Fifth Harmony Reveal Cover For Self-Titled Third Album

Published: Monday 7th Aug 2017 by Sam

Pop quad Fifth Harmony plan to heat up the charts come August 25th with the release of their self-titled third album.

And to ramp up buzz, Normani, Dinah, Lauren, and Ally have unwrapped the official cover for the set.

Led by ‘Down,’ the record features production from the likes of Skrillex, Poo Bear, Harmony Samuels, and Ester Dean.

The project marks the first body of work from the group since the acrimonious split from member Camila Cabello.

As reported, the four-piece have secured a coveted performance slot at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on August 27th.

Watch the video for ‘Down’ below and let us know what you think of the cover…

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  1. Jackxa August 7, 2017

    Finally they need to more promo for this album.
    the release is in a couple weeks and I’ve all I’ve seen and heard is down. Which is so short and didn’t do that well on the charts either.

  2. steve August 7, 2017

    You B****** are going down down down! They sang the song that ended their career.

  3. Meme August 7, 2017

    Looks cheap. Everything this era screams no budget. Camilla is def winning in all avenues.

  4. Jeans August 7, 2017

    Looks like a bad negative! I like it, strangely.

  5. MusicLife August 7, 2017

    I wish they would have shown some unity since their first album post Camila on cover. I wish them success and not the snake Camila tho.

  6. Fancy BISH August 7, 2017

    Off topic, but Cardi B just zoomed from 28 to 14 on Billboard Hot 100 💯 Slay!

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler August 7, 2017

      She don’t dance now she makes money moves

      • Fancy BISH August 7, 2017

        Yaaaaaas 💰

  7. Tori August 7, 2017

    I wish they’d listen to their fans and not signed with Epic again, ESPECIALLY after they were on board to sign ol’ girl. Rumors were swirling around that they were going to put all their money in “her” this year anyway before the breakup even hit the blogs, so why negotiate with their shady ass? And Camilla has been flopping just as hard with her material but its worst for her because she has all the money and attention. Also, tho I like them I must read their dry asses. They should’ve came so much harder than what they, they literally put out WFH pt. II with a video to much. Your first single is supposed to be your best song on the album, this doesn’t represent their album in any good light. Everyone fell short with this one, but with the weakest budget and sorry ass label I don’t expect much.

    • Fancy BISH August 7, 2017

      📚 Now that was a read!

    • CW August 7, 2017

      Not a single lie detected!

  8. DanYiel Iman August 7, 2017

    I’m here for them because they keep it going without whimpering soprano tones from the ex-member ✌🏽😂

  9. MessyJessy August 7, 2017

    This will flop. Camilla keeps winning.

    • AmbeRussell August 8, 2017

      Umm and Camila is winning at what? Flopping harder than her bad mates? 47 on billboard isn’t great when you promoted the music and she has a label behind her and she is suppose to be the next big thing

  10. Jasmine August 7, 2017

    They could have renamed the group to make it make sense. 5th Harmony implies 5 members so it is stupid to only have 4. Who is singing the 5th Harmony?

    • AmbeRussell August 7, 2017

      The rapper they add on ever lead track and “hit single”

  11. AmbeRussell August 7, 2017

    When i first saw the video and live performance for down, I knew they rushed this post Camila music. They look out if shape besides Nomani. The dancing wasn’t up there. The sing was basic. They should have waited a while, out a few singles out, worked on their harmonies, be seen as a vocal group. Are they the new spice girls, en vogue, dc4, pcd? Like pick who works best for y’all and be the best version if them u can be right now. And this cover should have been simple, girls come together, s***, grown women type thing. They were great when they first performed work from home as 4, but then it went away.

  12. truthteller August 8, 2017

    I’m not feeling this era. It’s a shame as I was rooting for them, as I do like Dinah and Normani

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