TLC Responds To #TLCGoingToJail Hashtag

Published: Thursday 5th Nov 2015 by David

Did TLC “creep” away with the money they raised from their Kickstarter program?

Find out below…

The ‘Dear Lie’ duo launched a Kickstarter program earlier this year to raise money they said would be used to record their brand new studio album.

Alas, much to the dismay of those who helped the ladies raise $430,000, the album and the promises they made to their fans are nowhere to be seen.

This rubbed said fans the wrong way and saw them start the #TLCGoingToJail hashtag on Twitter as they claimed the money they’d donated for a project had really been used to fund T-Boz and Chilli‘s lifestyles.

When one fan asked T-Boz where his money was she shocked him with:

Call Kickstarter and tell ’em yo give it back.


To say this infuriated their supporters would be an understatement especially as a large sum of the money raised was donated by the Pop singer Katy Perry whose fans also weighed in on the matter.

All of this prompted Ms. Boz to release an official statement during a radio interview recorded earlier this week.

Listen to her side of the story below…

Be on the lookout for the next TLC LP in 2016.

Your thoughts?

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  1. essence_of_sean November 5, 2015


    • essence_of_sean November 5, 2015

      Nvm, I was wrong. Looked too fast

      • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) November 5, 2015


    • preston November 5, 2015

      Did u hear talk to Da Brat about her upcoming Unplugged show?>>

  2. HailBeysus November 5, 2015

    Lol the Irony of them calling men scrubs now they resorting to donations to et an album out lmfao!

    • Amanda D. November 5, 2015

      They didn’t write the song. They just sung it. Kandi Burris & Tomika “Tiny” Coddle wrote it. Anyway, it’s one of the greatest R&B songs EVER written. So there.

      • Ciah’s Turtle November 5, 2015

        Don’t matter if they wrote it or not. They sung it proudly because they stood by it. and Turn that wack a$$ BurnItUp song off!

      • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB November 5, 2015

        Omg it does doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she meant! He wanted to complain so she told him if he wanted a refund then get it. They obviously aren’t done with the album. What made u think they would be done so soon? Yall need to think with ur own brains and don’t go based off what the blogs want you to think. Oh and this site is easily becoming M** with all these popups adds n such. Just ridiculous

      • HailBeysus November 5, 2015

        I never said they wrote the song nor did i say The song sucked so feel free to remove yourself from my thread

    • Dragging for Mrs Rihnavy……….. Animalise must die November 5, 2015

      Analube is a scrub tho…….

  3. November 5, 2015

    what a f-cking mess,this isn’t looking good they better fix this asap, because this could get messier real quick.

  4. Slay_Hive November 5, 2015

    Destiny’s Child would NEVER!

    • Dragging for Mrs Rihnavy……….. Animalise must die November 5, 2015

      You are straight up trash

      • Slay_Hive November 5, 2015

        ???????????????? There’s your attention boo! Lmao

  5. #JACKIE November 5, 2015

    DEATH! The absolute struggle. I wouldn’t have donated s*** to them.

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) November 5, 2015

      U didnt…ho. Go by Jackie

      • Faf November 5, 2015

        Go by? Where is it? Is it around the corner?

        Find your father.

    • preston November 5, 2015

      Did u hear talk to Da Brat about her upcoming Unplugged show?>>

  6. #JACKIE November 5, 2015

    Matthew Knowles met have been a snake and a creep but he instilled hell of a work ethic into all of the DC members except Farrah. Those girls keep checks rolling in and are always working while T-Bone and Chitlin are broke and pathetic.

    • ????Queen Molly???? November 5, 2015

      Yes babe Matthew didn’t manage no fools.

  7. Remy November 5, 2015

    @hailbeysus says the person who fav who has to fund her album to be made. N sell her body to stay relevant. Right Tlc will always be relevant they didn’t have to fund it. the fans did smart move by them. If only bey can get her album from stop leaking then maybe she doesn’t have to resort to dropping her album early. Oop big mad or little mad pressed his shall always be pressed….

    • HailBeysus November 5, 2015

      Sweetie im not pressed but its clear you are. If Beyonce is her own albums to be made than thats not a bad thing you idiot. The girl gots money and could probably fund TLC’s next 20 albums lmao!!! TLC hasn’t been relevant since Left Eyes tragedy accident and thats a fact! If they were so relevant they would have had alot more money raised and Mrs Katy wouldn’t have tot have been the Majority of their funding lmao!!!! Also didn’t Rihanna already clock these elders for calling her out about showing some skin with a picture of the three of them naked posing KIIIIII!!!! JUST STOP BECAUSE YOU SOUND REALLY STUPID

  8. ????Queen Molly???? November 5, 2015

    Lmao these girls are pathetic

    • Dragging for Mrs Rihnavy……….. Animalise must die November 5, 2015

      And you are not lmao

  9. Shady81 November 5, 2015

    Lisa would never signed on for this if she was still alive because she was the true brains behind the creativity, concept, and she was just an all around hustler all together poor girl probably rolling over in her grave SMH,
    T-Boz, Chilli get ya’ll s*** together.

    • ????Queen Molly???? November 5, 2015

      Hey sis…have you been to Janets new tour yet?

      • Shady81 November 5, 2015

        Hey @Queen Molly nope I have to prepare for my big trip next year plus I have just finished remodeling my house so Janet’s not getting my money this or next year but I did see her in 2011 during her up close and personal tour I had fun. Why did you go? And if so how was it?.

  10. Ciah’s Turtle November 5, 2015

    A true shame.. smh

  11. ????Queen Molly???? November 5, 2015

    @Slay_hive is so right DC would never be begging for hand outs like this washed up group smh. And yall call TLC legends? Lmao please

    • Dragging for Mrs Rihnavy……….. Animalise must die November 5, 2015

      Oh poor Molly
      No one uses u anymore including your cousins
      Stop tagging people on your c=mments or else you’ll be payed DUST

  12. Dragging for Mrs Rihnavy……….. Animalise must die November 5, 2015

    Brace yourselves for the
    return of my Master
    the queen of all drags
    RIHNAVY coming back
    decemer 4
    3.Career Ender
    7.Mark and his soldiers
    8.last but not least Everyone who uses any of the above is my enemy and will be dragged to the pits

    • WE LOVE U RIHNAY November 5, 2015


      • Taylor Tori Azalea November 5, 2015

        Not you misspelling the Queens name
        but the Queen will understand since
        you miss her
        And you can go see my flawless reads on the Justin Bieber post

    • Taylor Tori Azalea November 5, 2015

      You’re pathetic and useless bye bish

    • King Mark111 /.\ November 5, 2015

      Biitch called Molly “Monky”. DIES!!!!!! lol

  13. Grade the Way November 5, 2015

    This whole ordeal could’ve been avoided if they had maybe posted a feel lyrics here and there, dropped some hints, hell even a title. Something to make it look like they were working on the album. I get that putting out an album takes time but it looked like they took the money and dipped.

    • Christian November 5, 2015

      Um they did. If you donated then you got an email in September saying they were going on break after the tour and then resuming the work on the album and they’ve tweeted about it. One idiot didn’t read his email so now every body ran with it. People are gullible morons because if they actually paid attention they’d know what was going on. That’s why

  14. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 5, 2015

    LMAO… #THESTRUGGLE. its real. Both tlc & DC3 sold 10 million off their 3rd albums yet even Michelle wasnt complaining fanancially while all in TLC was BANKRUPT. And now they BEGGING gulible fans for money. If they had NO MONEY to fund an album why would they have enuff to pay their rent??? Lmao they should have gotten latavia to take lisas place. It still would have been called TLC intials plus latavia sounded just like them and looked enough like them… what a waist. Idk why tlc was so big anyway… everything inc their music was lame. Dc3 way better by miles and made more money.

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) November 5, 2015

      Take yo insulin

  15. Remy November 5, 2015

    @hailbeysus didn’t she say that she’s was dropping an album around the same time Janet did. Up I guess not. TLC is the reason destiny’s child even made it as far as they did. N oh left eye only rapped on two or three songs on every album. It was mainly tboz n chilli that was holding the group down. TLC last album out sold destiny’s child fact. N ma’am let it be known I just make statements none of u thots words matter to me but TLC will always be the greatest girl group of all time.

    • Shady81 November 5, 2015

      Lefteye did more then just Rapped she wrote her parts, was apart of the production process and she had a large hand in designing the album, having ideas for the titles, theme and concepts, also she was the creative force behind the looks music and albums. All Chilli and T-Boz did was provide vocals and dance steps and T-Boz wrote as well so Lisa did Majority of the work that’s why she was so successful in other outlets until her untimely death in 2002 Lisa was TLC and when she died the group died with her.

      • HailBeysus November 5, 2015


    • WE LOVE U RIHNAVY November 5, 2015

      The spice girls say hiii

    • HailBeysus November 5, 2015

      Omg yet again your dumbass keeps bringing up things that have nothing to do with what i said!!! Also stop lying if you paid us no mind you wouldn’t feel the need to comment back. TLC is not responsible for how far DC made it. Thats all Matthew and The Girls hard work. Sure TLC are their predecessors we know. But saying they’re the reason DC made it is like me Saying The Supremes are responsible for TLC’S success! The Supremes paved the way for all our favorite girl groups and by far for me are the best girl group of all time!! I will even say they are the best selling!!! But sadly no knows their true record’s sale count. But the fact they were the only musical act to RIVAL the BEATLES says alot!!! From 1991 to present day they have sold 20 million albums and thats decades from when the group split. So yes for me they are the greatest Girl Group!!! Also TLC sold 75 million records and DC sold over 60 million they don’t trail far behind. Also when the hell did BEYONCE say she was releasing an album earlier this year???? It hasn’t even been 2 years since the “Beyonce” release.

  16. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 5, 2015

    The saddest thing about tlc was that greed & poverty was their destruction. If they werent so broke Lisa would have found a better place to go on vacation and wouldnt have been so mentally unstable. Tboz also wouldnt have caught siclecell anemia and chillie wouldnt have slept arround with usher for money either. He used to buy her ish sbe couldnt afford back in the day. Why didnt they just get funding from their label… i guess if they steal from their fans they wouldnt have the stress of paying it back… they just release a crappy album instead lmao

    • Ciah’s Turtle November 5, 2015

      This whole statement is Ignorant as hell. You don’t catch Sickle Cell Fatty. lol

      • 2bad2bme November 5, 2015


      • Meryl Streep is Queen November 5, 2015

        Oh my goodness! You can’t catch sickle cell! ????????????????????. You must have spilled your deep fried soup on your science textbooks.

    • eric November 5, 2015

      Wtf is wrong with u.T-Boz got SICKLE CELL Anemia because she was broke? U know how insane that statement is? You are born with it. If there was ANY credibility to ur post u lost it all with that statement alone.

    • Caleb August 4, 2017

      Omg you are so f****** stupid it’s embarrassing!!

  17. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 5, 2015

    The real reason why they never replaced lisa isnt just to honer her memory… it was becuz its hard enough to divide $500 amonst 2 ppl lol

    • 2bad2bme November 5, 2015

      I bet it’s hard for you to divide that weight, aint it?

  18. Barb-wire November 5, 2015

    Poor Girls 🙁 I didn’t know the struggle was this real! They missed their opportunity to make something out of life when they were still popping, look at Jessica Simpson, girl’s a flop musically now but honey still getting them million dollar coins and remains unbothered and undragged by these disrespectful stans. Good luck though Girls, waterfalls still my jam.

  19. Like a prayer November 5, 2015

    Try and shade TLC all you want but they have more impact and legacy than all y’all favs. Waterfalls is a cultural phenomenon song. And NOT y’all comparing DC to TLC. TLC music was better! They talked about real s*** like beauty standards & safe s**. Not bum ass dudes like DC. Their also the ONLY girl group to have a diamond certified and are the best selling girl group in America and second best world wide.

  20. 2bad2bme November 5, 2015

    Excuse me, but one of their biggest hits “No Scrubs” talked about bum a$$ dudes.

    Destiny’s Child + TLC= Success…how bout u?

  21. Usual Observer November 5, 2015

    Lmao!!! “The ‘Dear Lie’ duo”… Dead.

  22. Cough Cough November 5, 2015

    That’s the problem with this generation, they’re so accustomed to people with their microwave music popping out albums every year like its nothing.

    With that being said, CLEARLY they didn’t have money to fund an album so once they got the money they have to: scout writers, scout producers, figure out the thesis of the album, collaborate with the writers, record, edit etc etc etc….. That takes a long assssssss time especially when the situation is like this with the futures of their careers on the line. Honestly though, the dumb aśses complaining are the same dumb asśes who donated so idk why I would expect them to comprehend the obvious. TLC has never recorded and put out an album with a full campaign, let alone a comeback album, in 6 months. Idiots.

    • eric November 5, 2015

      Finally someone when gets the artistry. These ladies come from a time when u put actual thought and craft into music and it has something to say. Don’t get me wrong I love me some rihanna and I am def #Navy,but her music is mindless and lacks depth. As 90% of the music out today. Not once did I think they were “running” with the money and anyone that did is an idiot.

      • HailBeysus November 5, 2015

        90% of music out today!?!?!? Sad you shouldn’t limit yourself to mainstream music only. Their is a vast wide majority of music out there. Mainstream music ony scratches the surface.

  23. MsYonce November 5, 2015

    What a mess

  24. dee November 5, 2015

    She dodged the question… When is the cd coming out again?

  25. @JanetCIARA_ November 5, 2015

    Wow, TLC not a good look!
    maybe they didnt know what they were in for, inserting themselves back into the “game” by asking for donations for new album.

  26. King Mark111 /.\ November 5, 2015

    These girls lack focus. I still love them tho.

  27. eric November 6, 2015

    If you all were backstage where I was to see TLC on the Main Event tour, you would know that people of all ages are still crazy about the girls. During the show, they didn’t have to ask for people to stand. People were on their feet singing and dancing like 1994 again. Just because you’re not everywhere shoving yourself in people’s faces every chance you get does not mean you’re irrelevant. You know your music has made a substantial impact when other artists are still sampling your work 25 years later. Has anyone sampled “Soldier” or “Bug a Boo” yet?

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