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Retro Rewind: Billboard Hot 100 This Week in 1999

Christina Aguilera Fends Off Destiny's Child From Top Spot

christina aguilera hot 100 1999

Readers of That Grape Juice know what avid music lovers we are – especially of hits past.

So, just as our retrospective features ‘From the Vault’ and ‘TGJ Replay’  allow us the chance to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday of one artist, Chart Rewind – a variation of our current Retro Rewind assay – accedes salutes to an entire era of music history.

On this #TBT we press play on splash hit ‘Genie In A Bottle,’ the official debut single from pop powerhouse Christina Aguilera.  Dominating radio and video countdowns alike, the teen pop tune – the inaugural offering popped from her self-titled debut album – shot to #1 on the Hot 100 and was the first of three chart-toppers from the project.

Dethroning then chart-champion Will Smith‘s ‘Wild Wild West’ and fending off competition from the likes of Enrique Iglesias, Destiny’s Child, and more, ‘Genie’ granted Aguilera an impressive 5 week run in summer 1999 and marked the third time that year a female debuted at #1 with her first single (see:  Britney Spears’ ‘Baby…One More Time’ and Jennifer Lopez‘s ‘If You Had My Love’).

It was simply a good year for pop!  Check below to see what other familiar faces you see in the top 20 this week in 1999:


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Christina Aguilera Gets ‘Stripped’ On Instagram


They don’t call her Xtina for nothing!

Christina Aguilera may have hung up her bottom-baring chaps, but the diva’s ‘Dirrty’ days may not be totally confined to the past.

See what we mean below…


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Christina Aguilera Rocks ‘Cisco Rocks’ As Fans Continue Rally For Tour [Video]

xtina cisco rocks thatgrapejuice

It’s been nearly 7 years since powerhouse songstress Christina Aguilera struck out on a world tour.  Despite murmurs and mentions of worldwide treks to support her two latest projects ‘Bionic’ (2010) and ‘Lotus’ (2012), the pop diva has always cited other ventures (i.e. movies, motherhood, ‘The Voice’) as reasons why she hasn’t hit the road.

Apparently, fans have heard enough – especially since she left this year’s ‘Cisco Rocks’ concert in ashes after delivering a scorching hourlong performance of some of her top hits.  Sending supporters into a frenzy, the #Fighters collectively set Twitter alight to motion for a new tour from the Grammy winner to coincide with her next release.

She’s still got it…and “it” in abundance.  The question now becomes:  will she answer her fans’ call?


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Watch: Christina Aguilera Impersonates Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Cher & More


Christina Aguilera may be a diva many imitate, but that hasn’t stopped the star from playfully paying homage to some of her contemporaries.

In a new digital clip to promote this week’s finale of The Voice, Xtina dons many an ensemble while impersonating the likes of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Cher. 

The vid comes after the mother of two’s singing spoof of Spears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went viral.


Check it out below…


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New Song: Christina Aguilera – ‘Anywhere But Here’ [Snippet]


Pop diva Christina Aguilera may be baking her own new album, but that hasn’t stopped her from lending her (immense) talent to the soundtrack for ‘Finding Neverland.’

The mother of two joins major names such as Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, and Bon Jovi on the LP – which sees said stars perform songs from the Broadway production of ‘Finding’ (due June 9th).

Xtina’s contribution comes in the form of ‘Anywhere But Here,’ a preview of which awaits below…


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Happy Mother’s Day! TGJ Celebrates Moments From Our Favorite Musical Moms

mother's day collage thatgrapejuice

That Grape Juice extends a warmhearted “Happy Mothers Day” to all of our readers and their moms!

To celebrate the occasion, join us as we stroll down memory’s lane to revisit some of our favorite moments with musical moms and their kids.

From Whitney Houston duetting with daughter Bobbi Kristina to the introduction of Beyonce‘s bundle of joy Blue Ivy, some of music’s most memorable moments have come from shared screen time of divas and their little darlings.

Tuck in below to peep our top picks and share some of your own:

Screen shot 2015-05-10 at 10.19.38 AM


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Winning: Christina Aguilera Makes First Appearance On Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart


Is there any stopping the ‘Bionic’ woman that is Christina Aguilera?

No. No, there isn’t.

Still riding high on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ and on the hype surrounding her next studio album, the ‘Your Body’ belle has made her first appearance on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Brilliant news below…


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