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Lord Jamar: “Justin Bieber Is Leeching Off Of Black Music”

justin bieber 2014 Lord Jamar: Justin Bieber Is Leeching Off Of Black Music

For decades, the music industry has found itself accused of having a biased against acts of ethnic origin, whose ideas are shunned and billed unappealing when fronted by themselves, but embraced and welcomed when ‘borrowed’ by their more ‘traditional’ counterparts.

Today, as he begins work on his latest studio album, Justin Bieber is accused of using Hip Hop culture to further his career by ‘Original Man Lord Jamar, who accuses the star of glorifying a culture rappers are oft penalised for embracing to appear edgy to his core audience.

His words below…


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Hot Shot: Elijah Blake & Justin Bieber Take Toronto

justin bieber that grape juice television 11 Hot Shot: Elijah Blake & Justin Bieber Take Toronto

After teaming up to the deliver the feel-good jam ‘I Would’ two years ago, pals Justin Bieber and Elijah Blake can now be found in the city of Toronto, building bops for the former’s brand new studio album!

Hitting the studio as Blake’s name continues to flow towards mainstream notoriety, the pair have joined forces to whip up new material for the ‘Journals’ writer, taking to Elijah‘s ‘Instagram’ to tease the R&B-tinged effort.

Check it out below!


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Weigh In: Justin Bieber Downplays Usher Endorsement?

justin bieber that grape juice she is diva that grape juice tv 2013 Weigh In: Justin Bieber Downplays Usher Endorsement?

Is Justin Bieber rubbishing the role R&B singer Usher plays in his career?

Unfortunately for the ‘Confessions’ singer, the answer to that question is…’Yeah.’ For, after seeing his bodyguard accused of attacking a photographer last year, last week saw him arrive at his deposition where he quizzed on the matter.

It was there, perhaps to the horror of the pair’s mutual mentor LA Reid, did a ‘camera-aware’ Bieber showcase a side of his personality Olivia Pope herself would be hard pressed to tidy.

Why? Watch him mock, sneer and insult his way through the deposition below…


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New Song: Justin Bieber – ‘Broken (Ft Blake Kelly)’

justin bieber that grape juice she is diva 2013 she is div New Song: Justin Bieber   Broken (Ft Blake Kelly)

As his latest project ‘Journals‘ continues woo, court and bed many a positive review, Justin Bieber continues on in his quest for credibility with ‘Broken.’

Pulled from DJ Tay James’We Know the DJ Radio 4′, the uplifting jam features ‘Shout‘ performer Blake Kelly, and marks the Biebs’ first release since his release from prison, explained here.

Enjoy below!


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Petition To Deport Justin Bieber Doubles In Signatures In Less Than A Week / Nears 250K Mark

justin bieber the key perfume 650 430 Petition To Deport Justin Bieber Doubles In Signatures In Less Than A Week / Nears 250K Mark

‘Confident’ crooner Justin Bieber has at least one thing he can definitely be confident about these days – that over 244,000 Americans want him out of the country.

An online petition to have the Canadian beau deported boasted approximately 111,000 signatures by January 31st, an accomplishment that warranted review from the White House.  Now, less than a week later, the signature total has doubled and nears the 250,000 mark while a counter-petition to keep Biebs ashore rest at 7,945 as of time reporting.

Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, announced via press conference last week that “…response will come I’m sure relatively soon.”  To make matters worse, public officials, including U.S. Senator Mark Warner , have openly announced their support of the petition to oust the pop bad boy…


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Weigh In: Should Justin Bieber Be Deported? / Fans Fight Back

bc2836252d009dda92a06fb450a225d7 Weigh In:  Should Justin Bieber Be Deported? / Fans Fight Back

2014 has certainly started off on an ugly foot for ‘Beauty and the Beat’ beau Justin Bieber. The year kicked off with news that his second documentary/concert film ‘Believe’ bombed at box offices in the U.S. and was followed with reports that friend Lil’ Za was arrested for cocaine possession in his [Bieber's] home.

Next, the Canadian crooner saw his name on Miami P.D.’s radar after he was arrested for DUI and drag-racing. As if that’s not enough, news surfaced last night that the Grammy-nominated singer turned himself into Toronto authorities to face assault charges.

The flood of negative reports has pushed some over the edge as now it seems the ‘All That Matters’ maestro is finding out that all that matters to a select set of Americans is shipping him back to his home turf…


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New Video: Justin Bieber – ‘Confident (ft. Chance The Rapper)’

justin bieber confident video New Video: Justin Bieber   Confident (ft. Chance The Rapper)

With all the headlines that have engulfed Justin Bieber of late, one could be forgiven for forgetting his main hustle – music.

However, with the star’s latest “episode” behind him, 19-year seems keen to remind the masses of his talent.

Cue new video ‘Confident’.

The cut, which features Chance The Rapper, features on Bieber’s recent ‘Journals’ project.

Peep the Colin Tilley directed clip after the jump…


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Must See: Justin Bieber Compares Himself To Michael Jackson

justin bieber michael jackson 2014 Must See: Justin Bieber Compares Himself To Michael Jackson

As per his own admission, Justin Bieber likes to roll up and smoke up. Clearly, then, that’s what he must’ve been doing prior to posting the shot above on his Instagram today.

The 19-year-old is currently in media storm following his arrest for DUI in Miami yesterday, yet until now had maintained silence.

In what undoubtedly comes yet another ill-judged move, the former Pop pin-up shared a side-by-side snap of himself following his release on bail and Michael Jackson enroute to a trial hearing in 2005. The caption attached? “What more can they say” ♛


Can blood boil? Because if so, ours is at fever-pitch.

This is all flavours of nonsense. Beyond it being an actual sin to even think of his name in the same sentence as the King of Pop, the actual matters at hand are so vastly different it’s a joke.

MJ was found innocent of false and fictitious allegations, while Bieber has publicly been playing himself for a good minute; a game he elevated to dizzyingly dumb levels last night when he smiled in his mug shot.


Your thoughts?

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