Ashanti’s ‘Declaration’ Pushed Back (Again)

Published: Thursday 18th Oct 2007 by Sam
In what seems like an on-going trend in the R&B world this year, yet another album has seen it’s release date pushed back. Ashanti appeared on the Doug Banks radio show today, announcing that her forthcoming album ‘The Declaration’ has been delayed until early next year. What’s more she confirmed that the video for the CD’s lead single ‘Hey Baby’ (After The Club) has NOT yet been shot (contrary to reports) and instead will be filmed shortly.
Unlike Mariah and some of the other heavy-hitters whose albums have been pushed back this year, Ashanti really isn’t in a position to be moving her release date all over the place. ‘The Declaration’ is seen by many in the industry and the public alike to be her ‘make or break’ album after somewhat of a career slump. Whether she’ll bring ‘it’ on this LP will be interesting to see.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous October 18, 2007

    F*** You
    Ashanti can do what she wants.
    who are you to judge what and what not these celebrities can do when they are higher than you and always will be
    stop thinkin ur the s*** and know what it takes cause you dont know S***!
    judgmental B******!

  2. Luke October 18, 2007

    Ashanti’s new track is not hot enough for a comeback, Mario Winans f***** her over by giving her the same beat he did for Diddy’s “Last Night” – get original!

    I have Ashanti’s first album, the production from Irv & 7 is tight and her arrangements are hot but from then on she has gotten worse and worse imo. I think this album will be her worst as the thing about her other albums is they at least had a nice coherence with Irv producing with either Chink or 7 on most tracks. This album is gonna sound messy with all the collabos she’s got going on. Only really strong artists like Mary and Mariah can pull that off and I think even they failed to a certain extent.

    Commenter above: grow the f*** up, Stan! Ever heard of an opinion?

  3. Anonymous October 18, 2007

    Calm down, man. All the guy was saying was just that if you can’t release an album on the planned date, don’t say you will. Stars should release their albums when they want too or feel like it, but they shouldn’t promise media anything. Makes people sad, especially fans.
    p.s. i’m not sad though. i download songs at least a month before an album’s in store. I downloaded usher’s masterpiece a couple of weeks ago, and Nicole’s album “Her name is Nicole” about a month and a half ago. Have fun waiting, people 😀

  4. Anonymous October 18, 2007

    For example, i already downloaded Need for Speed Pro Street the game and the soundtrack both.
    Another way to get rare songs is to download videos from youtube, and convert them into mp3s.

  5. Anonymous October 18, 2007

    well i think the album is gonne be great im glad she is working with different ppl thats the only difference she writes all her songs anyway unlike some ppl.

  6. Anonymous October 19, 2007

    I love Ashanti and cant wait for her new album. Ashanti’s one of the few artists whos album i will buy along with Mariah.
    I disagree and personally think that as her albums go they have got better with time. Her debut album was quite repetative to me but thats just my opinion. I am happy she is delaying the album because im not a massive fan of hey baby and hope she takes this time to really work her tush tush off. Shes rolling with Nelly so im sure she can JD on a few tracks and the rest…
    Good luck to the girl and il be looking out for her new album.

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