Ashanti Performs ‘God Bless America’

Published: Friday 26th Oct 2007 by Sam

R&B star Ashanti gave a rendition of ‘God Bless America’ at opening game at the MLB World Series in Boston this past Wednesday (October 25th). Till this day, I never understand why people argue that ‘Ashanti can’t sing’; she nailed this performance. Thinking about it, I guess it’s because her true vocal ability doesn’t always transcend onto her records. Here’s hoping she comes with ‘it’ on her new CD ‘The Declaration’ (due February 2008).

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Melissa October 26, 2007

    Eh, I was not amazed

  2. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    U never is. Ashanti always kills deze performances. PEople are stuck in da past. Fact is She is back so all deze other chicks better watch out.

  3. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    I’ve always thought Ashanti was a good singer…her problem was performing not singing but since most people listen with their eyes…they couldn’t hear that she could actually sing…

  4. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    Good job she finally showed why she got a deal.Go Shani

  5. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    She did her thing. F*ck Da Haterz! girl can sing. these bitter envious b****** can stay hating.. cause it wont do sh*t for them.

  6. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    It was ok! She is no Whitney or Mariah.

  7. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    thank god for BEYONCE!!!!

  8. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    No she aint no Whitney or Mariah. She is Ashanti!!! Just hate to give my girl credit where credit is due ha!! It’s cool though. Like she said once before “I can’t please everyone, and I know everyone don’t like me, but I will rock with the few million that do”!!!

  9. Anonymous October 26, 2007

    the b**** was clearly lipsyncing any real singer would know that. All the “stuff” she was doing did not at ALL match up to what it sounded like. THANKs and I know cuz i was there!!!

  10. Anonymous October 27, 2007

    She was not lipsyncing y’all just can’t take that Ashanti can sing and that all those years you was saying she can’t sing have all been proved wrong. Obviously you are not a real singer…she was singing live and she rocked it…well done Ashanti girl.

  11. Melissa October 27, 2007

    I was not hating. Her singing just never amazes me. So shut the f*** up.

  12. Anonymous October 28, 2007

    Awwww…she sucks ass!

  13. Anonymous October 28, 2007

    Wow. At dat she was lipsyncing, Dats da dumbest thing I have heard in a while. Why would…. I not even go go there. Ashanti is the s*** so get wit it b4 its to late.

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