Rick Ross: “Nicki Minaj Is the Queen of Rap”

Published: Sunday 19th Mar 2017 by David

The brewing tension between Nicki Minaj and her former friends over at Maybach Music has done little to sway Rick Ross‘ opinion of her legacy.

Celebrating the arrival of his new album ‘Rather You Than Me’, Ross sat down with BET to discuss the project and to offer his thoughts on some of his genre’s pressing issues.

Of course, this made it impossible for Hip-Hop royal to avoid the ongoing battle between the brilliant Remy Ma and her versatile rival Nicki Minaj.

Watch his estimation of the matter below…

‘Me’ stands as Ross’ ninth studio set and touches down with creative help from Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign, Meek Mill and Chris Rock.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MsBrazil March 19, 2017

    He gotta say whatever to keep these new era buying his music
    But we all kno that ain’t so 💅🏽

    • DK March 19, 2017

      Lies. Ross is one of the most consistent rappers in hip hop right now. He never flops and his new album is making a lot of noise without a Nicki mention. Stick to staning for pop tarts.

      • Jamon March 19, 2017

        Rick Ross last 6 albums didn’t reach gold. He’s only had 1 platinum album and a couple gold. He has never been in the same lane as Drake, Kanye, or Jay-Z, not even close.

      • DK March 19, 2017

        Where did I say he was? Can you read? I said he’s CONSISTENT.

      • Jamon March 19, 2017

        Are you illiterate? You said he never flops and is co-existed with Jay, Kanye, and Drake!!

    • HiHiElsie March 19, 2017

      Drake still going to still outsell him

      • DK March 19, 2017

        Of course, Sir StateTheObvious. Drake is a popstar and a damn good one at that. What rapper ISNT he outselling right now? Ross has been around for over a decade and still sells consistently and charts. He’s co-existed with Drake, Jay, Kanye and those one hit wonder fad rappers.

  2. Queen Barb March 19, 2017

    Stan ross stan barbz love u

  3. CrimsonREDD March 19, 2017

    I’m convinced this David trollop was hand picked by Nicki to spread her trash. He lives posting about her. It’s so sad y’all try so hard to get us to the respect fraudulence…just face it, grown folk will never believe in St. Nick.😂

    • Queen Barb March 19, 2017

      You sound like a bitter bum b**** do better

    • Shame on You March 19, 2017

      That David you speak of has gold plaques for songs he’s written. And do you know the definition of Trollop, trollop?

    • Minaj 🤒 March 19, 2017

      Not to be funny but you’re throwing shade at someone who runs the website you read who has legit gold plaque for a song he wrote. Like you need to think about that before you talk mess.

  4. CrimsonREDD March 19, 2017

    Btw kisses to Remy & Fat Joe for going double platinum with ATWU!😘

    • Queen Barb March 19, 2017

      Lol her only hit �😭v😭😭😭😊

      • A March 19, 2017

        Where’s Nickia #1 Hot 100 Single?’ 🤔🤔💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿

      • Queen Barb March 19, 2017

        Who needs a number one hit when you have the most billboard hits than any other female artist.

      • 💎Yellow Diamonds💎 March 19, 2017

        lol I’d rather have a number one than all my entries peak at 73! Kiii I can understand if those single were top 5 for the most part lol but they aren’t. Nicki is up there cause she’s a feature artist.

      • Kwinzy March 19, 2017

        Umm Lean Back hit #1 on Hot100, dummy. Money showers is picking up steam on urban radio. Heartbreak will be a spring/summer bop and Rem’s feature on You is doing well. Stay BIG mad!😂👆

  5. DK March 19, 2017

    Did he lie? Remy damn sure isn’t the queen of anything except the gutter.

    • Queen Barb March 19, 2017

      Remy is the queen of felony’s

      • Suzette March 19, 2017

        Nicki Queen of Pedo Brothers😂

  6. DanYiel Iman March 19, 2017

    Well being that Tricki Garbagh is the queen of Pop-Rock-Rap why wouldn’t he say that to get folks to buy his music? I’m not a fan of either so I keep my funds TO MYSELF & to artist that are true to the music 🎶 scene!!

  7. Stanning Is Messy March 19, 2017


  8. Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) March 19, 2017

    I don’t get it. He dissed Nicki on the first track of his new album. He says that he told Meek he didn’t trust his girl…

    • DK March 19, 2017

      Ok, and? He doesn’t have to trust her to know FACTS. 💅🏾

  9. Rogue Riches March 19, 2017

    At this point it’s like saying water is wet

  10. March 19, 2017

    ofcourse she is.

  11. DK March 19, 2017

    Meanwhile Remy is still going around performing Shether. She will forever remain pressed 💅🏾

  12. Beachgirl85 March 19, 2017

    I think rick ross speaks his mind but he don’t hate her he could have said worst things about her and for remy she gonna ride off nicki beef for a while which get you no where her name was barely mentioned before the shether diss they can call nicki plastic all she want heck probably all or most of Hollywood had something done so and nicki does take jabs at herself in songs like monster and ass ft big Sean anyway it taken a group off ppl to take her down sorry if lil Kim can’t do it neither can remy

    • Rico March 19, 2017

      Lil Kim lost her shine and Remy can definitely take her dow and prove that already with just one song and Nicki replied with the wackiest of disses ,even those 3 singles she dro are flopping ,in less than a week all 3 of them drop out of the iTunes top30 last I check two days ago,I could only imagine how low they gotten since then

  13. Loso March 19, 2017

    At this point , he didn’t need to state that, we knew that. He tried to clean up the situation with nic

  14. Theman March 19, 2017

    A platinum album & two gold ones are great. Rozay is a pure rapper not a pop rapper. So that’s good for him.

  15. Chillitsjustpizza March 19, 2017

    Nicki must have tryed to blackball him.

  16. Lake Erie March 20, 2017

    Well, I mean he can’t talk too much sh!t about her. After all and as quiet as it’s kept, she did write one of his hits : “You the Boss” …..

  17. The Grand Bee March 20, 2017

    And…nowww…for the facts !!! First of all rick Ross… Being the queen of rap is only about who’s the greatest at the talent… The rap !!! Lil’kim is the queen of rap because no female rapper has never beat her rap & lyricism ! Stop telling lies because you like nicki minaj and/or is sexually attracted to her . You wouldn’t even answer the question on who won the rap battle between Remy ma & nicki because you know Remy won ! Stop playing in our face !

  18. The Grand Bee March 20, 2017

    And…nowww…for the FACTS !!! First of all rick ross being the queen of rap is only about the talent… who’s the greatest female rapper & lyricist ! Lil’kim is the real queen of rap because no female rapper has ever beat her rap & lyricism ! Stop telling lies because you like nicki minaj and/or is sexually attracted to her . You wouldn’t even answer the question about who won the rap battle out of Remy ma & nicki minaj because you know Remy ma won & nicki minaj lost ! – Venia Givenchy

    • Wayne Ross March 1, 2018

      Remy Ma is amazing and so is Rick Ross!

  19. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 21, 2017

    Everyone is the queen of rap music

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