Janet: Tour/No Tour? & More

Published: Thursday 15th Feb 2007 by Sam
Janet Jackson’s Choreographer and Creative Director, Gil Duldulao, has posted some interesting, yet kinda ambiguous, info on Janet on his blog. What does this mean for Janet and her career? Check it out:

i know I just rambled in the last post but Im just ready! Boo is ready! So lets say there was a shift of plans, we are ready for that next step. Whats about to come out of her is gonna be something u have never seen for from her. She is sick and tired of people telling her who she needs to be. What she needs to do. Being compared to other people. people not holding their end of the bargain. If nothing comes out of this present situation, seriously everyone-It was meant to happen. For everyone to think that there is nothing coming up after this situation, there is. So i am ready for it. and her fire is even more ready. We tired yall, of all this sh*t.

if things were to not happen, be ready. In the 10 years I have been with her, I have never seen her more focused then she is now. Her fire and hunger is a whole new thing too. think……..no virgin. new everything. promotion out of your ass. support from pop/ randb, new project, new look, new everything. best part is- she is ready and prepared.Ready to remain cause she is Janet damn Jackson. We all are prepared. So please dont think this is the end of the world. It may seem prolonged….but what you really wanted on this last project, is gonna happen this time around. And i dont mean next year. So in the end, Im prepared, Im ready for what lies ahead and Im tired of all this sh*t. YES- she is ready too.

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