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Hilarious! Big Sean Hits ‘Funny Or Die’ For ‘Big Sean Can’t Yawn’


As he celebrates the success of his latest album ‘Dark Sky Paradise‘, Big Sean teams up with ‘Funny or Die’ to launch, a website dedicated to proving that the Hip-Hop titan is incapable of..well…yawning.

Don’t believe us?

Hit the link below to see for yourself.

Sean Can’t Yawn.

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Must Hear: Madonna Opens Up On Affinity With The African-American Community, Dating Tupac Shakur & More On ‘The Howard Stern Show’


‘American Life’ creator Madonna stopped by at ‘The Howard Stern Show’ to discuss her new album ‘Rebel Heart’ hours ago, arriving at the spot to promote the Pop release.

However, her time with the occasionally controversial radio personality saw her dig much deeper than her new music to deliver an interview some fans are already calling her most personal yet.

For, it saw her speak openly on the loss she felt after her mother’s passing when she was six-years-old, her affinity with the African-American community and her romantic ties to the later rapper Tupac Shakur.

All that and much more, below…


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Tinashe Announces Release Of The ‘Amethyst’ EP


After dropping out of Iggy Azalea’s forthcoming arena tour, Tinashe has announced the release of her fourth mixtape.

Yes, the star is to unleash the ‘Amethyst’ EP on March 16th, doing so following the release of her smash hit single ‘2 On’ and before the unveiling of her sophomore LP, yet to receive a release date.

Peep its track list below…


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Report: Shots Fired At Lil Wayne’s Miami Property


Lil Wayne has learned that gun shots were fired at his Miami property today, forcing police to rush to the spot after learning the rapper may have been in the area.

Bad news below..


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Lady Leshurr Sheds Light On Proposed Feud With Nicki Minaj


‘Atlantic Records‘ may have a slight problem on their hands if remarks made by British rapper Lady Leshurr make their way to Camp Nicki Minaj ears this week.

For, after fans slammed her decision not to sign with the label when they asked her to compete with the US rapper, Leshurr has taken to Twitter to reveal the offer was far more sinister than most are aware of.

Why those who were confused by her move may now want to think twice before slamming it?

Her story below…


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Did You Miss It?! Jennifer Hudson Teams Up With Juicy J To Release ‘Whatever Makes You Happy’


Jennifer Hudson and Juicy J lend their skills to ‘Empire’s star-studded soundtrack this week, unlocking the jam ‘Whatever Makes You Happy’ as the show’s ratings continue to rise with each jaw dropping episode!

Her addition to the album comes after Brit-Pop queen Rita Ora was handpicked by the show’s producers to record material for the same release, no doubt hoping to inherit support from her ever-swelling fan base.

Find ‘Happy’ below…


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Retro Rewind: Tyra Banks & Naomi Campbell Settle Feud On ‘The Tyra Banks Show’


At the height of her daytime TV tenure, Tyra Banks answered the prayers of many a fashion fanatic when she invited Naomi Campbell to join her for an interview on her hit series, ‘The Tyra Banks Show.’

There, the photogenic pair took a journey to the past to get to the bottom of the headline-grabbing feud that Banks said forced her to leave the modelling world and build what’s now known to be a very ‘Bankable’ empire.

Why we chose to make this conversation the latest in our ‘Retro Rewind’ series?

Cat walks and cattiness below…


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