Common – ‘I Want You’ Video

Published: Tuesday 23rd Oct 2007 by Sam

Chi-Town rapper Common really has been bringing ‘it’ with the videos from his current CD ‘Finding Forever’ (released this past July), with his latest offering being ‘I Want You’. Interestingly, the vid was directed by actress Kerry Washington and features cameos from the likes of Alicia Keys, Kanye West and Serena Williams. I’m liking the song and the vid; it’s just a shame that Common doesn’t receive the acclaim he deserves.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Anonymous October 23, 2007

    I love Common he’s pure talent it’s a dan shame he don’t get the props he deserves but you know it’s the industry as well as some dumb ass fans, they think all rappers should be thugs and gangsters and a lot follow this hype even though they ain’t in my opinion like 50 cent (real gangsters don’t whine and run there mouth like a b****) TI (watch that ass in jail homie, buying guns dumb ass, set up or no he was dumb enough to do it, free TI get the f*** outta here)and it’s people like that especially 5 cent who promotes violence and guns it’s bad enough young kids nowadays think that’s the only way they can survive without some fools saying yeah be a thug and get paper like me,

    Back to the subject Common is talent people don’t like him or say Ludacris for instance even though they say luda ain’t thuggish enough he ain’t no criminal why should he be frunting yeah he makes some ‘rude’ songs but this is what i love about some hip hop cos those rappers speak the truth the only one in my opinion who protrays the real OG status is Snoop he ain’t no fake b**** and I love him,

    Common keep doing your thing real hip hop fans know talent and this damn industry needs to promote talent not street style all the time,

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