Bow Wow & Omarion ‘Face Off’ Cover

Published: Wednesday 31st Oct 2007 by Sam
It was announced a couple of months back that rapper Bow Wow and R&B singer Omarion are set to release a collaboration album titled ‘Face Off’ on December 4th. The cover art for the CD has just surfaced and I must say that I’m liking it – the split face effect is kinda cool. There is potentially a feature with the guys on the site soon, so watch this space.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. Melissa October 31, 2007

    IDK, somethins is off to me

  2. cool guy October 31, 2007

    Wooow I had to take a second look at this. I didn’t even see omarion the first time. That’s a dope concept, merging the two faces together. The two-faced concept goes good with the title too “Face off”. Very clever. Hopefully this album doesn’t disappoint. Especially after hearing some of the leaked material I’m very skeptical about this album, hopefully there’s some hidden gems on this.

  3. Anonymous October 31, 2007

    This concept has been done before by r.kelly & Jay-Z both of both worlds 2

  4. Jay3091 October 31, 2007

    Yeah, it’s slick. but it’s been done before. Bow Wow, don’t be like Romeo and bite off of people’s stuff. LOL!

  5. Anonymous October 31, 2007


  6. Anonymous October 31, 2007

    it hasnt been done before, best of both worlds had only writing and the unfinished bussiness cover didnt have their faces merged… yall talkin bull just to hate

  7. Linda November 1, 2007

    They would make a cute baby!

  8. cool guy November 1, 2007

    There seems to be 2 versions of this cover because I spotted another cover at
    The other version looks like a movie cover, I wonder which one is the official cover. “Grape Juice” y’all should post that other version too and see what people think.

  9. Anonymous November 1, 2007

    I think its a predictable cover I don’t really like it something looks kind of crazy did see the video cute song I don’t know if it will appeal to the 25 and over crowd maybe teens to 20

  10. Anonymous November 1, 2007

    Is it me, or did they elongate O’s head?

  11. Anonymous November 2, 2007

    I don’t evan like the cover at all…. nope!

  12. KidKlassic91 November 4, 2007

    I don’t like this cover. It’s Hot how they did it , but it’s mad weird looking. Bow has light brown eyes while Omarion has dark brown. Braids vs Cesar, it makes the fact that Bow has a round head and Omarion has a more longer face ( which they shrunk , if you cover Bow’s face and look at omarion’s, it looks shrunk) . Lips are weird looking and ears. I suggest they create a new album cover.

    They did well with the creativity level but not with the execution.

  13. KidKlassic91 November 4, 2007

    PS. –

    “This concept has been done before by r.kelly & Jay-Z both of both worlds 2”

    I think what this person means to say is that, the concept of two different artist coming together to make a album together isn’t a new concept.

  14. Mechelle November 12, 2007

    LMAO…how gay.

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