B5 – ‘Don’t Talk Just Listen’

Published: Friday 7th Sep 2007 by Sam
With all the hype surrounding the ‘Kanye vs 50 Cent’ showdown on September 11th, other releases on the date seem to have been overlooked – including the new CD from Bad Boy artists B5. The group, which consists of brothers Dustin, 19, Kelly, 18, Patrick, 16, Carnell, 15, and Bryan Breeding,13, are set to release their sophomore album ‘Don’t Talk, Just Listen’ on the much publicized date. Led by by single ‘Hydrolic’, the album features production from Bryan-Michael Cox, Adonis, The Underdogs, among others.
I’ve received quite a lot of emails about this, yet haven’t seen any promo ANYWHERE. I’m guessing Diddy is up to his usual antics of not promoting his artists. Here’s hoping the guys don’t fare too badly.

Will you be checking for B5?

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  1. Anonymous September 7, 2007

    WHOEVER signs to BAD BOY is an IDOT, Diddy does not care about his artists…BADBOY IS A TAX RIGHT OFF….nothing more….WHY WOULD U WANT TO BE INVOLVED WITH ANYTHING MUSIC WISE WITH DIDDY? everybody leaves badboy…THOSE MAKING OF THE BAND FOOLS ARE IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING AND SO IS B5…u need a better name, its almost 08 and u calling yourselves B5…thats MAD CORNY

  2. Anonymous September 7, 2007

    No I will not be checking for them because im not into boy bands. Im suprised Diddy even let them put out another album. I just dont understand Diddy or any other label head that does not promote their artists. When your artists dont do well, you dont make any money. Why keep signing people and not promote them. Just look at Yung Joc’s new album.

  3. Anonymous September 7, 2007

    Second album when was the first? Badboy ain’t got love for there artist look how they messed Danity Kane or shall I saw that no talent no rapping fool Diddy,

    You know I had to double chech their name i swear it said BS but I noticed it was a 5 not an S but on the real i’m not into boy bands like male groups like Jagged Edge, H Town (there coming back) 112 (where u gone) anyway I ain’t buying now kiddy music no offense to them but I just can’t listen to kids talking about foolishness

    I wish them all the best and luck cos on BBE they gonna need it

  4. Anonymous September 7, 2007

    B5 sucks i could make a better boy band serious they will always flop they will never be huge NEVER!!!I THINK I WOULD GET THE SPOTLIGHT IF I WAS IN IT SERIOUS THEY SUCK

  5. Monaisha September 10, 2007

    STOP HATIN’ cuz B5 is back BETTER THAN EVER THIS YEAR! Havent u heard already??? DONT TALK! JUST LISTEN! They aint no kiddie group. They’ve grown and matured ALOT in the past two years. And now they’re back, tyrna show haters/assholes like YOU that they’re MORE than juss a BOY BAND and that they’re NOT a kiddie group. THEY’RE GROWN NOW!!!! So before you talk about them, just listen. Buy the album, LISTEN to it, then you TALK all you want. DONT TALK. JUST LISTEN. Stop hatiin/judgin and juss HEAR what they have to say on this NEW album. I’m tellin’ you that this album is one of the BEST of the YEAR! So before you talk, JUST LISTEN DAMMIT!!! STOP HATIN! TALK ALL YOU WANT AFTER YOU HEAR THE ALBUM. Listen to whst they gota say cuz they got a more mature sound. No MORE “ALL I DO IS THINK OF YOU”. WE’RE TALKING “RIGHT TO LEFT” and “IN MY BEDROOM”. Just BUY the album and LISTENNN!!!!In Stores September 11th!!!

  6. Anonymous September 16, 2007

    f*** that im not buying no album from B5 they will flop just like they did last time and no need to hate on them because why am i going to hate they are not doing nothing in the music industry serious they suck thats why there never gonna be big as b2k,pretty ricky etc. they should just give up on the mic and go there own ways that will be a good move but until then they are just gonna flop straight up

  7. Anonymous November 18, 2007

    U peepz r so OFF itz not even funni. I FULLY look out 4 B5. They are the BEST. I live in CANADA & i went all the way 2 AMERICA 2 buy thier CD cause it has 2 b specially ordered in Canda. I’m trying to get to go 2 one of thier concerts but my parents won’t let me cuz they’re all in America. Thier CD is OFF THE CHAIN! i listen 2 it 24/7 & i have never had a CD that i love SO much. Yall r intitled to ur own opions but really… B5 iz da BEST!

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