Chart Check [Hot 100]: Cardi B Is Only the 2nd Woman of Color To Hit #1 This Decade

Published: Wednesday 27th Sep 2017 by Rashad

Although the noughties (2000-2009) boasted of chart-topping hits from the likes of Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Ciara, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, and more, as of last week Rihanna was the only woman of color to see her name printed in the top slot of the Billboard Hot 100 this decade.

Nabbing four of those entries in one year (2010), the 8x Grammy-winner sprinkled chart-toppers across the six years that followed by her lonesome and alongside top-selling rappers Eminem, Drake, T.I., and more.  Now, with the ascent of rapstress Cardi B’s breakout hit, ‘Bodak Yellow,’ Rih can finally enjoy some company.

As we reported here, B – thanks to a surge of support from fans via digital downloads, streams, and radio play – unseated Taylor Swift‘s blockbuster hit, ‘Look What You Made Me Do,’ to become this week’s chart champion.  The money move not only made her the first female rapper this century to top the Hot 100 without a feature act, but also comes with a host of other achievements including becoming the second woman of color this decade to occupy the chart’s summit.

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Just to recap, Cardi B can thank ‘Bodak’ for making her:

  • 1st (and only) female rapper to have a solo Hot 100 #1 hit this century
  • 1st Latina to hit #1 since Shakira‘s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ topped the charts in 2006
  • 2nd female rapper to top the Hot 100 charts solo with her official debut single
  • 2nd woman of color to have a #1 hit this decade
  • Only ‘Love & Hip Hop’ act to score a top 10 hit since the show’s inception in 2011, let alone a #1
  • 5th female rapper to have a #1 single by any measure:
    • Lauryn Hill – ‘Doo Wop’ (That Thing)
    • Lil Kim – ‘Lady Marmalade’
    • Shawnna – ‘Stand Up’
    • Iggy Azalea – ‘Fancy’
      • Note:  Although Terror Squad’s ‘Lean Back’ hit #1 in 2004, Remy Ma is not credited as a featured act


Note:  Speaking technically, Janelle Monae and British singer Kyla – both women of color – did enjoy runs atop the Hot 100 this decade when they played assistant on the hits ‘We Are Young’ (Fun, 2012) and ‘One Dance’ (Drake, 2016) respectively, but they were not the tune’s leading acts.


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  1. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES September 27, 2017

    Cardi B took the spot. You know who is SHOOK!

    • gina September 28, 2017

      Who, Lil Kim?

  2. DanYiel Iman September 27, 2017

    Well isn’t billboard charts catered to Caucasian in general but usually filled with hip/hop tracks?🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Angello September 27, 2017

      are you dumb? it collects data from popular tracks.. it’s a popularity ranking

      • gina September 28, 2017

        That doesn’t answer the question.

  3. Gee September 27, 2017

    Congratulations Cardi and Bardi gang.

  4. Meme September 27, 2017

    And ppl act like it’s so easy and means nothing to get a #1 just cuz their favs will never see another #1. This goes to show u it def a vast achievement. Can’t up until this week rihanna was the only black woman with a #1

    • JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2017

      It´s not that really. There´s an age for getting #1s in singles charts, normally under 30. You are probably trying to shade Beyonce for not getting #1s anymore, which is very irrelevant in her case cause she has passed that and become something bigger. Her albums work with no hits. Something Rihanna probably will never achieve. Not saying Beyonce is the most successful thing ever, you all know I don´t think that. Are you going to tell us this #1 by this new girl is going to be relevant in a few years? No, most of these #1s are forgettable. And yes, wheteher you like it or not, it´s way easier and faster to get a #1 on singles charts now than before. Without all the streaming and hype Taylor may not have got that last #1 os hers, who knows. She has only stayed there for few weeks despite the hype and tremendous streaming due to her big videos. It´s definitely a way vaster achievement to move huge album units than to cook (or have a team who cooks for you) #1 singles in nowadays low-standards-driven mainstream scene.

      • gina September 28, 2017

        Oh please, stop spinning excuses for beyonce’s failure to top the chart in the last decade. Nothing is bigger than #1, especially her.

  5. Fancy BISH September 27, 2017

    Wow….in my first seven years, as far as minority women hitting #1, it was Janet, Whitney, Gloria Estefan, Aretha (duet with George Michael), Lisa Lisa, Dionne Warwick, Tina Turner, Patti LaBelle (duet with Michael McDonald), Deniece Williams, Patti Austin (duet with James Ingram), Irene Cara and Diana Ross…ahhh, to be a child in the 1980’s lol

    • JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2017

      Mainstream music has declined on so many levels. Talent wise especially and more importantly.

  6. Suicide Blonde September 27, 2017

    I have always said that Americans are among the most ignorant people when it comes to Race, anthropology should be taught in American schools, even though JLo and Shakira might be treated/considered and they might think of themselves as women of color, they’re really not, by US standards they’re not white, but they do belong to the Caucasian race, it doesn’t matter if they have Taino or Sub-Saharan African blood in them, they are predominantly Caucasian, both have Caucasoid faciocranial features. Europeans, Arabs and other Semiti peoples, people from Indian and even Dravidians are Caucasian, although by modern standards only Europeans are considered white even if all these people belong to the same race. Johnny Depp who is of European ancestry (French), is of 3/2048 African descent and has also Native American in his DNA, is considered white by Americans, even though, had he been born in Latin America, Americans wouldn’t have hesitate to call him Mestizo or Mexican like they like to call every Hispanic person with his same facial features and skin tone, the One-drop rule is still present in the mindset of Americans, even Latino Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that they are all brown, you got white Latinos thinking that they are brown, black Latinos thinking that they are something else etc, despite Latinos not being an homogeneous ethnic group. Jessica Alba who happens to be whiter than Johnny Depp (see her DNA results on “Lopez Tonight”) didn’t even know that Spaniards are white. Many white North Americans have sub-Saharan African and Amerindian in them, of course that doesn’t make them any less white, because they are of north European ancestry, the same doesn’t apply to white Latin Americans with sub-Saharan African and Amerindian in them because they are born in Latin American (which make them automatically non-white for Americans) and because most of them are of Southern European ancestry, and most Americans think that all Southern Europeans are mixed with Arabs and black Africans, so if a white Latino of Spanish descent have Amerindian in them, he/she is considered Mestizo but if a white American of German ancestry have Native American in them, he/she is considered fully white by the US and Americans. Americans can’t deal with the fact that not everything is black and white, Latinos are an ethno linguistic group, not a racial group, as they can be black, white, Asian and every possible ethnic group in the world, what makes Latinos a distinct group is their languages and culture, not race, they are the perfect example of a multiethnic group, the diversity is way too much to handle for Americans, there is no difference physically speaking between J.Lo, Shakira, Sofía Vergara and white European Monica Bellucci. Sorry for the long essay but as a person who has studied anthropology I get frustrated 🤦🏼‍♂️ by the lack of knowledge about the subject, and I hope y’all don’t think that this is racist because is really not.

    • TheOne September 27, 2017

      Girl no one has time to read this [email protected] novel you posted! Just congratulate Cardi, and move along. You are so annoying!

      • Suicide Blonde September 27, 2017

        You should read it, maybe you learn something you didn’t know.

      • Pat September 27, 2017

        @theone I was thinking the same thing. He could have put that towards an essay or one of those weekly discussions for an online course, smh…talk about rambling!

    • Jasmine September 27, 2017

      Nobody is reading that long racist rant. Go crawl back in the trash where you belong racist heshe [email protected]

    • Blackkupid September 28, 2017

      Interesting piece blondie. I actually read the whole thing. A lil confusing though. So many ethnicity and cross breeding being thrown around.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2017

      I didn´t read the whole thing but I´m assuming what you said. That JLo and Shakira are not what these people who wrote the article called them: women of colour. I suppose they call color to any person who is not very white? 🙂

      • Jasmine September 28, 2017

        I am of mixed heritage and so are my kids. My family identifies as black / mixed and so do my children. Anyone trying to take away my right to celebrate my heritage or identify with my heritage is a RACIST with a RACIST agenda! I am not white and all of what that gargbage b|tch Suicide said is an insult to me and other people of mixed heritage.

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan (DaniLeigh “Summer With Friends” Is Out 🔥🔥🔥) September 27, 2017

    Beyonce hasn’t?

    • Your Mother September 27, 2017

      Nope. She hasn’t had a number one single since Single Ladies.

  8. JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2017

    What? LOL Lil Kim was not the leading act in Lady Marmalade either. So you better put in that uneventful list Janelle Monae too. At least she is the only monumental talent in that list next to Lauryn Hill.
    I´m glad this girl dethroned the basic crap that is Taylor Swift anyway.

    • ThatMessJuice.Flop September 28, 2017

      She was actually.

      • JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2017

        She was only one of the ladies and definitely not the one that made it a hit. Definitely not.

    • Jasmine September 28, 2017

      Lil’ Kim definitely made that song a hit! Pink = No. Mya = No. Chistina = Slightly. Missy = Yes on the production tip. Lil Kim = Definitely Yes. Kim made the remake hot. Without Kim the song would have just been a stiff remake of a classic Patti Labelle song (all singing with no rapping and vocally Mya, Christina, and Pink could not match Patti’s vocals so it was Kim who brought the hip-hop element to an otherwise uneventful remake!!!)

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