Jackson To Re-Release ‘Thriller’

Published: Thursday 25th Oct 2007 by Sam
According to Fox News columnist Roger Friedman, Pop superstar Michael Jackson is preparing to release a revamped version of his best-selling LP ‘Thriller’. Rapper/producer Kanye West is among those lined up to contribute to the project. Check out the report below:

[Michael] Jackson is involved in putting together a 25th anniversary edition of his best-selling album, “Thriller.” Those with long memories will recall that “Thriller” is considered the biggest-selling pop album of all time, succeeding Carole King’s “Tapestry” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and breaking every record it came near.

Jackson’s new music attorney, Peter Lopez, told me on Tuesday that about four of the original “Thriller” tracks are being remixed as “extras” for the CD package. Kanye West, Akon and will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas are supposed to be doing that work. The songs are “Billie Jean,” “The Girl Is Mine,” “Wanna Be Starting Something” and “Pretty Young Thing.”

In addition, Lopez says that four tracks left off “Thriller” in 1983 will be included. Jackson’s longtime producer Bruce Swedien, who no longer works with the pop star, told me that one track he knows of is a killer. It’s called “Don’t Be Messin’ Around.” Swedien doesn’t know any of the other tracks left off the album but said there may be some out there.

Though I’d much prefer Michael to drop his long-awaited new album sooner rather than later, I guess this will wet the appetite of his fans, whilst re-introducing him to the masses.

Do you think re-releasing ‘Thriller’ is a good idea?

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  1. Anonymous October 25, 2007

    it could be good could be bad depends on how the release goes all i gotta say is atleast a new cover for the cd

    how about 1 or 2 new songs or snippets either will do

  2. Anonymous October 25, 2007

    maybe if it game with a DVD or reworking of some of the originals

  3. Anonymous October 26, 2007




  4. Anonymous October 27, 2007

    great idea. i would like to hear at least 5 unreleased songs from the recording session and the unreleased videos. also the making of thriller on dvd for the first time.

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