Kelly Rowland Talks ‘Ms Kelly’ Re-Release

Published: Thursday 27th Sep 2007 by Sam
In a recent interview with The Lantern, R&B star Kelly Rowland spoke on the forthcoming re-release of her critically praised, yet poor selling, ‘Ms. Kelly’ album:

The Lantern: Are you reissuing “Ms. Kelly?”

Kelly Rowland: I am actually. I’m going back into the studio to do some more songs. I was very apprehensive at first, but I swallowed my pride. The record industry is very different. Things are going more digital and I want to accommodate my fanbase.

It’s good to see her being honest and not sugarcoating the situation (i.e. the album’s poor performance). I’m assuming the re-release explains the whereabouts of the already-filmed video’s for ‘Work’ and ‘Comeback’.

In other news, UK Kelly fans should be on the lookout for her as she will be hitting these sides in October for a few shows. As soon as more information is available, I’ll let you know.

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  1. Anonymous September 27, 2007

    Look yeah yeah she’s admitted it and sounds very humble good for Kelly but I hate when artists do this, us fans supported yall and bought the album then you decide cos it ain’t doing that well or you jsut feel like doing more songs to re-release it, it pisses me off,

    DC done this with the Writing on the wall album yall remember, the new version had Independant Women on it andhad a blue background still with Letoya and Latavia one the cover even though they got kicked to the cirb, Mariah re-released Emancipation with ‘Don’t Forget About Us’ on it that’s my tune but I was mad at her for that, I only just bought it on sale, Alicia re-released Songs on A Minor’ what 3 times or was it four, I bought the second version now she was crazy for all that, oh and lets not forget Beyonce re-releasing B Day I didn’t buy that cos the original B Day was some hot garbage in my opinion I liked Beautiful Liar but naww I weren’t buying that crap again, as for Kelly I like Ms Kelly it’s a good album maybe the should have waited to see how Work adn Comeback would have done before decided to re-release after one single I know she just released Ghetto but that weren’t one of my favourites on the album so Kelly I’ll probably check your album in the sales like I did with Mariah cos your album is good but why the F do I have to buy that again, I’ma fan but yall i’m tired of artist doing this it’s a liberty, if yall wanna buy it go ahead I ain’t telling no one what to do but I ain’t yeah her new songs might be good but cha this is a p*** take to me

  2. Anonymous September 27, 2007

    u don’t 2 buy the re-release … its kinda something new 2 get other ppls attention who don’t have it… but its ur decision 2 buy it again r not …

    i’m gonna get the 2nd one 2 … i support her and hope they help her out a lil more this time around

  3. Anonymous September 27, 2007

    Kizzy if the didn’t buy the 1st one didn’t pay attention when you put out some b******* song with snoop. with that damm Chaka Khan ass lacfront wig on girl good back to the drawing board and try again

  4. Anonymous September 27, 2007

    i’m still upset that her album did poorly. i mean she recieved NOTHING BUT POSITIVE REVIEWS! the lowest rating she got was 3 out of 5 stars! i hope she comes with an attention grabbing single this time around, and i’ll buy the album again!

  5. Anonymous September 27, 2007

    im actually waiting on this re-release im pretty sure its gonna be hot cause the first one was HOT!!!!!
    but im pretty sure kelly wont let down her fans on this one cause she was taught her lesson not to keep pushing her album back and lack of promo like that lame BDay album that was promoted everywhere i went 2 LoL serious they did about everything to promot BDay and im not hating but its the truth i still love kelly and beyonce i will be supporting them all the time cause anything they bring out is HOT!!!!

  6. Anonymous September 27, 2007

    looks like we got a brainwashed child from C&D who doesn’t think on their but go on other ppl’s opinion … have fun being a lackey for the rest of ur life #3

  7. Anonymous September 27, 2007

    Im gonna get that CD of course cant wait…i was never a kelly fan but until i heard love,and better without u and i gotta say her album was amazing i just got her CD yesturday and its amazing :]
    never knew this girl had this in her i always used to call her the girl form destiny’s child but now i call her kelly cause her album is amazing and if you come hating i feel bad for you cause kelly’s is the s*** right now in a good way i used to hate to but her album is amazing way better than b-day of course kelly go get them haters

  8. Anonymous September 27, 2007

    im looking forward the re-release yes at least we will get more videos than just 2 🙂

  9. Anonymous September 27, 2007

    thats nice of her that what ever happenes in her career she still holds on strong and doesnt let go no matter what people have to say about her she is truly amazing cant wait 4 the new cd

  10. Anonymous September 28, 2007

    i’m pissed kelly album was great she should realease this singles
    every thought is you
    still in love with ma ex
    i’m so anoyed cause i bought this album and she i s going to do crap
    songs as videos.

  11. Anonymous September 28, 2007

    see thats the problem now, everytime kelly is bein talked about, yal bring bee in the picture! its not her fault that God has blessed her and her family! kelly is kelly, the only thing different is that both of them WAS in a group 2gether! get over this comparison! bee is on her way to an even higher level and kelly is not too far! stop the Comparisons!!

  12. Anonymous September 28, 2007

    How is she being honest? She is still blaming her sales on the internet. No Kelly, you’re just not interesting to the audience like that. If people wanted her album they would have went out and got. It’s that simple.

  13. Anonymous September 28, 2007

    no she got lack of promo unlike beyonce’s fatass got promoted all the time and that b**** still gets promoted i mean look at kelly you dont even hear that much about her and she only had 1 video when her album came out so in my opinion she did great in sells when it even leaked twice and people have download it and kelly is being honest lame b**** the music industry has changed sing back in the days

  14. Anonymous September 28, 2007

    WOW!!! new CD im hoping its hot like the original

  15. Anonymous September 28, 2007

    To the first poster, I hate it when artist re-release their cd too. When Mariah did that I refused to buy the cd again … I bootlegged … I will definitely support an artist the first go’round, but I refuse to do it twice. Not when I gotta sit in my crampped house watching them on my little ass t.v. take two segments to show their house on MTV cribs

  16. Anonymous September 30, 2007

    Am i the only one thats baffled why there’s a need for a re-release? The albums full of hot songs, why not spend time promoting the damn album (By releasing singles off it) instead of worrying about recording more songs that arent gonna be heard by the masses?

    If this girl wants to boost album sales, release some singles and promote the album already. The music speaks for itself, its a good album! All thats lacking is promotion!

  17. Anonymous September 30, 2007

    kelly needs to realize that really her re-release would flop more that the 1st one and that will be a shame. anyways the jealous moron that called beyonce fat ass, beyonce looks so good she is thick not fat and kelly got all the promotion in the world, people just dont care and like kelly, may be if she was finer , she would get props, look at her ugly she looked in the making of ghetto, in the video they brightened her to make her look better. kelly u aint gonna be a big solo artist okay. it will never happen for u.

  18. Anonymous September 30, 2007

    okay b**** got promotion on
    2. jimmy kimmel
    3. bet awards
    4, bet
    5. morning show
    6. the view
    7.early show
    8.king magazine
    9. black hair magazine
    10. teen magazine
    11. seventeen
    12.mike and juliet
    13. More i cant even think of
    so no one should say promotion. kelly aint gat no love period.

  19. Anonymous September 30, 2007

    wtf that aint promotion except for BET and jimmy kimmel b**** and some other shows!!!
    and wtf f*** she didnt even get a seventeen magaizne lame ass b**** maybe inside the book and you got that right MTV didnt play her music reason why it brought the album poor sales down and it was leaked twice DUH LMAO
    look at my girl bee she wasted over 1million dollares on just promoting her wack ass s*** bday
    i still love my girl bee but kelly derserve more…her album is hot and it should have been more promoted than that wack bday album
    i mean come on beyonce got 2 on bet shows 2006/2007 she did MTV show released 20 freakin singles and 2 albums a movie etc….
    that sthe only reason why beyone sold alot either than that kelly didnt get proper promotion so f*** off hating white b****

  20. Anonymous September 30, 2007

    you are so right kelly didnt get proper promotion compare to beyonce and kelly aint ugly she is way hotter than your fat ass siting on yo desk being a fat b**** hehe i totally agree with the comment on top of me beyonce was everywhere when her bday ALBUM WAS GOING TO DROP WHY DOESNT KELLY GET PROPER PROMO LIKE BEYONCE????
    kelly should drop the fuckn knowles family,go with a new record label and diss the s*** out all her haters maybe even the knowles but we all know kelly was the real beauty from DC and quit hating seriously you do lame reaserch that aint right and then come posting it serious grow up little girl thats old halh of yo s*** aint even right 😛 seriously go watch som fuckn beyonce if u like her dont even bother coming in here with your totally wrong research 😛 hehe b****

  21. Anonymous October 1, 2007

    you guys are right kelly didnt get the proper promotion like they did with beyonce :O

  22. lyd October 3, 2007

    hi, i’m french and i really like Kelly, and her album is great!!! she should’ve release more single (the show, comeback, work, still in love with my ex…) music and video, here i’m sure people would’ve like it and see her as an solo artist different from B,
    i don’t know who gives her advice before releasing a single but she should read her fans needs!!!
    and u’re all right saying she doesn’t have a good promotion with the right singles!!!
    someone can tell here to release “work” and “comeback” video pleasssssssssssssseeeeeeee she’ll see that she’s more successful than she thinks,

  23. Anonymous October 3, 2007

    fat ass or skinny ass whatever y’all say home girls destiny is failure and it cant be changed.she needs to be light skinned, brown skin is ugly

  24. Anonymous October 3, 2007

    why does it hurt u h*** when the fact is said about that dark skin slave floplalnd. she is dark skin so therefore she cant be in the limelight. dark skin people would always be less equal to a human being. she will never do well cos she is dark skin period

  25. Anonymous October 3, 2007

    here comes that rasict b**** again if you didnt know maybe u have some black in you i mean you never know hahahaha XD
    all you do is talk about her skin,or her bad album sells and so fuckn what if her album flopd that aint stoping her from doing what she does best 🙂 seriously you really need a life and if you a beyonce fan well good for you but i have met DC before and beyonce told me she hates when people hate on kelly or michelle and she told me those people need to grow up with there life and move on if she saw yo comment she wont even consider u as a fan there sisters they love each other so leave them the f*** alone b**** LMAO and beyonce and kelly are both beautiful inside and out they are the nicest people you could meet seriously so grow up little girl/boy….and true story i saw them before and talked to them to back in 2005 they are sweet girls that are really talented

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