R, Kelly Trial Date Set

Published: Wednesday 1st Aug 2007 by Sam
Some five years after R. Kelly was formally charged with child abuse, a trial date has finally been set – following a hearing in Chicago today (August 1st). As ruled by Judge Vincent Gaughan, the long-awaited trial will begin on September 17th. According to the singer’s spokesperson ‘He’s confident that when all the facts come out, it will be clear he’s not guilty of any crime’
In 2002, Kelly was charged with 21 counts of child pornography (seven were later dropped) for allegedly videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl -who was said to be 14 at the time. The singer plead ‘Not Guilty’ to all charges.
Despite being inevitable, I’m kinda shocked by this – especially by how soon the trial is set to begin. Like many, I’d assumed the case would never would reach trial stage; after all, it has been five years. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous August 1, 2007

    if he’s really guilty (which i think he is, aalaiyah was 15 when he married her), may justice previal. if not, hope he comes back with a series called ‘escaped from the slammer’ lol because ‘trapped in the closet was nice’. WHERE IS KELLY ROWLAND’S VIDEO THAT YOU PROMISED?

  2. Anonymous August 1, 2007


  3. Mark August 2, 2007

    Firstly, may I say none of us know R Kelly personally, so not one of us can really judge him… But… Aaliyah is one of my favourite artists ever & the whole thing between her & him is so wrong it makes my skin crawl…

    As an artist, I think he has lost it, he doesn’t sing, he just speaks words, not well either. “I’m a flirt” should have been titled “I’m a perve”…

  4. Anonymous August 2, 2007

    If he is guilty then justice should prevail!

  5. Anonymous August 2, 2007

    it’s about time!!! think about the victim how long has she had to wait, send his nasty ass to jail!!

  6. Mochelle August 2, 2007

    just lock him up already.

  7. Anonymous August 2, 2007

    It’ll be like all the other black cases. FREE. If you have money then you’re cool. Your not in jail very long if you do go. Maybe he’ll be inspired while he’s in jail. He can always meet his future BOO ther. L.O.L.

  8. Anonymous August 6, 2007

    R.Kelly has a huge c*** as you can see in the pic!

  9. Anonymous August 12, 2007

    He’s a p******** and acting on it is illegal. I do believe he should have been locked up five years ago.

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