Akon Says Sorry

Published: Thursday 10th May 2007 by Sam

Akon has apologized for ‘dry-humping’ a 14 year old girl (preacher’s daughter) on stage in Trinidad last month. As some of you know, the public backlash has been pretty heavy and Verizon have pulled their sponsorship of Gwen Stefani’s tour due to Akon being the opening act. In a statement today, the Senegalese singer apologized and insisted he didn’t know the girl’s age:

“It was never my intention to embarrass or take advantage of my fans in any way, especially those under the age of 18. That is why we tried to make sure that the club did not admit anyone under 18 in the audience. Somehow, that standard was not met.”

I don’t see why all the blame is being laid on Akon. The event was a strictly over 18’s show and she wasn’t supposed to be there. Plus, this chick DOES NOT look or dress like a 14 year old (click here to see pics). I’m not condoning his actions but one has to wonder about the sanity of her parents. Her idiotic preacher father defended his daughter saying ‘They are innocent to the wicked ways of the world and it is our responsibility as elders to keep them safe’. Isn’t it his responsibility to keep her out of the clubs?

What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous May 10, 2007

    14, 18, 25 or 60 it doesn’t matter. Why should garbage that like be supported under any circumstance?

    The guy should have his ass sued by everyone in the audience who was offended by his mentally twisted display.

  2. Anonymous May 10, 2007

    The apology is a lil late. I’m saying we learned from the R.Kelly tape, or was rather reminded that 14 don’t mean sh!t. When I was 14 I had enough sense to know if I was humping Akon on purpose or not, and so does this young lady. Now if Akon sincerely felt bad he would’ve apologized before Gwen lost some money. Ultimately it’s this, if music’s favorite featuring artist becomes dangerous to your money profit, your not going to want to collab with him regardless of talent, or impressive personality.

  3. Anonymous May 10, 2007

    She does look 14 i’ve seen plenty of 14 and 13 year olds that dress like that. Clubs dont be checking id’s at all i have been in clubs at 16 just walked right in didnt ask anything about an id its the club’s fault and they should be shut done as for akon, he didnt tell any of the people that went on stage that he would be dancing like that.

  4. Anonymous May 11, 2007

    Simple solution – cut the c*** off

  5. licia May 11, 2007

    it was an 18 and up event. her behind should not have been there. it’s not akon’s fault that the club let her in. the club is at fault for not checking to see if she was old enough to get in . he shouldn’t have had to apologize for anything . no matter how he was dancing , he assumed he was dancing with a female that was an adult. he father ought to be putting his foot up her behind for doing the wrong thing and not trying to blame akon to get money .

  6. Anonymous May 13, 2007

    From the look of that pic, she was doing most of the work! She shouldn’t have been there. How’s a guy supposed to know? And that’s coming from a 48-year-old woman, mother of a daughter.

    Anyway, it was only dry humping, she’s have been doing that with a few boys by then I would have thought.

  7. Air May 14, 2007

    Why even have a girl of any age on stage anyway! Those people came to see him perform. This guy is a total idiot. I cant stand his annoying voice!

  8. Anonymous May 18, 2007

    no matter what had happend they cant say that it was mostly his fualt i mean did u see the pics she was basicly throwin herself at him..
    if anything if i was her i would be imbarrased.i wouldnt put this on him.he shouldnt have to check n see how old they are she knew she shouldnt have been in there
    she needs her little ass beat

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