Album Tracklist: Fergie – ‘Double Dutchess’ [ft. Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, & More]

Published: Friday 18th Aug 2017 by Sam

It’s finally all systems go for Fergie!

The singer’s sophomore album ‘Double Dutchess’ has experienced a staccato roll-out, dating back to the 2014 launch of “lead” single ‘LA Love (La La).’ Subsequent singles followed in 2016 and then all went quiet.

Until now.

In a unique move, the Black Eyed Peas front-woman is preceding with the project – just this time on her own record label Double Dutch Productions (a joint venture with BMG). She was previously signed to Interscope and released tracks from the LP via them.

Interestingly, those tracks will still feature on the album – as confirmed by the newly unveiled tracklist.

Guests on the set include Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and YG.

Check it out the full song list below

Double Dutchess Tracklist

1. Hungry (ft. Rick Ross)
2. Like It Ain’t Nuttin’
3. You Already Know (ft. Nicki Minaj)
4. Just Like You
5. A Little Work
6. Life Goes On
7. M.I.L.F. $
8. Save It Til Morning
9. Enchanté (Carine) (ft. Axl Jack)
10. Tension
11. L.A. Love (La La) (ft. YG)
12. Love Is Blind
13. Love Is Pain

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  1. NT August 18, 2017

    she really still has Milf$ and La Love on the track list she gives 0 cares

  2. Meme August 18, 2017

    Is she seriously including La la on this album. The song is 2 yrs old for god sakes. She could have kept that and MILF $

  3. G August 18, 2017

    Didn’t it leaked like last month?

    • L.O.L August 18, 2017

      Yes you are right but it seems like people forgot about it

  4. Aj August 18, 2017

    Milf money is typical fergie. Both that and La love were good.

    Really like save it till the morning, hungry and a little work

  5. Truth be told August 18, 2017

    I bought fergie’s first album and wasn’t disappointed then. That alone will make me buy this one. Even if she didn’t have the hits that she had during her first album I bet this album is full of bops.

  6. DanYiel Iman August 18, 2017

    I gave her last album away & since Tricki Garbagh apart of this I’ll pass again as well…

    • August 19, 2017

      you have issues, serious issues.

  7. Fancy BISH August 18, 2017

    Double Flopess chile lol

  8. @ASAPicon August 18, 2017

    Milf $ can stay, But she coulda returned LA Love….

  9. Honey G August 18, 2017

    So there is a longer version of ‘Hungry’… YAAAASSSSS !!! 🔥

  10. Coolio August 18, 2017

    Wait so did the album come out or nah?
    Like wtf is going some of yalll are saying yall heard it.

    • A.R. August 18, 2017

      The album leaked a month ago. She’s added like 2 or 3 new songs but other than that it’s the same one that leaked.

      • Jackx August 18, 2017

        I have all these songs she didn’t add nothin

  11. A.R. August 18, 2017

    The album leaked last month and there are a few additions now. I just hope she got up with Nicki and had her do a new verse because Nicki was referencing Meek in the old one. Tells you how long ago these songs were recorded….

    • L.O.L August 18, 2017

      That’s right, seems like people forgot about the leaked tracks and like to play it like it’s a new thing

    • dahell August 19, 2017

      There’s no addition. Nothing new. I have the whole album too and with the exactly same songs. This realise is just a deep and hot mess. Double Dutchess more like The End of Fergie.

  12. Viperial August 18, 2017

    We can’t wait

  13. Jasmine August 18, 2017

    Tough. On one hand a lot of people want her to win, but on the other hand she could have went back in the studio after the leak and recorded some additional material.

  14. L.O.L August 18, 2017

    We have the album since last month when it leaked, no surprise at all. NEXT

    • …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 19, 2017

      Album leak is another word for flop. ..,this site has nooooooooo black female artists………

      .especially after the corny clan rally I noticed

  15. Musika August 19, 2017

    La La Love and MILF$ were big viral hits. It would be a disservice to the fans of those two singles if she didn’t include it in the album after waiting two years.

  16. XYZ August 20, 2017

    Didn’t hear the leak, but heard the live version of love is pain. And I really liked what I heard. Had that 80ies Rock vibe…hopefully the album version is as good as the live version

  17. kenny September 25, 2017

    wow nice Jam

  18. Myedujobnews Official September 29, 2017

    Its 100% Dope, i really Love it

  19. Wote Ate mp3 October 18, 2017

    This Post is very delighting i’m thankful..

  20. mazamusic November 24, 2017

    Fergie is one of the artist i respect in the music industry..

  21. yabaleft December 16, 2017

    so so so so so dope

  22. huncho January 8, 2018


  23. hunch1 January 13, 2018

  24. Junior January 18, 2018

    Another version of hungry, 🔥 hottie

  25. Nora January 26, 2018

    This is reall Cool wow.. nice Album

  26. Josep VInaixa March 4, 2018

    It’s strange how long we had to wait for this one.

  27. Mp3 Download March 4, 2018

    Double Duchess. What inspired this name though?

  28. sahiphop March 20, 2018

    this track blows my mind…

    you also get ya juice south african musics from

  29. Josep Vinaixa March 25, 2018

    I still miss The Black Eyed Peas. First it was Will I Am. Then Fergie left.
    What’s with music groups these days. Now everyone Loves The Migos, it’d break my heart to see them separated.
    Fergie has done well for herself though.

    By the way, check out the Migos Culture II Album here –

  30. wonder April 5, 2018

    There’s no addition. Nothing new. I have the whole album too and with the exactly same songs. This realise is just a deep and hot mess. Double Dutchess more like The End of Fergie.

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