Watch: Jennifer Lopez Performs ‘Jenny from the Block’ & More at Macy’s Special #ICYMI

Published: Wednesday 5th Jul 2017 by Rashad

As we reported here, Jennifer Lopez was on hand at last night’s ‘Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular’ to show off selections from her array of hits and introduce new numbers to the crowd.

First dazzling the crowd with a live rendition of her 2002 hit ‘Jenny From the Block,’ a quick costume change saw the dive re-emerge to premiere her new single, ‘Ni Tu Ni Yo’ (from her first full length Spanish album, ‘Por Primera Vez’).

Did you miss any of the action? If so, catch it below:

Lopez’s new album will be released on September 29th!  See the ‘Ni Tu Ni Yo’s cover below:

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  1. DanYiel Iman July 5, 2017

    Her live vocals never take me anywhere..

    • LISA LEVINE July 6, 2017

      Is America DEAF? ? Fooled by a FLAT WIDE BOOTY and Waterweak pre-recorded vocals. JENNIFER LOPEZ HAS ZERO TALENT.

      • Electrikblue July 6, 2017

        She has a decent enough voice for an ENTERTAINER also she dances her ass off and has stage presence.

  2. Stephy July 5, 2017

    She’s like Beyonce but with mediocre songs, basic musicianship & no voice whatsoever. Serves body, ass, thighs, hips and face for days tho.

    • Suicide Blonde July 6, 2017

      1- Beyoncé has basic songs.
      2- Beyoncé = Basic musicianship.

      I do see the similarities, except that one is black and the other not, except that one is effortlessly beautiful, while the other not.

      • Music lover July 6, 2017

        Thiefyonce has much better songs than Jenni, and her musicianship is far from basic,,come on dude. I dont like that thief but let’s not.

    • Dev July 6, 2017

      So basicallly she’s not like Beyonce at all?

  3. Gee July 5, 2017

    Everything about this woman’s talent is basic, yet sites like this one praise her beyond belief. All Jennifer has been through out her entire career is smoke and mirrors with the right team behind her as far as marketing and most importantly her relationships have been the selling point of her career.

    • Jasmine July 5, 2017

      I think you miss the IT factor about her completely because you make too many wrong assumptions on why people like / dislike about her. She has been through several teams and managers so saying she has always had “the right team behind her” is foolish. She is confident, not afraid to take risks, not afraid to fail, and consistent and that is why she is naturally liked / disliked. Her “talent” is not what most people ponder over… only negative people like you do. Madonna had the IT factor nearly 4 decades and it was not from her “talent” or a “good team” behind her.

      • M.S. July 5, 2017

        B*tch shut up. It’s called luck. You’re conjecturing like hell and flailing your $0.10 opinion around like its a frisbee. And how would you know what she’s “not afraid to do?” You read minds too? Knock it off and stop masquerading like you actually know something.

      • Jasmine July 6, 2017

        @M.S (ie the Multiple STDs carrier) you sir are b|tchy gutter trash.

  4. Coolio July 5, 2017

    A real show girl thats all

  5. Anne July 5, 2017

    I’ve been a Jennifer Fan since the fly girl days. Her performances are entertaining. She is confident, talented and beautiful. Seems to have a great personality and a great business mind.

  6. M.S. July 5, 2017

    She should’ve saved this mess for Cinco de Mayo. I know this country has been a little off lately, but there was no need to punish us.

  7. Mar July 6, 2017

    Not her first Spanish album “Como Ama una Mujer”, is a full length Spanish album released in 2007.

  8. Suicide Blonde July 6, 2017

    The best female performer alive.

  9. stan July 6, 2017

    that cover is amazing

  10. Theman July 6, 2017

    She’s beautiful! She’s an amazing dancer/performer/entertainer. That’s where her talent is..

  11. AJ July 6, 2017

    That’s the cover for her new single ni tu ni yo. It’s not the album cover

  12. LUKE July 6, 2017

    JLO MURDERS the stage like usual 😉
    Haters keep talking while she is making money xoxo

  13. Mariah Carey July 6, 2017

    When is Mr. Trump deporting her dahhhhling?

  14. JOHNVIDAL July 6, 2017

    An example of her vocals in Spanish: the poor kids were lost for words.

  15. eric July 6, 2017

    Jennifer outperforms and dances better than artists like Janet Jackson on her best day and you call Jennifer basic?? What a joke! Jennifer is amazing at giving a live show and she leaves that entire stage covered with her sweat.

    • The One July 6, 2017

      Jennfier is a beautiful and okay dancer with a microphone. Nothing special coming from her sonically and her voice has never been apart of her act.
      Nice fashion and lovely gowns tho!!

    • Keith July 6, 2017

      There is room for both ladies, they both bring something to the table hence the legion of fans for them both. I will agree that what Jennifer lacks is songs. Perhaps she should see what Ashanti is doing as a songwriter these days….Jennifer does give her all in performance it seems (I’ve never seen her live), I will give her that. Janet, however, is the mother. Let’s not forget “That’s the Way Love Goes”…

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