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Published: Tuesday 30th Oct 2007 by Sam
Whilst her Destiny’s Child band mates are touring and promoting their solo records, Michelle Williams has been hard at work on her latest solo effort. Check out the most recent blog post she posted on her official MySpace:

What’s crackin everybody!!! Today is my off day from the Color Purple!!!! And I few from San Francisco last night to LA where I’m the studio recording!! It’s a hot song called CURIOSITY!!!! I thought I should give some info on what I’m doin today!!! Rodney Jerkins produced the track!!! I really appreciate the love and support from everyone here on myspace!!!! To all my bay area friends….I hope to see you at the show The Color Purple!!!

Anyhoo….I have something to get off my chest!!!! Now I know that I shouldn’t be on the gossip blogs but I do go on there to see what’s goin on in the industry and what consumers are buying into!! I read some thing that said Michelle has vanished into nowhere!!!! That is so not true!!! I’ve been working!!! It’s just that the things that I’ve been involved in don’t get the publicity that they should!!! I’ve been doing my acting thing…and I’m having the time of my life!!! Just bcuz I’m not in US Weekly everyday and the paparazzi isnt following me around (which I’m happy about bcuz I have a life) doesnt mean that I’m less of an artsist or my profile isnt great!!! To me…it aint about the cameras and the best clothes…..it’s about my happiness and me doing what I wanna do when I want to do it!!!!! I’m happy that I can make my own choices and do things that don’t have the bright lights attached to it!!!! Michelle Williams is doin’ her thang!!! LOLLLL

My album comes out in May 2008 and I do have a tentative title for it!!!! I’ll tell you guys verrrrrrrrrry soon!!! Why May???? Bcuz I’m in the Color Purple until March 2008!!! I’ve given the show a year of my life!!

One more thing!!! I want a new look!!!! What do you guys think I should do with my hair??

I know that was kinda long, but it was a pretty interesting read IMO. She always comes across very personable and well-grounded. Having enjoyed her gospel efforts, I’m anticipating her new CD; hearing that Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins is working on the project makes it all the more promising too.

Are you checking for Michelle’s album?

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  1. Anonymous October 30, 2007

    Yeah i am a Dc fan and support all three ladies with no exceptions so i will definetely check her album out.

  2. Anonymous October 30, 2007

    michelle that is how you tell your haters 🙂
    pretty soon there gonna hate but girl your amazing and nothing could stop u now
    u sound so strong and ready

  3. Anonymous October 30, 2007

    her and Kelly r the best .. i can’t wait 2 hear what she bringing next… i been listening to her song Purpose In Your Storm

  4. Dwayne October 30, 2007

    Yea I support the DC as a group and individually.

    I’m looking forward to her new look and sound. Loving that Rodney is on the album! Can’t wait!

  5. KidKlassic91 October 31, 2007

    yeah i feel her on what she’s saying because she really is doing HER thing. She’s doing what SHE wants to do. I’m happy that she explain what she’s doing. Hopefully her album will do well when it comes out… Kelly, i hope her unnesicary re-release does better than the first.

  6. Jai October 31, 2007

    Oh of course I’ma get Michelle’s latest album… Let’s jus hope she doesn’t get pushed back as well… But I like all 3 together and apart!

  7. Anonymous October 31, 2007

    Okay michele you need to give kelly some of that mojo you have.

  8. D. Lewis-Thompson October 31, 2007

    I am definitely checking for Michelle. You can tell that she knows how to relate to her fanbase by this post. I have both her gospel albums and am looking forward to her R&B effort. I always thought she would be a good neo soul artist.

  9. Anonymous November 1, 2007

    Michelle, I am so happy for you. To me, it seems you never really get the attention you deserve…I didn’t buy your 2 gospel CDs even though I heard they were great and received excellent reviews…I will most definitely look forward to getting your R&B release…maybe you should try to hook-up with Keyshia Cole, Anthony Hamilton, or Jaheim…I think a song with one of these artist would be wonderful exposure for you. Good luck and I love your positive outlook on life….Stay strong my very blessed sister.

  10. Anonymous November 5, 2007

    michelle and beyonce are the best. they are the smartest and talented in the group. Kelly is plainly lazy, with her ugly dark skin ass

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