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Hot Shots: Keri Hilson Fronts ‘Pretty Girls Sweat’ Campaign

KERI 2 600x900 Hot Shots: Keri Hilson Fronts Pretty Girls Sweat Campaign

Interscope‘s Keri Hilson put her star power to good use recently, fronting a campaign named ‘Pretty Girls Sweat‘, launched to endorse health, fitness and good living and celebrate her double Platinum single ‘Pretty Girls Rock.’

Leading an army of 200 girls as they took on a number of fun fitness challenges on Saturday, Hilson joined her friends at ‘Teen Diaries‘ to add a generous serving of fun to health and nutrition tips shared with all in attendance.

On the day, Pretty Girls Sweat and Teen Diaries founder, Aeshia DeVore Branch, shared:

By creating a fun atmosphere on the YMCA basketball court, Pretty Girls Sweat will make the girls less intimidated about moving their bodies. An upbeat and comfortable setting will stimulate candid discussion among PGS mentors and attendees. Our hope is to have a ripple effect inspiring teen girls to consider working out and making healthy lifestyle choices by the cumulative efforts of all parties involved and the power of social media.

keri hilson pretty girls sweat that grape juice 600x445 Hot Shots: Keri Hilson Fronts Pretty Girls Sweat Campaign

Your thoughts?

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Keri Hilson Plots Comeback / Teases New Single?

Keri Hilson that grape juice 9 600x354 Keri Hilson Plots Comeback / Teases New Single?

Four years have separated the world from a new Keri Hilson album, with her time away seeing her sit on R&B’s bench while the likes of Beyonce, Ciara, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj scored multiple wins in their respective games.

Now it would seem Ms.Keri is ready to return, teasing the release of a brand new album filled with “dreamy” new songs!

Full story below…


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Hot Shots: Keri Hilson Hits Studio With ‘Motivation’ Duo For New Album

Singer Teams Up With Rico Love & Jim Jonsin For Comeback

keri hilson new music 2014 Hot Shots: Keri Hilson Hits Studio With Motivation Duo For New Album

After a relatively long spell out of the spotlight, Keri Hilson is readying a chart comeback.

The singer-songwriter, whose last album ‘No Boys Allowed’ was released way back in 2010, is cooking up her third studio effort and has called on R&B’s creme de la creme to help her craft it.

Case, point, her sessions this week with htmakers Rico Love and Jim Jonsin.

The duo, who are responsible for hits such as ‘Motivation’ by Kelly Rowland and Beyonce’s ‘Sweet Dreams ‘, shared shots of themselves working with Hilson on the long-awaited project.

Jonsin added the caption: Great Music and Spirits with @dreamincolor@iamricolove 

Are you as amped as we are to hear what they’ve been working on? Peep more pics below and let us know…


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Hot Topic: Is The World Ready For A New Keri Hilson Album?

keri hilson that grape juice she is diva tgj tv Hot Topic: Is The World Ready For A New Keri Hilson Album?


Four years.

Despite maintaining a very present ‘presence’ at the forefront of R&B’s scene, four years have passed since the release of Keri Hilson‘s last studio album, ‘No Boys Allowed.’

Back then, the double Platinum status of its lead single ‘Pretty Girl Rock‘ and the 102,000 units sold in its first week paled in comparison to digits moved by the likes of Keyshia Cole, Beyonce and Alicia Keys months/years earlier.

However, with the gap between today’s R&B haves and have-nots wider than ever before, ‘Boys’ sales now place Hilson in a small group of ‘Urban’ belles whose labels can depend on them to pull in a profit. So, baring recent releases by Ciara, Kelly Rowland and Brandy in mind, we ask…

Is the world ready for a new Keri album?

…better yet…

Are you looking forward to a new Keri  album?


Weigh in below!

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A Hollywood Halloween: Who Had the Best Costume?

Screen shot 2013 11 01 at 3.10.43 AM A Hollywood Halloween:  Who Had the Best Costume?


Their careers may already call for them to play dress-up in many-a-front, but the years have proven that Hollywood’s fascination with Halloween draws no shortage of interesting outfits.

Indeed, Halloween 2013 has come and gone, but we’re pretty sure some of the night’s costumes will be the chatter of many for days to come.  With jaw-droppers like Miley Cyrus‘ take on Lil Kim‘s infamous 1999 MTV VMA wardrobe to Ellen Degeneres’ taking a moment to ode ‘Moment 4 Life’ maestra Nicki Minaj, the day brought with it a fair share of headline-grabbing costumes.

Check in below to see the likes of Keri Hilson, Queen Latifah, Katy Perry, and many more to tell us who wins your vote for best costume:


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That Grape Juice Interviews Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson at Riddick  Rule The Dark premiere 14 That Grape Juice Interviews Keri Hilson

With an array of chart hits under her belt, R&B star Keri Hilson is making a foray into film.

Much like her music, the singer-songwriter seems to have a knack for picking wisely. For, she follows her role in last year’s smash ‘Think Like A Man’ with a part in box-office smash ‘Riddick’. The high-octane Sci-Fi flick, which also stars Vin Diesel, opened at #1 upon release this past weekend.

That Grape Juice caught up with the Atlanta-bred beauty recently, chatting it up about her big-screen efforts, upcoming album, and much more. As ever, we ask the questions you really want answers to; ever frank, Miss Keri answered them all.

Our interview with Keri Hilson awaits below…


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Hot Shot: Keri Hilson Scorches Fans With Fresh ‘Instagram’ Snap

f674a198f9827b792ba82ab24ad6f03a Hot Shot: Keri Hilson Scorches Fans With Fresh Instagram Snap

Behold the beauty that is Keri Hilson, showcasing a sizzling new look via her personal ‘dreamincolor‘ Instagram page hours ago.

Sporting braids and flaunting that figure, the ‘Love in this Club‘ writer shared the snap as she continues to craft material for her third studio album- which we hear is shaping up to be her best yet!

More from Ms.Hilson below….


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