Alicia Keys – ‘As I Am’: Your Thoughts?

Published: Sunday 18th Nov 2007 by Sam
With songstress Alicia Keys on course to storm the charts next with her new album ‘As I Am’ (selling in the region of 600k-625k), there’s no doubt that the singer is onto another smash.
So for those who ‘obtained’ (lol) / bought the CD, what do you think about it? Did it live up your expectations? Best/worst tracks? Drop a your views in the comments section 🙂

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous November 18, 2007

    Well I Bought the CD/DVD on Tuesday @ Target for 13 bucks. Im a big fan of Alicia Keys’ albums…i think she does a great job each time. Her best album was “The Diary of Alicia Keys”.
    Nothing could replace that cd in my cd player(b4 i had an ipod) that december when it came out.

    This Album is a bit diffrent and im still tryna get used to it. Arrangement is diffrent.

    Good :
    -Alicia Has switched up her “noticible pianio on each song” style. This has more hard drivin amplified beats.
    -She sounds diffrent on each and every single track which is very impressive.
    -The pics inside the booklet are great.
    -The amount of songs is just enough..not 2 short and not 2 long.
    -“Like You’ll never see me again” is longer on the cd.

    -Alicia Has switched up her “noticible pianio on each song” style. This has more hard drivin amplified beats.
    – The song arrangement isnt that great..The last 5 songs are all piano ballads..its like they were all shoved to the back makes the album boring listening to that many songs back to back.
    -too many skipable songs..skippin songs was never an issue for me with alicia ..but in this case it is.

    Fav Tracks:

    Go Ahead (Vocal Arrangement is crazy and the beat)
    Superwoman- I usually hate inspirational, but this ons good
    No One (of course)
    Like you’ll never see me again
    WRECKLESS LOVE – The only song i put on repeat. MY FAV SOONG on the album.
    The thing about Love- probably the “if i aint got you” of the album.
    Sure Looks good to me.

    As you can see that there is still some growing that needs to take place…nothing grows on me with her but i gotta give teh rest a chance…

    over all ***/***** (3 outa 5)

  2. Anonymous November 18, 2007

    I got the chance to preview As I Am on the MTV website before the album was released. Honestly I give her an A for switching things up. But overall I got bored towards the middle of the album as I usually do with Alicia’s albums. Overall the album is a 3 out of 5. Favorite tracks Superwoman, No One, Wreckless Love and Teenage Love Affair.

  3. Anonymous November 18, 2007

    I checked the album out online – i always big up true artists and respect originality, but i was not impressed with this record. 3/4 good tracks which will prob be the singles, the rest all filler – dull and very boring. i thought the vid for ‘no one’ was very so so as well.

    overall 3/5

    am still blazin’ kelly rowland, britney & keyshia cole albums

  4. Ja November 18, 2007

    It’s good to see some other honest A. Keys fans on here.

    I said the album was a 3.5/5, and other posters nearly shot my head off on a another blog. I thought the album had a pretentious tone to it. From the vocal arrangement to the subject matter even, I felt A. K. was trying to portray a classic album instead of pouring out her soul and letting the classic rating just be a side result. (Typical Clive Davis product)

    I shouldn’t have to force myself to like an album. I had to listen to ‘No One’ a million times to be able to kinda like it.

    Like I said, I’m just glad that you all are keeping it real.

  5. Keino November 18, 2007

    I love her album, i had her album a week before it released and I loved every track. I need you is my favorite song by far. Lots of energy and I love drums, I don’t play it, but i would love to learn. I love every song, I brought her CD the first day it released. Buy her album, it’s worth it. 4.5/5 stars.

    I get what the other person was saying about skippin tracks. I like all her songs but i tend to listen to ones at a certain time, depending on what I’m doing, so it’s kind of like, one half is for when i have a certain emotion and the other half is for the other emotion. Specifically energetic vs laidback

  6. Anonymous November 18, 2007


    AMAZING ALBUM! Every song rocks!

  7. Anonymous November 18, 2007

    I am a fan of Alicia, Diary is in constant rotation on my Ipod. I found myself to be really hyped when the album came out, but I must admit that after purchasing it and playing it serveral times trying to make it “grow” on me I am somewhat disappointed. The first five songs on it I actually like, but after that I repeatedly want to go back to number two. The fact that she is trying to switch it up does not sit well with me as her style is what made me like her to begin with. I hate to say this but vocally to me anyway her range is also limited, however this is something I thought we all knew, including her. In most of the songs she appears to be struggling to maintain the tone and pitch. I agree with one of the previous posters, this is not a total disaster, although it leaves way to much skipping of non appealing material which makes up IMHO more than 50% of the disk. If given the opportunity again I would have just purchased the ones I liked off of Itunes and saved about eight bucks! But I wanted to support her and purchase the album during the first week of release.

  8. – mids November 19, 2007

    i had extremely high expectations for this album; especially after the leaks started coming, and everyone could tell the album would sound far different from her previous ones. ‘As I Am’ definitely lives up to all my expectations, and it also had some surprises. i find this album refreshing as much as it is derivitive of some of pop cultures greatest artists (prince, the beatles, etc.). i love it. i’m glad i bought it (an exclusive edition at that). =)

  9. – mids November 19, 2007

    ps. not to be indulgent, but my favorite tracks are TEENAGE LOVE AFFAIR & TELL YOU SOMETHING. i love every single song on this album. my honorable mentions are, of course, no one, like you’ll never see me again, lesson learned and wreckless love.

  10. spontaneous November 19, 2007

    I bought the CD/DVD the day it came out at Target. I’m a fan of Miss Keys and I love love love this CD. This is the first CD of hers that I’ve like EVERY song on the first listen! If you don’t give this CD a try you are really and truly missing out on some good music. I love how the melody follows the lyrics it follows the vocals the passion in her voice and the raw emotion is there in the right amounts in the right spots. An example of this is like on Lesson Learned (one of my favorites) alicia gets to the break and she says “I ain’t nothing like I was before you outta see me now” the music breaks perfectly and I can imagine her smiling at this point cause I smile just thinking yeah I’ve been hurt before but I’m better and I’m not the same dammit you should see me now! It just feels good. Other feel good tracks are Teenage Love Affair for the first time I can remember my sweet heart with a smile we dated for 3 years on and off even after high school and there was a lot of pain there but this song makes you reminisce in a good way. I Need You is just amazing the drums on it are sick and the lyrics are tight. All the lyrics are tight on this album you can tell a lot of time and care was put into every second of this album. You really get a feeling for the emotion she is trying to convey. She tried new things musically and pulled them all off. There are so many songs that would pop off with radio it is crazy. My 3 favorites are Tell You Something, Lesson Learned, Sure Looks Good To Me. Hell I like every song. Go get it and listen to it twice if you don’t like it by then something is wrong with ya. LOL

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