Remy Ma Teases Nicki Minaj

Published: Monday 5th Jun 2017 by David

Remy Ma isn’t done with Nicki Minaj!

Keen to remind the rapper that their feud is far from over the ‘Conceited‘ diva took to Instagram to send her a message some of their fans believe is nothing short of a threatening.

Ma found herself on the receiving end on mocking and insults whipped up by Minaj’s fans who now believe that she is obsessed with the ‘Super Bass‘ belle.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Binx June 5, 2017

    “Jealously, jealousy that’s how you feel?”

  2. So Real June 5, 2017

    Nicki has this ugly bit*h extremely bothered.

    • bravo lima. June 5, 2017

      🤣🤣🤣 good

  3. Applause June 5, 2017

    Both are trash

  4. MUSICHEAD June 5, 2017


  5. Achooo! June 5, 2017

    #TeamRemy…Nicki better not poke the bear as Remy has the potential to kill like a true gangster

    • Frank June 5, 2017

      You’re right, a woman with class never has to pick up a gun.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler June 5, 2017

        Nicki has class ?

      • Gio June 5, 2017

        Class 👀🔭🔬 where?

  6. SAVAGE_beast June 5, 2017

    They both need help….lmao

  7. FAF June 5, 2017

    SHe still aint @ her

    She mad nicki has an event ppl are coming to

  8. I MightNate June 5, 2017

    Sau what you want about Remy… But, Nicki’s been on struggle mode ever since. All that money they’re pouring into her wont continue if none of these popcorn songs pop off.

  9. JustCoastWitHa June 5, 2017

    Didn’t Remy say not too long ago.. it’s a thin line between Petty & Pathetic ? sit down

  10. PatienceHoney June 5, 2017

    Which one is on the cover? Is that supposed to be Nicki or Remy has Both look uglyyyy.

  11. Zara Small June 5, 2017

    All Remy Ma did said was homecoming and s wink face and now it is a threat 😂😂😂😂

  12. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler June 5, 2017

    When I shoot Nick at Nite they wont understand it. I’m wildin out bout to hit Nick with the canon

    • JustCoastWitHa June 5, 2017

      Since she owns her masters..she should worry about dropping her INDEPENDENT album and singles.

  13. Frank June 5, 2017

    Remy knows a lot about homecomings- could’ve pulled you out that pit you felon

  14. Chasin Time June 5, 2017

    You guys are so quick to post on Azealia when she’s talking trash or in some negative light but you have yet to post the about her new song and the fact it was trending last night on twitter. Hmmmm

  15. fr3sssh2deathhh June 5, 2017

    Good! Nicki deserve to be dragged to death the way she been sneak dissing every female rapper on records, both hip hop & pop. She tries to change the rules for how rap is accepted by the mainstream. It’s like she’s a valley girl stuck in a black woman’s body. Angelica From rugrats of RAP. Fricken brat. Drag her Remy!

  16. fr3sssh2deathhh June 5, 2017

    Nicki deserves to be blackbailed out of hip hop. She’s wack and you losers need to accept the fact she cannot be the sole female rapper getting all the success, awards and recognition. There are other talented female rappers out there who deserve our support with no evil machine behind them like Nicki Minaj, so stop pushing the b**** down our throats!!!

    • JustCoastWitHa June 5, 2017

      b!+ches gotta climb they own ladder.

      • fr3sssh2deathhh June 5, 2017

        “B****** gotta climb they own ladder”
        Iggy climbed hers and y’all dragged her through the mud.
        Nicki needs to stop kickin the ladder for other rappers esp the black ones who don’t believe in her fake ass. Acting like she the messiah when her whole style a fraud. Like how twisted of a person can you be. She need a good TUMP to the forehead. lol

  17. latinsavagesnitchallergenic June 5, 2017

    Nahh, not worth a comment .

  18. I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES June 5, 2017

    fuc remy. your thing nic

  19. Justafan June 5, 2017

    Please. Like Remy be scared of 12 year old barbz

  20. Blackrose June 6, 2017

    Remy ma is everything. Nicki is a fake b****. Remy been here. Nikki is just riding lil Kim’s coats tails. Everything Nikki is doing Kim did it already. Nikki is a how jumping from man to man. Y she can’t keep one. With her fake ass.

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