Little Mix Eye Fifth Harmony Collaboration

Published: Sunday 8th Oct 2017 by David

Little Mix have their chart-topping sights set on a Fifth Harmony collaboration.

Loved and lauded by their fans and label for sales their material pulls in globally, Mix’s stage-storming members have invited the Harmony girls to join them in the studio.


Watch below…

We’d love to hear what a Harmony Mix cut would sound like!

Powered by an impressionable fan base, the girls could make major moves and Pop history with a dramatic Max Martin-style empowering Pop number.

A reference we have in mind?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Francis October 8, 2017

    It would be amazing, but 5H wouldn’t keep up with Little Mix on stage, only Normani.

    • ukaszenkoo October 8, 2017

      They are different. F5 makes different music to LM, and they have other strong sides.
      E.G No one in 5H can hold a tune like LM like Perrie. BUT
      No one from LM has the voice of Lauren or Normani.
      They don’t have to keep up. No one has to be better. They just need to come up with great lyrcis, and mix their strong sides well

      • Francis October 9, 2017

        They could keep up on studio, but live it’s a different story. I liked 5H’s latest performances, but sometimes they are lazy.

  2. WizO October 8, 2017

    Here for this! They should do two songs. Ain’t enough parts for 8 people on 1.

  3. NT October 8, 2017

    I think this would be great, like someone else said they all have different strong sides. It would be sick to see 5H doing some Little Mix style choreo.

    • NT October 8, 2017

      if done right it would be the american hit that both groups need.

  4. Kenhern October 8, 2017

    This would be a cool collaboration but if done right and by the right people. Because we wouldn’t want another “Walk This Way” Sugababes vs. Girls aloud type of record. Both groups hard a their own style but that record wasn’t the greatest….

  5. Meme October 8, 2017

    God no. There far beyond 5H. This collab will only bring down their talent and brand.

    • truthteller October 8, 2017

      They’re both mediocre. Little Mix are in no way beyond Fifth Harmony, which is why everywhere outside the UK and Australia keeps paying them dust.

  6. MessyJessy October 8, 2017

    no. 4 girls who can’t sing in key live are enough…no need to double up.

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