of both of them working on their craft, they decide to go to a club again? When will either of them learn?

    • mobwife February 27, 2013

      THEY WENT TO DINNER! So they ae not allowed to EAT? And what makes you think they are not both working on their craft…..oh rgiht the media says so! I keep fogetting that they are black so of course they are evil, violence, thug, drug dealing, killers who do nothing but party and not work on their craft…lLOL

      • Butterfly February 27, 2013

        That’s not the point, they are often seen going to clubs to get drunk and smoke, you stans are always so damn defensive over someone you don’t even know.

  17. DIGGER BEY February 27, 2013

    ^^^^^^^ STFU C*?t.

  18. pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 27, 2013

    I Like Both Chris and Rihanna “maybe rihanna more” , but posts about them going to or going out of a f*****’ Club started to get Boring and Dated.

    Am i the only one ?

    Those 2 need to get their ass seated in front of a vocal coach or either The paps need to rest their asses and let them Live Off our Eyes Because I Started to get Tired of these Tired News.

    • mobwife February 27, 2013

      And you are blaming them for going to dinner? So should they just hide because the media is targeting them for destruction? They cannot contol the racist media and it’s bullsh*t. If you don’t see them then the racist media swears they are no longer together or even more sinister nonsense…

      And remember the scheme, it’s called DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS……the media will oversatuate the public to make them turn on them both!! The media has all the power and all the control thanks to LIMITED MEDIA OWNERSHIP! Learn the plots and the schemes!

  19. Rosie February 27, 2013

    Hey Sam, did you post about the IFPI reciepts yet? Death at it clocking the Navy every year, they were bragging about how “We Found Leftovers From 18 Months” being, and I quote, “one of the biggest hits of our time,” yet it wasn’t even in the top ten singles of the tracking period/2012! LOLOLOL. Not to mention Lana Del SLAY selling more albums than Hoeanna.

  20. Beyonce Till The End Of Time February 28, 2013

    He is back on performing at every AWARD SHOW 2 #1 ALBUMS …wat r u talking about @I MIGHT BE REACHING BUT…

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