Kim Zolciak: "I’m Pregnant Again"

5dd0ce2a3974a8df18b99e5ee965700a Kim Zolciak: "Im Pregnant Again"

With season 4 of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ drawing to a close, attention inevitably shifts to what the next season will be serving up.

And while laughs and drama are undoubtedly on the agenda, it has today been confirmed that a baby is too. Courtesy of Kim Zolciak.

Details below…

The wig purveyor has announced, via Life & Style, that she and husband Kroy Biermann are expecting another child together – just 10 months after their first (Kroy Jagger Jr) was born.

Speaking on the pregnancy, Zolciak told the publication:

“Kroy and I are so excited.  To decide we wanted to get pregnant again and have it happen so quickly was such a blessing.

“(We choose) to be shocked, because nobody knows (the sex of the baby). I’m so excited that KJ will have a little buddy.”

33 year year old Kim (…) has two daughters, Brielle, 15, and Ariana, 9, from a previous marriage.

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  • March 21, 2012 at 12:56 am
    Creole Man says:

    Guess th party she’s never tardy to is the s** party


  • March 25, 2012 at 9:08 am
    AreUKiddingMe says:

    You go Kim!!! Blessings to your new baby and the family. If I may…. It is time for you to get a real Assistant and allow Sweetie to earn her keep working at another location. Somehow, Sweetie is really child number four. An Assistant is someone who helps the employer not herself. There are times when I am NOT sure who the wife and employer is in YOUR house. Anyway, Blessings Kim.


  • April 8, 2012 at 11:03 pm
    amoryirish says:

    I would be happy for her if I thought for one second she loved Troy, but the truth of the matter is she had an agenda the moment she met him. She set up shop and now got him right where she wants him. So, if it doesn’t workout he is going to be supporting her luxurious life style for the rest of his life threw enormous child support payments. Damn, its a shame but you live and you learn.


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