News Update; Busta Rhymes / Foxy Brown

Published: Wednesday 21st Feb 2007 by Sam

Rapper Busta Rhymes has rejected a plea-deal from Prosecutors in his assault case yesterday, 20th February. The deal would have meant that Rhymes, 34, would spend only 6 months in jail for two assault charges. The first charge is for Rhymes attacking his former driver, Eddie Hatchett, during an argument over back-pay. He is also charged for assaulting a fan who allegedly spat on his car in August. He is, however, considering a judge’s plea-bargain that would allow him to plea guilty to a lesser assault charge and remain free.
I say take the judge’s offer. It’s not often you get a judge bending over backwards to keep your behind out of jail! Seriously though, he needs to sort himself out.
In other news, the Florida beauty shop owner who was allegedly assaulted by Foxy Brown, resulting in her arrest last week, has told the New York Post “I hired a lawyer. I hope to pay off my mortgage with whatever I get”- referring to a lawsuit he is about to launch against the rapper. IMO he deserves nothing if all he wants is money instead of justice. Plus, I don’t think Foxy has any money left!

Click here for the vid of Brown being released from jail.

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  1. Xspresively CHIC February 21, 2007

    This FOXY inccident is disturbing! Why does she have to act like that. And then They have her on tape! I was a huge Foxy Brown Fan in Highshool… She’s just Washed up and sad now! Oh Well!

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