Watch: Nicki Minaj Performs ‘No Frauds’ Live In Paris

Published: Monday 13th Mar 2017 by David

Nicki Minaj‘s Remy Ma diss track received its very first live performance in Paris hours ago.

Launched as part of Drake‘s latest musical outing in the city, the performance saw Minaj bring its scathing lyrics to life as she continues to create content for her fourth studio album.

Seemingly unbothered by murmurs that her reunion with Drizzy may be to blame for the demise of his short-lived romance with Jennifer Lopez, Minaj rocked the house to an audience likely to pick up tickets for her world tour in the coming months.

‘Cause I don’t need no, fraud
I don’t no, drama when you call
I don’t need no, lies
Pick a side, pick a side
I took the price, and lift that bitch up
I took the ice, let me lift my wrist up
I took the price, and lift that bitch up
I took the ice, let me lift my wrist up

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  1. ShakaZulu March 13, 2017

    Nicki looks amazing this ERA!!! I’m in LOVE Maybe not the Queen of Rap but she’s the Queen of HipHop!

    • The Wig Snatcher March 13, 2017

      Queen of Instagram Rap more like it.

    • Ciah’s Turtle March 13, 2017

      Queen of HipHop is suiting. Remy the Queen of Battle Rap, I guess.

      • Kwinzy March 13, 2017

        Nicki Queen of Pop Rap
        Remy Queen of Real Rap/Battle Rap
        Lil Kim Queen Bee of Hip Pop
        Missy Queen of Hip-Hop
        Lauryn Hill Legend of Rap & R&B

        The issue ppl have with Nicki claiming Queen of Rap is cuz it’s highest title of respect. It’s like saying Drake and Flo Ride are kings of rap; what has Nicki contributed to rap that Drake and Flo Rida haven’t? Keep it 100!

    • Swit March 13, 2017

      She’s the queen of rap and hip hop

  2. Suicide Blonde is 35 March 13, 2017


    • The Wig Snatcher March 13, 2017

      I agree, but Sam has to earn a living. He posts these fluffs because we are responding.

    • Rogue Riches March 13, 2017

      U clicked and rushed to comment. #StanSyndrome

      • Ciah’s Turtle March 13, 2017

        RIGHT, I been tryna tell this idiot bish the same

  3. The Wig Snatcher March 13, 2017

    Nicki has those gigantic plastic tiddays out on full display…lol

  4. LISA LEVINE March 13, 2017

    Nicki Minaj is a FRAUD. Her hair is fake. Her B*** is fake. Her chest is fake. Her skin color has been bleached and her nose is FAKE. fake = a fraud. Plus she has no talent.

    • Ginger March 13, 2017

      Just like most of your faves… Ain’t no celebrity completely real, it’s all an image, a fantasy

  5. ShakaZulu March 13, 2017


    Get ya dollars UP! 👌🏽

    • Toodles March 13, 2017

      Pick up a thesaurus and stop using that lame, late ass “hater” sh*t. That’s so 2004.

      • Ciah’s Turtle March 13, 2017

        Well… stop hating. That’s also so 2004

      • Toodles March 13, 2017

        Stop being worthless and find a purpose. You literally have no point in being alive except being a prolapsed bottom.

  6. Rogue Riches March 13, 2017

    Let me save the haters some time. NICKI IS FAKE, HER ASS IS FAKE, HER HAIR IS FAKE, I HATE HER, I REALLY REALLY HATE HER. but I also can’t go a day without commenting on a article about. But but but but I really hate this h**. She makes me take time out of my day to click on an article and comment about her looks and I hate her for that.

    P.S. give me likes so that my opinion will be validated by people I won’t or will never meet.

    • Danzou March 13, 2017


    • Toodles March 13, 2017

      Lmao you’re so upset. Pre-bothered ass. Anticipatory angry ass.

    • Ciah’s Turtle March 13, 2017

      lmaoo yess. *queues ‘Still I Rise’*

    • March 13, 2017

      Lol so true.

    • BarBey March 14, 2017

      Nicki makes me so sick I wanna vomit. That’s why I spend my time online leaving comments. *Boom*

    • sugarsweetlemonade March 17, 2017

      uhhhh the circle jerk of salty, where’s the lie. Nicki has these clowns on stockholm syndrome

  7. 💎Yellow Diamonds💎 March 13, 2017

    Omg she has 0 stage presence…. like……girl……

    • Danzou March 13, 2017

      you obviously haven’t seen show footage nor her tidal 1015 performance. she gets LIVE on stage. this is not her show. it’s drake show.

      • IG: @mixedboy March 13, 2017

        STAWP!! Drake obviously brought her on stage to GO AWF!! Stop wth the excuses. No stage presence IN THIS VIDEO and most of her performances. Admit it.

  8. LadyEmpress March 13, 2017

    Shes beautiful!

  9. Meme March 13, 2017

    Pressed play to see her kill her verse on fraud but all I got was 5mins of her playing with her inches, walk 2 steps and said 2 words of the chorus. Girl bye, I could convert to a Rem fan quick. You better bring it!

    • Danzou March 13, 2017

      its not her show. watch her tidal performance of you want all that.

  10. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 13, 2017

    You f***** the whole empire who you tryna be cookie? #BARS

    • OhhNoNotYouAgain March 13, 2017

      LMFAO You Remind Me Of The Time When LiL Kim Released That Hot “Black Friday” Track, Every time Nicki Did Something That Supported LiL Kim’s Statements, I Would Type Comments With The Black Friday Lyrics To Prove What LiL Kim Said Were No Lies!! “check The Posters & Videos, You’ll Always Be Number 2”!!

  11. OhhNoNotYouAgain March 13, 2017

    Couple Of Things:

    1) Why Is It Tht Every Time There’s A Nicki Post, TGJ Posts One Of Her 3 Basic Lyrics?? So Annoying.

    2) Y’all Notice The Barbequez Recently Postin’ Old Videos Of The Old Nicki On Instagram? They Think Bringin’ Up Old Receipts Will Remind People Why Nicki Is Queen When Little Do They Know, They’re Settin’ Up Memorials For Remy Ma! LMFAO

  12. Stephy March 13, 2017

    She is sooooo un-talented.

  13. Gee March 13, 2017

    With Nicki it’s all hype, she no stage presence and her bars have fell off tremendously. But hey to each their own.

  14. The One March 13, 2017

    This has been need to retire!!!
    All her credibility is overkill now.

  15. tsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 14, 2017


  16. Pat March 14, 2017

    Almost every website/blog has been going in on Nicki for months and it has gotten worse after the Remy diss. I really do think her 15 minutes are finally up this time…Even if she sales a few more records i dont see it for her anyone… 😕

    • BarBey March 14, 2017

      Her 15 minutes been up since 2010, how long long again before you stop with that nonsense. Nicki aint going nowhere, she about to slay the charts and you all will deal.
      I know it hurts that she on top and will always be as long as she in the game, but dang your hating must get tiring at some point. Or have you extended your run? Lolololololol

  17. me Brick March 14, 2017

    NO STAGE PRESENCE AT ALL!! Standing in one place looking lazy and uninspired. I also hate how she holds her mic… like a singer. Girl, if you don’t grab that mic by the top, get some energy and give us bars. UGH: that’s one thing with Kim and Foxy, they will get crowd hyped. Nicki — bye gworl.

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