J. Holiday Performs ‘Bed’ On 106 & Park

Published: Sunday 19th Aug 2007 by Sam

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Capitol recording artist J. Holiday for the longest time, but I hadn’t managed to check out his songs/video. Since being out here in LA, there’s been no escaping his debut single ‘Bed’. Apart from being slightly on the repetitive side, I’m liking the song. So it was great to see the Washington DC native being able to carry his own with the song, when he performed it live on BET’s 106 & Park this week – where it occupies the top spot on the show’s countdown. J’s album ‘Back of My Lac’ hits stores October 2nd.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. soft muffin67 August 19, 2007

    J Holiday is hot ta def!!I love his music.I have like almost every track taht leaked.cant wait for the album.do u have anything from a group called August.The songs called miss heartache.i havent heard it yet but i heard people requesting it on other sites but no one has pposted it yet.now i’m curious lol.

  2. Anonymous August 19, 2007

    The f*** is wrong with that fat a** in the front? Hilarious! That chocolate brotha was right there in her face trying to make love to her with his voice. And she stood like a statue? Oh snap! It’s alright Holiday! I would have been all up in his grill were that me. She must not be straight. SMH!

  3. Anonymous August 19, 2007

    I’m sorry but when you go to a show and somebody singing to you “he gonna put you to bed”. Roll your damn eyez to the back of your head and GO TO BED!!! Beautiful voice…Mmm (clearing throat). Ladies he just might be a replacement for Usher. He got swagger! Usher lost that long time ago.

  4. Anonymous August 21, 2007


  5. Anonymous August 21, 2007

    I ain’t gonna lie I love me some J Holiday and he’s fine as hell too

  6. Angel August 21, 2007

    J. did hiz thang 4 real loved da performance and his song.

  7. littlebit August 30, 2007

    J definitely has swagger and he is picking the letter r and b for true rhythm and blues… the game is about to change….His live show was off the chain…

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